biOrb HALO illuminated Aquarium

Brand: biOrb
Manufacturer: Reef-One Inc.
Model: 45653
EAN: 0822728007464
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Dimension: 13.75 x 11.88 x 11.88 inches
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Product Description

With its hidden waterline, the biOrb HALO 15 Aquarium MCR is a visually seamless aquarium and features Multi-Color remote controlled lighting. At the touch of a button, your aquarium can be lit by any of the sixteen pre-set colors. You can relax as the aquarium gently fades through the entire spectrum of colors. You can also control the brightness, making these controls a joy to use. The lid closes reassuringly with a magnetic catch and the airline is subtly hidden away in one of the feet at the back of the tank. The biOrb HALO 15 MCR uses the same proven filtration system as the rest of the biOrb range. To maintain your biOrb HALO 15 MCR all you do is simply replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. For safety and peace of mind, the lights and air pump are low voltage. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic, which is ten times stronger than glass and backed by a 2 year warranty. You can enjoy all the technology of an advanced aquarium set up, supplied in one box, making the biOrb HALO 15 MCR the perfect aquarium for anyone new to fish keeping.

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Top Reviews

My little Alfredo loves his new house!
by Fernanda Reveliu (5 out of 5 stars)
March 19, 2018

I wanted so badly a fish tank.I was looking for it since december 2017. I decided to buy Biorb Halo cause it suits better all my needs.Is like a decor piece. Is so easy to set up and has so many decoration sets. I'm in love for that and my little Alfredo is super happy too. Besides the amazing design it is easy to keep, the filter has a little noise that helps me to sleep and at night you set up a nice light color and enjoy your time.
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Beautiful tank but lots of maintenance
by Pauline (3 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2016

I recently bought this tank because I wanted to begin a freshwater aquarium in my apartment. I am currently using this 4 gallon tank to house one betta fish and two amano shrimp. This is an absolutely gorgeous aquarium and is mesmerizing to watch, but also requires a lot of maintenance. This is the most beautiful small aquarium that I've seen, but I'm not sure if the added maintenance and the more expensive accessories make the purchase worth it.


Most beautiful 4 gallon tank

Includes ceramic media

Includes water conditioner and biological booster to get started

Distortion makes fish look larger

Magnetic lid

Beautiful LED lights

Remote control for lights

Silent airpump

Easy to follow instructions and setup


Filter current is too harsh for betta

Filter changes release gross things into water

Cumbersome to clean due to small hole on top

Magnetic lid cannot close correctly if you have a submersible water heater or anything that requires an outlet

Can only use large pebbles on top of the ceramic media

Cannot plant tank without hindering undergravel filter

Expensive accessories

This tank includes ceramic media that you must use to ensure that the undergravel filtration works as intended. Do not use small gravel on top of the ceramic media as it might get stuck in the filtration system (I unfortunately learned this after the fact). Additionally, the ceramic media that this comes with is very jagged and may potentially scratch your betta, and too little of it comes with the tank so you must buy an additional pack. The ceramic media is essential to your tank working the correct way as it allows good bacteria to flourish to help break down the waste of your fish. With that said, say goodbye to the idea of planting this aquarium as the ceramic media does not root plants very well.

The air pump is housed on rubber feet so it is virtually silent, unlike the complaints I've read about the Biorb classic. Unless the air pump is knocked over on its side (which never happens from the vibrations), it is minimal and very quiet.

The acrylic distorts the fish, but in a sense this is a good thing because it also magnifies the contents of the tank. The fish therefore can look extremely large and it's dazzling to see the contents of the tank in all of its glory.

To replace the filter, you need to disassemble your entire aquascape and the gunk that it releases unfortunately requires you to do an almost full water change.

There is a hole at the top of the tank that is big enough to fit even large hands, however it is difficult to maneuver around to set up your aquascape or do proper cleaning.

The biorb accessories are extremely expensive and you need to make sure to buy plastic plants that will be compatible with the biorb. For example, I got a bunch of silk plants with a solid, flat base and they looked absolutely ridiculous in the biorb unless buried in gravel. The middle sculptures for your centerpiece will cost you a pretty penny, and are at least $20-200.

The lights are absolutely dazzling. You have so many different LED options to accentuate your aquascape, however I mostly use the white and purple because the contents of my aquarium look best in those colors. It comes with a RFID remote that is also dimmable which is pretty nice. I turn on the white light during the daytime because my Biorb is housed in a darker area of my home and turn off the lights at night to help my betta get on a regular sleep schedule.

