Libratone ZIPP Wireless Speaker

Brand: Libratone
Manufacturer: Libratone (Audio)
Model: LH0032010NA2001
EAN: 0858332005305
Category: Gadgets & Tools
Price: $300.00  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 10.30 x 4.80 x 4.80 inches
Shipping Wt: 3.30 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

ZIPP is modern wireless music for the home.The Libra tone ZIPP offers 360° sound for a unique full-room sound experience. You’ll never have to sacrifice sound quality for portability with ZIPP’s deep bass, full midrange, and crisp highs. Connect over Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay (iOS), Airplay 2 (Coming soon), or DLNA (Android) and enjoy sound that can be heard throughout the whole room. Add in the 60-watt speaker power, and you have a superior acoustic experience above the rest. Designed for ultra-portability, ZIPP is the best portable speaker for multi-room listening. Simply pick it up with the attached strap and place it in the kitchen, bedroom, or deck – wherever you want awesome sound. Truly the best wireless speaker, ZIPP is completely battery-operated and needs no AC cord. And with a 10+ hour battery life, you can enjoy music all day long.Stream anything – and we mean anything. Stream all of your favorite audio and video apps natively, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, and future apps. You can even stream Spotify Connect and Internet Radio directly from ZIPP without needing your phone. ZIPP meets your need for Spotify speakers without sacrificing your other favorite music services. Redefine multi-room sound by connecting up to six ZIPP speakers over Wi-Fi to experience immersive sound in one area or spread over multiple rooms. ZIPP is also Amazon Alexa Compatible! Plug in or pair your ZIPP speaker to your Amazon Dot, Tap or Echo and you can instantly add Alexa voice control to your speaker(s). Customize your sound. Choose from the original ZIPP, which measures 12.2 x 26.1 inches and provides 100 watts of power. ZIPP comes in four different colors: Cloudy Gray, Deep Lagoon, Graphite Gray, and Victory Red. Our stylish Scandinavian design looks great in any room.Libratone is proud to offer you the best multi-room speakers on the market. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, we are here to help you with 24/7 US based customer support for all Libra tone products.


  • PRIMUM SOUND QUALITY: The ZIPP speaker is Designed and Engineered by Libra tone in Denmark for greater dynamic audio, patent FULLROOM technology ensures a immersive room-filling stereo sound in every direction. Big power 100-watt maximum.
  • FULLROOM TECHNOLOGY: Proprietary internal structure design with two 1'' tweeter, one 4'' subwoofer, two passive radiators and 360°cone, deliver a booming bass, accurate mid and clear high with zero distortion even at maximum volume.
  • TRUE WIRELESS: allowed up to 6 ways to enjoy your music, Bluetooth 4.0 works great with iPhones, iPad, Samsung, HTC, instantly reconnects to the last-used device automatically from up to 33 feet away. Connection with PC, TV with 3.5mm audio jack.
  • SPOTIFY & AIRPLAY2: You can stream whatever you want directly via airplay2 or Spotify connect, don’t worry the signal, the wifi connection enable zero distance limitation, just take your music around house.
  • HAVE A PARTY: Thanks to the innovative SOUNDSPACE technology, now you can pair up to 6 zips on the same wireless network, play the music multi-room for your family, or pair two zips(TWS) playing for right and left channel with enhanced stereo sound.
  • PRESETS YOUR FAVORITE: Listen to your favorite with a single tap, 5 internet radio or playlist can be preset in the speaker, stream vTuner, Spotify, Tidal directly. Built-in dual mic help you to make calls hands-free.
  • WORK WITH ALEXA: It’s also a smart speaker, pair or plug in your Amazon Dot, Tap or Echo to any ZIPP speaker and instantly add Amazon Alexa voice control. Tell the Dot or Echo what you want to hear, ZIPP will do it.
  • APP & TOUCH: The sleek led display touch panel is simply and easy to use. Circle to turn the volume, one touch to skip sound or radio station, also you can remote control your speaker via app with more functions, like sound effect, background, timer etc.
  • LONG PLAYTIME: The ZIPP speaker feature a long-lasting 2400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, supports up to 10 hours continuous playtime at 70% volume on a single charge, Quick charge get back to full in about 2.5 hours, no need to worry the dying of music.
  • LIBRATONE PROMISE: Our product are build to last, we aim to provide the unique and innovative audio equipment to the world, 30-Days money-back guarantee and 1-Year warranty on every item. You can find us on our website, make a call or communicate via app.

