Voice Recorder And Loop Switch Toy

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Product Description

A recording device with loop switch, pitch control knob and 1/8" output. Handmade in USA. Brooklyn, NY This voice recorder has turntable design for eyes, a shiny silver knob for pitch control, and a fancy looping switch. 1. Hold the Red record button and talk into the microphone on the top. 2. Toggle the switch to the right, you can playback your recording one time. 2. Switch to the left for continuous play. 3. Press the Black playback/ stop button to hear your recording. 4. Go bananas turning the pitch shift knob for sounds you thought only an aliens could make. Don't turn the knob past the resistance points. Beware of jealous musician friends in the area.

Top Reviews

Ridiculously entertaining
by Frederick,Top Contributor: Baby (5 out of 5 stars)
December 4, 2018

This is a conceptually simple little toy (and I use the word "toy" in the all-ages sense!), but one that can provide endless entertainment. You can record 30 seconds of something (music, your voice, whatever), then hit a button to play back what you recorded. You can then rotate a knob to speed up or slow down the recording as it plays back on an endless loop.

Simple, yes, but it's amazing how much fun it is to record people's voices and then play them back faster or slower. It would be a great item to leave on your coffee table for guests to fiddle with because it's simple to use and actually nice looking, with a retro wooden look. But put this thing in the hands of a child and you may never get it back!
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Great gift for kids
by Farah (5 out of 5 stars)
July 30, 2019

I bought this for my 8 y/o nephew and he and his older brother absolutely love it. A creative, unusual present for anyone, and especially if the recipient is interested in music and music gear.
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Very Unusual Toy
by Carol Griffin (5 out of 5 stars)
February 18, 2019

Big hit with my grandson, he asked for it for his birthday.

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