GoStak Twist n' Lock Storage Jars

Brand: BlenderBottle
Manufacturer: Sundesa, LLC
Model: C00301
EAN: 0847280003532
Category: Gadgets & Tools
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Dimension: 10.75 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches
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Product Description

The BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n' Lock Storage Jars 4-Piece Starter Pak includes four stackable, interlocking containers—(1) 40cc jar, (1) 60cc jar, (1) 100cc jar, and (1) 150cc jar—for carrying powders, vitamins, supplements and snacks. Portable and travel-friendly, these sleek jars are designed to carry nutritional essentials, without taking up a lot of space. Jars can be used on their own, or easily connected to one another with the Twist n' Lock system, which securely connects containers of any size in any order. A removable carry handle makes for easy carrying or clipping to a bag, and the whole stack fits inside a BlenderBottle Classic or SportMixer for portability. Made of durable Eastman Tritan plastic, jars are stain and odor-resistant, and remain clean, clear, and fresh. BPA and phthalate-free; dishwasher and freezer safe.

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Top Reviews

Awesome, but with one minor issue
by Rob (4 out of 5 stars)
February 17, 2019

I really like these containers. I work out over lunch break at work, and I used to bring my protein powder in a sandwich bag, which was irritating since it was difficult to not spill powder while filling and dumping it into my drink at work. I also had wanted a way to bring pre-workout in individual servings and not have to bring the large container with me.

This works perfectly for that purpose, I can bring my pre-workout, creatine, protein powder, and even mass gainer. As a side note, the large container is the exact size of 1 scoop of Musclepharm mass gainer, the next smallest size is the same as the Musclepharm protein powder, and the 2 smallest containers work great for a few scoops of creatine and pre-workout fitting in.

However, one complaint is opening the containers. 90% of the time, they work perfectly, but 10% of the time one will become stuck closed very tightly. Keep in mind, I tend to very loosely screw the caps on, and yet some-how one of them will manage to become very stuck, resulting in it being extremely difficult to open. I'm not sure why this happens, especially with loosely screwing the cap on, and these aren't being bounced around in a bag either. Interestingly enough it tends to happen to the smaller containers more often, leaving less area to grab while forcefully trying to unscrew the cap. I deducted 1 star for this, since on occasion, it almost requires a small flat head screwdriver to pop the cap off.
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Will not open "Cheap Plastic Tops"
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
February 6, 2019

I should have listened to the small amount of 1 star reviewers. These are cheap and small. Price needs to be lowered or product revised and made with better plastic caps and bigger size. I just opened these after getting delivered same day. when i took them out the box i could not open all 4 bottles. i managed to open the one with the instructions and closed it back. " bad move" i could not get it back opened. i followed the instructions to use the counter clockwise method and all that did was immediately strip the plastic tops. now they are closed for good. no matter what you try you will not get them open. i also ordered a white set and they are also hard to open but i managed to get them all open. I'm afraid to tightened them because if i do they will end up like the others. I am requesting a return to give it one more try. I doubt we end up keeping them though. Probably will be shipping them back with food locked in them LBVS. They are not even Worth $5 if you cant even use them. Need to be discontinued and revised.
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I love it
by Jane in Tn (5 out of 5 stars)
May 8, 2019

I love these stackable Jars. I am diabetic and use these when I am out for the day and and need a quick snack. I use the bottom one to put ice in. It cools the next stack of meat, then cubes of cheese in the next one and nuts in the top one. It is slender and comes apart easily to store other things. It holds a perfect diabetic snack. I love it so much that I am going to buy one for a friend.
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Smaller than expected
by kb (3 out of 5 stars)
August 15, 2019

I love the concept and the portability but as soon as I received it, I had to immediately purchase the 150cc add-ons because there's not much room in these. I got a serving of trail mix in the largest (150cc) compartment and I could probably fit some other small snacks in the next-largest size, but I doubt I'll ever use the two smallest sizes. They could be useful for dressing if you wanted to pack all the components of your salad separately (although you'd definitely have to have a separate container for the lettuce).
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Cannot twist open by hand
by Chris Buzzelli (1 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2019

