Tactical LED Flashlight Kit

Brand: EcoGear FX
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Dimension: 1.50 x 6.25 x 1.10 inches
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Product Description

Bright LED Tactical Flashlight
Best value ultra bright LED tactical flashlight with excellent light spread and strong high-quality military grade construction. A perfect option for tactical, camping, hunting, fishing, emergency activities and security night patrols. A powerful handheld rechargeable flashlight ideal to use as an LED emergency flashlight to aid in emergencies, standard household use, professional use and other outdoor activities. The TK120 Flashlight is one of the brightest LED flashlights we offer and makes a great gift for business and personal.

Key Features:
High quality LED chip; Output 900-1200LM when using a fully charged 18650 battery
(Projects up to 900 lumens at its highest setting and using the zoom feature this stretches up to 1200 lumens)
Special reflector design; enhances light output intensity and distance
Constant current / voltage circuit design; protects LED emitter from damage
Aluminum alloy construction; helps to avoid scratches or damage when dropped
Soft touch on/off button; turn flashlight on/off or switch to a different light mode

Zoom: x1 x250 x500 x1000 x2000
Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Battery (two included) OR 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
Body Material: Constructed of a solid high quality aluminum alloy
Flashlight Dimensions: 5.5"(L) x 1.5" (Head Dia.) x 1.1" (Body Dia.) (6.20" Full extension length (zoom function))
5 Light Modes: High / Med / Low / Fast Strobe / SOS Signal

Complete Kit Includes:
1 x TK120 LED Adjustable Focus Flashlight
1 x AAA Battery Holder (when using AAA batteries, AAA batteries not included)
1 x 18650 Plastic Battery Sleeve (when using 18650 battery)
1 x Dual Channel Battery Charger
2 x Rechargeable Batteries (18650 3.7V 3000mAh lithium-ion batteries)


  • COMPLETE FLASHLIGHT KIT - Includes a Professional Grade LED Tactical Flashlight + 2 Rechargeable Batteries + Rapid Battery Charger + Battery Storage Case
  • ULTRA BRIGHT - Offering high lumens to easily illuminate an entire room with bright light that is up to 22 times brighter than old incandescent flashlights. Powered by 3 AAA batteries or one 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • KEY FEATURES - Offering 5 different preset light modes (High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS). A useful zoom function delivers a wide-to-narrow light beam to focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away making it an excellent flash light for emergencies. Compact design makes it easy to fit in your pocket, backpack or purse for easy storage and quick access.
  • RUGGED DESIGN - Durability that other flashlights do not offer, the TK120 is constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a hardened anodized finish. Offering a professional grade construction that is lightweight, durable and withstands the harsh outdoor elements such as rain and snow. Ideal for your essential earthquake and hurricane preparedness items and outdoor survival kits.
  • MULTIPLE USES - More than just a small flashlight for your tactical gear, it is a perfect everyday carry EDC flashlight great for home use, dog walking, travel, security professionals, camping essentials and your emergency supplies. The feature rich options make it a unique gift for men and perfect for a Father’s Day Gift, Christmas Gift, and the ideal business corporate gift for your company.
  • GREAT FOR ANY SITUATION - Offers convenience and power that many other flashlights simply do not offer. Features a run-time of 20+ hours when used on the low setting. The perfect flashlight kit to include with your camping accessories and other outdoor gear.

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Top Reviews

Dont Need Flashing Mode.
by travis (4 out of 5 stars)
March 18, 2016

I have been a police officer for 38 years, and have been carrying a heavy Mag Light. Its very bright, but last century's technology . So I thought I would try something new in a light. I purchased he EcoGear RX Tactical light so I could use it for night qualifying on the range. I need a bright light that I can turn on and off in between shots fired. I should have done my research before buying this light. It doesn't have a memory feature. This means when you use it the first time, its on the brightest setting. When you shut it off, then turn it on again, it is on a lower setting, and each time you cycle the switch, it goes to another setting, so by the fourth shot its blinking, the fifth, S.O.S. So I cant use it on the range. Does anybody really need a light that has flashing mode ,several brightness settings,and Morse code? It is bright, and as advertised, just not for what I need. Another garage light.I blame myself for getting it. Does anybody make a bright compact light that just illuminates brightly?
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1200 LUMEN? I don't think so.
by Cgt255 (1 out of 5 stars)
October 13, 2018

So this review is based off of my personal experience with a fair, unbiased review. I had just purchased this flashlight (EcoGear FX TK120) in search of something brighter when I walk my dog at night/early morning. In the info provided it says this flashlight will produce 900-1200 lumens compared to my old Luxpower V1000 flashlight (which claims to only produce 400 lumen) so I figured I would give this a try. Upon first use of this flashlight I was not too impressed for 900-1200 lumens, I actually noticed the light output was nowhere brighter to my V1000. So I had placed new batteries into my Luxpower V1000 and compared the two giving them both peak performance during comparison

With the EcoGear FX TK120 on the left and the Luxpower V1000 on the right.

