Portable Nightlight Globes

Brand: Boon
Manufacturer: TOMY Intl.
Model: B1651
EAN: 0692022613407
Category: Home & Office
Price: $59.98  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 9.45 x 8.66 x 7.87 inches
Shipping Wt: 2.20 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
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Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls is multi-colored, interactive nightlight. It has removable, illuminated Glo balls that turn a night time game of catch into something extraordinary and are made without BPA or PVC. This portable nightlight will have your children begging you to turn off the lights because that's when Glo shines! These balls emit glow up to 30 minutes after removed from base. There is nothing electronic in the Glo balls so you can even tuck them into bed with your child.

Top Reviews

White plastic turns to dingy yellow over time
by mikenna mcclurg (2 out of 5 stars)
February 13, 2016

This was a really cool light but over the past year it has drastically changed colors from the bright white to a dingy yellow. We are a smoke free house and it was cleaned regularly. The light sat on a night stand next to my sons bedroom window and it seems the plastic dis colored from the sun. For $70 I think it could have been made way better (I placed the lamp in my white kitchen sink to show the true color it is now!)
***Update - I wrote to Boons customer service and they are replacing the light. They said it is not normal and they want their quality control team to look at it. I'm pretty impressed that after 1.5 years they are replacing it
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5 yrs later it's still working
by Jennifer (5 out of 5 stars)
April 24, 2018

I bought this for my daughter in 2013. She still uses it today, 5 years later. We have moved 4 times in those 5 years and it still works like a charm. The base stays standard white and is shiny. When on the light transition from pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and then starts over. The balls when removed are the typical glow in the dark color.

I thought when I had bought the nightlight that she was too old for it. She was 10 years old then but she had wanted it for over a year so I went ahead and purchased it. My daughter is now 15 and has this right next to her tv. She doesn't take the balls out anymore and carry them with her to the bathroom like she used to when she was younger but I think it must still be providing her comfort. Bottom line, I would buy this again and intend on it. I eventually will have grandchildren and will buying it for each of their baby showers.
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We love our boon lights!!
by Adria (4 out of 5 stars)
January 17, 2017

These hat such mixed reviews it was so hard for me to bite the bullet and make the purchase. After a lot of research and watching a few YouTube reviews I decided to go for it. I bought two for my daughter's age 4 and 8. I felt like after all the research I had a great realistic expectation.

This is all plastic, the base is a heavy plastic and the balls are a light plastic. Almost like the balls you would jump in as a kid at a chuck e cheese. We all love the design and cool look of them, very futuristic. There is a button on the base that changes the color and an option to continually run through all colors. The balls do not light up very bright when removed, and they only light up after the base has been turned on for a while "charging"the balls up. It's like anything you've ever had that "glowed in the dark" you hold it up to the light and it's bright right away then fades quickly, the balls are the same. But my 4yr old loves grabbing one at night and snuggling it when scared, and both my girls turn them on when friends are over and throw the balls around. We are very happy with them. Yes this is on the expensive side, but I don't mind spending a little extra on a unique and fun item, which this is. 😊
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Phenominal Customer Service
by Vfam11 (5 out of 5 stars)
November 12, 2018

I can't begin to explain the customer service for this company, it's nothing short of incredible. I purchased this nightlight and about 1 year into it, we had an electrical storm the surged the house and rendered this light useless. They shipped one out for no charge, recently (This will be 2.5 years later) the plug broke (my daughter is rought with it) - I wasn't able to find the power adapter ANYWHERE - called up their customer service to see if I can purchase one from them -they had no issues at all processing it, and sent it to our house for free.! What a wait to stand behind your product! Kudos to you!

