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"Between the Lines" is no longer being printed. A new and improved coloring book by Peter "Draws" Deligdisch called "Color Me Crazy" is available for purchase on Amazon now, shipping on July 7, 2015: [Read more]

Top Reviews

awesome and intricate
by A. Bell (5 out of 5 stars)
April 10, 2014

I love this book. It's essentially a book of intricate doodles; some are like the cover and others are more basic with larger shapes and more white space to fill in around them. I've burned about 3 hours coloring in a very small section and plan on spending a lot more time with this book.
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intricate designs make for a great coloring experience
by Cochran-Law (4 out of 5 stars)
August 3, 2014

This coloring book has some great pages and the designs are certainly quite intricate. I've enjoyed several hours of coloring just on a single page. If you're like me and find coloring complex patterns relaxing, this book is worth getting. I knocked off one star only because the patterns are rather repetitive - the design you see on the cover is repeated with some variations many times. The paper the book is printed on has held up fine to the markers I use (a combination of Pentel and Stabilo mini markers), I just keep a blank sheet behind the page to prevent any bleed through.
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by Golda Dear (5 out of 5 stars)
May 6, 2014

this coloring book is absolutely amazing. at first i was weary to order it because, well, its a coloring book and i am no longer a child. but i was thinking about a 15 hour flight that i would have to take and it seemed like a good source of time-wasting yet enjoyable material.


as soon as i opened this book i knew that this was not anything like any other coloring book i had seen! i was able to color in each and every factor of each and every detail or pattern so intricately, it was amazing. i spent two and a half hours on one page and didnt even finish it!! it was so relaxing, the time flew by so quickly!

i highly recommend this book for anyone looking for some zen "me time", for anyone wanting to waste time, and for anyone who has alot of patience. it takes a long time, but its totally worth the effort.
*the only negative was that the outline of the pictures were slightly fuzzy and that markers can leak through the other page (but this can be avoided if you put paper in between).
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Updated - Poor Publishing - drawings cut off on top of page
by Hiddenblue (5 out of 5 stars)
May 5, 2014

The drawings are beautiful, and I was really excited as I looked through the first few pages. However, about 10 pages in, the drawings are cut off on the top of page and continue that way for the rest of the book. In other words, when it was published, the images were not properly centered on the page, so about an 8th of the drawing was chopped off!!

Debating whether to send it back or just keep it for the first 10 pages...

UPDATE: I sent the first copy back to Amazon and they promptly replaced it with a new copy. I am happy to say that it is in perfect condition. The illustrations are fantastic. You can tell that they are hand-drawn, not digitally created. I am so happy Amazon took care of the situation, because this is a great find!
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Issues with the printing of the book, not the art itself
by Jami (4 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2014

Until I had a suggested item pop up on Amazon, I didn't even know that "adult" or "expert" coloring books existed! Wow! No more sharing the My Little Pony book with my daughter! I am amazed at the selection that is out there! I chose this book based on price, because well, I couldn't see spending $20 or $30 for some of the other books that are on the market.

I recieved this book and was so excited! I opened it and went "oh, what is this?" Super disappointed to discover that the lines of the drawings are all fuzzy! Then I started to flip through the pages and realized that it was a printing issue and not an artist issue. A few of my pages look like what would make you think of a paper that got stuck in a printer- the lines of the image are still there but blurred and streaked for a few inches on the paper.

