Silky Soft Gel Toe Separators/Toe Spacers to Correct Toes/Gentle Hammer Toe Straightener/B

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gel toe seperators for women toes separators toe spacers for shoes toe separators for overlapping toes toe corrector straightener toe seperators for women toe spacers to wear with shoes orthopedic bunion corrector orthopedic toe separators toe spreaders to wear in shoes bunion orthopedic toe corrector orthopedic bunion correc


SUPERIOR RELIEF: Our soft silicone toe correctors are Hypoallergenic and our bunion toe spreader is BPA-free. Correct Bunions naturally.

FUNCTION: Gel Toe Separator Gel Toe Aligner Toe Separators for bunions Toe Wider Pedicure toe separators Gel Toe Spreader Toe Spreader for bunions

RE-USABLE: Don't waste money on cheaply made bunion toe spacers silicone toe spacer. All of our gel toe spacers are made from the highest quality grade silicone. You can wash them with soap and lukewarm water, let them air dry and they are ready for reuse.

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: The low profile design is lightweight and allows for ample flexibility and stretch. Super comfortable toe spacers for bunions toe spacers toe spacers for hammer toes


Bunions, overlapping toes, hammer toe, corns, plantar fasciitis, Hallux Valgus, claw toe, corrective toes, Crooked Toes, Deformed Toes, correct toes sandals, Yoga sandals, Pedicure toes

Indications: toe separators for men, gel toe separators for women, toe separators gel correct toes, toe spacers, large toe spacers men

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**We do not recommend wearing gel toe separator rubber toe separators for hammer toes with footwear as it may cause overcrowding. Best to use silicon toe separator toe spreaders yoga barefoot or with socks while lounging or yoga **


  • 👣ALIGN & BEAUTIFY YOUR TOES: Gently straighten your toes with a soft silicone Toe Spreader Bunion Corrector
  • 👣NATURAL GEL TOE SEPARATORS: Use a Toe Spacer to gradually correct toes with natural toe alignment as the goal
  • 👣ENJOY LASTING COMFORT: After daily crowding your feet in shoes, show them some love with our toe straighteners to ease foot pain
  • 👣PREMIUM QUALITY: Therapeutic Toe Separators are flexible and durable. Use them with activity, yoga, pedicure or just relaxing for the night
  • 👣GREAT VALUE: 4 pieces of Toe Spacers Toe Spreaders in our relief kit that are reusable and easily maintained. Correct bunions naturally

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