Penis Enlargement Underwear

Brand: VindKan
Category: For Men
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* Highly effective as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial preparation, improves micro-circulation, protects the testicles, inhibits bacteria and deodorizes. * Suitable for use by men in protecting their reproductive system. * Highly effective in the treatment of frequent urination, delayed urination, split urination, painful urination, dripping, uroschesis, urinary incontinence and hematuria caused by eczema of the system, urethritis, prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. * Radiates energized magnetic field 24 hours a day for activation of body cells, strengthens kidneys, improves sperm activity, treats impotence, premature ejaculation, shrinking of the penis, promotes secondary growth of the penis, improves sexual functions and quality of sex life and elevates immunity. Functions : * Promote blood circulation * Rapid increase * Improving Male Power * The full restoration of sexuality Note: * Not with bleaching water. * Not with drying. * Not machine wash, just hand wash. * Not ironing and pressing. * Not be in the blazing sun for quite a long time. Washing Method: 1. Use cold or slightly lower than body temperature (30 degree Celsius) water to wash, do not use hot water washing. 2. Please put the clothes after the right amount neuter detergent completely dissolving in the water, detergent shall not be directly on the clothes. 3. Be sure not to put it in the chlorine washing powder, so as not to corrode the clothing. Vkweiku Britain who pants tenth generation increases men loose pants are magnetic energy care modal underwear

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