K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher

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Model: 49213EA
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Product Description

This K-9 Kannon indeed looks like a device over which the dogs slated to retrieve its blasted tennis balls are going to go apeshit. It fires up to 75 feet...consistently, not just those one or two times you really focus... [Read more]

Top Reviews

Brought my old lab back to life.
by Pixie (5 out of 5 stars)
October 2, 2016

This is not my first one of these ball cannons I have bought. The first one I bought for my 14 year old dog ( at the time she was 12) I bought this during the holidays at a store in hopes to motivate my old labs hips into keeping going. When I brought it home it brought her back to life she has bad hips, spine, and arthritis.She is old and a fetching addict. She loved the first one until a few days ago I was playing fetch in the middle of the night, because in Texas it is just to hot to play with a big dog in the daytime. The rubber band finally snapped and hit me in the face. Seriously the size of these things you would think it would have hurt, but really no it was quite gentle no marks not even pain.Not saying I should have had my face near the end that was my bad. Just a surprised look on my face and my dogs. It was 2 years old and sat outside in the elements the whole time. So my dog looks at me her little heart breaks and mine does looking at my best friend of 14 years. I hopped online and found this one same company and ordered it as fast as I could. It came quickly and my dog is back to life again. The color is different than the one I had before, not a fan of the bright yellow at all. This product is awesome I am not sure why people are complaining so much. There are numbers on the pull lever from 1 to10 . 9 ( hits the fence at the end of the yard so I cant tell how far it really would go ) I use 9 for my dog when she is full speed, 6 is when she is slowing down ( I would say around 30 feet or so about half of my yard distance) anything below that she considers a flop. It is an amazing dog toy.The tennis balls are pretty good as far as dog tennis balls go no squeaker , but they last about a month depending on how hard she chews on it. That really is not bad considering most except for the toughest brands break within an hour of handing her a ball.Also push the ball inside well it will shoot better that way. If the ball is not properly pushed in it will not go very far because physics.
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A Must Have for Active Dogs!
by LeeLee Stramer (5 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2016

This Hyper Pet K-9 Cannon is basically a tennis ball gun. But don't let the simplicity fool you. It's very well made, and can lob any tennis ball across my nearly half acre yard. I have a Border Collie, and as you well know, they are working dogs and on the hyperactive side. This is his favorite toy. This one is actually a replacement for the original, which we bought over 3 years ago. It was accidently left out during a deep freeze and the band was compromised. Our fault, not the manufacturer. It's a great way to get your dog interested in fetching and keeping them well conditioned. It's a simple piece, and easy to use, even for kids. My dog loves this toy. We shoot it on the roof, in the air and across the fields, and he finds it every time. I would not recommend this for indoor play, as it is very powerful and could cause damage in the home. Overall I give this 5 Stars, but would give it more if available. It's that awesome!
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Will keep a spare on the shelf.
by D. E. Ramos (4 out of 5 stars)
June 7, 2017

First off you need to understand what you are buying here. This is a basic plastic tube with a plastic trigger and a rubber band launcher. So what if the rubber band breaks after a few months. Let someone jerk you to your limit every day and see how long you last! You'll give out too after a while !!!! (LOL) For those who say it doesn't launch the ball far enough; oh well. It isn't going to send a tennis ball the length of a football field. And it may not be enough of a challenge for a Doberman. But we run the butt off our Jack Russell Mix terrier EVERDAY, launching ball after ball after ball. We are very senior citizens with bad knees, shoulders and backs. There is no way I could throw a ball a dozen times. But this Kannon lets me play with the dog till she is ready to stop. I love it. We have purchased several of these over they last couple of years. Only because the rubber band or the trigger gives out. And it would be great if they could come up with a design improvement so it would last longer or we could repair it. But for now, this is fine, and at $20.00 a pop, it keeps the dog and me happy and active. I'll just keep a spare one on the shelf.
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My dog loves to play ball
by Sassy (4 out of 5 stars)
December 17, 2016

