The Smart Wooden Log Splitter

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Product Description

Make quick work of the giant pile of logs in the yard by cutting them in record time by using the smart wooden log splitter. This high-quality tool helps you effortlessly split wooden logs using minimal force and without breaking your back. [Read more]

Top Reviews

Great kindling maker
by Denise Leigh (5 out of 5 stars)
April 14, 2018

I mounted this on a splitting platform that I had made from 6x6 lumber using a slightly smaller drill than recommended as it was to be a permanent installation. The bit provided allows for a looser fit so that you can remove it from a tree stump or whatever you are using to split wood on. It is well made and splits 8-10 inch seasoned wood. You do need to use the full height of the guide rod to split the tougher pieces but no complaints by and large. I keep it in the cellar to make kindling mostly using both cutting heads. The larger head to split the quarter rounds and the smaller one to make finer pieces for kindling.

The splitter comes with a spare striker bushing that is used to prevent metal shards from forming and flying off creating a hazard. It seems like they thought of everything with this. I'm very happy with this splitter.
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Easier, But Less Powerful than a Maul
by B. Hart (4 out of 5 stars)
November 19, 2014

This device certainly makes splitting wood easier, if it is the right wood. If the log is more than 8 inches thick, this thing will have a problem easily splitting it. For smaller logs it works well, but I have yet to split a log where the wedge busts one in half on the first drop of the weight. All that to say, it will split larger logs, but the larger they are, the more you will have to work. As I said in the title, this work is easier than swinging a maul, but overall slower. I think it would be great if you were physically unable to swing a maul.

Another thing that others have noted is the white plastic washer? that separates the weight from the wedge. I don't fully understand its function except maybe to protect the metal from warping from repeated strikes. It also works as a noise buffer. Anyway, it completely tore up after about six hours of use. Mine literally melted due to the heat that built up from being repeatedly hit.

Finally, you will need a large log for a base. I guess you could build a platform for it, but using a giant log is really what it was designed for, and if you don't have access to one, then don't get this product.

Final note, this lasted about 2 seasons before the maul broke off of the metal cylinder. To be honest, I would usually slam the weight onto the wedge instead of letting it fall, because it was a more efficient way to split the wood. However, I think it should have withstood the slamming, it is steel...

I did not buy another one.
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Excellent splilter, safe to use, BUY IT!!!
by Woolval (5 out of 5 stars)
June 12, 2011

I'm a 58 year old man, I'm not an expert on splitting wood, but this baby is both safe and easy to use. What I like is the safety of this tool. It holds your wood upright, it makes it safe to split. I've split pieces 16" dia. (maybe bigger) with minimal problem. Minimal meaning it took several "thrusts" from the hammer part of this Smart Splitter to get it split. I've begun to combine the Smart Splitter along with a wedge and a small sledge to get my bigger pieces split. But... it is VERY SAFE to split wood this way!! I would add, wear long pants. I've had some split pieces fall and scrape my leg, no biggie, but learn from my experience. This splitter gives excellent control, allowing me to split pieces to very small parts for my fire-pit. I can keep splitting until it's down to the size I want, and all the time... it's SAFE!! I still have ALL MY FINGERS!!!

My nylon washer, the part between the hammer and the main splitter, was beginning to crack. So, I emailed Bailey's (who I bought from) and they sent me a replacement nylon washer (no charge), along with the 2 steel washer and rubber spacer that goes on your main log. (look at instructions for more detail) Excellent support!

I highly recommend this tool, especially if you are worried about the safety of using a wedge and sledge. This WILL NOT deflect off any angles... it can not deflect from the wood you are splitting!! SAFE!! SAFE!! SAFE!!!

Did I mention it's safe? Also, it gives me a good workout. Yes, this does require effort, but the entire time it is safe. So, I get wood split to the size I want, I get a good workout, and I still have all my fingers to type this opinion!!

I hope you feel as good as I do about this splitter. I enjoy it so much I've even split "extra" wood for my neighbors fire-pit. He was surprised to see a stack of split wood by his fire-pit.

If I forgot to mention it, I think this is a safe tool to use...

Buy it, split wood, be safe and... BURN, BABY BURN!!!

