Tactical Automobile Rescue Tool

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Manufacturer: StarGear
Model: 48339
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Product Description

Whether you are an emergency volunteer, first responder, or simply someone who cares about automobile safety, the StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is an essential addition to your belt, glove compartment, or trunk. Composed of 440c stainless steel, this multidimensional rescue tool comes with a razor-sharp partially serrated knife for cutting and slicing, a seat belt cutter, 5-7 pound window spring-loaded puncher, 5 lumen LED light for visibility and pupil reflex tests, and a heavy duty nylon carrying sheath. StatGear is honored to produce and deliver rescue gear for your tactical advantage. And we do it stat!


  • AUTO EMERGENCY RESCUE TOOL – Multipurpose steel rescue tool perfect for saving lives. The blade, seatbelt cutter, window puncher, LED light and carrying sheath make it an essential for first responders OR ANYONE LOOKING TO BE PREPARED!
  • BLADE RUNNER – Made of 440c stainless steel, our razor sharp blade is a true steel! Partially serrated, this multipurpose blade is perfect for any emergency, cutting, sharing, slicing through obstacles.
  • SEATBELT CUTTER – The fine-honed 440c stainless steel seatbelt cutter folds out and locks into place to easily cut through nylon seat belts and other strong materials. It smoothly unlocks and folds back.
  • WINDOW PUNCHER – Spring into action with the spring-loaded window puncher. Never let a glass window stand in your way. Our tactical rescue tool punches right through windows so that you can save the day.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT – In the dark of night, use the button-activated built-in 5 lumen LED light to see what you’re doing. The auto rescue tool comes with a heavy duty nylon carrying sheath that can be worn on a duty belt.

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Top Reviews

Perfect, but with a flaw
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 28, 2017

This knife is everything I want in a knife, a good blade with a STURDY seat belt cutter and a glass breaker that is easy to use, with a bonus flash light.

I would immediately give this 5 stars but when I opened the box the spring loaded glass breaker failed to operate as it should.

Fidgeting with it and attempting to use it for a few minutes seems to have clicked something into place and it works now.

As of writing this review I am giving the knife a 3/5 but if the glass breaker has no more issues I will definitely be upgrading the star count in the future.

I really really like the idea of a spring loaded glass breaker that does all the work for you.
*update* 10/26/2017: moving this knife up to 5 stars. Definitely one of my favorite knives I've ever owned. Seatbelt cutter is much more robust than any other knife I've seen and the window punch has been flawless after some playing with in the beginning.
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Pretty awesome knife for the price!
by CumminsIowaBoy (5 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2016

I was looking at this knife for weeks, reading reviews, looking at picures...ect. Finally I decided to just buy it and I'm glad I did! I originally told myself I would always leave it in my car for emergencies but it is so handy to have I wear it almost every day!

First of all, yes, it's rather large; but, what other knife has blade, seat belt cutter, light and window breaker? The knife on this thing is RAZOR sharp. I read many comments on here about "no instructions on how to close the knife," and "it's not very intuitive." If you have ever owned a pocket knife in your life, you will know and understand how to close this knife with no problems.

Since getting this knife I find myself walking around trying to find any and all pieces of glass I can break but unfortunately haven't broken my car windows out yet! I tested the window puncher on a piece of wood and it's pretty crazy how big of a punch it indents into the wood.


Very Sharp


Nice "film" on the handle for a little added grip

Very crisp blade open / easy to close

Nice sheath

Overall very good quality


Overall large, but given what it is and it's purpose....It's acceptable

None at this time
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Hopefully you will never have to use! Durable, well-built product!
by fields07 (5 out of 5 stars)
August 11, 2015

Watched a video on statistics based on people who die from drowning in their cars. Nothing to be alarmed, but the video claimed that most drownings are from people unable to get free from their seat belts due to panic and difficulty. Then those who do get free cannot open doors or break windows due to water pressure. I thought this device would be handy, even though it is extremely unlikely I would be in this situation. Product also has a knife that could be used as a weapon. The window breaker is very easy to use as all you do is press the button-looking end against the window and it will break the window. The hook-looking blade is for cutting through your seat-belt. Great product! Hopefully will never have to use.
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Don't expect the light or the window punch to last.
by J. Park (3 out of 5 stars)
October 30, 2018

Typical of nearly every "multi-tool" that exists, at least one or two components tend to fail.

In this case, it's both the light and the window punch that failed within a few months after purchase. I'm a firefighter and rely on a lot of different tools to perform during emergencies, and this one let me down when I needed it. I actually purchased two of these knives and both times, both the LED light and the window punch suddenly stopped working, essentially becoming no more than a knife/belt cutter.
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Seat belt cutter will not bunch like it does in other knives due to design.
by Jimbo (5 out of 5 stars)
March 24, 2018

I got it a week ago and I haven't got to use it much, I have to say that I do love the seat belt cutter and window breaker. The knife is a bit hard to open with my Fire carft leather interior gloves due to the placement of the clip and how small the lug is on the blade. The light is bright and I am not sure on how to change the battery without dissembling that side of the tool yet. It is most definitely less weight than my Smith & Wessan knife that I currently have in my bunker gear.
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Fantastic product....
by John K (5 out of 5 stars)
July 30, 2013

Note......I've only had this knife for a couple of days and I haven't used it on duty. I will certainly update if I'm less than pleased later, but I've been a Firefighter/Medic for over 20 years and I've seen many knives in that time.

