Modern Capture The Flag Game

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Product Description

About the Game
Capture the Flag REDUX is a group game that uses LED lights to transform "Capture the Flag" into an after-dark adventure. Play it in your backyard, at the park, camping or anywhere with space to run safely in low light conditions.

Your mission: Steal the Orb from your enemies.

Your challenge: Sneak past the red war lights, capture your enemyÕs Orb and get it back to your territory.

BUT whatever you do: Don't get caught!

Key Features
LED lights enable hours of playing Capture the Flag play at night
Perfect for 4 to 16 individuals
Develops teamwork and camaraderie
Promotes physical exercise, strategy and endurance for teenagers and adults alike
Futuristic and fun nighttime excitement
Includes 12 new game types such as The Traitor, Ghoul, Werewolves vs. Hunters and many more

Game Kit Includes
2 Glowing Orbs (which are luminescent variations on the traditional flag, one blue, the other green)
8 Jail Markers (to light up jail boundaries)
6 Territory Lights (for marking where is safe and where you can get caught)
16 LED Glow Bracelets (eight blue & eight green for each team)
12 Game Variation Cards
1 Guidebook (in English and Spanish)

Featured on
Kickstarter (as a Staff Pick)
For the Cool
The Freshprenuer
Outdoor Game Players
Summer Camp Program
Celebrate Women Today
Boy's Life
Many others!

So get your friends, family, or youth group together -- and play Capture the Flag at night... A glowing adventure awaits you!

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Top Reviews!!!
by Stagemom23 (5 out of 5 stars)
July 18, 2016

I took a chance on getting this game for my son and his friends to play at his graduation party. These are 18 year olds, mind you, who are known for being glued to their phones. My 20 year old daughter got in on the action and was the most enthusiastic player of all! It's your standard game of Capture the Flag but it's way cooler playing it at night with glowing orbs! As others have mentioned, there are issues with the bracelets breaking and some just refuse to snap back together. If this problems ever gets fixed, this game will be a 100% winner. We gave the broken ones to the girls and they wore them in their hair. Not the intended method but it worked for them. It was fabulous to see a bunch of older kids running around at top speeds, exercising, laughing and cheering at the same time. They would have played longer but it was very hot and humid that night so everyone was tired and sweaty. Just be sure you play in an area with no obstacles, including holes or rocks. The kids were so absorbed with the game they never even looked where they were going! Totally recommend this game for kids of ALL ages. What a fun way to exercise and have fun with a group. Plus, everyone who drove by our house slowed down to see what all the moving, glowing objects were!!! Next time I'm playing!

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. My review is totally unbiased and based on my own opinions and

thoughts. If you find that this review was at all helpful, please let me know by voting the YES button below. This will help me to write better reviews and help YOU in return!! :)
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Great for Late-Season Soccer Practices!
by Geoff H. (5 out of 5 stars)
November 13, 2017

We are a rec soccer team, and have no access to lighted fields. So, once day-light savings ends, it is pretty tough to get in practices during the last few weeks of our season. I actually used this kit last night, along with a glow in the dark ball Kan Jam ILLUMINATE Ultra-Bright LED Light-Up Glow Soccer Ball, Size 5 and glow in the dark Cones GoSports LED Light Up Sports Cones (6 Pack), 9"
, for a glow in the dark soccer game. We all - kids, coaches, and parents - had a BLAST. Thought it was going to be just a one-time event, but it was so popular that we are doing it again tomorrow night. We do love the game, and look forward to using it. Several other coaches in our league are ordering for the same use.

One of the parents took a video - check it out.
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Great Product and Service
by Mason Cothren (5 out of 5 stars)
March 9, 2017

I am a youth minister and this game was used on our Fall 2016 Retreat. Was a huge hit! A couple lights went out and I emailed them about it a few months after and they sent new parts without any hassle. Extremely good customer service and a great product. Well worth it for any size group. My group is bigger than what this game gives arm bands for so we use cheap glow stick bracelets for extra team identifying.
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So much fun! We played with a 20 kids and 6 ...
by Molly (5 out of 5 stars)
May 6, 2016

So much fun! We played with a 20 kids and 6 adults in a gymnasium. It was a blast running around in the dark and trying to get a strategy together while being attacked by other team. This is a great way to get kids moving! The kids enjoyed this way more than the usual flashlight tag. We had a few bracelets break when they hit the hardwood gym floor, this may not be an issue when playing outside in the grass. The company is helpful and responded quickly when I needed to get more bracelets for a larger crowd.
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DEFECTIVE LIGHTS!!!! Thumbs WAY down!!!
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
April 24, 2018

