Sony RX100 VII

Brand: Sony
Model: DSCRX100M7/B
UPC: 027242918511
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Dimension: 2.4 x 4.0 x 1.7 inches
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Product Description

Sony RX100 VII premium compact camera, 20. 1MP 1. 0-Type stacked CMOS sensor, 24-200mm zoom lens 0. 02-Sec. Fast AF, real-time tracking and real-time eye AF for human and animal, blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 20Fps, single burst shooting at 90Fps, 4K HDR (HLG) video recording, active mode Steady Shot for 4K movie, microphone jack


  • 20. 1MP 1. 0 Type stacked CMOS sensor, Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* 24 200 millimeter F2. 8 F4. 5 large aperture high magnification zoom lens
  • 0. 02 sec. High AF speed, 357 point focal plane Phase detection AF and 425 point contrast detection AF
  • Up to 20 fps blackout free shooting, using up to 60 times/sec. Af/AE calculations
  • Ai based real time tracking for stills and movies, and touch tracking. Real time eye AF for human (stills and movies), and for animal (stills only)
  • 4K video with s log3 and Interval Shooting. Microphone jack and vertical position data recording. Active mode image stabilization in 4K video recording, and Movie Edit add on compatible

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Top Reviews

Best most powerful point and shoot pocket sized camera that will still be relevant for years to come
by Richard (5 out of 5 stars)
August 20, 2019

I've bought each of the previous RX100 series cameras up to the V and thought I'd stop there, with V being my favorite, especially with the ND filter and fast lens, F1.8 (both of which this new VII does not have:(. And I've sold each and everyone except the V. The great thing about the V as well as the previous models, in my opinion, is that they still maintain their relevance today. So why did I buy this model while still keeping my V?

I like the new advanced Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF. I like the almost blackout free shooting. And I like the 200mm zoom capabilities in a much more powerful camera body that I can still carry in my pocket. All of which I've tried during the limited time I've now had this camera. As well as the 'steady shot' which I used while filming myself walking. I think it works great as I didn't appear to be bobbing up and down in the video. I tried the video in F2.8 as a blogger might up close and personal and I saw a slightly pleasing bokeh behind me. I did notice that on a tripod and the further I moved away from the camera, the bokeh became noticeable sharper.

The Sony AG-R2 grip still fits this model as it has in previous models. I plugged in the Saramonic SR-xm1 mic and that delivers great sound for me and a more compact package for video of my grandkids.

This camera, for me, is all about a more powerful camera that can fit in my pocket for extreme portability when I travel, frequently, for 3, 4 and 5 day weekends and I just don't feel like bringing my heavier cameras. I believe the step up from the V to the VII is worth it to me. If you're a vlogger or someone that just wants to travel light and wants the best that money can buy in a point and shoot then I don't think you can go wrong with this camera.
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by A. John (4 out of 5 stars)
August 22, 2019

I won't mention anything that you can possibly find from reading the description and I'm certainly not a professional photographer, more of an amateur but in order to preserve all my memories, I need my photos to look great.

I currently own the Sony A7R III, with a preorder in place for the A7R IV, but since I travel pretty often, I wanted something that was a bit smaller. Small enough to fit in my pocket and not attract too much attention. The Sony A7R just looks expensive, and combined with the 24-70mm 2.8f it can get heavy after walking around a city for a couple of hours.

This is my very first Sony compact camera so I can't compare it to any other, but what I can say is that it takes really great photos (at least outdoors in natural light). I'm attaching two that I took earlier of my cat and backyard. I've been playing around with the settings and from what I've gathered, even in manual mode, there was no way for me to make my fstop constant, although I could change my shutter speed, ISO etc. If there's a way I'm sure I'll find it, or I'd like to know how to do so.

While the photos look amazing in the natural afternoon light, I also love the option of having a built-in dedicated flash although I personally don't ever use a flash. The photos look sharp in the camera and also once downloaded. So why did I give it 4 stars. Because of what it didn't have.

1. Camera because of it's size can get real slippery after using for a while so I had to end up buying the attachment grip. While not overly expensive, it would have been great to have it, especially when you're paying over $1k for the camera itself.
2. Sony didn't include a real battery charger, but instead one that connects to a USB so you technically have to plug it into your computer to charge. Since I have a new MacBook Pro that wasn't possible for me, so once again I had to spend money on a real charger.

BTW, there is also no written manual. Besides those two major things above which were my biggest pet peeve, this is an amazing camera. I also purchased the shooting grip so I can take it with me and take my own pics without having to ask someone to do so, and also purchased the camera case.