The first picture has a fully charged battery in the TK120 and brand new batteries in the V1000, as you can see, the two are almost identical but the V1000 is still brighter.

In the second picture, I swapped batteries from the two flashlights and changed them over to compare the two. So, I took the battery out of the TK120 and put it in the V1000, and took the 3-AAA batteries out of the V1000 and put them in the TK120 and the difference is so big you almost can't tell the TK120 is on.

In conclusion, if you are buying this flashlight first, I would recommend it. BUT, if you are looking to upgrade in search of something better, this is not the flashlight to purchase.
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Very nice flashlight, nice extras that come along with it, one slight negative.
by V011 (4 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2016

Very bright, fairly nicely built, LED flashlight with some nice options. First off I've been looking at these "Tactical" LED flashlights for about 6 months now. Negative review and a somewhat high price turned me off from actually purchasing one. I had actually seen this one a few months back and saved it in my "wish list" but didn't make a move on it until a friend of mine mentioned getting one and said he thought it was a great flashlight.

It comes with some nice extras... A case to store the rechargeable lithium ion batteries in (you get two, but the flashlight only takes one to operate),the battery charger, two extra "O" rings in case they wear out (to keep the flashlight water resistant) and two inserts (one for the rechargeable battery, and one for the 3 double (maybe triple) A batteries.That's a nice feature in case your rechargeable batteries lose juice. It also comes with a key-chain solar powered LED light. It's not particularly bright, but useful to have. All in all nice features.

The flashlight comes with 5 settings: Strobe, SOS, High, Medium and Low - with a zoom feature for all of those settings. It turns on with a "hard" click on the rear of the flashlight and you can cycle thru the settings by "soft" hitting the "on button". Reportedly the flashlight will work for 6 hours on a fully charged battery battery on low setting - a good long time. On the high setting with the flashlight Zoomed in, it will illuminate very brightly trees/objects 500 feet away. Pretty amazing.

So why only 4 stars? Well it seems that ALL flashlights at this price point have one major flaw... The flashlight doesn't remember the setting you had when last turned off - it cycles to the next setting. It's not a major issue, but it is kind of annoying. I also feel that these flashlights are still a bit overpriced for something made in China. That said, I finally made my LED flashlight purchase and can stop looking for the "perfect" flashlight. Currently I don't think there is a "perfect" LED flashlight, but this one comes pretty darn close. Hope this review helps other OCD shoppers trying to find just the right flashlight.
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Exceeded All Expectations
by DonCon (5 out of 5 stars)
November 21, 2016

I work 12 hour night shifts as a snowmaker in Taos NM at high elevations in some gnarly conditions. I wear my flashlight on a sling iutside my parka so its always exposed. It's dark and cold and it gets really loud so I need to see well at short and long distances as well as be seen since we use our lights for hand signaling each other. I did some research and decided on the EcoGear TK120 Kit. This flashlight kicks butt. I couldn't be happier with it. The batteries and charger are also top notch. I worked 10 solid shifts on the initial charge and still had plenty of battery power left. I lost the bezel/attack head which accidentally came unscrewed and EcoGear promptly took care of it. Really impressed with this tool and the company that makes it. Highly recommended
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Mighty Mouse
by RT in Roanoke, VA (5 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2016

I just received my flashlight yesterday. I charged it up overnight so I could try it out tonight and I was very impressed. This flashlight is not very big and not very heavy even with a battery in it, yet it is very powerful. My backyard goes back about 200' and with the high setting and about half zoom it covered the same area with almost the same brightness as two flood lights. When I zoomed out I could easily see things up to about 300'. Farther than that and the effectiveness starts to diminish. The lowest setting was about as bright as my other LED flashlights. Besides the high, med, and low settings you also get a pulsing and a strobe mode. The tail-cone light switch should be easy to operate in a tactical situation for most people.