I am still giving this 4 stars though because again, it is a printing issue, and not an issue with the actual art. And really, it is a coloring book after all, so I don't want to get too picky. I would say that this is great if you are using it for yourself as just a relaxation tool or a boredom buster, but I wouldn't feel comfortable gifting this due to the issues with the print
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Love this coloring book!
by Lydia (5 out of 5 stars)
November 24, 2014

I really love this coloring book. I wish I could find more like it. The designs are intricate and relaxing to work on.
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Best Of my Collection
by memzoo (5 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2019

My favorite type of coloring! Intricate, interesting, intriguing designs. I especially love the full page ones. These are great for gel pens and fine point markers. I wish this book were still in print, so I could send a copy as a gift (bought mine used). I also have and love Peter's more recent "Color Me Crazy," but I prefer the older book. I own 50+ adult coloring books and this is my favorite one ever!
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Beautiful, beautiful time sink.
by Not Cordelia (5 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2014

This is so much fun! (A bit labor intensive, too, but it's entirely worth it.) The paper quality is just okay, but since the images are only on one side of each page, a little bleedthrough is no big deal. After a false start, I used an Xacto blade to slice the page out as close to the fold as possible. It's much easier to work with, and I can easily scan or copy it when I'm done.

As far as coloring goes, I've used Prismacolor pencils, Prismacolor markers, and a cheaper marker set. The Prismacolor markers gave the best results with the least bleedover through the black lines into the next space. Some colors bled more than others, but in general, the fine tip end of the Prismacolors is perfect, The Prismacolor pencils are also great, but it got tired of sharpening them in a hurry, and some of the images are comprised of such small spaces that there's no advantage to the pencils because there's not much room for shading or blending.

If the print quality was a bit better, I would give this *more* than five stars. The lines are not very crisp--quite fuzzy and pixilated. It's more obvious in some images than others, but obviously the most detailed pages suffer the most since the tiniest spaces are lost in the grey-out that is the blurred lines. It seems like such a waste of what is obviously very detailed work. This hasn't stopped me from using and enjoying the book, but it does make me sad when I get to the end run of a row of fishscales that are decreasing in size only to see that the last couple spaces, while tiny, would be visible if the lines were cleaner.

I doubt I'll finish these images anytime soon (I've spent a good 6 hours on one already and I'm only about halfway through), but, print quality aside, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another similar book from this artist. Great fun.
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Peter's drawings are delicious
by P. Stang (5 out of 5 stars)
October 5, 2014

I love this coloring book by Peter D. I first became aware of his drawings on U-Tube. I also have his book, Line of Thought, which I like alot.

This is my second purchase of this CB; I finished my first copy and wanted another to work on. I have such great fun with his drawings, using my Tombow brush pens or Faber-Castell Brush pens. Peter has such incredible detail to his drawings; it is challenging mentally and I guess I like that. Also love deciding which colors to use. After finishing coloring my 1st copy of this book, I knew I had to have another. I actually ordered 2 more books - I thought, I might as well. Have fun with his drawings.

New CB by Peter expected around mid-2015.
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by Stacey D. (5 out of 5 stars)
July 2, 2014

I was honestly surprised at the beautiful quality of the book. I didn't expect anything shabby, but the cover is lovely - it has this soft, matte texture that makes me feel like I paid a lot more for it than I actually did. I'm also amazed with the cover's ability to lay flat - everytime I buy a book and start reading it, the cover curls upward and makes the book look very used. I've left the cover open for hours at a time (granted, I never "creased" the cover, I always open it gently and weigh it down with a water bottle or something to keep it open), and when I close the cover, it lays completely flat like the book has never been opened. There are so many designs in here (more than I could tell by looking at Peter's website) and I was pleasantly surprised to find more beautiful artwork in the book. I've colored one page (took me maybe 6 hours, I'm a careful colorer haha) and I am so happy with my purchase. I used to actually dislike coloring when I was a kid, but now, with this beautiful book, coloring is so relaxing and fun, and I'm glad books like these exist to foster my love for art and allow me to color without feeling silly (it also fosters a bit of patience, which is always a plus). If you're even thinking about buying this, do it! It has made me so happy.

Side note: I was coloring in a cafe while drinking coffee (new hobby instead of reading, I suppose) and a man sitting a few chairs away from me with his wife told me that they both loved the book and found it beautiful. Compliments on a coloring book by complete strangers - that's how you know it's really good!

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