If you're looking for something REALLY compact, and you're tired of walking around with your mirrorless or DSLR, then I say get this. I'll update this if I run into any other issue along the way, but so far I'm loving it.

Update: Took it on a trip to Portugal for a week and it performed as I expected, amazingly well. Battery life was good for a couple of hours after taking a few hundred photos, but I purchased another just to be on the safe side. I prefer shooting in Aperture Priority mode, so set the aperture and had everything else on auto and my photos all turned out great. I attached the camera grip and was able to take selfies without having to ask anyone to take my photo.

Camera because of its size is the perfect travel camera and now I may just end up canceling my preorder for the M4. I was able to zoom in and out and camera all the details that I wanted to. I've attached a few more pics that I took, one of a statue at 24mm and another up close to get more details.

I still, however, won't adjust my rating to a 5. Someone mentioned that they received a wall plug in their camera kit, but mine was missing thus the reason I had to purchase the battery charger. And once again after walking around for a while in the heat and holding this "tiny" camera, it does get slippery, so I recommend the attachment grip. I bought the cheap sony camera case for under $15 and it fit in there perfectly with the attached grip, extra battery with no issues.
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Best compact camera on the planet. Worth it?
by Paris Tx Guy (5 out of 5 stars)
August 31, 2019

First off to clear some things up. No, your phone is not better. Sure in good light and still subjects a phone can take images that look just as good for the most part. In very dark shots you could argue the Pixel 3 night mode will do a much better job (again if subject is completely still) However, if you need quick autofocus, tracking anything that moves, ability to zoom from 24 to 200 (not digital zoom although Sony clear zoom is a nice feature), full controls, are out of look with a typical phone. Second thing to clear it worth $1200? I see this all over on the RX100 series. Absolutely no way for another person to answer that. Worth is a relative term. If you are in the market for a phenomenal compact camera that in decent light will perform with its bigger brothers than this camera is worth it. Can it replace your larger camera and lenses? possibly could. The question is can you live with the limitations? This is one I am facing now. I also have the full frame Sony A7III along with some nice lenses. I have compared and compared these two cameras in all settings. For the most part the RX100 VII does very well and even better in some cases. With the now added external mic it is even closer (no place to mount the mic, but you can see my other reviews for a nice light bracket that works great). Now, as the sun goes down the A7III jumps way ahead. Realize the A7III is a low light beast and has a much larger sensor. The A7III is also much heavier especially with a lens attached. I am more likely to take the RX100 VII along with me. Autofocus on both is Sony high end good which is among the best if not the best. There are many articles and videos complaining about Sony's menu system which this camera also has. I say meh. I get it is not the best, but you have so many customization options that once you are setup you do not need to get deep into the menu any more. I really never got this complaint. Most buttons are customizable, you have the fn button which brings you into another area that you setup and you have "My Menu" which you customize.

I realize I am not really reviewing, but I am sure some may run into this type of debate so this is just my thoughts.

For me...this camera is worth the price. Whether I keep my A7III is up in the air right now. This camera really can do everything the A7III can in a much smaller body. Do I really need great low light ability?

My nit picking items....Sony....include the stick on hand grip with this camera. To charge extra with this camera being slick is very petty. Also, for $1200 you should include a second battery and a small charger. Again, petty IMHO. You know the battery is not great so add another. Also...there are many that wish you made this same but camera with the 24-70 option with wider aperture. I am one of those people. The 200 zoom is nice for many but lower light option would be nice
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Well Worth the Pricetag
by Gigachip (5 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2019

Ok, so to keep it simple. As I stated, its worth the price of $1200. Why? Because it is a 20MP pocket camera, that has 4k recording with audio input. As well as an awesome focal range. Starting at a wide 24mm to a 200mm telephoto range. Whats not to like? Its awesome. Don't expect bird photography though.

Now the lengthy part...

I'm coming from owning a fair share of cameras as a professional photographer. As of this review, I have a Sony A7m2 with the kit lens, but also the 70200g f4 lens, plus other various lenses. The Sony a6000 + nex 5n, RX100m3, Fuji X100F. Further down in the review III will be the RX100m3 and VII is the one the review is for.Why does this become part of the review? Its because I can put this camera against some stiff competition before writing this review. As far as usefulness, I think this camera is 10/10. I used to carry the RX100m3 along everywhere with me because of its size. I kept it, for the fact that it has f1.8 at its widest vs 2.8 of the RX100m7. Now I carry the III and the VII everywhere. However, the one I have used primarily these past few weeks have been the VII because of its reach. I know 90% of my photos never exceed the range of 70mm. Found this out a 3rd time because of a 2 month trip to Viet Nam and Japan where I took only the III and X100F. During that trip I only encountered maybe 5 times max where I wish I had 200mm reach. Well, now I have that, and more. I'll upload photos later after this review.