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Top Reviews

GREAT Sounding speakers along with GREAT Tech Support
by Richard (5 out of 5 stars)
October 4, 2017

I needed a better sounding speaker for our kitchen and was looking at getting a portable bluetooth speaker. After initial disappointments with purchasing multiple brands and returning them, I had a light bulb moment when I thought of why I didn't think of getting a speaker that supports Airplay (I'm a Apple household). Airplay does not compress the signal like Bluetooth does. Started my investigation on Airplay speakers and saw multiple recommendations for the Libratone ZIPP. I ordered one from Amazon, took less than 5 minutes to configure it to my network and whamo, couldn't believe the sound coming from this speaker. Started the IOS app, told there was a firmware update and do I want to install it. I of course said "YES" and 4 seconds later was informed that the update failed. Investigated this for a few hours, performed what was recommended on the Libratone web site to no avail. Sent an email to Libratone Support and was told the speaker was defective. Libratone is a very well known company in Europe but now I'm thinking I spent a good amount of money for this speaker and the one sent to me was defective? I loved the sound of the speaker but the firmware failure put me in a bad place and didn't want to give up on this speaker. I contacted the NA Marketing rep and she put me in contact with their Support dept. They were over the top helpful. They suggested that instead of returning the speaker to Amazon, that they will order a replacement and send it me with the updated firmware including a prepaid mailer to return the original. I was so impressed that I ordered a second speaker. The next day, I received a call from support stating that they did indeed have an issue with the speaker and were in communications with the developers. and another couple days passed was contacted to tell me that they found an issue with the IOS app and the developers were working on a fix. Meanwhile, they were able to update the firmware using the android app and sent me the replacement. I must say that Libratone support is top notch .. They kept me in the loop, replaced my speakers with ones with the updated firmware and the IOS app has been updated at least 2 times since the issue (Not just fixing issues but adding functionality).

So .. I've now had these speakers for a few months and all I can say is .. If you like the sound of 1 speaker .. Having 2 speakers in the same room is unbelievable. You are totally immersed in unbelievable sound .. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend these speakers.
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Amazing sounding with two speakers.
by Envy Nail Spa (5 out of 5 stars)
May 9, 2016

These are awesome speakers, i said "these" because i bought two of them. When you pair them together the features on these speakers are really showing off. Not just the benefit of true stereo sound you are getting but you also get all these cool things down here:

You can set one speaker to the left and another one to the right depends on where you seated. With this setting you will get a very powerful stereo sound and you can easily set yourself so you are in the triangle sweet sport.

You can set both of them at Full 360 sounding and with two speakers it sounded like you are in the sweet spot everywhere you go. These speakers does a good job doing 360 degree sounding.

I set one of my speaker to equalizer preset to something more focus on low and high range Rock The House and the other one really target on vocal and mid range like Jazz Club. The result is a very wide dynamic range since each speaker focus more toward a specific range. You can play with these setting and find out your own taste.

There are many features that i haven't have time to play with but i'm very happy with them. They doesn't feel cheap, all parts came with them also look very nice. The app's user interface also very clean and neat looking. I'm gonna stop writing since I start to feel like i'm a marketer for Libertone. :D
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Good reviews, but unfortunately, they didn't work with my mulit-access point wifi system
by Ted in the Mountains (3 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2017

I did research, read favorable reviews, but am still disappointed with these speakers. I bought 4 because they were supposed to network and allow me to have house-wide music. The issue is they fail to stay connected. They drop out into silence, either one speaker at a time or all together. They may also stuttering or have asynchronous play. When they stutter, they connect/disconnect so that the music sounds like it has a speech impediment. When asynchronous, one speaker will be half a beat behind the others. I've checked the wifi signal strength, which is always 5 bars. I've tried switching rooms for each speaker to no effect. Some evenings they are great, but most there are drop outs, stutters, and off beats. I contacted Libratone tech support (see advice below), They were very dedicated and helpful, but unfortunately they were not able to solve the issues. Note that this took a few weeks of testing. I then tried to return them, Libratone could not take them and Amazon's return period expired. Libratone wrote a helpful note for Amazon to document our efforts. Although, Amazon agree to take the speakers back, they charged a $225.00 re-stocking fee. I discussed it with Amazon, they have no interest in understanding this. It is not worth dealing with Amazon. If I were to repurchase, I would buy directly from Libratone's web site. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction if you give them a chance.

