LEGO Millennium Falcon

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Star Wars and LEGOS have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly, but this LEGO Millennium Falcon takes the cake. The 5,195 piece Millenium Falcon ... [Read more]

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Needs patience and a level of maturity to assembly
by JustFish (4 out of 5 stars)
January 8, 2012

My son used his own money to buy this set when he was 13. He decided to open and assemble it instead of treating it as a collector investment. Since then he has disassembled and reassembled the set about 4 times. One of the builds he made a stop motion video of the complete build. So you can us this as a learning opportunity if you are creative.

You need patience and a level of maturity to do the assembly since there are a gigantic number of small parts. The assembly manual is very good if you follow it carefully. Based on where the price point is today, you are better off buying a used set if you want to actually assemble the set.
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Fantastic LEGO Set!
by Ryan Zander (5 out of 5 stars)
July 12, 2010

This LEGO set is large. I mean it comes in a box bigger than my luggage. The pieces are separated into quite a few bags with no labels so you will need to come to the table with your own organizational skills.

I really enjoyed all the little details including the fact that it is scale to the minifigures. I have been building LEGOs since I was a toddler in the early 1980s and this is hands down the most enjoyable set to build and play with.

I recommend this to any fan of LEGOs and/or Star Wars.
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A gift for my dad
by G. Saini (5 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2009

My dad is a lego collector. I got him this when he came to visit me. He was absolutely overjoyed. I haven't built it myself but I can tell you that any lego collector would be over joyed with this as a gift.
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amazing model
by Mark Johnson (5 out of 5 stars)
October 15, 2010

I just completed this monster of a Lego set. WOW. This set will take a good while to complete but it is well worth it. The model is huge: 33"long 24" wide and about 7.5" tall. It's a good thing I had an empty room to work on it, and you will need one too! One reminder is that this is by no means a toy. The model is not setup to be played with for two reasons. First, it is very heavy and awkward. Second, some of the pieces (namely the top hull) is only held on by gravity alone. As far as construction design I am a little bothered. It seems to sag a bit but that might be from the weight of all the pieces. Lego puts a 16+ age on this model and I about agree with it. I'm sure younger Lego fans will be able to put this together but it is not a beginners set. The set that was shipped to me came in a very nice package. An outer box with the Lego set inside. Over all I think this is a great addition to any Lego Star Wars collection. Good luck with your builds.
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by David H. (5 out of 5 stars)
December 1, 2013

This Star Wars Millennium Falcon is by far the best Lego set ever produced and sold. Great detail and challenging to build. I wish Lego would produce more sets like this.
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A Lego Collector's Dream
by al1d8gun (4 out of 5 stars)
December 12, 2008

I have been a Lego collector even since Lego came out with the Statue of Liberty (3450) with the limited green brinks. The Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon is one of the largest Lego sets out there today and I believe it is worth every penny spent! I just recently purchased this set thru on sale and the price has beaten most's completion, even Lego (MSRP $499.00 plus tax and free shipping). You may find a better prince somewhere else, as mentioned in other reviews, so shop around, but might be your best bet!

There was another review below that stated that stated that they, an avid Lego collector myself, received the product slightly damaged. Well, right after I placed my order thru, I contacted their customer service team and asked if they could add some extra packaging material to protect the product. A representative replied back stating that there were no guarantees about how the product was going to be packaged, but forwarded the note to the warehouse. I received the product a few days after I order the Lego set and it was in a large box that was well packaged. The product arrived undamaged.

Overall, took care of my collector's and has delivered the product in record time! Thank you!
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Love it
by Jared Bernacchi (5 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2016

You know you want it. I'm glad I got it when it was only $500. Tons of pieces. Only mistake is there is no interior! No problem if you have some extra technic bricks. A little re-wiring and you can create your own interior, with plenty of room for the hidden cargo hold.
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Truly awesome
by L. Nemeth (5 out of 5 stars)
May 7, 2011

This product is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It took me 3 weeks to build but it was worth it. every single time i see it i think of it as a marvel. It is amazingly detailed in every inch.
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Life Changing
by M. Jones (5 out of 5 stars)
March 11, 2010

I Got this, and then realize, I have nowhere to build it at. So I got to work on remolding an extra outside room at my house, still haven't finished. Then my brother moves out, so now I can remodel my room and build it in there.

Truly a life changing project. It has opened a door way for me to have other hobbies as well. The room that I was remodeling for this Lego project is now going to be an exercise room. Thus, this product may help me to get buff. How cool is that?!?

Hopefully, some time this summer (after comic-con) I will get to work on this ship(after I remodel my room (after I finish the first room I was remodeling (after I get a new job (after I apply for a job (after I finishing writing reviews for tons of amazon purchases.)))))

This is going to be great fun!!!
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Best Lego Set Ever.
by bjohns65 (5 out of 5 stars)
January 28, 2012

What can I say, I love legos, I love star wars, and I certainly love a big project. My friends and I split this and built it as a team after our high school graduation. Took about 2 weeks of pretty steady building. It helped that none of us talk to girls so that wouldn't be a distraction. This can get pretty mind numbing after a couple hours so we built it in shifts. Some people building while others sit on the couch and play Lord of the Rings Risk and then swap.

Piece organization is very important as we soon realized. Epic set for epic fun. I plan on building a coffee table around it for display and to keep the girls away.

If you got the cash get the set.

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