Pop-Up Cinema Portable Folding Outdoor Projector Screen

Brand: Elite Screens
Manufacturer: Elite Screens Inc.
Model: POP84H
EAN: 0848448023072
Category: Gadgets & Tools
List Price: $80.00
Price: $72.49  (125 customer reviews)
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Dimension: 72.70 x 85.40 x 28.90 inches
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Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Elite Screens Pop-Up Cinema Series is an excellent choice for an instant outdoor or indoor mini-theater experience. Designed with ease of use in mind, this portable lightweight folding projection screen assembles in seconds with zero tools required. Tip-Insert the support bars across the backside of the screen (amount will vary depending on screen size)and then connect the rod sections so that it is at maximum length.

Pop-Up Cinema Series features include:

  • Traveler friendly lightweight & portable
  • Assembles in seconds with no tools required. Incorporated spring frame system, literally pops open at your control.
  • Included stake, net base, and support rods add stability, 32" diameter carrying case holds all components for easy storing
  • Perfect for camping, RV's, Backyard Movie Nights, Gaming and Slumber Parties

Pop-Up Cinema includes Elite Screens' SilkWhite projection screen material which features:

  • 160° Wide Viewing Angle for multi-purpose applications
  • SilkWhite 1.0 gain reflectivity
  • Black masking borders enhance perceived picture contrast
  • Spring wire frame enhances screen surface tension
  • Accommodates both standard and short throw projectors

SilkWhite material is made of an ultra light synthetic silk polymer- due to the nature of the product's design, some creasing and wrinkles will be present when first used. This is normal for this product and will gradually alleviate with regular use, however, a simple steam or heat treatment can be used on the material should a deeper crease be present.

To remove a wrinkle or crease, you can apply heat from a common blow dryer or steamer at a medium setting, making sure to apply heat consistently in a circular motion (6"-8" away from the material) to prevent burn/burnishing the surface.

Elite Screens is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices while offering exceptional service. Since 2004, Elite Screens has become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the US and branch offices in Europe, Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan, and China. With a focus on superior product and service, Elite Screens is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment.

Ask about Elite’s 2-year warranty and 3-year ENR-G enhanced warranty.


  • 84-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 41.2" H x 73.2" W. Overall Size: 72.7" H x 81.1" W x 28.9" D. (Model: POP84H)
  • Material: SilkWhite, 1.1 Gain. Lightweight synthetic projection screen material with wide viewing angle and black masking borders that enhance picture contrast. Easy to clean with mild soap and water
  • Nylon spring-loaded frame system unfolds effortlessly design ensures tensioned surface, lightweight and portable construction folds conveniently away. Please see product description for additional details. Built to withstand light wind conditions
  • Accommodates both standard and short throw projectors. Lightweight & flat design is traveler friendly. 32” diameter carrying case holds all components. Assembles in seconds with no tools required. Stakes, net base, and support rods included for added stability
  • [US Based Company Warranty] 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty (*if purchased NEW) by Elite Screens' an ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004 and Lifetime Tech Support by Email, Web Chat, or Toll-Free Phone Call by Elite's Professional Service Team. 3-Year ENR-G Manufactures Warranty* for any Educational, Non-profit, Religious or Government and Military purchases.

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Top Reviews

Only 1 star for a reason
by Eric (1 out of 5 stars)
July 15, 2018

Bought this screen so we could watch movies outside while we're camping. First thing is the screen works pretty good. There isn't a black panel on the back so any light coming from behind the screen will wash the picture out. So keep that in mind. Second, the grommets that hold the poles in place that give the screen some (only) rigidity, fell out after the first use, rendering the poles almost useless, but still usable with the aid of some bungee cords. Third, the thing is a real pain in the ass to put back into its bag. If you have issues figuring out how to put away those windshield sunscreens that twist and fold into themselves, stay away from this screen. It's like 20 of those things put together. Fourth, it has started to fall apart after only using it 3 times. It went into the garbage can at the camp ground today after I saw the fabric fraying around the border. I would recommend spending some more money on a better quality screen or spend no money and just hang up a white sheet.
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Unpacking and set up is easy peezy! It is difficult to repack but as ...
by AC826 (5 out of 5 stars)
June 3, 2018