Warnings and Advice:
- LIbratone is still working on the many different WiFi configurations. Some work well, others less so. Be sure to test yours thoroughly in the first week. If you have any issues CALL tech support ASAP. They can help.
- If you contact Libratone Tech support, call them, do not use their e-mail address. They are fairly responsive to the phone, but not at all via e-mail.
- I've seen that Libratone frequently comments, "if you're not satisfied, we will make the refund happen," At first, this was not apparent when I was working to return the speakers through customer service. However, after contacting Mike Culver, Libratone's President, it was clear that they stand behind their product and customer satisfaction statement. I received a full refund.
- If you decide to get these speakers, do not buy them through Amazon. If you have issues, Amazon will charge you about $50-60 restocking fee, per speaker if you go over the 30-day return period. It will take you at least 30 days to try to resolve issues.
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was dodgy at best with multiple interruptions 7
by Me (1 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2018

The associated experience with this product has been nothing short of abhorrent. The ZIPP performed flawlessly for 2 months before troubles began.
1. Firmware upgrade did not resolve the Alexa integration issue cataloged within a support ticket to Libratone
2. On multiple occasions factory resets have been required in an effort to get the speaker to function as advertised
3. Speaker regularly drops wifi connection and stops playing music over bluetooth
4. Unable to reconnect, via Libratone app, phone browser session or laptop browser session
5. The app fails to recognize the speaker after what seems to be a successful connection
6. Music, when streaming functioned properly, was dodgy at best with multiple interruptions
7. App when it does function properly, does not provide all features for use

I would hope Libratone would issue a RMA for the product and fix it accordingly as it is within the warranty period; purchased Nov 2017. Customer service has been, thus far, equally abhorrent. Solutions listed as a fix to the experienced issue have yet to yield a working solution.
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GREAT for party music BAD for video presentations and live Mic
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
January 3, 2017

Loved the power and quality of a room with 4 of these for a Christmas party of about 100 people. Lots of bass punch. I setup my own WiFi without an Internet router or gateway, only the audio speakers and the ipad were running on the this network. I must warn you that no one mentions this in their review of this product, it has a significant delay probably due to the WiFi being involved. Because of this delay you would never be able to use this system to present video. It was my desire to use this both for holiday party music and to amplify a video presentation. Not gonna happen. Theres about a 3 to 5 second delay from the source to speaker and that's not something anywhere close to a lip sync.So, GREAT for party music BAD for video presentations. It would also be BAD for Live Microphone Public Address due to the long WiFi distribution delay of the audio sync. At least this was my experience. If anything changes I will update.
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This assessment is by an end-user, a computer programmer and an electronic engineer.
by Gareth B. Dolby (4 out of 5 stars)
August 17, 2017

The Libratone Zipp works great with Bluetooth, smart phones and Spotify. However, streaming Internet radio via WiFi goes silent frequently.

It also has trouble having two or more Bluetooth-paired smart phones in range at the same time. The phones seem to be given priorities according the the order they were paired, instead of by which one is giving commands and streaming to it.

Fortunately, it receives firmware updates from the Internet via WiFi. Hopefully, they read this post and an update will improve these problems.

It still appears to be the best wireless speaker available as of June, 2017.

September Update: Libratone Support has been in touch with me concerning this review. I had a faulty router that had caused streaming Internet radio to drop out. Streaming works well, now.

