Levitating Skull Light

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Product Description

Magnetic Floating Skull LED Night Light

The Magnetic Floating Skull LED Night Light floats stability, rotating in midair
This high tech gadget also comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark

An awesome high tech gadget that people of most ages will enjoy. Perfect for desk display,Home /Office /Desktop Decoration, Business Gifts, Art Craft, Creative Birthday Gift, Halloween Gift etc

Color:White Skull,Black Base; Skull night light emits red light,and its black base emits blue light.

Package Included:

1 x Skull Night Light
1 x Black Base
1 x Instruction manual
1 x 12V 2A UL Certified Power Adapter

Note: When you try to suspend the skull in the air, after 3-5 minutes, the base will heat up, you need to let the base cool down and try again.


  • Magnetic Levitating, experience the dynamic of the times,true technology, the suspended skull suspended in the air gives a unique sensory effect and perfectly interprets the magic of technology.
  • The skull night light will automatically rotate without manual intervention,and magnetic levitating skull night light emits red light, and its black base emits blue light.The touch control base below allows you to turn ON/OFF the LEDs inside the Skull Lamp or base light.
  • Levitating skull, A freaking gravity-defying wonder levitating lamp, Features with colorful LED light for decoration, light up your life. extremely low power consumption compared with traditional lamp lights.
  • The Magnetic Levitating 3D Skull Night Light rotates smoothly around,makes a great aesthetic addition to any child's bedroom,home,office or a Party. Perfect gift for family&friends,ideal as a Halloween,Christmas, birthday, or anytime.
  • Our products have a one-year warranty service. and if you're not completely satisfied, then CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. It is our intention to offer the BEST customer service on Amazon.

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Top Reviews

Possibly the Best Floating Globe Product On the Market!
by Mile Hi Guy (5 out of 5 stars)
June 2, 2017

woodlev Maglev Magnetic Levitation Levitron Floating Rotating Wireless Transmission Touch Control Three Gears 6" Blue Globe Black Platform LED Adjustment Home Decor

TOP NOTCH!!! The Maglev globe is attractive, high quality and functional. It took me a few minutes the first time to balance the globe above the base (read and follow the directions closely). But, once I figured out the balancing process, it was easy.

(1) Twice the size of some levitating globes. It is 6 inches in diameter vs 3 inches with some other models.
(2) The globe has an attractive internal light that makes it glow which can be turned on or off.
(3) This globe will rotate continuously on its own. Some other models will slow down and stop after you give them an initial spin.


You cannot select the globe internal light to illuminate without lighting the base as well (a very minor detraction).


At first I didn't remember to hold the globe at the neutral distance AND SLOWLY RELEASE MY HOLD until the globe floated on its own. Once I did this, setup was easy. When the globe is floating on its own, you carefully give it a little spin (counter clockwise when looking down). Its spin, then, stabilizes over time, and the globe will continue to spin indefinitely on its own.


I found the light options to be very pleasing. One tap on the switch turns on the base lights. A second tap adds the internal globe light (base AND globe illuminated). A third tap turns both lights off. There is no option to illuminate the globe without illuminating the base as well.


I am extremely happy with my Maglev globe. Its larger size (6 inch diameter vs 3 inch with some models) makes it much nicer. Since it does not suspend under a magnetic arm like some models, it is much more visible. Its continuous spin capability (without slowing down and stopping) is extremely nice. And, finally, the internal light makes it glow beautifully.

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Fantastic - here's the trick!
by Glen (5 out of 5 stars)
June 28, 2017

Wow - this is the coolest gadget I've purchased in a long time. I especially like that it spins slowly forever on it's own, counter-clockwise when viewed from the top, which is the way the earth spins. It is absolutely beautiful and stunning to watch.

When I was younger I had a Levi-tron, which was basically a magnetic top that you spin over a magnetic base. It was hard to get spinning and only spun for a couple of minutes. This globe is a fantastic improvement over those old devices.

It took several tries to get it floating, but I finally figured out the secret. What I was doing wrong was trying to balance the globe carefully on the very top of the magnetic bubble, which is not what you need to do. I would try this for about 5 minutes and noticed the base was getting hot, so I'd pop it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool it down.

The trick: Cool the base down first if it's gotten hot. When you bring the globe slowly down into the center, you'll feel the top of the magnetic bubble start to push back. Don't balance it here, you need to push the globe a little further down into the bubble and hold it steady for a moment. The base will sense the globe and start the rotating magnetic field to capture the globe - then you just slowly start to release your grip and let it settle into the sweet spot. Give it a slight spin in the proper direction (surface moving from your left to your right) and it will soon stabilize and spin like it was in space - which it is! Mine settles on a spin rate of about one revolution every 11 seconds. Well done!
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by scuba (5 out of 5 stars)
November 23, 2016

This is an edited review. My original review was much lower, but this Woodlev Levitation Globe is fantastic and currently deserved a top rating. I hope my review will provide some additional help so if you purchase one you may avoid the frustration I faced through failure to make it work.