The quality of the flashlight is excellent and should last for many years. EcoGear claims the batteries can be recharged 500 times. If you recharge a battery once a week that's over 19 years of service between the 2 included batteries. I would say the cheapest thing in this kit is probably the charger. It is made out of plastic but with normal use it should last as long as the flashlight. Overall this is a powerful and flexible flashlight that is well worth the money. Made in China.
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by jwes (2 out of 5 stars)
December 22, 2015

Not sure how they rate this light at 1200 lumens. I have a Sunlite flashlight rated at 200 lumens that I got from the local Snap-On guy and it's MUCH brighter and about 70% the size of this light. It cost $125 compared to $55 for this light but still, I think 1200 lumen rating for this light is wishful thinking at best. I'm returning this light as it is not the quality I hoped for and doesn't live up to the rave reviews IMO. My $20 Ozark Trail flashlight from Walmart is brighter than this light although it's not rechargeable.
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I use a flashlight daily and would strongly recommend that you not purchase this one
by Mike (1 out of 5 stars)
October 15, 2017

After using the first one for a few months, I bought a second because I was so impressed with its performance. But there are serious long term quality issues. Both now are unreliable. I have been careful with battery charging and general care only to find that I cannot rely on them being there when I need them. I use a flashlight daily and would strongly recommend that you not purchase this one. You will wind up frustrated and contributing to landfill. I have a Magcharger that, while bulky and not as bright, is now 19 years old and working perfectly. There is not excuse for the poor quality of these units. Find something else.
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by Scott Nagle (1 out of 5 stars)
November 18, 2016

Received this and wasn't disappointed till about 5 - 7 months later, when the batteries no longer made flashlight work, charger is junk.., Recently bought new batteries/w charger and tried those, they did nothing either. Besides a momentary flash of light: while screwing on end cap...? So I opted to purchase a much cheaper $ 13.00 one mode light and all is good again...Would Not buy again or recommend this...! Working on HOW TO RETURN THIS FOR A REFUND...! OH, I work in the HVAC trade and of course this let me down in a dark ATTIC...had to use my energizer 3 AAA headlight to leave that attic, got to be prepared...wanted to launch this flashlight back to china or where ever it came from...!!!!
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A light at the end of the tunnel
by Thomas (4 out of 5 stars)
April 6, 2016

There are two versions of this flashlight available. One comes complete with two LiPo batteries (one spare), charger, AAA adapter, and a solar powered mini flashlight. The other is just the flashlight and nothing else. I opted for the complete package. Since the LiPo batteries take 6 to 8 hours to fully charge, something you should do before using them, I tried the flashlight using three AAA batteries in the adapter. I was impressed. Even though the AAA batteries are not supposed to be able to produce as bright a light as the LiPo, this flashlight put out an impressive amount of light. Since the light source is a single CREE LED, the light pattern on the broad setting was quite uniform. This is different from other LED flashlights with multiple LEDs. One very helpful bit of advice that came with the instructions was to put some petroleum jelly (Vasoline) on the threads. This makes installing and removing the switch assembly so much nicer. The only issue I have with the whole thing is the charger. After charging the batteries for a good 8 hours, the charge light remained on. I removed one of the batteries and put it in the light and it worked fine. The other one is still charging. There are two spring loaded tabs that take what I consider to be way too much force to retract. The charger does not have any indication which way to insert the batteries. The instruction book is very clear on this, so read the book first. It's short. The light came with two extra O-rings, which may be necessary if you overtighten the switch assembly or just wear out the O-ring by removing the switch assembly so many times. You have to remove it to charge the battery.

Other reviews were somewhat confusing on how the on/off switch works. It's actually quite clever once you understand it. If you click it fairly rapidly the light switches modes every other click, going off between modes.The modes are bright, not so bright, slow flash, and rapid flash. However, if you wait long enough between clicks it does NOT change modes. It remembers what mode it was in the last time you turned it off. I don't know what the threshold is for when the memory kicks in, but it's not more than a few minutes.

Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with this light. I'll be even more impressed if the charger light ever turns green.
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Great light if you're looking to illuminate a large area
by Chocolate Chip (5 out of 5 stars)
February 20, 2016

Great light for the price. I had a similarly sized Fenix which finally died on me. In all fairness I used it for years in my home inspecting business & it got dropped a lot. I'm not an inspector anymore so I decided to try a less expensive light. I am using this light daily when I take my dogs out in the dark. I live in the mountains so there is absolutely no other light near my home. This light is definitely bright enough to illuminate a large area for the dogs. I have a very old greyhound who has lost an eye & can barely see out of the other one (he's totally blind in the dark). The light from this flashlight is plenty bright enough for him to be able to find his way around.

I would say this light is best when set on its widest illumination area. If you need a light to focus on small things/details I wouldn't go with this one. This light has a square shape when on its smallest setting & the square has lines/dots in it. I could not have used this as a home inspector because I needed a bright clear view of things like water spots on ceilings. The interference with this light would make it impossible to find tiny little water spots, for example. So...if you want a camping light or a light that will provide a wide illumination area I would definitely recommend it...but not if you're trying to focus in on little things.

The light is comfortable to carry & doesn't weigh much. The batteries last a respectable amount of time. I'd say I'm getting about 10 days before I recharge & I'm generally out 2 times per night for at least 8 to 10 minutes each time; my light is on during that entire time. I'm happy with that & would say that life is comparable to my Fenix when it was newer.

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