Wilson Castaway Volleyball

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Product Description

The Critics' Choice Award Winner for Best Inanimate Object (2001) is also a fan favorite on the court. This replica of the actual ball used in the movie has a top-quality, synthetic leather cover for great touch and feel. The Mr. Wilson Cast Away may be a great friend, but it's an even better ball.

Top Reviews

occasionally places him in a good vantage point so Wilson can watch what my son ...
by Kristyn (5 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2017

I bought this for my son, who is autistic and has been completely obsessed with Cast Away since he was 4. I think it's because there is only one voice for the majority of the movie, and it just happens to be Woody from Toy Story. He carries Wilson around and speaks to him, repeats dialog from the movie, occasionally places him in a good vantage point so Wilson can watch what my son is doing, and will tell the volleyball that he'll "be right back" if he leaves the room.

I'm not sure if this turn of events is adorable, or disturbing. Nevertheless, Wilson is now part of the family and he makes my son very happy. I just hope that he doesn't get it in his head to cut Wilson open and give him the island headdress as seen in the movie.
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If you're gonna buy a volleyball, why wouldn't you get a Wilson?
by Flying with Scissors (Thomas&Sam) (5 out of 5 stars)
December 21, 2016

Seriously, if you buy some plane Jane volleyball, over a Hand-some (pardon the pun) Wilson, you don't deserve his presence!

We've played with him, a couple times, he's better than others! He also doesn't hurt your wrists like the cheap nameless joes! He's a great person to talk to, he's not gonna tell any secrets. He's also a celebrity, he played a voice of reason, but snarky, loyal companion to Tom Hanks character in the movie Castaway. Just in case you didn't recognize him. (He's had a little work done, since then)

Seriously, when is the next time you're going to have a movie star of his caliber in your house?
100% recommended!
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Wilson Will Become Part of the Family!
by Madds Dad (5 out of 5 stars)
April 4, 2019

I bought this for my daughter to bring to the beach and on vacation. Ours lasted about 4 years before it died of normal wear and tear. My daughter's first reaction was "why the heck did you buy me a volleyball with a bloody handprint on it?" lol She had never seen Castaway, so didn't have a clue about Wilson. She learned quickly when we would take Wilson on vacation with us and people would shout out "WILSON" every time they see it. It didn't take her long to realize how cool everybody else thought her volleyball was. She would bring Wilson with us wherever we went. I would highly recommend this addition to your family. ;-)
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What's not to love?
by TheWyn (5 out of 5 stars)
January 17, 2016

This review is arriving late, but that just means I've had more time to review it. My first impression of the ball was very skeptical considering it just came in a box by itself and a receipt, nothing else at all like most others do. Ball arrived well filled completely (please note that at the time the ball was shipped to me at a very high altitude which may have contributed to how full it was)- I had to actually let out a little air before using it.
My friends and I used it for an entire summer on a sandy beach style court and it held up fine to the beating. The real bonus is that Wilsons face didn't wear off! Whether this is intended to be a gift or for yourself, I recommend this product.
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Great replacement to help fill the void your departure will create, great ROI!
by Maverick (5 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2018

Before I came to the team that I am a part of, and a team that I am now departing, my counterpart used to have conversations with an imaginary Wilson or a rubber ducky when he needed a sounding board.

The Wilson Cast Away Volleyball will help fill the void that my departure will create -- rather than having conversations with an imaginary Wilson, he can have those conversations with a real Wilson.

The ROI will also be far greater than what my presence provided.

I highly recommend the Wilson Cast Away Volleyball as a gift if you're departing a team!
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Not as soft as people say.
by lucia (4 out of 5 stars)
August 11, 2019

I have always been a volley ball fan especially after being in a volley team in Hs. I am going on a vacation with a few friends and I figure why not buy a cute ball like Wilson to play volleyball on the beach. We recently tried it on his pool and it's not as soft as other people put on their reviews. My wrist were hurting a lot and I had to stop playing.

Overall it's a cute ball but I'm kind off disappointed.
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Best regards.
by patrick Martinez (5 out of 5 stars)
November 12, 2016

Thank you so much.

Best regards.

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Alway's there
by Camry Pilot (4 out of 5 stars)
November 2, 2015

When I was hire a couple months ago at my new job, they said " basically you are on an island of your own, you work for another location but you also back up for this location...so you neither here nor there " So I got a Wilson for my cubical. Everybody needs a friend.
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Wilson packs a punch
by Jennifer (4 out of 5 stars)
July 7, 2016

Wilson!! I bought Wilson to actually play volleyball with and he arrived inflated like WOAH! I've played volleyball regularly since high school and don't remember experiencing pain like that when trying to play lol - so...check it out before you bring him to the beach. He might need to be deflated a little bit first! I haven't tried more since deflating, but hopefully it's ok. This volleyball was pretty cheap so even if he is going to be perma-painful, we'll keep him around for the company ;)
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Very nice cute product to remind us of one of our favorite movies.
by WC Alaska,Top Contributor: Bass Guitars & Gear (5 out of 5 stars)
April 2, 2016

We love the movie Castaway and Tom Hanks. The movie is wonderful and Wilson was such an important part of it. Imagine our delight when we saw this official version come out by Wilson. It comes wrapped in a neat square cardboard around the front and back and we let Wilson sit on our couch by the TV set. When we watch castaway wife moves Wilson in the box so he stares at us while we watch the movie. LOL.

Wilsonnnnnnnnn! Wilsonnnnnnnnn! I'm sorrryyyy. I'm so sorry! Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!

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