Doorbell Camera App

Brand: BOT Home Automation
Model: 88DB100TA102
EAN: 0852239005000
Category: Home & Office
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Dimension: 1.80 x 5.68 x 2.39 inches
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Product Description

Doorbot - The doorbell for smartphone and tablets. Doorbot is a video intercom for your smartphones and tablets. See and talk with visitors using your smartphones and tablets. Whether you're in the house or halfway around the world, DoorBot works from anywhere. DoorBot is quick and easy to set up as it mounts and syncs in minutes. DoorBot has a built in battery, however, it can also be powered through your existing doorbell wiring. By wiring DoorBot, anytime someone rings the DoorBot it will also chime the doorbell. If your DoorBot is stolen we will give you another one for free. DoorBot is night vision enabled, has an adjustable camera and connects to your existing Wi-Fi.


  • See and talk to visitors using your smartphones and tablets. Whether you're in the house or halfway around the world
  • DoorBot has a built in rechargeable battery, however it can also be powered through your existing doorbell wiring
  • Quick and easy setup - Have your DoorBot mounted and synced to your personal Wi-Fi network in minutes
  • Technical Features - Night vision, adjustable camera angle and connects to your personal Wi-Fi network
  • Note: doorbot needs to be protected from rain or snow

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Top Reviews

Dumber Than My Old Dumb Doorbell
by PippiSue (1 out of 5 stars)
September 25, 2014

I would give it zero stars if I could. Nothing worked properly. Tech support told me all their servers were down and they would have to call me back another day, then told me I needed parts not in the box, that maybe I could buy those while waiting for their servers to be running. They also said they would send me an email explaining what to buy and everything to do, step by step. That email never arrived. It did not work with my indoor chimes. The video was awful. The sound didn't work at all. It's own bell only worked sporadically, and it notified my phone sometimes minutes after the bell was wrung, potentially long after the guest had left. I set up an account on my phone app, but when I went to log in from my computer, it said that email address was not registered. And yet, I was logged in with it on my phone. I tried to set up a new account on my computer with the same address, and it then said an account already existed under that email address. But, again, their website told me that email address had no account when I tried again to sign in. I'm returning this to Amazon and hoping Nest makes a doorbell soon.
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Terrible Video/Audio Quality, Android App Glitchy, Once you get it to Work the Notifications are Nic
by Derrick Rose (2 out of 5 stars)
August 11, 2014

If you are looking to use the Doorbot as a WiFi doorbell and ignore terrible quality of the video/audio quality all together, it serves as a doorbell with phone notifications. TIP: Once you program the Doorbot the first time, clear the app data, uninstall the app on your Android, power cycle your phone and re-install the app and magically the notifications work. Don't, however, try to have the app active on two phones at the same time, it breaks the audio and sometimes the video if you decline it on one phone and accept it on the other phone. I would also like to see a few added features; video on demand (to be used as a security camera) and screenshots saved of who was at the door if you missed the doorbell. It is in dire need of upgrades and enhancements, but it serves the purpose that we wanted it for which was to be notified on our phone that someone is at the door.

UPDATE: I do not know if I will be keeping my doorbot at this time, I have been working with Doorbot support regarding the video quality and they have just been conducting firmware updates. The video quality is still terrible and combined with the other issues it has, it's not ready yet. I will give them a few more days before I return it, but I get the feeling that they just built the doorbot with a low resolution camera. My vehicle backup cam has far superior video quality which is sad.

UPDATE 2: I have requested a refund through Amazon and will be returning the product. Basically after all of the support e-mails back and forth, they admitted that their servers are not able to handle high quality video and that they are changing servers to help with video quality. He didn't know when this change over would happen. Because I don't want to be stuck with a $199 partially working device, I have decided to return it. I may look into buying it again if they actually make some improvements.
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Decent Doorbell Camera
by J. Diaz (4 out of 5 stars)
September 14, 2014

I ordered this because of safety concerns in knowing who was at the front door. The installation and set up was a breeze however.....I STRONGLY recommend you purchase a network extender and place it close to this door bell if not your video & audio quality will be absolutely horrible. It doesnt matter if your cell phones wifi reception is at 5 bars where ever you mount your Doorbot, the Doorbots reception is not as strong so get the wifi extender if your wireless router is not close or on the same floor to the Doorbot.

Customer service was ok, they got back to me within a few hours.

I had the Doorbot mounted for one week using the internal battery but when I had it hardwired I noticed the audio and video quality improved. The internal battery supposedly can last One Year before needing to be recharged.

Also be aware that depending on your door chime it may cause a humming or buzzing noise. For me it was only temporary, I believe it was the current actually recharging the Dorbot as I has used it without being hard wired for a week.

