Bed Climate Control Machine

Brand: BedJet
Manufacturer: BEDJET LLC
Model: 6002NA
EAN: 0858086005002
Category: Home & Office
Price: n/a
Shipping Wt: 13.80 pounds
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Product Description

Say goodbye to night sweats forever once you begin sleeping with the bed climate control machine. This life changing machine installs on any size bed in minutes and allows you to control the exact temperature using a free app on your smartphone. [Read more]

Top Reviews

Great product, amazing customer service!
by Art H. (5 out of 5 stars)
March 7, 2018

Bought this as a Christmas gift, and we couldn't be happier with it. Really makes a big difference in not only how quickly you fall asleep, but also how well you sleep. We're both sleeping better and longer then we have for the last 15 years. The BedJet actually does what it says it will, better than expected, and is really pretty easy to install taking less than 1/2 hour from box opening to putting the blankets back over the BedJet Air Comforter that we had also purchased. Now....about the customer service from BedJet. Somehow, we lost the remote when we were setting up our BedJet. Yeah, that's right, hadn't had it for 2 hours and the remote went to wherever it is that they, the odd sock, 1/2 a pair of gloves older than three weeks, and that last little screw that you just dropped on the floor go to when they vanish. We received the remote, synced it to the unit, and then it was gone. So I sheepishly emailed customer service, explaining that I had lost the remote and would like to purchase a replacement, but didn't see remotes listed singly for purchase on their website. The better half suggested I also ask them if we really needed the remote or could we just download the app and use it instead? Within a couple hours I received a reply saying 'yes, we could just use the app and in fact, the free app has more detailed functions than the supplied remote, but since I had paid BedJet for a remote BedJet would like to send me one free of charge'. Wait, what?! What company volunteers to send you a moderately expensive piece of electronics after you've confessed to callously mislaying said equipment? BedJet, evidently! I responded to BedJet's (rather astounding) customer service department, thanking them for the offer and telling them I felt it was un-necessary as the app was truly very convenient. I then asked if I could purchase an extra couple of the extending links for the mattress mount? Again, responding in a ridiculously short time the BedJet folks offered to send me as many extending links as I needed FREE OF CHARGE! So...long story short- we received a product that actually works better than advertised, and then we were surprised with a level of customer service that I really didn't think existed out there any more. If Amazon offered a 10 star rating system, I would give BedJet 5 stars for their product and another 5 stars for their prodigious customer service! And then maybe a couple more stars for revitalizing my faith in the free market system!
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I was always hot in the middle of the night and he liked a thick blanket
by Daryl Thomas (5 out of 5 stars)
December 1, 2017

This review is not only to rave about the product but about the customer service. My husband purchased a bedjet for me last Christmas when we lived in Florida. I was always hot in the middle of the night and he liked a thick blanket. I could never get satisfied with the temperature. It was a lifesaver for me. I was able to sleep well and didn't wake up in a pool of sweat. A few days later he realized how much I enjoyed it so he purchased one for himself and we upgraded to the king size blanket. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO NORMAL BLANKETS! Recently we moved to Ohio and let me tell you its so nice to be able to hit the heat button in the evening, go take a shower and be able to jump into a prewarmed bed. The settings you can apply through the easy-to-use app lets you also put a sleep cycle on or create your own customized sleep cycle so you never have to worry about waking up cold or hot (depending on your climate and personal preferences). It also has helped when my husband or I are sick. It seems to reduce the time we are sick by keeping our body temperature regulated.

On the the customer service part. One of the pieces that holds the bedjet hose in place broke. Because they have a 2 year warranty they replaced it for free. Not only did they replace it but within 10 minuites of contacting them they responded and within a few hours I had them telling me my replacement was on the way. I hope this company thrives and are around for a while because I dont know what we will do if we arent able to get parts in the future or purchase one again if needed. Best investment ever when it comes to bedding. Getting a good night sleep is hands down the best and most important thing that you need for your well being, and this product delivers and more!
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Item does not work as described.
by Ken B. (1 out of 5 stars)
July 17, 2018

Bought 3 units for my wife, my son, and me. All three units have issues connecting to ios devices by bluetooth. The remote control that comes with the units is very limitted and does not provide sufficient operation of the units. In addition, these units to not cool! They are basically a very expensive fan that blows air to your feet. This item will NOT replace your A/C on hot days. I have also contacted the manufacturer 3 times. There is no phone support whatsoever and by email they would keep telling you to reset the unit over and over again. Which does not help. The item has a design flaw which must be repaired. I have attached a picture of the error massage as well as a screenshot of the app's page on the Apple store (look at the rating).
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Works, but almost returned it
by M. Hogan (4 out of 5 stars)
September 13, 2018

The BedJet works as described. We bought it a couple months ago because my wife is a hot sleeper and it helps keep her cool but we almost returned it. The remote/user interface is the problem.

