You're An Idiot Game

Brand: You're an Idiot
Manufacturer: TwoPointOh Games
Model: 60594
EAN: 0862560000339
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Dimension: 3.15 x 5.63 x 5.63 inches
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Product Description

You're An Idiot is the hilarious adult party game made for people with a thick skin and a sense of humor. This incredibly entertaining party game is made for three to ten players and lasts anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes, making it perfect for your next party.


  • A great gift idea for friends, your brother, or any other idiot adult you know (Need a white elephant gift for an office party?)
  • Ages 17+, not for kids, NSFW, and not recommended for the easily-offended
  • Another adult party game by the makers of Drawing Without Dignity, this one’s a spin on Cards Against Humanity
  • Flick the spinner to identify the player at the table to play cards about (no one is safe – good people, bad people, you) – simple, cringe-worthy, and hilarious!
  • Includes 400 cards, idiot detector (the spinner which does other cool stuff, too) and game rules, obviously

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