The Anatomy Coloring Book

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Product Description

Why use this coloring book?


For more than 35 years, The Anatomy Coloring Book has been the #1 best-selling human anatomy coloring book! A useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning anatomical structures, this concisely written text features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn figures that were crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Organized according to body systems, each of the 162 two-page spreads  featured in this book includes an ingenious color-key system where anatomical terminology is linked to detailed illustrations of the structures of the body. When you color to learn with The Anatomy Coloring Book, you make visual associations with key terminology, and assimilate information while engaging in kinesthetic learning. Studying anatomy is made easy and fun!


The Fourth Edition features user-friendly two-page spreads with enlarged art, clearer, more concise text descriptions, and new boldface headings that make this classic coloring book accessible to a wider range of learners.



  • Perfect for Human Anatomy class!

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Top Reviews

Learning Hints, not previously stated by others
by Heather (5 out of 5 stars)
August 29, 2013

IMPORTANT: Make sure you READ ALL the information in the section labeled "INTRODUCTION TO COLORING" BEFORE you start coloring your first page. This is located on pages "xii" and "xiii" in the front of the 4th edition. This book is very well thought out and there really is a "method to the madness" if you actually read and follow the directions.

I've found it beneficial to read through all the NAMES first, checking for parts that have similar names. Second, choose SIMILAR COLORS for SIMILAR NAMES or FUNCTIONS. For example, I chose Red, Orange and Yellow for the "Levators"; 2 colors of Blue for the "Zygomaticus Major" and "Zygomaticus Minor"' and 2 shades of Brown for the "Depressors" (page 44). Then look over the basic diagram to get a feel for the order which they appear in the body. Assign the colors in order by location in the diagram. For instance, go from back to front as follows: Red (back), Orange (middle) then Yellow (front). This natural color transition helps solidify the order they appear from postier to anterior or superior to inferior (whatever the case may be) etc. NOTE: I realize this takes extra time planning your colors, but it really makes it easier to memorize when there is a consistant plan in place for what the colors visually symbolize.
Finally, color in the Name First then repeat the names while coloring in that particular portion of the diagram. . I also underline the names on the left page the same as the diagram color - just makes it faster to locate if I want to look for something later...not necessary, but nice.
I pre-ordered my book as I wanted the newest edition. I LOVE MY BOOK and ended up having to order a couple of extras as gifts for my "nurse" friends who wanted a fun way to refresh their memory too!
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A MUST for College Students
by Alia (5 out of 5 stars)
August 2, 2016

This book was amazing for helping me actually learn the structures for Anatomy and Physiology I. I recommend using this book while you are learning the structures in lab. It helps it stick in your brain, and it makes learning fun. I even found myself during the lab exam remembering the colors I used for that particular structure.

One thing I also like is they give you a little study outline for the page you are about to color, detailing what they do.

It was the best money I could have spent to help me pass lab this Summer!
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Like most of the reviewers
by ag (4 out of 5 stars)
August 23, 2015

Like most of the reviewers, I am taking anatomy and physiology for two semesters and was looking for a book to supplement my learning. I am currently four pages in to coloring and here is my review.

Pros: Short explanations on every page on the parts that you are coloring and their functions.
: It makes you color in the part as well as its name so you remember how it is spelled
: Uses terminology that you must (eventually) be familiar with e.g: "anteriorly" and "posteriorly"

Cons: While most of the diagrams (thus far) are pretty clearly drawn, some are extremely small (the diameter, and some times smaller than the diameter of the tip of the colored pencil)
: Some diagrams are not very clearly labeled thus, makes coloring it confusing.
e.g: on page 4, you are to color male and female reproductive systems. However, the "stars" that mark areas that you are not supposed to color are microscopic! I actually accidentally colored in an area that I was NOT supposed to color because I could barely see it.
: You need more than the recommended 10 colors are stated in the introduction- you probably need 48 because some colors such as red, blue, yellow, purple, and green are associated with specific parts. Also, you are to color using light colors and some pages have letters from A to N that you have to use different colors for.

My suggestion: buy the book, buy lots of colored pencils, buy NEON colored pencils and also, buy bright colored gel pens with a 0.38 point. Those will come in handy when you are coloring linings of anything. Trust me, some of these linings are SO narrow, you would be coloring out of the lines if you don't have a pen. Plus, these linings are to be colored in light of bright colors so get some neon or even pastel ones!!