I bought this for my nephew for his birthday & his Dad assembled it for him. Even after trying to mess with the batteries & exchanging for several different sets of replacement batteries, the lights on the balls WOULD NOT stay lit. That's the whole reason my nephew wanted this game for his birthday!!! I'm so disappointed now because I'm the Aunt that gave my poor nephew a broken toy for his birthday. It was pretty expensive, too...and since I wasn't told about the defect (as my sister didn't want to hurt my feelings), we missed the return/exchange deadline. (Which was only a week after his birthday). Boo to this game & the fact that we're stuck with a dud. I don't have the money right now to get him a new one.
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This one is worth the hype.
by Michael A. Martin (5 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2016

I serve with teenagers at a local church. We are always looking for "wide games", games that involve strategy, some activity, and are a lot of fun. Capture the Flag has always been popular but predictable. Enter Capture the Flag Redux. We played it the first time two nights ago with a group of 16, which was perfect. To say it was a hit was an understatement. The kids loved it, and it was a mixed-age group with the oldest being 20 and the youngest 14. We played inside in a darkened church building, which involved a lot of hiding, stealth, and planning instead of just wide-open running around.

I can't recommend this too highly. We did make one fun modification to the game. We had some flag football flags, and the kids wore those and were tagged out using them. That made it even more enjoyable for us.

I think the designers are on to something here. Highly recommended. Everything was ready to play right out of the box.

Addendum 7/12/17 ... I ordered a second set and was delighted by the redesigned wrist bracelets. One bracelet wasn't working properly and the company replaced it. No questions asked. These folks are the greatest.
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Great for kids of all ages! Customer service is top notch.
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
June 25, 2016

We purchased this game for our 8 year olds birthday. Upon opening he was super excited and started turn everything on, putting on bracelets, and reading super easy instructions. Then sadness hit because one orb wouldn't turn on and the cover kept falling off. We contacted the company and got an immediate reply and apology even better sincere apology from a real person!!! New orb and additional bracelets were delivered and arrived quickly. Now it was time to put this game to use. Game 1 was with 10 boys and girls ages 6-14. Everyone had a blast! Love how brightly the items shine!! Only disappointment was not enough space to spread out and hide the orb. Game 2 we played with 20 people ages 3 to 33 in a more spread out area! We had so much fun for hours, lots of running, laughing, planning strategy, and team work. Only downfall is bracelets and orb could be more durable. Since the bracelets are not adjustable they fall off smaller wrists easily and caused it to break when hitting pavement. Orb battery cover comes off very easy we lost 1 and battery already in grass. So over all fun for everyone but needs to be more durable for kids.
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The future is here: A living video game. What a blast!
by Roy Jones (5 out of 5 stars)
September 11, 2015

The game comes with very easy, animated directions and we were surprised at the high quality of the components. We first tried playing on a camping trip with three families and it only took a couple minutes to learn the game and set it up before we were giggling like crazy people. It was really dark and the blinking lights and glowing orbs added a lot to the excitement. We played with adults, teens and young children and everyone really got into it because there is something that everyone can do. My children have been asking to play it every night since.

We decided to give one to our church youth group and are looking forward to playing some night games around the neighborhood. We are purchasing a few more to give as gifts because it is hard to find something this affordable (that doesn't include a screen) that kids get this pumped to play with their entire family (grandparents included) on an ongoing basis.
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Great product, excellent customer service, big fun!
by SLPinDC (5 out of 5 stars)
July 12, 2017

We ordered this for my son's 14th birthday. All of the kids loved it! We had children from 6 to 14, plus adults, and everyone played.

This product came exactly as described and all pieces were functional straight out of the box. The lights were very bright and were easy to see in near total darkness (there are no streetlights where we live). Bracelets and balls stayed bright through an hour of play and some were left on and were bright the next day!

The next day a few bracelets were lost so I contacted the company to see if they had a booster box for just bracelets. They sent me replacements at no cost! The shipment was delayed and they sent me an email explaining why. Unbelievable customer service. I've been telling everyone about this fun set and company.

One thing, I wouldn't mind adjustable bracelets or the option for a mixed box with small and regular size. The little ones had trouble keeping the bracelets on.
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Fun but overpriced
by Mama (3 out of 5 stars)
October 22, 2018

I purchased this for my son's 13th birthday sleepover. The kids had a blast. The lights are very bright and vibrant, and the bracelets are easy to use, although a few of the markers and one of the orbs did not light properly. Customer service was extremely responsive and sent replacements within a week. However, I would expect a product of this pricepoint ($60) to work correctly right out of the box. You can basically recreate the concept with glow bracelets and battery operated tea lights from the dollar store. It's a great idea, but for what is included and the quality, I would expect to pay half the listed price.

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