The product itself, it pretty impressive, both my kids love it! They change the light settings every few months to other colors - and sometimes do the entire array throughout the night. The balls when fully inundated with light for a while, stay lit for over an hour when removed from the base. Long enough to put them to sleep. Such a wonderful concept and well executed design. We couldn't be happier and I Hope they continue to make things like this - customer for life!
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Sometimes a deal is not a good deal. The lights on mine also start to ...
by Dawn E. (3 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2014

I was familiar with the Boon nightlight since we saw it in person while creating our baby registry. What I was shipped is NOT a Boon product. It is a cheap imitation.The "balls" are not detachable but merely plastic domes that imitate the look. PLEASE BEWARE when you order and read where the item originates and you might have to pay closer to regular price. Sometimes a deal is not a good deal. The lights on mine also start to show through the plastic halfway up the trumpet shaped tube and it comes wired for a European outlet with an American adapter. I'm disappointed but after 20 minutes of my son trying to take the balls out, he just enjoys it as a light, hence the three stars.
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Neat night light.
by B. ODonnell (5 out of 5 stars)
August 5, 2017

Gift for my daughter, and she loves it. We did have a bit of an issue with it, but customer service was unbelievably helpful. You do have to leave it on in "charging" mode for a while to really get the balls to glow with a good intensity and for a decent period of time. The color change mode is pretty neat, but my daughter doesn't typically use it. In my opinion, it is a bit odd looking, but it isn't for me and she likes it a lot. Also, beware of the impostors that don't allow you to take the balls off. This one is the real thing, and that is part of the cool factor with this item.
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Looks great in the photos but close inspection reveals lack of quality, inexcusable at this price po
by Paul M. Sterley (2 out of 5 stars)
November 14, 2013

I was simply startled at the "cheapness" of this lamp. When you look closely, it has the feel of a fifteen dollar lamp, not a fifty-five dollar lamp. I feel as though I have been ripped off.

Aside from the overall cheapness of construction, the glow balls are super thin, and the seams are clearly visible, which is not visually appealing.

The switch/lever that turns the lamp on/off and changes colors does not protrude very far from the base, so it is difficult to operate for a person with short fingernails. Because the lamp is so lightweight, this switch/lever cannot be used one-handed because the lamp will slide across the table before the switch/lever moves. That assumes you can find the very subtle, low profile switch/lever. In the dark, one-handed, on your bedside table? Forget it.

The product still gets a couple of stars for novelty, but it is an overpriced, low quality item, which is surviving on novelty alone.

Fortunately, the seller was Amazon, not a Marketplace seller, and they have a good return policy. Kudos to Amazon!
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Great nightlight!
by J. Hahn (4 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2016

Man, I love this. We splurged and purchased this for our new baby girl. I have it set up in our living room and turn the light on before we go to bed. Then, when I wake up in the middle of the night to feed our little girl, I have a nice soft light in the room already. I love how there are so many shades to choose from. The balls don't stay the selected color when you pick them up, after they have charged. They default to a whitish color. Wish they could stay the color. But great idea for when the child gets bigger and needs something to light the way to the bathroom or have in their bed as they sleep. Would recommend!
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Not just a child's nightlight
by Asa (5 out of 5 stars)
August 20, 2015

This light creates amazing ambient colors and its modern design looks great even when not in use. The light produced is not that bright, but depending on the color does make a moderate glow in a dark room. The colors are distinct (as it is not a seamless color wheel).

There appears to be some confusion regarding the detachable glowing balls. These are basically only made of the typical green glow in the dark effect type plastic. After a fairly minor amount of time, the balls absorb enough light to glow for prolong times when removed from the base, but again, they only glow green. There is also an half intensity issue, where the side of the ball that is not emerged within the base will glow less then the side that is in direct contact with the light source. Also, not all colors can "charge" the balls to glow (has to do with physical proprieties of the specific color's light wavelength and it's ability to excite "charge" the ball.)

Those issues are so minor (to an adult using it at least), it detracts in no significant way.
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Kids love it.
by Savannah (3 out of 5 stars)
February 19, 2017

Great nightlight but too pricey. My kids love the options of several different colors to choose from, never feels warm to the touch after running all night! I believe we are reaching a year of owning and it still works like new. I am concerned with how bright the light is when the balls are removed. It reminds me of a lazer and concerns me that it may hurt my kids eyes if they look directly in it so I no longer allow the balls to be removed while it's on which is a huge bummer and defeats the purpose of what it's for. Also the glow ball is very faint glowing.

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