Good luck!
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Excellent & a must have for anyone taking Anatomy classes
by Dani (5 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2016

Bought this book for my daughter who's taking Anatomy in college. She said it's a great book, and, "Anyone who's a Kinesthetic learner should use this book. Seeing pretty colors attracts you so the coloring helps that." I got her it in time to help her study for her midterm and she quizzed herself by covering the labels on the page she was coloring. She followed the suggestions in the book for what color to use for different functions and suggests everyone do so because it helps when you later go back to something you already colored. She got a 103/100 on the 1st test she used it to help study for :) As a patent I'm ecstatic with it since my daughter is very happy with it and said it's helping her. I also bought one for her friend who's studying for a career in the medical field too.
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Anatomy is a subject best learned through hands-on tactile work (labs and other kinesthetic ...
by ADNat (5 out of 5 stars)
November 21, 2017

This really helped my master Anatomy as a nursing student. I have ADHD and dyslexia, so reading copious amounts of textbook pages has always been a challenge for me. Regardless of your learning abilities, Anatomy is a subject best learned through hands-on tactile work (labs and other kinesthetic learning activities). This coloring book is the perfect conjunction of grown-up learning bringing back memories from childhood coloring books...haha!
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A&P Students, Med Students, EMT students. Get these coloring books
by The Grubb Show (5 out of 5 stars)
June 9, 2017

What a great book and resource for any student or aspiring student of career in health care. Literally the book is easy enough to understand that even a young teen would enjoy coloring these, not to say they are watered down in anyway. If you are taking an A&P course, I would highly recommend this and the Physiology coloring book. Get your self a decent set of color pencils because you are going to want a large variety of color.

I wish this came in a the ring binder format with reinforced punch holes to resist tearing. This would make it easy to pull out an entire page and color it side by side with other assignments. The book is just a pain to hold open while coloring, but this a very minor thing and mostly a want.
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A & P coloring book is just like the one I used in college back in the early 1980's.
by Lisa (5 out of 5 stars)
November 10, 2016

This coloring book is well illustrated and anatomically correct. The notes, etc are very precise as well. My granddaughter started her education in the field of medicine this fall with an anatomy and physiology class at college. When I began my education in the nursing field back in 1982 my A and P professor suggested everyone in class get the anatomy and physiology coloring book offered at the college bookstore. It was a huge help during my studies. So I got one for my granddaughter to use from Amazon. She told me it has helped her immensely and she is really happy I got it for her. The book from Amazon was almost exactly like the one I purchased at the college bookstore so many years ago. I am so glad I could get it for my granddaughter. I would definitely buy it again.
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A must-have!!!!
by Dee in Colorado (5 out of 5 stars)
September 10, 2016

I used an earlier edition of this coloring book when I was in nursing school many years ago. It was so helpful. In fact, there are some pages that I still remember after all of these years! One of the great things about this coloring book is that it uses color and movement to reinforce the topic on the page. You spend more time with the topic because it takes time to color it.

This book is an absolute must-have for anyone going into an anatomy-physiology class. It also makes a great gift for new graduates that are planning on pursuing an career in health care!
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Helping with the MCAT!
by VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER (5 out of 5 stars)
December 26, 2017

My daughter is studying for the MCAT to apply for medical schools and says that this book is really helping her to solidify her studies for the test by using both sides of her brain to help her get the material into her long-term rather than just short-term/working memory alone. She conducts neuropsychological research and is finishing up her microbiology degree and art minor.

She has an array of colored pencils she is using to mark both the names and locations with enough contrast to understand but also to help differentiate. It has clear explanations/definitions of anatomical parts juxtaposed to coinciding body illustrations. There is room to write/draw more in-depth information in the column next to the explanations. These aspects are really helpful. She started using this Christmas evening and took it with her to study all day today. This is a much better product than I expected when ordered.
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by Suraj P (5 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2016

I started using this book to start reviewing Anatomy before starting my Anatomy course in the fall, since it was been known as a brutal weekd-out course, and it was incredibly useful! I also used it throughout the year and reviewed the material in here and it actually helped me memorize the important information! I would still read the textbook more more details, but this book covered a very good amount of information. I loved that on one side there was information on all of the structures and on the right side, there were the diagrams. The diagrams are very detailed (not always as broad as the skull on the front cover). The book is planned out perfectly. There have been numerous times when I remember the structure only because I remember coloring it in and even the specific color I used. These writers have used an amazing technique. I am a very visual learner, and this book helped me learn kinesthetically and visually. One important thing to make it work is to make sure you read the coloring instruction in the beginning of the book. These are very specific and essential to learning the material in the way it was designed. If you're even thinking about buying this book, BUY IT. Absolutely worth it!

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