YHOUSE Electric Mosquito Insect Zapper Killer with Trap Lamp, Chemical-free USB Powered UV

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YHOUSE is the original brand. Please pay attention Store Name when purchasing.If you buy from other illegal sellers, you will not enjoy the 12-month warranty service.
Insect zappers work by emitting UV light, which all insects can see and so are naturally attracted to. Every insect is attracted to different spectra of light. For examples, moths are into UV and blue light, while mosquitoes and midges are also attracted to the green range of the spectrum. Kissing bugs, on the other hand, only go for the blue range.

CCFL technology
YHOUSE mosquito killer features the CCFL technology with 365NM wavelength light, which has a fatal attraction for mosquitoes and can achieve better trapping results. CCFL makes the device enjoy a long service life and will not have performance regression over time.

Efficient and powerful
Focusing on its efficiency and powerfulness, Yhouse mosquito killer is installed with a 360-degree window and an airflow fan with 2,000 rpm to lure mosquitoes into the retaining cage/container, trapping them until they dehydrate to death, which helps increase 45% catching effects.

Easy to clean
Unlike the traditional mosquito tray, the mosquito killer uses a 360-degree turnover/roll cover. The turnover cover opens easily with a slight push and then automatically swings back into the place.

1.Place the mosquito killer at least 0.5 metres above the ground for best catch results.
2.Close the door and windows for best catch results.
3.Keep the device away from other competing light sources for best catch results.
4.Keep working continuously for 48 hours when used the first time. Do not open the turnover cover during use.

12-Month Warranty
At YHOUSE, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with a 12-month warranty and also provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Shipping Time: Only 15days


  • NOTE ---YHOUSE is the original brand. Please note the Name of the Store when purchasing. Please put it in the dark and closed place for better effect, and do not walk around next to it when using.The decibel of the product is 35. It will not disturb your child's rest and sleep.
  • UV TRAP LAMP PEST CONTROL --- Our mosquito killer use 365NM wavelength UV light to attract mosquitoes and bug. Ultraviolet fly traps are safer to use than indoor sprays.
  • 360 DEGREES SUCTION FAN --- Mosquitoes flying at close proximity from any direction will be sucked into the insect trapper with the built in streamlined fan's suction power, very effectively.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND PHYSICAL METHOD --- Purely physical mosquito eradication technique kill mosquitoes in a manner completely safe to humans and pets, no electric noise, non-chemical, non-toxin, and non-radiative.
  • USB POWER SUPPORT --- Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage. It can be connected with an adapter (NOT included), power bank, or any device with a USB port. Ideal for indoor use, bedroom, study, washroom, camping tent, or other closed environments.

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