Slow Motion Picture Frame

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Product Description

Turn everyday objects into slow motion sculptures. 

Slow Dance is a blank canvas for you to compose. From flowers in the garden to bird feathers, each object will reveal a new slow-motion world and change how you see them forever.

Different modes allow you to cycle through different dance patterns, some slow and smooth, and others that make the object appear to jump through space! 

The magic of Slow Dance is truly something to be discovered. Perfect to have at home or give as a truly unique gift. 

"This slow motion-machine is so stunning we almost don't want to tell you how it works" Wired
"A feast of science and art for your eye holes" TechCrunch
"Slow Dance frame is undoubtedly one of (Jeff's) most impressive creations since the effect happens right before your eyes." Gizmodo

Technical Details: Power: 12 Volts with US/EU Plug (Global Voltage Compatible 100 - 240V) - Power use: 2-4W (depending on brightness) - Usage: Indoor (the darker the better it works) - Loudness: Virtually silent depending on the object used.


  • Slow Dance by Wonder Machines makes real objects appear to move in slow motion
  • A unique gift that combines technology, science, and art, to create moments of wonder.
  • “This slow motion-machine is so stunning we almost don’t want to tell you how it works” Wired
  • Set includes: 1 x Slow Dance, 2 x feathers, 2 x feet, wall mount hook + screw, bands, user manual
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 14.5” x 2” (W x H x D) - Weight: 3 lbs

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