The Bad:

The remote layout is terrible and not intuitive in the dark while laying in bad;

A beep for each button press is the default although it can be turned off;

The only way to know how high/low the fan is turning is by noise, a display on the remote numbered 1 - 10 would be better;

Lights on the unit, hidden under the bed, do tell you how high/low the fan is blowing to see how much more the fan can be adjusted.

The Good:

Instant heat works great, although we only used it for 5 minutes to see if the unit worked and will never use it again;

Relatively quiet, it's noisy but not as loud as a box fan or some ceiling fans; being under the bed helps;

Airflow is strong enough to keep cool;

We bought the BedJet sheet but my wife prefers to not use it so that was a waste for us but many others like it. We don't use the app. It allows for more control and eliminates some of the problems with the remote but then we have to have a phone by the bed and the light from a phone is too bright at night to be comfortable. It also adds the extra steps of unlocking the phone, scrolling to the app, and then opening it.

Bottom line is that it works very well but I should have waited for the V3 to come out - I think it's available now but quit looking after we bought ours.
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Worth every penny
by M.I. Silk (5 out of 5 stars)
August 9, 2017

This is worth every penny. I've had such a hard time sleeping because I am so HOT ALL THE TIME. I live in Colorado, and even sleep with the windows open when it's freezing outside, but I would still wake up because of being hot. This has completely solved the problem. You can turn it low, where you can barely feel it, but it still keeps you cool, to high, where it actually blows the sheets up! I do have to wear socks when it's turned up, or else my feet get a little cold, but it keeps the rest of me cool. It sits at the foot of the bed, and I think I'll try to move it to the side for more even cooling.
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If you sleep hot due to menopause, this will work miracles!
by Matthes (5 out of 5 stars)
June 13, 2018

First time I have ever been moved to write a review on Amazon but this is the single most amazing product if you sleep hot due to Menopause! This thing WORKS and it is saving my life! It only took a NASA Engineer to solve my propensity to burst into to flames every night at 2:00 a.m.!
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It was easy to set up
by Sarah M Keeling (5 out of 5 stars)
February 9, 2017

I want to share my review, as this is a big ticket item for me. Before I start, a few caveats:
- I bought this because I'm a very hot sleeper
- I live alone, so don't share my bed with anyone (except my pets)
- I live in SC where it's hot and humid most of the time

I decided to get this because regardless of what I did, I woke up sweaty. In the summer, I would set my thermostat to 65 and still wake up sweaty. This is not because of hot flashes! So I decided to get this in the hopes of saving on my electric bill in the summer.

It was easy to set up. I read the book and followed the instructions step by step. It wasn't difficult at all. I was nervous for a minute that it wouldn't slide under the bed, but it *just* fits underneath. If my bedroom wasn't carpeted, it would likely fit a bit better. At this time of year (it's February), I'm sometimes cold when I go to bed. This is perfect for warming the bed or my feet when I get in. I use the Sleep Cycle to set it to turn on about 1.5 hours into my sleep. I then have it turn on to run at the lowest heated setting (72 degrees) at about 40% wind current. I found the cool setting to be too cool my first two nights. I have a feeling that will change in the summer and I will use the cool setting. I am sleeping better and waking up not dripping with sweat! Finally - this is what I've been looking for to keep me cool at night! (And warm if I need it!)

Other things to note:
- it's very quiet. I sleep with a white noise machine and can't hear the BedJet at all
- it can dry your skin out, so I lotion up before I go to bed; if you have a severe dry skin condition, this may not be good for you
- I'm using 100% cotton sheets and it works for me; the company recommends high quality sheets. I don't know if 100% cotton counts as high quality, but that's what I have because they were the ones that kept me the coolest.
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Unbelievable customer service and support
by Scott H (5 out of 5 stars)
October 19, 2015

I confess, I wanted a bedjet, but seeing the cost, I was a little bit overwhelmed (yes, I can be a bit cheap), so I went to their website, and they had a "Scratch & Dent" sale on units that had minor cosmetic flaws or were refurbished returned units, so I opted to go after the cost savings and purchased a "Scratch & Dent" unit. I LOVED it, I tend to get overheated when I sleep, and the cooling provided by the bedjet is phenomenal!