I like it. My dog love it. She insists that I throw a ball for her many times a day. This takes the strain off of my shoulder and the sloppiness out of repeated throws of a tennis ball. I probably launch the ball about 60 times a day for my pit bull. She loooves to play ball. The fact that I don;t have to pick up a slobbered up ball is a real plus. The only down side is that the heavy rubber band is not replaceable and after 4 months the first band broke. So I purchased a second K-9 Kannon. This one has been in use for 7 months now and it just getting where the band is starting to show signs of weakening by tearing. All-in-all it is a must have in my house and well worth the money to keep my girl exercising daily. What can be more simple than putting a chair in the backyard, having a seat and shooting a ball for the dog to retrieve? I did not measure but it probably shoots 60 feet with a new tennis ball. By the way, use a new, real tennis ball for the best range. Tennis balls for dogs are not of the same quality as tennis balls designed for playing tennis. Your dog will love it and so will you. The only reason for 4 stars is because the band wears out and cannot be replaced.
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plastic trigger snapped after 12 days
by Tori Herencia (1 out of 5 stars)
June 12, 2017

I absolutely loved this product...until the trigger broke after having it only 2 weeks. my puppy was so disappointed that I can't shoot the ball up the hill. We never dropped it or did anything that should cause the mechanism to snap, but it did. Now it is stuck in the cocked position and I can't use it. I am really bummed because I was expecting this to last longer.
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The newer model K9 Kannon K2 is a little shorter than the first one, which works well for me
by What's4dinner? (5 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2018

I was going to repair my first K9 Kannon but it looked like putting it back together was tricky. I felt the cost of the new one v. the cost of the kit and maybe frustration was a no brainer and bought the new K9 Kannon K2. I'm glad I did. It's a little shorter but still uses the same regular tennis balls that we buy for cheap at a big box store. Both my husband (6'} and I (5'1") like the shorter K2 version.

My Welsh terrier loves the K9 Kannon K2 ball launcher. She now associates it with baths and jumps all around trying to get me to play as soon as she comes outside. She is difficult to towel dry. After a cursory rub down in which she is wiggling all over to get to the Kannon, we play until she tires out, usually 10-15 minutes. By then she's generally dry or near to dry. It's a lot more enjoyable than the doggie blow dryer which takes forever. Since the Kannon launching can get boring, I listen to a story or music while we play.

Highly recommend
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Best fun and burn dogs energy
by S towler (5 out of 5 stars)
November 6, 2017

Push ball in completely, pull back to 9 or 10 ,angle up about 30° and pull trigger. Ball will rise to about 15' high and land about 30-40 feet later and get about 30 feet of bounces. My dog love chasing his balls, takes about 25 balls to tire him out. dog is a field lab that never quits. I by balls off of Craigslist if I need huge quantities otherwise get a couple bags of 15 off Amazon. Uses standard balls
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you can get a good 75' with out of this without a problem
by Peter C. Bye (4 out of 5 stars)
March 25, 2016

I bought two of these. One for home, one for the lake. Some reviewers seem to think you need to launch a ball a quarter mile for your dog. Not so. I used to use a tennis racket when running our two Labs. To keep them busy, you will get tennis elbow after a while. If you use NEW Tennis Balls, you can get a good 75' with out of this without a problem, If you give it some forward motion while pulling the trigger 100' or more is possible.. One nice thing is you can rapid fire for several dogs, and place the balls with some accuracy when around houses, trees, fences, etc. I will buy another for our RV to take on the road. One is pretty chewed up from our new Lab puppy, but still works fine. The point is to tire the dogs out without killing them.
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Great dog ball throwing thing. Your dog deserves one.
by Roy Bradrick (4 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2018

Great dog toy. Launches tennis balls quite a distance. When your dog retrieves them, just push the launcher end on to the tennis ball to pick it up, pull back the handle, and send off the ball.

These use surgical rubber type elastic bands. If left out in the sun or in the cocked position the band will eventually fail. We got over a year with our first one. Sadly, you can't get replacement rubber bands, which is why this gets 4 stars. You can, however, source rubber tubing and make your own replacements with instructions found on the Internet.
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Tennis ball lodged in my dogs throat, almost lost him.
by Southern Rose (3 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2017

Run by giant rubber bands this is quiet and easy. My 4 dogs bounce over each other every morning for the "game" and this saves my throwing arm.

An update. Just got my dog from emergency vet because the tennis ball got caught in his throat. If you have a big dog (Labrador, etc) DO NOT USE THIS TOY. For a little dog it will be awesome, but I almost lost my hound dog.

It is a nice toy, but beware.
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Love this! !
by Mel (5 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2018

Picks up the ball without bending or touching the slobbery thing. Easily adjustable to keep the ball within the yard. I struggle a little pulling the coil back all the way (it's the length of my arms), but really no big deal. Hugely helpful since my husband's shoulder went out and he can't throw the ball. Plus...it's like a bazooka - way more interesting than a chuck it :)

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