Build quality: 10/10

Is basically the same as you can expect from Sony and its previous RX models. Same high quality.

Image quality: 8/10

I love it. Obviously it won't compete with the bigger cameras I have, but in good lighting (always a key) the image quality is amazing. The range this camera provides helps in making better bokeh portraits compared to the 24-70mm range of previous models (not including the VI). *my opinion you may not agree

Video: N/A

Honestly, not much a video person. Having an option to add a mic really pushed me to buying this camera. That was the selling point to me. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought this since I didn't buy the VI either.

Where does this camera fit in?

As expected, I can see this camera fit perfectly in my travel kit. Where 90% of the time I would use it while traveling, only pulling out the III when I go walking around at night or poorly lit conditions.

If you know the limitations of this camera it will not let you down. Just, as explained earlier, it isn't going to be good for wildlife, but as a portraits and everyday camera. I think it nails it.

What I wish:

Weather Sealing! C'mon Sony, you pulled through with the mic input. I want to use these cameras in raining conditions. I'm a firm believer of what these tiny guys can do.
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The Perfect Point-and-Shoot for the Imperfect "Photographer" ...
by delicateflower152 (5 out of 5 stars)
August 25, 2019

I admit it - I set my camera on "Auto" and go from there. As the purists reading this review shake their heads in wonder, those of us who like taking quick photos of the grandchildren or during strenuous hikes will read on. Transitioning from a Sony RX100 II that died after I dropped it was not difficult.

The Sony RX100 VII is a solid, little camera. It does not feel flimsy and the switches seem sturdy. The pop-up flash is more secure and better positioned than on my RX100 II; it does not have the distance ability that camera had. However, this camera takes better photos without a flash than its predecessor did with a flash.

Colors are bright and vivid. When riding in a car moving at 60 mph, I have taken photos through the window. Items at the bottom of the photo may blur, but the subjects from the center up are clear. Unfortunately, I failed to save them as they were under my "test photo" folder that I delete regularly.

Please do not let the complaints about Sony's menu system keep you from considering this camera. The Sony RX100 VII does have an extensive menu that one has to work through, but the camera includes many explanations that help out. Further if you have used other compact cameras, you should be able to work with this camera. There are several books available and some online YouTube videos that might be helpful as the camera's included instructions are minimal.

Because this camera is so small and light, you can carry it in your handbag or in your pocket. I do recommend getting a screen saver because if you, like me, tend to toss your camera in your handbag or pocket the screen will scratch.

This is not a cheap camera, but it is an excellent camera. I recommend it whether you are a casual photographer of grandchildren and vacation images or whether you are a more sophisticated photographer that knows your way around f-stops and ISO's!
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Great camera so far, just need to get out so more to play
by mhsneon (4 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2019

Great camera so far, this is replacing an older canon camera I dropped on a glacier a while back. I missed having a nice pocket cam with full manual and raw capabilities when I don't feel like hauling around my full kit. So far I am impressed with the fast focus and speed. The zoom seems to be a little slower then I was expecting and on auto iso it seems to always go to the max(adjusted the max setting.) Once I get more time with this camera I will update this review.
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It's an excellent update to the rx100 line!
by G. Tirebiter (4 out of 5 stars)
September 4, 2019

The pictures are sharp and beautiful. Honest. You'll love them, no matter how mundane the subject. I took pictures of my toes that I liked. A lot. A lotta pictures. A lotta toes.
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The Best Gets Better
by Larry K (5 out of 5 stars)
September 20, 2019

I've had every version of the RX100 since the first one. Each one has more and better features and refinements. This one is no exception. It has many features taken directly from Sony's top of the line mirrorless cameras. There are way too many features to state here, but this camera is the best pocketable point and shoot made by anyone. I carry it at all times, even when I have my a7r M4 with me.
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by Qinyun Cao (5 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2019

It is just amazing! I have a rx1r m2 now. But I bring m7 everyday! love it!
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Great camera, superb improvement over earlier models,
by DrPM (5 out of 5 stars)
September 24, 2019

Fantastic camera. A superb upgrade from my older sony cyber shot.

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