Pros: The globe floats about an inch above the base and is beautiful emitting a eye catching blue glow coming from within. The base is futuristic looking with a thin dark blue light surrounding the rim. The globe will spin, although, it appears to be affected by its surroundings (metal objects, television, other electrical sources) on what direction it spins or if it spins. This is a new design and a new item from the Woodlev company, and were helpful providing email directions when I returned my first globe because of it not working.

Before buying a globe, please watch the Woodlev videos on YouTube and read reviews and questions posted about similar items. Things I found helpful: I held the globe from under with my little fingers extended always between the globe and the base so as to provide protection from the magnetic base slamming the globe into the base. Only try to find the "sweet spot" (spot of levitation) with the globe for a couple of minutes, then stop and leave it for 15/20 minutes until the base cools. If the base becomes overheated it not will work ever, I sent back the first unit to Amazon because of the base overheating. Once you get it working it is great. Oh, another thing; the button on the base to control the light is nearly undetectable; it is located toward the front of the base. Be patient!
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Very good product despite initial problems where were resolved.
by TW (5 out of 5 stars)
June 26, 2018

This is now the second globe I have purchased that has quit working in only a couple of days. The first one I bought, I thought maybe was just defective so I returned it and got a replacement. 2 days later this one did the same thing.

As you're trying to balance the globe, the ring light flickers on and off and then the entire base just loses power permanently. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. no power. It's not even warm to the touch, it's just dead.

UPDATE. I received a full refund and exchange from Woodlev and the 3rd unit has been working great. It is actually much easier to set and balance, which also confirms the first two were not functioning properly. the power supply seems to be very fragile on some of these but others seem to work really well. If you get a dud, just send it back for a replacement. They're really great to deal with.

Further Update

Woodlev is amazing to work with. The problem some people were having (including myself) was due to an under powered adapter. They increased it to a 12v/2a and I have not had a single problem since. By far the best floating globe out there right now. Just be patient in learning how to float it.
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Will NOT work Continuously in all lighting Modes *** UPDATED ***
by Chris (5 out of 5 stars)
January 11, 2019

This product work for several days when globe light is off. There are 4 lighting modes: base light only, globe light only, both base and globe lights on, OR, all lights off.

When the globe light is on the suspension system will fail after 1 to 2 days. After it cools down you can then try to restart the suspension mode. if you have trouble restarting the suspension mode then press the light button a number of times and try again after cooling down. This only seem to happen when the globe light is used. All other modes seem to work continuously without failure. I used a computer backup power supply (UPS) system while testing to insure the quality of power remain constant and clean. In my opinion, the globe light is the best looking mode. Since the issue occurs with the best looking mode i feel this product could use improvement.
*** UPDATE: ***

The Manufacture provided me a replacement device, which I am happy to say has worked perfectly for 3 days and counting. I have had no issues with lights or suspension of the device and the globe also spins at a slightly slower speed, which provides a nicer look. I have upgraded my Rating to reflect my satisfaction with this device. Many Thanks to the Manufacture for standing behind this great product.
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Will not spin on it's own. Hard to set-up.
by Pyles The Beaver (2 out of 5 stars)
December 3, 2018

After having this item for about a week now I feal that an honest review can be left.

Getting the globe to float was extremely difficult and took me 4 different attempts. I tried for about 10 minutes the first two times and got so frustrated I had to walk away from the thing. On the third try it made a loud popping sound from the base and the LED lights went out. I figured it was fried and UN-plugged it to put it back in the box for returning but decided to plug it back in to see if it would come back on. After plugging it back in, it came on immediately and as soon as I went to put the globe on the base it grabbed the globe and levitated it in less than 5 seconds. So I don't know if something inside the base was reset when it made the popping sound, but after that, it was easy to set up.

It looks nice when the globe is rotating with the light on but unfortunately the rotation is only temporary. Even after giving it a gentle push to get it rotating, after a while it will stop and actually rotate in the opposite direction for about half a rotation and then stop and go back again for about half a rotation. It will just go back and forth half a rotation until you give it another push. The description is a bit misleading as it says "Objects continuously revolve in space..." and "Auto-spinning inductive system" I took this to mean that it would revolve in one direction continuously not back and forth half a rotation.

