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Product Description

Web exclusive! Create a bar atmosphere wherever you go with the Fizzes Way tap draft beer system. It can transform your favorite canned or bottled beer into draft within seconds. Sound waves convert natural carbonation into an ideal micro-foam that enhances the aroma and enriches the Texture and taste of your beer. The Fizzes Way tap system is a great accessory for your home bar, but its lightweight and portable design also makes it ideal for bringing along on camping trips, tailgating parties and picnics.


  • Engineered using patented fluid and sound technology to enhance the aroma, texture and taste of bottled or canned beer
  • Sound waves convert the beers natural carbonation into densely compacted micro bubbles that creates a rich, creamy head on your favorite beer
  • Works with all beer styles including IPA's, pilsners, ales, stouts, porters, lagers, shandy's, etc.
  • Powered by 4 standard AA batteries. Lightweight and durable making it ideal for outdoor activities, picnics, camping, tailgating, etc.
  • Does not require Co2 cartridges. Easy to use: insert beer, pull forward to tap, push back to top
  • Compatible with 12 to 25oz cans and 12oz bottles, The soft base on the Waytap is designed to be removable for cleaning

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Top Reviews

Beer tastes better, but system seems flawed
by Jared Tower (3 out of 5 stars)
March 9, 2017

I will start off by saying that I really do like the taste of beer poured through this system better than drinking straight from a bottle or a can. I have tested it out with a few family members and friends and for the most part they have all enjoyed beer out of the Fizzics better as well.

However, every time I pour a beer, I seem to get way too much foam. Just doing the first step of the pour creates too much foam even before the second step in the Fizzics pour. I have tried different pouring "methods", but no matter what I do it creates too much foam and I have to wait to let the foam settle down.

Additionally, my unit goes through batteries incredibly quickly. I believe the unit drains the batteries even while it is not being used. If I put in a fresh set of batteries, use the Fizzics a couple of times, and then wait a few days the batteries will be dead. I have started removing the top of the unit when it is not in use to break the circuit, and the batteries last much longer. Seems like a flaw in the design of the unit.

Overall I do enjoy having this system, but I think it is overpriced and it needs some refinement.
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This is my ever Amazon review as I feel like I should inform everyone of what a piece of ...
by Emma S. (1 out of 5 stars)
May 20, 2018

Just received the waytap, was very excited after seeing it on shark tank. This is my ever Amazon review as I feel like I should inform everyone of what a piece of crap it is. Opened the box and instantly realised the poorly stuck on decal was hanging of and bent (the first sign of the cheaply produced plastic item). The inside was wet (maybe a used product or poor testing at manufacturing). I gave it go anyway and when pulling the handle foward the glass filled up with about 80% foam (no matter what orientation of the glass) on the plus side if you push the lever back you can add more foam if ya like, that feature works just fine.

I may have just got a dud one, but a piece of crap either way, not worth the cash
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Learn From My Mistake and DO NOT BUY!
by TOL (1 out of 5 stars)
February 26, 2017

I've wasted enough energy on this "not ready for primetime" product, but writing this review is worth expending just a little bit more if it keeps even one person from making the same mistake that I did.

Problem #1 - The batteries drain when the unit is not in use. This is a problem that will take you longer than the 30-day return window to figure out. I used the product for 3 weeks and maybe 8 beers (and cleanings) and had to change the batteries. Then I used the product for another 3 weeks and 2 beers, and had to change the batteries again. And now there is no way to get my money back.

So most of you can stop right here. But if you think that you may be able to live with removing the batteries after each use, read on..

Problem #2 - The battery compartment is very difficult to close. You have to twist it into place in just the right position and I gurantee it will take you at least 4 to 5 attempts to get it to seat properly. This is only a problem because a potential solution to Problem #1 might have been to take the batteries out between uses (which, by the way, is ridiculous). But this becomes a real chore when they design a battery compartment that you can't close without an instruction manual!

Again, these first 2 issues should be show stoppers, but if you're anything like I was and already have it in your head that you want to buy this thing, then please read on...

Problem #3 - When the Fizzics actually does work, it doesn't pour a full beer in one pour. At least the unit I have stops halfway through, requiring me to pull forward again (and sometimes even a third time). And once I do get a "full" pour, there is always some beer still left at the bottom of the bottle, which completely defeats the purpose of having a beer tap in the first place.

Still not convinced that you should move on? OK, I have more...

Problem #4 - You have to clean this unit out after every beer change. Sounds easy enough, but not when the only way to clean the Fizzics is to run a bottle of water through it (cutting the already impossibly short battery life exactly in half). And then there's the problem of having to have a small water bottle on hand that will actually fit into the unit (that is, assuming you don't want to go through the process of rinsing out your beer bottle and using it instead). Believe me, all of this is a much bigger inconvenience in practice than it sounds like on paper and makes you not want to use the unit after a few uses. And then your batteries will drain as you let the unit sit (see Problem #1).

So, by now, surely I've convinced you that the Fizzics does not deserve a place on your kitchen counter. But for those of you who still want to buy a product that simply doesn't work, I have one more issue for you to consider...

Problem #5 - Assuming you can live with all of the other problems I've mentioned, when the Fizzics actually does operate, you'll never know when to "pull back" on the handle to create the foam (which is actually pretty good, but in no way worth the trouble given all of these problems). Since the foam is the main point of the Fizzics, not knowing when to actually create it is not a small issue to overcome. Most times, I ended up waiting too long or pulling back too early. Some sort of indicator would have been nice, or even a clear window so that I could see how much beer is left in the bottle while I'm pouring. But that would just add cost to a product that really doesn't work in any other respect. So this one is probably a moot point anyway.