This is a small detail, but the lid has a magnet so it is satisfying to close it. If you buy any in-aqaurium accessories that require a plug (such as a heater), the lid will instead become very awkward as you will need to close it onto a cord.

For a betta fish, the current of the aquarium is too strong. You would have to baffle the bubble tube, but then the filtration would not work as well. I countered this issue by buying a floating betta long so that my fish could have a reverie away from the current. I am slightly worried that the strong current will stress out my male betta as he won't be able to build any of his bubble nests.

If you want to save a LOT of money, you can reuse the filters by rinsing it off with old tank water, just make sure not to rinse it under the tap as it can potentially kill off beneficial bacteria within the tank. If you're replacing the filter completely, instead cut off half of the old sponge and place it in with half of the new one so that you don't completely deplete the tank of the good bacteria housed within the sponge. Using a completely new sponge can change the chemistry of your nanotank and potentially harm your fish. Make sure that you also buy some activated carbon and zeolite blends to refill the charcoal at the bottom of the filter every 4 weeks; the mixture itself will help neutralize the ammonia.

As an avid Amazon shopper, I rely heavily on reviews to research before purchasing items. I purchased this item with my own money. I want to help others make more informed purchasing decisions by providing reviews that accurately describe the product and my experiences with it. I have no relationships with this seller, nor am I compensated on how people vote: if you learned anything helpful about this product from my review, please click the yes button, and if you did not learn anything new, please click the no button. Your vote will help me pinpoint what types of reviews people think are most useful. Please feel free to give me any feedback or ask any question so that I could provide more information to better assist you.
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Beautiful, was so excited
by N_ttrang (1 out of 5 stars)
April 6, 2018

Beautiful, was so excited. It came with a broken lighting unit that did not work. Customer service at first said they will replace it with my initial phone convo being "I'm new call back and talk to my supervisor"..sure I did call back "email us the exact info we just talked about", I emailed, "call us to troubleshoot", I call, "we'll email you info about your broken lighting unit, they then send me a long email about broken pump replacement process...I'm simply trying to enjoy my Biorb I am not trying to scam you, they treated me like a dame pest and sent me in circles. This will be my last Biorb, so disappointed for almost 100$ bucks I expected a little better.

Update 5/10/18: it's been 3 weeks and they refuse to answer my questions on where my defective lid is. I sent it in and they keep saying they'll call me back but I have to keep calling them, this is a SCAM!
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Crazy about my BiOrb!!!!!!!
by Rachel A. Miller (5 out of 5 stars)
April 16, 2017

Fantastic aquarium!!!! I wanted a modern, unique and easy to maintain aquarium and this BiOrb tank was the perfect choice. It is absolutely beautiful and took no time to set up. My water stays crystal clear and my Betta Salvador is in heaven in his home. I keep it clean with weekly 25%-50% water changes and use the BiOrb water optimizer after each water change. The lighting that comes with this tank is so special. I absolutely love all the different colors you can choose from and the remote control makes changing the lighting a snap. I imitate sunrises and sunsets each day and moonlight at night. Be aware that the BiOrb accessories are expensive. I have spent almost $400 setting this tank up. I could have purchased less expensive items, but wanted BiOrb decorations which cost more money than most other decorations. They're higher quality and worth the investment. My only complaint is that if you add the BiOrb heater which is necessary for most tropical fish, getting the lid to shut is almost impossible. I popped out the notch for the heater cord, but even then I couldn't get the lid to shut. I may have just done it wrong. Anyway, if you're looking for a great looking aquarium that's easy to maintain, this is it!!!!! Just know that because of its small size, you must stay on top of keeping the water clean or you'll kill your fish. Fantastic aquarium!!!!!
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My little Alfredo loves his new house!
by Fernanda (5 out of 5 stars)
March 19, 2018

I wanted so badly a fish tank.I was looking for it since december 2017. I decided to buy Biorb Halo cause it suits better all my needs.Is like a decor piece. Is so easy to set up and has so many decoration sets. I'm in love for that and my little Alfredo is super happy too. Besides the amazing design it is easy to keep, the filter has a little noise that helps me to sleep and at night you set up a nice light color and enjoy your time.
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Terrible DO NOT BUY
by Jennifer S (1 out of 5 stars)
April 15, 2017

