Baby Foot Human Molting Peel

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Product Description

Baby Foot is an innovative foot care product distributed by Baby Foot U.S.A. located in Springfield, MO. Baby Foot product approved for sale in the United States must have the Baby Foot USA address and website listed on the back of the box. Baby Foot's Exfoliation Foot Peel will make your feet smooth and as soft as a baby's foot. Our scientifically formulated product contains 16 natural extracts help to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. This effective and gentle process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer. The fruit acids penetrate the layers of dead skin cells and breaks down the desmosomes which hold the layers together. With this process, skin is undamaged, but peels easily away from the fresh layer beneath. After peeling, your feet are reborn just like a baby’s foot, giving you healthy, beautiful feet. So, say goodbye to rough, dry, cracked soles, by using a product that really works! Lavender Scented Visit our official BabyFootUSA website at for more information. Fits Women size 4-13, Men size 4-12


  • QUALITY SINCE 1997 - The ORIGINAL Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel contains 16 natural extracts. Each box contains 1 pair (2 booties), one for each foot.
  • SMOOTH SOLUTION - Suffer from dry, cracked feet? Then you want the best treatment there is. Baby Foot restores your feet to the smooth, soft feet you once had.
  • EASY TO USE - A simple three-step process where you: apply, leave on for 1 hour and then wash away. Dead skin will begin to peel 5-7 days after application. In as little as a week you can achieve baby soft feet!
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE - Enjoy A Spa Experience at home; No scrubbing, no pain, just sit back, relax, and get flawless feet with Baby Foot. The perfect DIY solution for feet!
  • BEST GIFT IDEA - This foot peel is great to share with your family and friends. Let them enjoy baby soft, healthy feet with you.

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Top Reviews

Must Read For Best results! See my personal results after 8 days and counting!
by Jessica W (5 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2018

If you're like me and don't use lotion every day on your feet and get dry and cracked heels ... or deal with feet getting calused and looking not so pretty... and your embarrassed to go get a pedi... this product will leave you amazed!

I've used this product several times and have had amazing results! I've found some tips that worked wonders for me! I was not consistent and let my feet get badly cracked again so here are my pictures before I started the treatment this month Jan 2018 and my current pictures of my feet (I am on day 8 right now so my peeling is less right now but I am still peeling- again when I soak my feet the peeling comes more and is easier!) Wow! What a difference!
1. Make sure you soak your feet for at least 30 min before using the booties. This will open your pores and help absorb the product into your feet... soak longer if your feet are very bad and rough.
2. I keep my booties on for 2 hours (90 min should be sufficient- but if your feet are very dry then 2 hours will be best for absorbing). You can wear socks or not. I wear socks for the first hour so it's pressed better against my skin but the last hour I remove them and let the booties just do their magic :)
3. Soak your feet every day for at least 30 minutes (longer if your feet are very rough). Either do this in the bath or using a foot bath or a bowl/container of some sort. You don't need anything special added to the water, I like to use warm to hot water though.
4. Do not forcibly peel your skin! Gently rub after soaking or use a gentle foot file. The skin will peel similar to that of a sunburn and easily come off. If there is a piece that isn't peeling yet and hanging loose some on another end and it is bothering you- just clip it off with nail clippers.
4. During the process your feet will not be cute- they will be peeling a lot especially around days 3 to 7- after that it gets more mild of a peel for up to 2 weeks total since you did day 1. IT IS WORTH IT THOUGH! your feel will look and feel better than you could have imagined!
5. Repeat monthly or every 2 months for continuous results! Love it!

If my review helped you- please click helpful! Thanks!
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Read this review!!
by Dana (4 out of 5 stars)
May 31, 2017

