24 Days Of Sex Advent Calendar

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24 Days of Sex and Seduction Advent Calendar, Dirty Santa Style Shopping, cooking, wrapping, parties, work, carolling, drinking, cooking, cleaning. . . These are all things that keep us busy in the lead up to Christmas, but there is one very important act missing in this list and that is sex. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we sometimes get busy and tired and miss out on one of humanities' favourite pastimes. With the 24 Days of Sex and Seduction Advent Calendar, you will be inspired each day with a new move so things stay nice and steamy during the lead up to Christmas. Try it with a partner, heck try it with a stranger, but always be safe. Happy humping. Best for: couples, your parents, your best friend, anyone who is grumpy, anyone who is horny #takebackchristmas Please Note: Does not contain chocolate.


  • Couple Fun, Advent Calendar for Adults, Christmas Fun, White Elephant Gift, Funny Gift, Secret Santa

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