Just after one month of use the filtration system stopped working properly and the bottom of the tank started leaking. Now it says I can't return this defective product because I am one week over a month from my purchase date. I am very unhappy to have wasted all the money I spend on this product and supplies for it.
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A tank above the rest for the smaller size of 4 gallons
by Kitsuku (4 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2017

It looks great and is enough space for a few fish to swim around in as long as you don't over-stuff the tank. Definitely if you can only get a small tank I would recommend this one above the others currently. The only Issues I personally had was that mine arrived with a few scratches on the top lid, but since I have a grey unit they don't show but it was disappointing to open a new box and get any kinda damage on what is more a luxury item that you do pay more for. The only other issue is the substrate they give you is not to to much and you need to remove the tiny pieces and make sure any ones that are sharp are taken out as to not hurt the fish you are keeping. Most of mine was roundish though and not jagged so with what I did get it was able to fill the bottom, though I will be covering it with flat stones just to keep my betta safe anyway. Minus that it is easy to set up and appears to be easy to clean as far as aquariums go (You will need to still do normal aquarium maintenance and add water when water level goes down as well as replace water to reduce nitrates as normal, though if you only have a few fish maybe every other week ten minutes of work should be enough if you have the right tools. I do enjoy mine and think it fits my tiny apartment well even with the scratches on the lid they don't show so I wont be asking for a return or anything but the tank and clear part itself is perfectly fine. Also if you do decide to get this tank keep in mind that it will take 2 days to add the fish following their instructions, but still fully cycling your tank is recommended for a new tank.

Also I currently have my male betta in the tank, with two biorb plants and large biorb rocks on the bottom the current is perfect and he can swim around or float as he wants. He will dart in and out of the bubbles at times too. I do recommend a bubble guard though to block off access to the tube as a smaller fish could get stuck perhaps, best not to take chances with damaging a bettas fins.
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Arrived With Faulty Lights, NOT happy.
by Shanda Edwards (1 out of 5 stars)
May 25, 2018

While this habitat is very modern and nice to look at. Mine arrived with faulty lights. I called to request a new lid, where the lights are housed, and was told I need to get a whole new system and send back the old one. When I ordered it I paid extra for overnight shipping. My frogs are sensitive to light and need day and night lights and I explained this to the person on the phone. Nope, it's didnt matter I paid extra they will still ship it in three days. If they weren't in there I would send the whole damn thing back but I can't risk traumatizing them again.
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by E.valerie (5 out of 5 stars)
November 23, 2017

This is an absolutely beautiful and nice sized aquarium with amazing lighting features. I am in love with it! Highly recommend.
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Beautiful unique tank.
by Taylor (4 out of 5 stars)
February 2, 2019

Received my 8 gallon Biorb a week ago and have been loving it so far. The setup process was pretty quick and easy and unlike other reviews the lid closes just fine with a heater, just have cord positioned near the back. So far I just have a single betta in the tank and have been crimping the air hose to minimize the bubbles somewhat. It's fun watching him swim around the tank and see him disappear in some spots and be magnified in others.

Downsides of this tank are as follows:
-The acrylic scatches very easily. My first tank arrived scratched so I sent it back, I'm thinking it had been a return because it wasn't packaged well. The second tank was brand new and looks great but already see some scratches from some curious cats (who are now banned from the tank room).
-Cost. I felt like splurging on this tank because of the beautiful design and fun lighting, but it's definitely not cheap. The tank itself, biorb decorations, biorb cleaning supplies etc all cost a pretty penny, but they are nice quality.

For the most part the pump is nice and quiet as long as it's positioned right. I found it helps to keep it on a rubberized surface like a kitchen hot pad. That way it doesn't wander from the vibrations.

I plan on adding 5 neon tetras once the tank is fully cycled. Will update if the cleaning process proves to be overly difficult.

Hope this review helps!
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Requires biweekly cleaning
by F. Donald (2 out of 5 stars)
March 27, 2019

I really wanted to love this tank. The lighting and design are beautiful; however, thrte isa lot left to be desired with the filtration system. I have had this tank for 2 months, and have had to do water changes 3-4 times so far. It's very difficult to clean the gravel even with a hose. Algae continues to be a problem, and I have found it bery difficult to cycle the tank. Condensation builds up under the outer lid daily, even though there is very little humidity here. I made a notch in the inner lid for a heater cord which allows the cord to lay flat and the outer lid to close. The tank is beautiful set up but does require a lot of maintenance to keep clean.

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