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Plate Dip Clips attach to plates and hold dip. So it won't bleed all over your food before you're ready for it, or nuzzle up to items it isn't meant to touch, or run amok on the flat plate surface and become more of a... [Read more]

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They're worth it.
by quirkyblogger (5 out of 5 stars)
April 3, 2018

I bought these on a whim. I wanted a way to keep condiments separate from my food, and I said, "Hey, look! There's something on Amazon for that!" So I have to admit I wasn't really expecting much, especially given the price.

When I received them, my first thought was they were smaller than I expected, and that was going to be a problem. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was wrong. These work out pretty great for most of the ways we're using them. (At this point, it's mostly to hold ketchup for our fries or salad dressing for veggies.) I'd even venture to say they've helped us use more appropriate amounts of condiments versus overestimating our need and then pitching half of it down the garbage disposal.

I see other reviewers have complained about the grips, and I haven't had an issue with ours so far, but we use Corelle plates. They're pretty perfect for those kind of plates. I've also used them with styrofoam-like plates, but I wouldn't attempt them on a regular paper plate, even a "heavy duty" one. (Now if you have those handy paper plate holders, I'd definitely try them with those.)

As for storage, we put them in a drawer with our measuring cups and call it a day. They're not stackable really, so if that's a deal breaker for you, be aware.

All in all, I'm pleased I bought these, and I've recommended them to friends and family. (Mostly so they'll have them on hand when I visit. 😁)
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Plate space saver, and picky child approved
by Ruby (4 out of 5 stars)
March 7, 2017

I was hesitant about these cups, thinking a number of things could be wrong with them. I was worried they wouldn't clamp tight enough onto a plate or wouldn't angle right, making them either fall over or spill dip everywhere. Upon trying them out for the first time, I was extremely pleased to find that none of my concerns were warranted! They clamp firmly, but no too tightly, and are angled perfectly. Being a person who loves dips, chips and salsa, etc, I will get a lot of use out of these.

These are also perfect for anyone who has a picky child who doesn't like their food to touch. They can also be used to clip onto a near surface, to fill with snacks for children during playtime. The only reason I took one star off is because they're pretty small, so they wouldn't suit larger gatherings or use for more than 2 people.
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I LOVE lots of different condiments so I was super excited ...
by Carolyn M. Sikes (4 out of 5 stars)
March 22, 2017

I LOVE lots of different condiments so I was super excited to get these. The gripper could be designed a little better - you have to use it with the right kind of plate. It has to have a pretty decent "lip" to grip onto, and it can't be too thick or else it eventually pops off.
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These are hilarious!
by Elaina Shepherd (4 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2013

My husband saw these in a catalog and said we should get some. We always have some kind of chip dip in the fridge and I was always bummed when I found pieces of his chips in it so I was all for it.

I like them! 1 -because they offer a nice "serving" size so you don't waste dip. 2 -because the edges are curved, like most chips, which makes getting the dip on the chip easier. 3 -because they clip to the plate, leaving me more room for other stuff and not getting on stuff that shouldn't have dip.
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not the brand advertised
by Bob (1 out of 5 stars)
July 7, 2019

What i ordered was the brand indicated in the description. I am very familiar with the brand and have these exact pieces. These were unbranded, smaller than the branded one, and thinner and definitely not labelled as to safe use (i.e. dishwasher, microwave, etc.), like the ones i have. Doesn't make them bad, just not what i expected or wanted. Sent them back and bought the real ones.
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More Uses than you can shake a fry, carrot stick or pastel paintbrush at.
by TS (5 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2019

These clever little half circle dip containers clip on your favorite plate like they were born to be there. We used them for multiple dips and sauces since we got them not long ago. Why let your ketchup run all over the rest of your dinner when it can neatly have a place of honor of its own? And while these are designed for food, I can well imagine multiple craft or hobby uses for them as well from the perfect well for a watercolor paintbrush to a reservoir for craft glue. Just do yourself a favor and keep the food set completely separate from any craft uses.
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These are just wonderful. My daughter loves to have ranch with just ...
by Gael Fulcer (5 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2017

These are just wonderful . My daughter loves to have ranch with just about anything but hates it on her plate touching her food. This is perfect to put your dip or sauce in without having it run all over your plate.
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Don't like your food touching, these are for you!!
by MullP (5 out of 5 stars)
April 12, 2019

I bought a set of these as an "extra little" Bridal Shower gift, little did I know the bride loved them, she is someone who doesn't like her food to touch on her plate, so these ended being a perfect little gift for her. I am back today to order 2 more sets for our summer picnics. They work on paper or conventional plates and they look cute too, my only complaint is not being able to pick certain colors, however I recently realized that guest having their own color is like having a wine charm for glasses.
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My husband loves these for dips & sauces on the side.
by Teresa Bell (5 out of 5 stars)
April 15, 2019

These dip clips easily attach to both china and paper plates. The sauces wash right out. My husband likes sauce with his food and was using very small Tupperware & RubberMaid cups -- the sauces were a nightmare to get out of those! Had to wash multiple times with Dawn and baking soda. These rinse free easily and have not noticed a lingering smell. Best of all, they're bright-colored, easy to spot in the plastic ware drawer, and they're all his.
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Must have for dippers.
by Lola (5 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2017

These things are awesome. I saw them in some sort of "must haves" Buzzfeed list and wanted to get them. We are always using little dipping bowls for ketchup, BBQ sauce, ranch, etc. These are perfect! Great and sturdy fit and help to keep more room on the plate without the sauce mixing into things you don't want it mixing into. Highly recommended!

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