I don't know if something is wrong with mine as the LED's will not go completely off. After touching the switch to turn them off they remain very faintly lit with a bright flash every 4 seconds or so. If it's in a lit up room you won't notice that the LED's are still on, only if it's darker. You still will be able to see the flash though. I originally had this in a bedroom but the flashing became so annoying that I had to move it.

Pros: Looks nice,

Cons: LED's do not turn off completely, annoying flash every 4 seconds, no "Auto-spinning".
12-8-2018 UPDATE:

The flashing on the blue LED ring got worse and it refuses to spin on it's own and always stops at the same exact location no matter how hard or softly you spin it. So I sent it back for a refund.
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Would not Levitate
by E J Clark (1 out of 5 stars)
April 28, 2019

Woodlev Maglev Magnetic Levitation Levitron Floating Would not Levitate, spent 4 hours trying. I found the pivotal point but kept sliding off to the side every time. I located the pivotal point & would make sure the Globe was right in the middle of the pivotal point still with no luck at all. Must be a defective product so I am sending it back. My table was level for I check with my level. I really like the product & sure wish it would have worked! Now I am afraid to change it out for another one for quit a few reviews had the same problem. I am usually really good at figuring things out but not this Woodlev Maglev Magnetic Levitation Levitron Floating Globe because I could fill the balance point and would move it from side to side to make sure it was in the balance point but each time I would fill it slide off the balance point, so it must have been a bad one or batch. Wish I could change it out and cancel my return for a replacement just hate to take a change. You tell me! As it stands on my return UPS will pick it up Monday April the 29th.
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Looks Good So Far But . . .
by Mark K (4 out of 5 stars)
February 5, 2019

Looks purdy. Im trying to figure the LED lights out. They don't instruct you how they work but I know it is some on the side

My only concern is the globe appears to slow down and Im worried it will stop. I have an older one in the office (10 years old) that isn't as nice but its been rotating non stop for 6 months. If this one were $20 or $30 bucks I would say I would take a chance but it cost near $100! Right now its spinning and I expect it to remain spinning for the next couple of weeks. If it stops or shows inconsistency I will return it .

UPDATED FEB 7, 2019: As I feared. this gadget became problematic. 2 problems
1. The globe stopped turning after day 1.
2. As another buyer mentioned, for some reason the globe cant find its sweet spot and the magnet pulls it to the side or downward. Ive had a couple of these through the years so I am familiar with how they work.

The 1st day was no problem in finding the sweet spot, albeit the globe stopped turning after a few hours. On day 2 it was impossible. I unplugged it for a few mins (as the instructions suggest) but after awhile on day 2, I concluded that this was NOT worth the $95, nor my time for that matter and have decided to return it

UPDATE: March 7, 2019. Seller sent me another. And I figured how to activate the base lights. But much like the 1st one I had, the globe is slowing down and its been about 1 hour since I gave it the intial push. We will see what it look like when I walk in my office tomorrow. I have also made sure its not next to anything magnetic or electric. Its a nice looking piece so it would be ashame if this one also stopped spinning. If it does they really need to figure out why it stops after time.

UPDATE MARCH 12, 2016. The 2nd Globe that was sent is so far working better. Its still spinning so the speed seems to be normal. I have upgraded it to 4 stars. I will update in the near future. Hopefully this will continue to spin as it is doing now

Update may 4. unfortunately the globe no longer stays in the center it's like the magnet is now too strong , similar to some of the other some of the reviews. good luck once it fails for the first time you'll probably never get it to stay in the center again. and the pretty blue lights in let me come on either. too bad it was a nice gadget when it was working
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Does not work, buyer beware!
by Tiny Girl (1 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2019

I got this for my sun. It is well made, but DOES NOT LEVITATE. We spent hours!! Trying to set it. It does not stabilize. Other positive reviews must all be fake OR they got a different product. I have several of these in office. My boy was so sad and frustrated when he could not get it to work.

The stabilization circuit does not work!!

I tried to get support but no way to get it.

So sad when today you get junk made in China. No person with a honest cell would sell dysfunctional products. Amazon should make a rule that if products are dysfunctional out of box for buyers that seller must pay twice the charged amount to Amazon. And after three times Amazon kicks sellers off. So sad to be ripped off by China again... and again... and again... seek elsewhere!! No quality control.
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Dangerous Trash
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2019

Not sure if it is just the one I ordered but I could not get it to work, looked it was used before too, just the ways it was shipped, I could tell it wasn't brand new, the magnet was touching another magnet and memory effect took hold, made the magnet completely out of whack and the thing is, that magnet is very powerful and can have an adverse effect on other electronics like hard drives, even magnetic stripe cards. If that wasn't bad enough, the thing would turn off as you are trying to make it work.

Had to return it as it was too dangerous for me to keep in my computer lab; which is what I bought it for.

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