And the greatest father of this years camping trip goes to my husband. My husband goes camping four times a year and he tells me the same story about lugging all the projector equipment in from the car to the camp site. And how all the other fathers watch nba final games on a shared tablet. This year I decided to solve these problems for him. I purchased this as an Early Father's Day gift and everyone was so eager to learn more about it. Unpacking and set up is easy peezy! It is difficult to repack but as long as you know this, you have some extra hands to help and you're patient, you'll get it back in the neat traveling case it comes with. There are wrinkles but it absolutely doesn't take away from the movie experience. My son says he forgets that he's outside and feels like he's at a movie theatre when he watches movies on this big screen. There were some children watching on the other side and although the movie was reversed, the picture was clear. I paired this with a mini portable projector the size of a cell phone and we have been beyond pleased! We love this and we're looking forward to many summer movies under the stars.
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Purchased this for backyard movie/tv viewing and love it. Yes
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
August 24, 2017

Purchased this for backyard movie/tv viewing and love it. Yes, it's wrinkled but it didn't really make a huge difference to me while in use. Fairly sturdy and stood up to the wind pretty well. Folding both the screen and the base took some practice, but once you "get it" it's really not that hard. Would recommend to anyone looking for a screen that they don't have to pay a fortune for.
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Big discount for "like new" used one.
by Ashley (4 out of 5 stars)
May 10, 2019

I like this pop up one a LOT more than a "portable" pole one I had got and broke on first time trying to set it up after purchasing from a local store with neighbor's help.

I am 5'4" and set this up and took down by MYSELF last night. So it IS actually portable!!

One of the bag's handles broke off when stuffing the screen back in but should be an easy fix. I also noticed some weak spots near the edge of the screen in the black material right near the outer edge... I have clear nail polish I can cover them with with, and also black gorilla tape if that doesnt work.

I took a risk with a open box amazon warehouse one so was expecting some issues. I feel like the issues could have been prevented in its design by strengthening the material with a band of webbing over the edge to avoid the tension issues to the fabric. (Think stretch marks lol.)

I have a small internal battery projector and wanted something I could set up and take down often to use at least weekly and this seems simple enough and not a ton of work to break down at the end of the night too while also dealing with getting the kid who fell asleep outside in bed.

My small projector shoots out a 1:1 square ratio but I'm thinking to use the whole screen up instead of just the middle of it would be to cast things in a 'widescreen' dvd format. Sadly my projector itself doesnt have this option but I found one with an internal battery specifically to take tent camping and use outside our apartment where there are no outlets.
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Make a slow mo video of the mesh base unfolding upon initial setup
by Shawn Seib (5 out of 5 stars)
January 7, 2019

I received my 84" pop up screen on Jan 4th 2019 for indoor movie nights and for camping. First, very lite weight and portable. There are definitely some wrinkles in the screen however I first try to remove them with a hair dryer set to medium per the manufactures instructions that didn't seem to work. I ended up leaving it setup for a couple of days to see if they would come out on there own and no such luck. I then used our swiffer Bissel floor steamer with out a pad on and it took 95% of the wrinkles out (the top corners are a little wavy but I think that's more of a screen tension issue.

If the projector your using can reverse the image you can project the picture from the back of the screen this helped to get a larger image in a tighter viewing space and there is only a narrow vertical line of brighter light located where the projector is.

Collapsing the main screen is fairly simple using the instruction video. The mesh base was a different animal. The instructions and even videos make it look very simple however it took multiple attempts over the course of a day to finally get it together correctly. I would recommend trying this indoors because if this is your first time, you might spend a long portion of your camping time to do it correctly. It will collapse into three perfect rings that are not under tension once you've got it.

