Black Cat Clock

Brand: Kit Cat Klock
Manufacturer: California Clock Company
Model: BC01
EAN: 0885101959293
Category: Home & Office
List Price: $69.99
Price: $59.99  (127 customer reviews)
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Dimension: 8.26 x 3.00 x 3.25 inches
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Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

He’s simply the Original. This Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock has been bringing time to life since 1932. His iconic design hasn’t changed since a bow tie was added in the 1950s. His timeless character and durable craftsmanship are sure to earn a place on your family’s walls for generations to come. Measuring at 15.5 inches ears to tail this is the Original Size Kit-Cat Klock Featuring the famous rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile Proudly Made in America by the original manufacturer Runs on 2 C batteries, not included UPC 090132000016


  • Measuring at 15.5 inches ears to tail this is the Original Size Kit-Cat Klock
  • This is the Classic Black Kit Cat Klock manufactured since 1932
  • Featuring the famous rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile
  • Proudly Made in America by the original manufacturer
  • Runs on 2 C batteries, not included

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Top Reviews

looks cheap and arrived broken
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
January 2, 2018

When I opened the box one of the eyes had fallen out, I fixed this and when I placed the batteries in the cat the tail and eyes did not move. You would have to push the tail but it would eventually stop after a very short time (less than 1 minute). The item also doesn't look like its worth the $50 it was when I bought it
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LOVE! But watch wording-its wrong!
by Michelle (5 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2018

So I LOVE my little clock problem is as you can see by pics I clearly ordered 15.5" KIT KAT and received smaller KITTY KAT! I only found out b/c I ordered stand and realized I ordered 'small' and not larger ...until I got it and it fit my clock. Thats when I pulled out measuring tape and started digging. Love love love clock, no issues...thought 'C battery' was type o b/c mine took AA, just not thinking I had wrong size clock. I want a display of these cuties but want the original KIT KAT black to be original size and KITTY KAT to be colored. I did contact Amazon who in turn contacted the manufacturer and supposedly right size is to come-small hassle but manufacturer needs to correct write up. Its easy to set up, delicate parts-be careful. Turn large hand clock-wise to set correct time, swing tail and a rhythmic toc and eye swing starts. Just love❤️ **update-contacted Amazon concerning error in description and product received. This has nothing to do with item itself, its awesome but not size I ordered. Amazon has told me I have to take issue up with distributors.....I have found 3 names associated with it based off of 'my orders' . All correspondence goes to Amazon as well. Distributor asks for pics, Amazon deletes. I contact 'another' distributor to be told its an invalid order or its between Amazon and company???? This has turned into a frustrating maze. I'm looking at yet another company name though I hit 'my order' to update review. How can SO many names come up??? Thats number 5!! WHO SOLD THIS TO ME!!!!
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Awesome, but read the instructions.....
by rsb (5 out of 5 stars)
January 29, 2018

Was a Christmas gift, so I tested it before the big day.At first I thought it didn't work, but then reading the instructions, found that the top of the clock needs to be approx 1/2" away from the wall. It was a big hit, and I highly recommend this piece of nostalgia.....
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Annoyed isn't the word
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
February 16, 2018

I'm in love with this clock!!
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Wobbly plastic
by Ashley Shea (1 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2018

This is a poorly made, plastic, piece of junk. First clock I received had loose components falling out. The replacement was sent immediately, and arrived whole, but after 10 minutes the animation stopped working.

Another thing about this clock, is the "tweaking" that you may need to do, in order to get it working. I dont want to constantly have to mess with a wall clock, for it to operate.

It's a cute clock, and my daughter was very excited to get it. I just wish it was of good quality, with secure parts.
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by Charles Lester (3 out of 5 stars)
June 8, 2016

This clock should not be $50. It should maybe be $20. The cheapness of every part in this clock just goes to show how poor of a design it is. It's sad that the old kit-cat clocks were all metal and these are all plastic...

The bowtie comes off (for some reason) and the "tail" that moves is just a flat little piece of plastic.

If you REALLY want one of these then I guess go for it but otherwise, don't waste your money.
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Was fine for a few months until it wasn't.
by G (2 out of 5 stars)
February 19, 2018

I loved this clock at first. I got it because it reminded me of the vintage cat clocks I often saw in kitchens during my youth in the 60's. It has a little tick tock sound while the tail is moving, but it didn't bother me... until it stopped after a few months. I would restart the tail and it would run for a short while (sometimes a few days), then quit again. The clock would still keep time, although it's far from the most accurate clock in my house. The tail stopped after just 3 months of operation. Although the batteries both checked 'good' on a battery tester, I replaced the batteries with new ones - several times.

With fresh batteries, I could get another couple of weeks of the tail moving, but then it would quit again. This is a frequent pattern that's occurred over the past several months now, so I don't think the clock will ever be reliable. Without the tail moving, it's just another plastic clock. The non-moving tail is just a daily reminder that product quality these days just isn't the same.

I can live with the plastic look and feel of the clock, but am very disappointed that it no longer works properly. I've been very careful to make sure that it's perfectly level on the wall. You find out early where that point is since the tail doesn't work for more than a minute or two if the balance is wrong.

I can't recommend this product to anyone, but I don't know of another reliable alternative either.
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Fun & Festive for Fall or Halloween! Tricky to Get Eyes & Tail Moving...
by G1977 (3 out of 5 stars)
September 15, 2019

My aunt owns an electric red Kit Cat clock she purchased in 1991. Unfortunately, electric ones are no longer manufactured. Now they are all battery-operated. We wanted to buy another one, and this autumn-themed Kit Cat clock is perfect. It's a charming piece of nostalgia, and done in colors that perfect for Fall and Halloween. The cat is bright orange with a black tail and bow tie. It is a limited edition, so you should pick one up soon before they're gone.