As for multiple paired smartphones; they recommend turning the Bluetooth off for the smartphone that is not in control of the speaker.
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Excellent sound and looks great too
by G. Kiser (5 out of 5 stars)
February 5, 2017

Excellent sound system. I've been a Bose man for years, but I like this better. Easier to port around, sound is fantastic. Not sure how they do it. Love the sound. Easier to connect to bluetooth than my 4 year old Bose, which can get cranky. Highly recommend this baby.
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Awesome sound. Requires some tech savvy
by Mike (5 out of 5 stars)
January 16, 2019

Outstanding. Sound is superb and I am very fussy about wireless speakers. Is it as good a 2 Sonos 5 speakers hooked up or a traditional set up with hard wired Bose speakers? No. You can not compare a portable wireless speaker to that kind of set up. But, as a stand alone "smallish" speaker the Zipp is in a class by itself even if it were not portable. As a comparison, I am a huge Bose fan and have Bose Revolve + and others. My wife and I compared the Zipp to the Bose Revolve Plus. The Zipp won very easily based on sound. The sound is well balanced with great but not overpowering lows and crystal clear voices. WiFi and AirPlay are nice features that the Bose Revolve+ lacks. The Bose is smaller and easier to move around. If that is your priority, the buy the Bose. You will love it. But if you leave your speaker sitting for the most part, get the Zipp. However a word of caution that this is a speaker that requires a little bit of tech savvy, not a ton but some especially if setting up with Echo Dot. Otherwise if you know how to use Apple Airplay or the android equivalent and use apps, it is not hard. For the Echo Dot, Power the Echo Dot using the USB port on back of Zipp. Then follow instructions to connect Dot and Zipp via Bluetooth. I had no luck using the 3.5mm connector. You must rename the Zipp using a simple name like "Zipp". Every time you need to connect via Bluetooth you need to tell the Echo Dot to "connect to Zipp." Then the Dot works great and you can use any commands including a group of other Echo connected Echo speakers. But if you name the Zipp something like "Zipp12prh" the echo Dot will have trouble connecting. Also I had trouble with set up but once I powered my Router on and off it was simple to use.
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A New Way to Annoy Our Neighbors!
by Amy Metzger (5 out of 5 stars)
October 3, 2016

What a sweet speaker! As soon as this handsome devil arrived I unpacked it, downloaded the app, put the speaker in pairing mode (long press the top button), connected it to my boyfriend's iPhone, launched Spotify, and we were in business! Seriously, five minutes.

The sound is great. We have pretty varied taste in music, from loud and rocking to acoustic sweet stuff, not to mention leaving NPR on for hours on end. All genres sound great! I was afraid a bluetooth speaker would sound tinny, but it really doesn't. In fact we were rocking out and I became concerned that our neighbors would start banging on the wall. Ah, apartment life.

And I just discovered the Voicing feature in Settings (in soundspaces), where you can set it to different kinds of sound profiles. I chose "Jazz Club," which emphasizes voices, but I also like the "Rock The House" setting. I definitely recommend playing with those to get smoother or deeper sound. Check out Room Settings, too. It seems to make a difference.

The sound was cutting out when my boyfriend would take his phone into the other room, so I thought I would try to connect it to my iMac. I was totally overthinking it. I thought I would have to buy an Airport Express (I have an older Airport Extreme). But I went to the iTunes application on my Mac, and there's an Airplay icon on the top of the window. I just clicked it, and the Libratone Zipp showed up. Cool. Then I went to Spotify on my Mac, and down at the bottom on the right it says Devices; I clicked that and the Zipp was there, too. Really couldn't have been easier.

You do have to redo the sound settings for each input device, but once you get each input set up, they stick. Also, if you like to toggle between Spotify and iTunes on your computer, you have to click on the Airplay button again in iTunes. But really, one click. That's it.

I like the radio option within the Libratone app, too. You can choose 5 station presets. I spent a little time trying to figure out how to access those favorited stations through the app, but it doesn't quite work that way. Once you select your favorite stations, you actually press the heart button on the top of the speaker itself to toggle between stations, which is good too!

Oh, and it is good-looking. And if you get more than one (we're working up to that), you can link them together so your music is playing in every room. And after a full charge (which was fast!), I haven't yet exhausted it.

All in all, I highly recommend this speaker. I actually just recommended the smaller Too speaker to my sister who wanted something more portable, and she loves that one, too. The Zipp is just a perfect living room speaker. I love it.
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The sound is excellent, but the product was very short-lived!
by Neighbor_Nancy (1 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2019

I love the sound, and connected via AirPlay (using Airfoil app on my Mac and Windows computers) to make a whole house stereo system).

However, two months out of warranty the product just stopped charging, and will not even turn on. I was devastated to learn that Libratone will not service any out-of-warranty units, as I used this regularly! Who can afford to spend $249 every two years for a speaker? I am very disappointed.

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