They were a lot smaller than I pictured but decided I could still use them for snacks for my baby and formula or other things like pills so figured I would keep them. But then when a I tried to use them, I couldn't twist off the lids! I cannot do it by hand by simply twisting it, I have to connect another container and twist the opposite way to unlock it...which was annoying but thought okay well I can deal with it...but then this. It snapped/broke the plastic already and I've only opened it maybe 3 times. When my kid is screaming and I need to grab a quick snack, the hassle to open one of these is not worth it. 🏻 Byyye, I'll find something else.
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... got this in the mail today and while I love the sizing of the containers and the idea of ...
by Kristy (2 out of 5 stars)
April 28, 2018

I just got this in the mail today and while I love the sizing of the containers and the idea of this product, I couldn't even get two of the containers open. I followed the instructions (which, ironically, was stuffed in one of the containers that I couldn't open) and instead of it opening the container, it destroyed the lid leaving it locked on forever. I want to love it so I'm asking for a replacement in case this was a fluke. We'll see.
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Tough and Totally Clear
by Wendy Hodges (5 out of 5 stars)
September 6, 2019

These are really great for Coffee and Creamer or any kind of powder. I have RA and lids can be a challenge for me so I have many tricks for opening things. I use one of the smaller containers on top of any one I am opening to make it a bit easier to grip just turn counter clockwise until it catches and then turn open it works great and is much easier this way. If you have trouble opening things give this a try you can also use the small loop handle the same way stick it on top and twist to open. They do get easier to open after you use them a couple weeks! This really is a durable and handy product!
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It is what it is.
by Nph (5 out of 5 stars)
July 4, 2019

On this particular set up, The bottom larger container holds for me, a decent full cup mounded of whey mix, the second from bottom holds a flat cup. This ensures I can either have half a mixer bottle or combine both containers to have a rich full bottle.

The second from top is a decent size, I use this to hold two cups of Aminos mix, this is enough to fill a full shaker bottle twice. It gives the option to have mix early morning and also another in the evening, should the need arise.

The top container is smaller but holds two cups of pre workout, enough for a full shaker cup mix.

The configuration is adaptable, you choose how you want stacked, you can buy others and adapt combine.

The lids are a good fit, had in bag for a few days and no sign of leaking.

They are tight and hopefully will stay that way with use.

The lids are also thick enough, no overkill there.

The whole things can be used with others to make fit into all size bottles for storage.

This set as it stands fits barely into my shaker cup, but you have to remove the shaker ball, if using one.

The plastic clear container is reassuringly thick plastic, not too thick not too thin.

What I have learnt already is that i need different ones for what i am using them for, I also need more so that i can store vitamin gummy, health pills, creams and so many other things.

For a gym drink mix set, I intend to get one vessel large enough for the two scoops of whey, followed by of the tops ones of this set. This eliminates the need for an extra cap and size reduction improves.

Combined with another set , I will have all of the gym things secured and ready for whenever I randomly want to hit the gym, take a hike or whatever I am doing at the time.

I am hoping that they say secured in my back, I do however make sure to keep powders in a separate part of the bag from clothes, just in case.

Have powders away from gym clothing, especially if using white powder and black clothes. If you mix at the gym residue powders cling to outer vessels at times.
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Great for baby snacks
by Courtney Walker (5 out of 5 stars)
April 2, 2019

Like others, I purchased this for baby snacks. It's the perfect size! This is my third kid, but wish I had something like this worth the first! It is small, but I read other reviews so I knew what to expect. I put the baby yogurt melts, puffs, and goldfish/pretzels/pea crisps etc. doesn't take up much space in diaper bag. I think I'm going to get one for each of my boys for an upcoming trip. They'll enjoy having the compartments and variety!
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It works.
by Willow Walls (4 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2019

It was smaller than I'd hoped. I have two toddlers and have been trying to devise ways to lessen the daily weight and bulk of the diaper bag. As I need both hands a backpack style bag is a must and I noticed the top was empty while everything stayed crammed in the bottom. Inefficient and our snacks were getting crushed.

So now our fig newtons won't get crushed (though we can't carry quite as many) and my bag isn't as over loaded!!!!

As a side note I wasn't sure what to put in that smallest container. I ended up putting some water flavoring powder in there. Added a little measuring spoon. And since the handle comes off it makes it a cinch to use and not loose.

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