Last night, it got a little bit cooler here in North Texas, and I turned on the heat, but alas, the head didn't work... there is a switch between high and low, so I flicked it onto high, and still it didn't work so, you may be asking, if the heat didn't work, why the heck did you rate it with 5 stars? Well.... all products may have issues, but how a company deals with the issues, and the customer service they provide tells you more about the quality of a product than a unit that falls outside the 6-sigma of quality control.

I called and left a voicemail this morning, and followed up with an email, and I got a call this afternoon, not from a CSR rep, not from a CSR Manager, not even from a VP of some sort... I got a phone call from the owner of the company himself... when I said that I was shocked he took the time to do it himself, he laughed and said that thankfully, the Bedjet hardly every failed and he didn't have make similar calls very often at all.

He apologized for the unit not working, and remarked that the "Scratch & Dent" units carry the same warranty as new units, and they were going to replace the unit with a new one... let me say that again, THEY ARE REPLACING A RE-MANUFACTURED UNIT WITH A NEW ONE! I have honestly NEVER heard of the like... more often, companies will replace a new unit with a re-manufactured one (like Dish did with my DVR) I have NEVER heard of a company replacing a broken re-manufactured unit with a replacement NEW one. In addition, they are not just replacing the unit, but all the miscellaneous parts as well, he told me they were going to email me a prepaid shipping lable to only send back the main unit so they could find out what went wrong and possibly adjust the manufacturing process, but I should keep the extras to I had them just in case, little extras like an extra remote control.

In summation:
1. I got a re-manufactured Bedjet (yes, I tend to be a bit of a penny pincher)
2. I LOVED the cooling!
3. ... but the heating didn't work
4. I got a call from the owner of the company apologizing for the unit
5. They are replacing the re-manufactured unit with BRAND NEW ONE.
6. They are sending me a prepaid label to send back the unit, while letting me keep the extra remote.

Again, all products will have very rare instances where the product deviates from the quality standards of the company... what differentiates companies is HOW THEY REACT. Bedjet proved that they stand behind their products unequivocally. They made no excuses, and never batted an eyelash in standing behind their product... for this, they earned a 5-star rating
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Pretty close to ideal for a bed fan
by Steve (4 out of 5 stars)
July 20, 2018

Like most people other people here, I was apprehensive about spending so much on a fan but it has turned out to be worth it. I've never slept so well in the summer, even when I used to turn the A/C down and use several fans. I've been using this for two months now and have hardly ever woken up hot since. I really like the fact that you can program the air flow to change throughout the night based and configure it based on either time or duration. It did take a few weeks to get that really dialed in (and for the molded plastic smell to mostly go away) but now I've found settings that work for most nights. I do wish that I could start the program from the remote instead of opening the app every night before bed though. It is nice to have the app for setting up the schedule but if I don't remember to turn it on in time my phone lights up the room while my wife is trying to fall asleep. It would also be nice if there was a way for it to read the room temperature and adjust the fan speed up or down from the set temperatures. I have had a few nights where the temperature dropped in the night and I woke up shivering. The changing temperatures over the course of the summer in general also mean that I have to tweak the schedule every two weeks or so which is kind of annoying but mostly a limitation of using any kind of fan for cooling. All it all, it is far from a perfect solution and still feels a bit overpriced but has some good options and is still probably the best option out there for keeping cool at night without a dedicated bedroom A/C.
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Not necessarily a cure for night sweats.
by Winnie (4 out of 5 stars)
November 5, 2018

I bought this in an effort to conquer my horrid night sweats. Alas this was not the magic bullet for me. It does allow me some relief because I can have immediate warm air to warm up with (strangely I'm usually freezing when I wake up soaked). I had purchased this when husband was traveling and he got home he liked it for the immediate bed warming capability.

The unit works exactly as advertised. It is rather loud at 100% fan, however i doubt anyone would ever really use it long on that setting, at 50% fan or so it's no louder than an average forced air system coming on.

I deducted a star because the app and remote could use some work. The app resets the timer back to minimums with every adjustment, a pain to fiddle with in the night if you change the temp by a few degrees. I'm also not crazy about the remote that came along with it, it doesn't seem to have near as much control as it should, I wouldn't reccomend this if you don't have a smart phone to pair it to, you lose so much control of the unit with just the remote.

This thing is pretty spendy as well, it would behoove the supplier to make it a little more friendly to the pocketbook.

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