I read enough of the reviews in order to try the product. However, I learned a lot AFTER a couple of times. So, here are MY lessons learned for a success the FIRST try:
1. Soak feet 30 minutes before the treatment. Warm warter is fine or pamper yourself with salts, lavenders, vinegar, etc. DRY feet after soaking.
2. If time permits, use one bootie now for both feet and save the other for another treatment, especially if dealing with very thick calluses. Put on boot as directed on the box and secure it with a sock. Leave boot on for an hour and a half. At the 1 hour and 15 min mark, soak the other foot (again) for 15 minutes. Dry the foot that was soaking. Remove the boot from the first foot and immediately put boot on the dried foot and repeat earlier guidance. Wash and dry the treated foot. Repeat guidance when other foot is done.
3. Soak feet at least 15 minutes daily for 7 days after treatment. Instructions don't tell you that this is how you get the BEST and QUICKEST results.
4. It may take up to 3 days to notice peeling.
5. I used lotion/moisturizer as normal and it didn't seem to interfere with process. I did not constantly apply lotion/moisturizer... just once after each bath or soak on my shower days.
6. Your feet won't be presentable during this process.
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I bought this product previously and it was WONDERFUL. About a week ago the price dropped to ...
by Kim (1 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2018

I bought this product previously and it was WONDERFUL. About a week ago the price dropped to an unbelievably low number and I thought it must be too good to be true. I quickly snatched up three pairs. Well, I should have trusted my instinct. I received three foil packages with no box. None of the foot masks were stamped with the "Baby Foot" logos as shown in the picture and as was the one I received previously. Also, none of the foil packages were labelled "Baby Foot" and the active ingredients were completely different than "Baby Foot". I am a pharmacist; therefore, have an extensive chemical background and know that glycolic acid is one of the main ingredients that makes this product work. See the attached picture of this product's active ingredients. It's laughable.... "glycol" is a lubricant, but what is even funnier is the ending "salicylic acid and so on." Where have we ever seen "and so on" in any ingredient list???? I have to wonder if this is even legal in the United States. I will be seeking a full product replacement. Yes, I should have heeded to the old adage...too good to be true.
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One Star
by Haley Cramer (1 out of 5 stars)
March 31, 2018

I did not recieve the item as advertised. What I received was a completely different brand. Very upset.
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An absolute miracle for my horrible feet!
by Texas Girl (5 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2018

This stuff is amazing. I have horrible, dry, cracked "desert floor" heels due to being disabled and having a hard time maintaining my feet. I bought this after hearing good things from friends.

Prior to using it, I started soaking my feet every night or every other night in hot water with CBD infused bath salts. Then I followed up with CBD infused lotion. I did this for about a week, and it didn't do much.

I put the product on my feet (wear socks on top and be careful walking around because it's very slippery). Per other reviews, and based on how bad my feet were, I left them on for 3 hours.

After the three hours I washed my feet with soap and warm water per the instructions.

I continued to soak my feet every day or other day as usual. Around day 3, the tops of my feet started peeling. At day 5, the bottoms and heels followed. During soaks, I was able to scrape large amounts of dead skin off my feet using my fingernails, and a pumice stone, using both gently. Scratch/rub gently, but don't force it. It will easily come off if it's ready. By day 9-10, my feet (including the heels!) are almost completely smooth!

I plan to follow up with one more treatment next month.

Make sure to soak/use lotion in between as it will help loosen the skin. My feet are the softest they have ever been.

I never write reviews, but I was too impressed with this product not to post one!

The photos are before, during peeling, and after. My feet are still peeling some but I'm already amazed at the difference.
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by Annie (5 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2018

WOW. Just WOW! ( wish I could use italics - as I do not like to sound like a POTUS tweet)

I rarely take the time to write product reviews, but, honey, this stuff is the real deal.

My feet were gross. Thick skin, crusty looking. And, to make matters worse, the salons here do not allow razors to be used when getting a pedicure. I have tried using blades myself to no avail.

Then a friend told me about this stuff, so I decided to try it.

I showered, and then put on the "boots" and taped them closed and covered my feet with two layers of socks so the gel wouldn't seep out.

I waited for an hour, then took them off.

They didn't look any different.

So, I patiently waited to see some action.

Today is the third day and I cannot believe my eyes!

The skin is literally coming off in big sheets.

If you are the kind of person who loves peeling skin and wants to see a drastic difference, you should buy this stuff.

I love it so much I want to buy it for people. Even people I don't like. LOL.

I know a lot of people with gross feet, who I think this would be perfect for.

Just take a look at my photos.

Yes. TMI, I know. But this is really amazing stuff.

