Pickup Truck Bed Unloader

Brand: Loadhandler
Manufacturer: Load Handler
Model: LH2200
EAN: 0768236220028
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Dimension: 5.00 x 27.00 x 11.00 inches
Shipping Wt: 20.37 pounds
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Product Description

The Loadhandler Pickup Truck Unloader quickly turns your pickup into a dump truck. The easy-to-install Loadhandler has adjustable brackets that belt onto the tailgate of your truck, no welding, cutting or drilling necessary. Just load up the drag sheet, then use the crank system with heavy-duty roller bar to unload a full load of rock, soil, mulch, firewood, feed and more in as little as 30 seconds. Saves time while reducing stress on your back. Application Cargo unloader, Includes Loadhandler system, Capacity lbs. 2,200, Works With Standard full-size pickups 60-69-in. tailgates. Standard full-size model 2200-lb. capacity Fits 60-69 in. W tailgates Adjustable brackets fit tailgates up to 4in. thick Unloads a pickup truck load in as little as 30 seconds Belt-on mounting system requires no welding, cutting or drilling

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Top Reviews

How to improve performance.
by Amazon Customer (3 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2019

Works ok but I have had one before for small trucks and knew what to expect. Full load of mulch would not unload even after building wood frames in front of wheel wells to prevent load lock. I had removed rubber bed liner and put some cooking oil on steel bed to lube. Had to manually unload about a third of the load before load handler would move and then it was hard to crank. Worked better with a yard scoop of top soil. They have other tips for material to put under the load handler to make it work better.
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Great back saver
by Jenifer (4 out of 5 stars)
May 3, 2012

Now I can really get my yard in shape. Three loads of compost in one day and energy left over.

Two complaints:
1. The sides of the tarp started to fray right off the bat. But it's not getting much worse with use.
2. Tarp is attatched to bar with just 4-5 small pieces of black duck tape. One day during loading, the wind picked up and pulled off the extra tarp I'd left wrapped on the bar leaving only the tape to hold it on. (Drivers are asked to remain in vehicle during loading.) By the time I got home half the tape pieces had come undone. I used a good quality duct tape to reattach it and now it's not coming undone!
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Does NOT fit 2016 F150's
by John (1 out of 5 stars)
June 21, 2018

Does NOT fit 2016 F150 tail gate. Opened bracket as large as it would go, set them to the thinnest part of the tail gate. (outside edges) Used it to haul bulk mulch. First two loads worked Okay, but bar bent badly in the middle when cranking load. Third load, 1/2 yard dry mulch the plastic bracket passengers side broke. No way to fix it. I had an old Easy Unloader for years till I wore a large hole in the tarp. It had a solid bar NOT two part threaded bar that bends in the middle. I'm disappointed in this model. Most trucks have these large thick tail gates, your brackets don't fit. I would expect a refund as I bought this in May, But Amazon said NO. ( only had it 6 weeks, using it for home use only)
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by Linda Flajole (3 out of 5 stars)
August 11, 2019

After getting it all together and using it for the first time we learned, that you don't fill your truck bed up all the way to the sides. You only put stuff on the material to have a easier time cracking it off. The bolts need to be tighten tight so they don't fall off the straps. Since the first time using it my husband does not want to be bothered with it.
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Works fine with yard waste
by Mark Schneider (5 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2016

So far I've only used it for small trees and saplings I have to continuously cut back on my land. Assembly went quick and easy. IT still takes me 1+ hours to load up the truck, of course, but at the transfer station, it only takes me about 30 seconds to unload now rather than 10-15 minutes or more.
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Works great so far ...
by Morpheus (4 out of 5 stars)
April 26, 2019

I've only had it a week, and unloaded 3 1-yard loads of stone base, and it was amazingly easy. Installation on my 2003 Ford F-350 was also very easy (I have the full size unloader). My truck bed liner is plastic, which I guess helps the "sliding" of the load. I also use parafin wax on the liner, seems to help, tho I haven't done any side-by-side comparisons with and without wax. Overall, very pleased so far. Dying to try a bigger load to see how it handles maybe 2 yards.
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I can unload a yard of gravel in like 3 minutes using this
by Pounder (4 out of 5 stars)
May 16, 2017

It actually works, I can unload a yard of gravel in like 3 minutes using this unloader.
***** Update fair warning**** I have this installed on a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 and after using it a 3rd time the tailgate strap holding the tarp spindle opposite the crank loosens and slips on the tailgate when unloading. I am unable to tighten this strap any more than it is so I have had to shim a piece of wood under the strap to tighten it. I believe this is happening because there is only one strap on the crank side to hook onto the bumper to hold down the tailgate when unloading. If there was a strap to hook onto the bumper on the other side I don't think the strap would be slipping.
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Doesn't fit F150
by R. Kershaw (2 out of 5 stars)
June 15, 2018

Doesn't fit my F150. Either have to cut down the 15ft tarp an inch and burn the edge or buy a smaller size. It says for standard trucks but won't fit one of the most popular full size trucks?
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This item is AWESOME. I can't tell you the joy I have ...
by Shane Cronin (5 out of 5 stars)
June 5, 2018

This item is AWESOME. I can't tell you the joy I have now unloading grass clippings at the compost pile at the local landfill. What used to take me 20-30 minutes and a lot of grunting and sweating now takes me 3 minutes with a smile on my face and glares of envy from the other guys doing it the hard way. Recommendations for the user, wrap the end around a 2 x 4 to avoid the "table cloth" effect when unloading grass clippings. Recommendation for the manufacturer, develop another way to connect the canvas to the pipes other than with gorilla tape. Still works like a charm however.
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Loadhandler works well but not as durable as it should be.
by Vikki Blalock (3 out of 5 stars)
January 1, 2017

Tho I am very happy with the job it does, the product did not hold up to my needs. I used the loadhandler less than a dozen times before the straps on both sides became faulty. One came off at a time unknown to me and the other one ripped off while I unloaded a load, because the first one was missing. This is the second loadhandler that I have bought. It is replacing the one that has the straps missing and torn. It makes the load much easier to unload since I am a woman and need the help. I would like the straps replaced for the first loadhandler to make it functional again.

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