Sound Effects Controller Attachment

Brand: Nyko
Model: 83252
EAN: 0743840832522
Category: Toys & Games
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Dimension: 3.94 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches
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Product Description

Introducing sound pad, a sound effects Controller attachment for PlayStation 4. Sound pad provides a unique way to communicate in online games or party chats by sending fun sound effects over voice chat. Featuring 11 buttons, each preset with a fun sound Effect and a cancellation button that can instantly stop the playback of any sound. Sound pad is programmable, allowing each button audio customization. It attaches to the bottom of the dualshock 4 Controller through the 3.5mm port. The headset pass-through enables a headset to be plugged into the bottom of sound pad preserving audio and chat functionality and allowing to hear the sound effects being sent. The volume of the sound effects can adjusted through the dedicated volume control. Each button is backlit providing an easy way to use sound pad while playing in low light environments. The pad has an internal rechargeable battery that is recharged by the included micro USB cable.


  • Programmable Buttons allows the audio to be customized
  • Attaches to the bottom of the dualshock 4 Controller through the 3.5mm port
  • Headset pass-through preserves audio and chat functionality
  • Dedicated power button and volume control
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

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