Don't walk. RUN and buy this stuff.
(My apologies for the POTUS-style review)
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Sent me wrong product, beware
by Fiona (1 out of 5 stars)
April 8, 2018

DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. Received the wrong product but since it was my first time trying it, I didn't know until after. Apparently the real baby foot product is clear with the baby foot logo all around but what I got was solid white booties attached to one another. Didn't work. For a few more dollars you can buy the real baby foot product from their website, something I wish I would have done.
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Baby Foot works Perfectly IF you do this:
by Gwin M (5 out of 5 stars)
January 27, 2013

We discovered that if you do this, Baby Foot works perfectly:
1. Soak feet for about 15 minutes in plain water (in a large bowl or bucket or sink or bathtub: whatever holds warm water & both your feet).
2. Use Baby Foot exactly as directed.
3. Wash feet with soap and water, rinse, then soak feet again in plain water for about 15 minutes. So, schedule about 2 hours for the process listed in #1 through #3.
4. If you don't see any sloughing or peeling after 2 to 4 days, then soak feet for about 30 minutes in plain water. When you take feet out of the water & blot dry, you will definitely see sloughing & peeling. If you continue to soak for another hour then you will see even more sloughing and peeling that you can begin to rub off. Sloughing & peeling will continue well-enough for several days without further soaking, and most of the dead & dry skin will come off, BUT
5. if you continue to soak your feet in plain water for 30 minutes to an hour every other day or so, you will continue to see even more sloughing and peeling up to about two weeks AND it will thoroughly remove ALL dead & dry skin from your feet.

Two friends & I discovered this after we used Baby Foot once (we didn't know about the above directions at that time), and Baby Foot worked perfectly for the one of us who takes daily body-baths (doesn't shower), worked well-enough for the one of us who took daily showers & occasional body-baths, and didn't seem to work at all for the one of us who Only takes showers (never body-baths). We were comparing notes a few days after we first used it, and the shower-only friend was complaining that it didn't work at all, absolutely no peeling whatsoever, and her feet looked exactly the way they did before she used Baby Foot. We carefully went over every detail about what we had each done to our feet since applying Baby Foot, and carefully went over the Baby Foot instructions, which included this one little item written only in the little Instruction Manual sheet included in the box, "Note: We recommend taking a footbath to enhance the effects BEFORE (sic) and AFTER (sic) using this product."

So we got out a large bowl, filled it with water, and had our shower-only friend soak her feet for 30 minutes, and voila! the dead & dry skin on her foot looked white & "loose", and she rubbed it with her finger and it started sloughing off. She put her feet back in the water & soaked for another hour, and when she took them out & blotted them with a towel there was peeling all over her toes and peeling & sloughing on her heels & the ball of her foot. The shower-only fried didn't soak her feet again, and after two weeks most of the dead & dry skin had come off well-enough. The other two of us soaked our feet every day (the bath-only friend) or every other day (the occasional-bath friend) for the next two weeks, and both of us ended up with every single bit of dead & dry skin removed, and had completely baby-soft feet.

At different times all three of us have used it a second time after the initial use (shower-only friend after 3 months, occasional-bath friend after 6 months, bath-only friend after 8 months), we all followed the above instructions including soaking our feet for about 30 minutes every other day for the following two weeks, and we all three had perfect results the second time. We Highly recommend this product, but also recommend that product instructions be modified & clarified by the marketer.
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by Marianna Kennedy (1 out of 5 stars)
February 5, 2018

Not sure what this sticker means.. assuming it's a knock off? Because of this I will not be using and do expect my money back.
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by emily brook (5 out of 5 stars)
May 23, 2018

My husband's feet shedded like a snake and it was AWESOME! He has serious calluses on his feet from daily work boot wearing and I am happy I finally found something to help. I read many reviews including people who developed chemical burns so I had him use aquaphor on the tops of his feet and toes to protect his non callused skin and that worked perfectly. He soaked his feet for 30min prior to applying the baby foot product and used a sock to keep them in place. After 2 hours he removed them and washed it all off. Peeling started on day 4 and was done at day 8. His feet are way softer than they have been in years but I would say he needs a second treatment for his feet to be completely soft and free of dead skin. He says he has more feeling on the bottom of his foot and is really happy with his results.

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