What's great is this clock comes in a variety of colors and patterns. We plan on buying a yellow one for my son's room and an orange one for our other bedroom. A pink Lady clock will be added to the bathroom. We're cat lovers, so these clocks fit our personality and home. I just wish the eyes and tail were easier to animate.

The advantage of the battery-operated clocks is that you can hang them anywhere; you're not tied to a wall outlet. The disadvantage is the magnetic system used to animate the eyes and tail on these battery-operated clocks. It is very sensitive, and where you hang the clock becomes tricky. Our Autumn clock worked well when I held him upright in my hand. However, when I hung him up on the wall in our kitchen, the eyes and tail would not move, but the clock mechanism worked fine.

I checked the FAQs on the Kit Cat clock website and it stated to have the nail perpendicular or slightly angled in the wall, and don't hang the clock flush against the wall. Allow 1/2" space at the head area. So you'll need a fairly long nail. We tried this, and it didn't work. My husband suggested we move the clock slightly left at the bottom. The eyes and tail barely moved, but at least they were moving. Then after an hour, they stopped.

We were about to give up and start a return on this clock, but decided to move the clock to another wall, and now he works great. Apparently the wall has to be level and vertical. Since home construction is not perfect, this clock may work on certain walls and not on others in your home. It's not easy to get the eyes and tail working, unless you're lucky and hang it on a wall with the right conditions. It's too bad the California Clock Company couldn't either make an electric version of this clock or come up with an less sensitive animation system that would readily work on any wall of your home.

Other reviewers have commented that the plastic used for this clock is cheap-looking. My aunt's old electric Kit Cat clock from 1991 is made of the exact same plastic with the same thickness. So the clocks are the same quality as the electric ones from 1991. I'll admit these clocks are expensive for the materials used, but the main reason people are unhappy is because there's no guarantee the eyes and tail will animate.
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Felix the Cat Clock
by Hankfloyd (5 out of 5 stars)
June 2, 2014

I bought this clock for my sister for her 75th birthday. She has always wanted one of the original ones, but they were always too expensive. This one looks almost exactly like the original, functions well and keeps time. She was able to assemble it by herself.

Shipped well and earlier than expected. Good deal, good price. That's what makes 5 stars in my book.
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Sent me broken and used.
by Heather (4 out of 5 stars)
December 30, 2017

I've had one of these clocks before and absolutely loved it. So this review isn't for the clock but the company who sent it. I'm returning this one. The clock I was sent had been used before. There were batteries in the back that fell out when I opened it. The components in the back are supposed to be taped down with a piece of blue tape, according to the instructions, and the eye pieces were disconnected and the tail was stuck. I had to put them back in the little slots. Very disappointed in this company.
**Update-06/26/18** I really love these clocks and wanted one in my life again. So I thought I'd give this company one more chance. This time I actually got a new one, packaged as it should be and it works wonderfully! So I've upgraded my review to 4 stars-- minus a star for the companies first shipment debacle.
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A classic retro clock that's been in my kitchen for 13 years!
by Kate Mahoney (4 out of 5 stars)
March 23, 2016

I've had this clock in my kitchen ever since I moved into my first apartment 13 years ago! Well, two of them to be precise. The first one lasted me about 6 years and now I'm on my second. It's come with me on 4 different moves! I just love this old school clock. Makes me feel like I'm in my grandma's kitchen watching her cook her famous stew or making home made jam. The batteries last a LONG time on this clock, too! The only problem I have with it is that it's a flimsy on the inside. If it's not hanging at just the right tilt the tail and eyes may not move and heaven forbid it ever meet with an accident, it probably won't survive because those little parts and piece inside are pretty fragile and break easily. That's what finally happened to my first one. My toddler who loves it climbed up on a chair and it was destroyed beyond repair in a matter of moments. If you're looking for a cool retro clock this is a classic! I have a thing for unique clocks and this is one of my favorites!
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Resist the cuteness and do not buy this clock!
by RK (1 out of 5 stars)
September 8, 2019

I've wanted one of these for years and finally decided to buy, even though it's a bit overpriced. When I received it I was really excited because it looks cute, but it felt fragile and flimsy - not what I expected for this price point. Then I had to specifically buy C size batteries which I didn't own because nothing else in my home uses this size. After getting the batteries and mounting the clock on the wall, the tail/eyes didn't move. No clock in this day and age should be this finicky, especially at this price point. Spent hours trying to get the tail to wag and even followed their video tutorials. Nothing worked. How can a $60 clock be this poorly designed? They've had 80 years to figure it out.

If you look on their website there are 40 troubleshooting FAQ's....what kind of basic product has this many problems??
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tried hanging it in all the ways recommended, spent my previous time watching videos to see ...
by Sydthecat (2 out of 5 stars)
April 17, 2016

This is one of those instances when I found it on Amazon and bought it, I was SOOOO excited to get it. These expectations then were crashed onto the floor when I found that there was nothing I could do to make it work. Tried changing out the batteries, tried hanging it in all the ways recommended, spent my previous time watching videos to see if i could get it to work... NADA. I had to return it to Amazon. I was considering that maybe it was just a fluke and that I should get another one. Then I read the online reviews (which I wish I had done first). This was not just a fluke, it is a way of business for this company. Too bad. I would happily pay $10-$20 more if the product actually WORKED!. What a shoddy way to do business. Clearly people are interested in owning this exact clock, so Kit-Kat Company, figure out how to make this clock reliably work or go out of business. What a shame. If you're not willing to step up your game, maybe you might consider selling your crappy little company to me, where I would go the distance to produce a quality and reliable product. Contact me.

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