Bottom line, the Fizzics just doesn't work, and it will take you longer than 30 days to figure that out. No, I didn't just get a bad unit. No, I am not just some bitter consumer who likes to write bad reviews. And, no, your experience is not likely to be any different than mine. If you want to donate over 100 of your hard earned dollars to a product that was rushed out to market before it was ready, than feel free. But I, for one, have learned my lesson. So I guess I'll have to chalk it up as an educational expense.

The real question is, do you want to do the same?
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it's great! I wouldn't buy it again though
by Erin S (1 out of 5 stars)
November 30, 2017

After just a couple uses it stopped working. We sent it back for a replacement and the replacement stopped working too. When it works, it's great! I wouldn't buy it again though.
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Received Two Defective Units but they have now fixed their mfg issues
by Mr. Carlyn (5 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2018

Loved the product when I used my son-in-law's unit and still think it is a great concept. However my first unit, didn't work when we used it a third time so we ordered another and that one didn't work right out of the box. The first one the tap wouldn't work when you pulled it forward only when you pushed it back. The second one had a similar problem but it was reversed where the tap worked pulling forward but nothing when you pushed it backwards. Amazon is doing the right thing and refunding my purchase for the first unit and replacing the second one. Not sure why my two units have both been defective because my son-in-law has used his many, many times over two months with no problems at all. I sure hope this third one I receive tomorrow works well and the third time is the charm 😊.

Received a replacement and an additional unit from the manufacturer at no charge with additional goodies such as carrying case etc. I am happy to say the replacement unit has performed as advertised the several times I have used it since receiving the shipment. I really love the way it makes my favorite beer taste out of the bottle or can. Especially the Leinenkugel Summer Shandy which is a lemon beer that Fizzics actually makes taste way better than the draft version you buy at the local bars with a much better head and flavor. I believe they have fixed their manufacturing issues and you should buy one of these units to enjoy your favorite beer this summer.
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Disappointed - No go with rechargeable AA's.
by Y. Woo (3 out of 5 stars)
July 4, 2018

Been eyeing this gadget for sometime...finally when it hit $50 and fathers was near, i treated myself. But what a disappointment. Regular AA batteries works fine, but being environmentally concerned(i brew my own beers and use recycle bottles, etc.), i really wanted this to work with rechargeable batteries. Tried Sanyo, Eneloops, Sony, etc...no dice. I even got a battery conditioner to re-condition my rechargeable for optimum output. So, it is with sad disappointment, i return this great gadget. Maybe the next version the inventors can use a lower power consumption pump instead. Would love to use this with my home concoctions.
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The Perfect Pour, A must have for every beer lover!!
by Joey Curcio (5 out of 5 stars)
November 26, 2018

I really love this product, it allows me to enjoy a beer the way it is meant to be drank without having to lug myself to a bar and handover cash for the same quality and taste I can enjoy at home. To start, this product is beautifully designed, I find it to be sleek and the perfect size to fit on my counter or within my bar area. Its not too big, and slim enough to fit into smaller spaces.

I find myself walking by it and wanted to crack open a beer just so I can play with it, makes me feel like I am really pouring myself a fine brew. I tested this with a few beers with my wife who is an avid beer drinker, and do no suprised it was a very easy process. Even the set up of the product was extremely basic, its truly a open the box, pull it out and ready to use type of product.

Reading the reviews above, many people had issues with the foam, I didn't at all. As long as you hold the glass the proper way and don't over foam, there should be no issue as I tested this on a good 5 beers this weekend with no issues. Took me a total of 10 seconds to open a beer, pop it into the machine, give it a nice pour and top it off with a little head for the ultimate flavor taste.

You don't need to be a beer lover to enjoy this product, i really loved it and it really will change the way I drink beer moving forward. A must must must must have if you love beer, and perfect for the holidays coming up!
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we loved the taste of the beer after it went through ...
by JENNIFER (1 out of 5 stars)
November 8, 2017

we loved the taste of the beer after it went through the fizzics however it went through batteries like no other, even when it was not being used. the knob always got stuck and produced too much foam before even pushing it back and sometimes it does even work after cleaning it with water. I loved this item but I think it is overpriced and they could make it better and more sturdy
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Mmmmm, beer....
by Toby (5 out of 5 stars)
September 21, 2018

Finally got one! With all the breweries popping up, I really wanted a way to have better tasting beer... better aromas... more like from the tap! At first I thought this needed CO2 cartridges that would constantly have to be changed, but to my surprise, no cartridges required, just some AA batteries!! It was pretty much assembled right out of the box. Just had to screw on the tap handle and pop the batteries in and I was ready to go! Grabbed a Yuengling, popped it in, pulled the tap handle, and watched a perfect glass of beer come out. I wish I would have gotten one sooner! Plus I like the added toy to my"bar" lol (see pics) Now to go restock on some beer and start my weekend!
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What a cool tap!
by Lauren (5 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2018

I was really excited to get one after I had given one to my sister in law as a gift! I have used this a few times and have not experienced any issues as previous reviewers with set up, clean up or battery life. I turn one battery upside down before I put it away to prevent it from draining the battery. So far, so good. I do agree with other reviewers that some kind of indicator would be a bonus since you are not exactly sure when you're at the end of the beer. I'm sure I'll be able to judge better as I use it more. I absolutely love the micro foam! I definitely think it changes the taste and mouth feel of the beer. Way better than just pouring into a pint glass. This is a smaller, less expensive option to a kegerator and gives you the same experience! Can't wait to use it again!

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