The tool is made really well. The blades are strong and tight and the whole thing seems very rugged/sturdy in my hand and as I open/close the blades. When locked into place, the blades have no give and if I have any complaint about the operation at all, its simply that the mechanisms are really tight and hurt my thumb a little when operating. The experience I've had with this issue is that over time, through practice and break in, this will become less of a problem.

I bought this to replace a Smith & Wesson rescue knife that I'd bought years ago (somewhere around 1996 or 1997). I always kept that knife in its sheath attached to my bunker coat and it served me well. Somehow I lost it this year, so I went out in search of a new one. I chose the T3 because of the price, the features, the reviews, and the blade was better than the one I'd had which was pretty much just a seatbelt cutter. I'm going to try to get to a salvage yard to play with the cutter and punch, but at the moment I have no reason to believe they won't work fine.

The only real downsides to this knife that I can find is that, like others' have said, the light isn't very bright. I'm not sure what I was expecting though, so I'm not really disappointed with it. In a dark area, it will give you enough light to navigate your surroundings and can obviously be used for pupil checks (although it is a bit bright when you look directly at the beam, so your patients may not cooperate). Out past 10 foot or so, the light becomes lost. I seriously wasn't looking for a knife with a light on it though, so this is almost a non-issue for me. One thing I did notice is that when trying to open the seatbelt cutter, the position of the light button makes it very easy to turn on during the thumb "sweep" operation. I guess I'll just have to check it when I close the knife....or more likely....replace the batteries ;).

As far as the size.....some people have commented on how large the knife is. When I read the reviews I was expecting a machete, tbh. I didn't care because like I said, I'm going to carry the tool on my bunker coat. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really isn't obtrusively big. The knife is about the same length as other pocket clip duty knives I've used, but its about twice the width (about 3/4"). It has a sheath, but I suspect it could be worn on the pocket without discomfort. TBH, I'm considering doing just this as I'm not sure I won't use it more often than I used to use the S&W Rescue knife. Either way....as a new full-time service knife or a specialized tool when I'm in my gear....I'm completely satisfied with this piece of equipment and do not regret my choice at all.
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Solid utility tool with extra window punch and light -- nice all around emergency tool for car or ba
by Lauren W (5 out of 5 stars)
September 15, 2016

Bought this as a birthday present for the hubby -- he loves having it in his pack. Comes with an added light -- not super strong, but very handy when built in to the tool. The window punch is also very easy to use, and great to have with a utility tool.

Belt cutter and knife are both wicked sharp, and this whole tool is well constructed and sturdy.
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First Responder Approved
by Riz (5 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2017

I bought this as a gift for my wife who recently became a Firefighter, when it arrived I was tempted to keep it and give her mine instead (because I too am a firefighter) but she already saw it and I was busted so I had to give it to her...well buit, easy to use, durable tool. If getting as a gift, do yourself a favor and order one for yourself too...trust me...
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My favorite knife!
by Tristan R. Carter (5 out of 5 stars)
June 22, 2017

I really feel secure with this knife. I can quick draw it, and it has everything we need if the car plunges into the water, or if someone else's car plunges into the water. But more importantly it has a lot of tools on it that I would use that I'd like to reach quickly. My leatherman has a lot of tools on it but that's for projects where seconds are either in short supply, or my patience is in short supply.
- The bulkiness of the knife is definitely something worth considering, but it isn't so bad. I tend to buy clothes that let you carry a lot of heavy gear while still looking dapper. (5.11 Tactical) In other words I have enough pockets that my EDC lets me carry one item per pocket, so I don't have to worry about my knife pocket being anything other than my knife pocket.
- It has a nub on it that lets you open it one-handed. I've been practicing with it and I can open it quickly with a flick of the wrist. The seatbelt cutter can't be flicked open, but whatever.
- The flashlight is super bright, the seatbelt cutter is super sharp, the glass breaker is spring-loaded (but not advised to try using to chip ice), and the knife is (was) sharp and it's good to have a serrated edge in case of need to saw something. Well, the blade WAS sharp. I gotta sharpen mine. I've used it quite a lot. But it's nice to have.
- The flashlight battery does need to be replaced on occasion but it's good to have a flashlight that's out of the way. If the battery was rechargable via micro-USB or something it would be a godsend!
- The only real drawback to this knife is that the liner lock really hurts to close the knife with. I had to use my fingernail on my other hand at first. Becoming more experienced with this knife has allowed me to close it one-handed as well, but it still leaves a noticeable scar on my thumb.
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Fantastic knife. I bought 2
by Veronica (5 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2017

Fantastic knife. I bought 2. One for each vehicle. Heavy duty & practical. I removed it from the nylon case and have it clipped to my over the shoulder seatbelt. This way you ALWAYS know it's handy and exactly where it is when needed. NOTE: If you're stunned or overturned in a vehicle it would be precious time lost trying to find it in a glove box when precious seconds can mean life or death. A very good investment!

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