All in all the Doorbots decent after some issues that cause me some headaches.
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D O N ' T B U Y T H I S P R O D U C T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tom (1 out of 5 stars)
July 8, 2014

This product specially states "Quick and easy setup - Have your DoorBot mounted and synced to your personal Wi-Fi network in minutes". This is not true. Advanced knowledge of WI FI routers is needed. The use of Quick and Easy is, I believe, deliberately misleading to sell the product. Then you go to the web site for support. There isn't even a support page. Just a lousy user forum of people who seem as pissed off as I am.
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I honestly believe the company is no longer supporting this device
by Andres A. (1 out of 5 stars)
December 31, 2014

Unfortunately the device does not seem to work. There seems to be a problem with the device finding the WiFi connection. It does not find ANY WiFi signals in the area even though my phone finds 20 (both open and secure). Without a WiFi signal for the DoorBot to connect to, the Setup cannot be completed, therefore I have a very nice looking paper weight.

I contacted Doorbot (which changed name to "Ring") via Chat, and the guy actually told me that I needed to email the issue to them so that they could have a record of it (why can't they simply keep record of the chat?). I sent the email while still on the chat, and I was told that they had received it and that I should get a response soon... it's been three weeks and nothing.
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Doorbot Wi-Fi works good, but room for improvement
by AF Phil (4 out of 5 stars)
August 3, 2014

I've had the Doorbot for a month now. The installation was easy enough, though I had to add a piece of wood to the door frame to give the Doorbot enough flat surface to mount against. We have sidelights next to the door and the doorbell button was mounted in one of these frames which is only 2 inches wide. I have the unit wired into the original doorbell. For some reason I had a bit of difficulty getting my android phone to pair with the Doorbot, but after a few tries it started working.

The video works ok, but because we have a large overhang above our front door, the people standing at the door tend to appear dark against the backdrop of our sunny front yard. It would be nice to be able to adjust the contrast level to make near field objects appear brighter.

My biggest gripe is that I've whenever the doorbell is triggered, I've got to find my (or my wife's) phone to either answer or decline the call. We can't just answer the door and shut off the door bell ringing locally. I wish there was a way to dismiss the doorbell ringing at the front door. Either a hardwired button or a wireless remote button could do the trick.
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Two days into trying to make it work reliably I was at my front door with sufficient test equipment
by Cas (1 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2014

I tried this product for two weeks, I really wanted it to work ... But it just doesn't. I went into it "eyes open" I had read of others problems, but I thought as an experienced network guy with a full set of test equipment I could overcome the network speed, range and port issues that seemed to be the excuse for others lack of product satisfaction.

Two days into trying to make it work reliably I was at my front door with sufficient test equipment to know that I have an excellent signal, almost 5 Mbps upload speed and I can see the traffic on my unblocked port 443 when the button is pressed. The result is notification delays of between 5 seconds to never, with most being a few minutes, almost always without video.

I reported this via email to tech support, what I got back was a request to describe my network in more detail and no comment on my suspicion that the problem was either software or load related at their server.

I decided to return the product and replace it with the skybell. I didn't originally buy the skybell because of its lower quality camera spec, but the reality is a low grade video is MUCH better than no video. Skybell has worked with acceptable delay (3-8 seconds) and without fail for the 2 days I have had it installed.
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Horrible product from a highly unethical company
by R (1 out of 5 stars)
October 14, 2014

Wish I could leave a -5 star review! Horrible product from a highly unethical company!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Doorbot has closed down its operation & taken the money of all their disappointed customers to start a new competitive product--citing themselves that they had to start from the ground up. I bought a Doorbot less than 2 months ago & it is UNUSABLE!!! I have the app installed on an Android phone, Android tablet & iPad--about 20% of the time, one or more of the devices will actually ring. When it does ring, the video quality is so poor that it's worthless. I cannot two-way talk because of how poor the quality is. My internet is 100/20, so it's not a bandwidth issue & the Wi-Fi is flawless in that area. It is a poorly designed software with limited bandwidth on their end.

I bought the Doorbot knowing that it was still in "development", so I knew there would be some testing, but I bought it with their promise that they would improve it, adding things like remote viewing, email alerts, etc. Now I have holes in my stucco for a doorbell that is just a fancy looking 2-wire doorbell. I have never been so appalled by a product & company. Shame Shame!
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a half-truth (Fraud)
by Avid Alexander Saravia Salinas (1 out of 5 stars)
June 6, 2015

I bought this ítem, it looks and it is easy to set up like is supposed to, BUT I was really disapointed when I found that I need to buy a year suscription to see how the video and intercom works (and that is not clear in the description in the website) which means that just the "ring" works. If Amazon want to continue selling this ítems, Please be clear and honest about the features of the item. I have been amazon's client for a long time and this has never happen
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Video Quality is not very good..
by dkarjadi (3 out of 5 stars)
June 30, 2015

Video Quality is not very good... frequent disconnections even with a decent wifi signals...

Mounting on uneven brick surface is very tricky... even a very slight bend will make the unit lose contact with the power (from door bell) thus will drain battery... and won't ring your in-house door bell. Now they came up with the new model (Ring)... not sure if they are any better (I think it has motion detection now), I wished they offer a trade in for people who invest in them early on...

I do like that now it saves the video on their cloud, and allows you to download it to your smartphone

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