Stand it on its short end and step on the frame. Then place your hands about two feet from the top short side (your hands should be thumb side down fingers up palms away from you). Rotate your wrists so the top edge begins to fold away from you, as this happens the frame will begin to twist. Once the first frame cross over occurred I placed the side away from me on my bed (the first fold face down to hold it in place and was on my right). Then I grabbed the left short side and began to turn it counter clock wise (the long edge towards you should remain against the surface). The right side loop will be the inside circle when complete. Once the left side began to fold oddly enough everything just fell into to place perfectly and not under tension at all and fit very nicely into the case after that. The last segment happened so quick I didn't see it happen. That's were a video might help out.
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Include a steamer with this portable wrinkle screen.
by tkburkett (1 out of 5 stars)
March 15, 2019

The only thing I like about this is the concept of portability and large size when opened up. That's where it stops. Upon receiving I opened up and the first thing I noticed was wrinkles. I tried the hair dryer recommendation that some said to get wrinkles out, did nothing. I let it sit opened up for a few days, did nothing for wrinkles. Watched a movie on it, surface was ok at best as far as visibility on screen. Once again though, came back to wrinkles, every single wrinkle and crease looked like random bright spots and and made it VERY difficult to focus on movie. I went and bought a steamer to get the wrinkles out, took an hour and I'd say it was 80% better at best. Only one problem, it's gonna be a non portable screen, thus defeating the whole reason I bought it. If I put it back in the case, I'm gonna have a wrinkled up mess every time.
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I chose this one and glad I did
by Amber (5 out of 5 stars)
September 13, 2016

After looking into many screens, I chose this one and glad I did. I chose this one for the ease it is while camping, but use it in the backyard all the time as well. We have several pop up tents, so getting this folded back down is nothing new to us and it took only a minute to do, but could see it being frustrating for some. It is a bit wrinkly on the screen, but really doesn't bother me and the kids don't seem to notice. Would recommend to anyone that's not anal about wrinkles, has some patience with pop-ups and looking for a quick option for impromptu movie nights. :)
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Some good, some not so good
by The Former DJ (3 out of 5 stars)
May 21, 2017

What a mixed bag...

This was ordered to replace a traditional "fast-fold" screen in an application where portability was the most critical element. IT IS LIGHTWEIGHT. Hooray for that!

Despite taking a handheld garment steamer to it for HOURS, I could never quite get the creases out. After many attempts, I was able to get the screen to fold down to where it could fit into its bag. I still can't get the base piece folded. Oh, and a grommet tore out on the second use.

So, it gets five stars for being lightweight, and one star for being difficult to pack, having questionable optics, and having a bit rip out of it right from the start. 2.5 stars would be more accurate but, what the hell, benefit of the doubt and I'll round it up.
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Outdoor movies
by Shopgirl (3 out of 5 stars)
August 24, 2016

Nice screen, but the wrinkles never went away. Easy to put up and take down.
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Attn: How to collapse base notes!!!!
by A. K. M. (4 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2018

Love how it's lightweight and pops up quickly. So frustrated trying to collapse it until I figured it out. The screen itself was easy, pay attention on how you did it because the base is the same way. Base was a pain to learn: it has three loops when collapsed and mine had memory for bending only one way. I was trying the directions but it didn't workbecause I needed to flip it and try again.

I will try my best to explain: Stand on the short end and pick up the base with both hands (thumbs under and fingers on top) about two feet from the short end. Pick up while Bending it towards other short end. If it's the correct side, it falls into itself with the top loop folding into the middle. Your hands will cross as it happens. If it does some wonky flailing then you are bending it against the nature fit so flip it over. Hope this helps as it's tough to explain. Two things: three loops and don't force it. It falls into place when you are doing it correctly.

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