If you have questions, feel free to ask me. I'll be happy to reply. But be patient... I might be out splitting more wood. Now, there was a BIG branch down a couple blocks away... FREE FIREWOOD!!!
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Adequate but there are better solutions out there for the money
by Flash (3 out of 5 stars)
September 27, 2017

The splitter works as advertised but it is time consuming both for setup and to split wood as well as labor intensive for the upper arms. My 24 yr old daughter was able to work it as well given a bit of practice. It's adequate, packs small and is easy to transport, but requires a drill and bit to set it up each time you move it (assuming you don't take the base log with you). Used it to split about 2 cords of wood over several days of effort. Replaced it with the only slightly more expensive SunJoe LJ10M which works much easier / quicker.
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So Far a Good Item for an Old Lady
by D2E (4 out of 5 stars)
November 27, 2012

I purchased the Smart Splitter after I had 7 trees fall during a storm. I do have a wood burning stove so I wanted to make the best of it. After getting the trees cut and most split by hydraulic, I still had a ton of wood left to split. It works well if the log is cured enough to have crack marks giving you a place to put the splitter. Also, make sure the log you use for your base is the right height for you, not just what the directions say. As a rather short person my post is now stuck in a log too tall for me and I have to stand on something. Also, beware of knots....I had a heck of a time getting this loose from a chunk of wood with a knot. All in all, for me, being an older female with a bad rotator cuff, it beats swinging a splitting maul or using a wedge and sledge hammer. It's a good product so far.
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Love it!
by Brad Young (5 out of 5 stars)
October 2, 2017

I have had this splitter now for a few months and love it. It was easy to setup, it's great to use and I am a petit woman and am able to split quite large logs. I would definitely buy this again and recommend to all who want to split wood safely and without the use of gas or electricity. I would recommend getting a rubber hammer or something that you can us for the few times that the splitter gets stuck in the log (it mostly happens where there is a branch hole or something else in the wood that causes the fibers to run a different direction).
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good for splitting 6-12" logs & making kindling
by SteveT (5 out of 5 stars)
November 23, 2018

The over all design works well, using a weight to break up wood. I had bought the standard kindling splitter that you hit with a sledge hammer, but it has a limit of 6" wide pieces, and many of the pieces of wood I split are much bigger than that. I primarily use it to split large pieces of wood & then make kindling. It works well for that purpose. Would recommend for pieces of wood 6-12" that you need to break up. Larger pieces you break up by putting the wedge on the outside edge. Sometimes you'll need to hit it a few times, but even with a splitting axe that can happen also. It saves me from having to grab the splitting axe every time I want to make smaller pieces of wood or kindling. For >12" I'd probably split with a regular splitting axe.
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This thing is really amazing!!
by Donna Eno (5 out of 5 stars)
October 16, 2015

This thing is really amazing !!!! Just like advertised. Nice. I burn wood for heat in the winter. I do a LOT of wood chopping and didn't want to spend the $$ on a electric and/or gas powered wood splitter. Also.. I need to be able to make my wood pieces SMALL. I have a super good woodstove so regular sized 'chunks' usually leave me with windows and doors open. boo. Smaller pieces of wood, smaller fires..that's what I need. The powered wood splitters don't get the wood chunks small enough. I use pieces just up one size from kindling. :) I haven't had the issues with the plastic piece yet.. I'm certain that will happen. I get it..the manufacturer wanted this to be 'safe' but I will be replacing that plastic piece with a metal piece when the time comes.
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Great Tool for my Wife!!!
by Michael C R (5 out of 5 stars)
October 23, 2015

This is great. My wife always wants to help me when I'm working outside. Now, I cut the logs and my 5' 1" wife does the splitting. By the smile on her face, she is really enjoying splitting wood for our stove. Plus the safety of this device as opposed to swinging an axe means that I know that she is safe while doing this. We built a 2-foot by 2-foot stump out of spare, pressure treated 4 x 4's and 2 x 4's and drilled two holes (with the bit provided) to insert the pole. So far, we have stacked a cord for use next year, and a second of seasoned wood for this year. Now she's eyeing trees in our forest saying, "Let's mark this one to cut next year!!!"
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ingenuous device
by Dawn D (4 out of 5 stars)
September 13, 2013

Bought this for husband to use at campground. It is so great- all the neighbors borrow it. Kids lines up to split wood for us- its that easy, fun and safe. Some hints:
-watch for knots in wood and split around the knot.
-find a nice flat stump to install wood splitter in. About halfway through season I had to move the splitter because it had worked its way out of the hole in the stump.
- if kids use it, have a stool handy if they are under 5'- gives better leverage

We've worn out the plastic rings between weight and blade. I have to go to company site to see if we can order. From whatI can tell, the rings are for noise dampening and the device works fine without it.

We haven't sharpened blades after using this 2-3 times a week for 4 months. Still is great.

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