Vintage Style Medic Messenger Bag

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Dimension: 1.00 x 13.75 x 13.00 inches
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Top Reviews

Nice bag, smaller than typical messenger styles
by A. Thompson (5 out of 5 stars)
December 13, 2012

I bought this based on the positive reviews, and I'm happy with it. It is definitely smaller than most messenger bags, but that suits me. Since I was expecting the slightly smaller size, I don't count that against the product. It can hold my tablet, Kindle, and a couple paper notebooks just fine. I bought it as an alternative to my nicer purses, which do not hold notebooks and my Kindle well, and that do not hold up to all the slinging around I do when out and about. Military inspired pieces are trendy right now, so I feel more pulled together look-wise using this bag instead of a tote or reusable shopping bag.

However, be aware, this bag does not stand up like the picture. The picture makes it appear to be very sturdy, stiff construction. It is not. The material is thin and much softer than I expected. It reminds me more of a reusable shopping bag rather than military-grade canvas. At first, I didn't care for that aspect of it. However, now that I've messed around with it a bit, I've come to like it. When not in use, I can fold it flat and slide it alongside my boots in my closet. Easy storage is a plus. Also, the light-weight material makes it feel very light during use. I do not have the added weight of bulky material when the bag is full.

The closure straps are not snaps, and that is a big bonus for me. Yes, I have to take a few extra seconds to unbuckle and buckle. But since I am carrying pricey electronics most of the time, I prefer a little extra security. Unless a pilferer snapped up my entire bag, it would be more difficult for him to reach into the bag without my notice. I haven't had my bag long, but so far I don't notice poor craftsmanship or stiff material in the straps. If I notice a problem with repeated use (and I will definitely use the straps), I'll update this.

The shoulder strap is really adjustable. I bought a second bag for my 4 year old because I thought it would be a nice alternative to bulky plastic carriers for her medical toys. I was able to shorten the strap to an ideal length for her. The bag works for my purposes, and it works for hers.

I got the khaki color, and it is lovely. It is a really sharp looking piece, appears to be well-made, and suits both an adult and a child's needs. I'm really happy with this purchase, and I recommend it to people.

My only cautions would be to consider the fact that it is smaller than typical messenger bags, and the construction is not nearly as thick and sturdy as the picture leads you to believe. However, all things considered, this is still a 5 star product. I liked it enough to buy 2.
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Caution with the Picture!
by Ricky M. (4 out of 5 stars)
May 18, 2012

I had loved the way the bag looked online. I wanted this is be my first messenger type bag. Once I received the package, which did come on its delivery day, I felt dumb for have ordering it. The second I saw how small if was, I went "DAMNNNNN!" As if I was ripped off, I considered returning it, but the hassle of the Amazon return policy didn't seem to favor my order worth of 16 dollars. The material it was made out of seemed okay, but the cross sign didn't look like the bright red at all, but a dark, dark red, with a seeming look of a tint of purple. I had drawn a box according to the dimension, which was about 12.5 by 11 if I recall. I had believed that I was able to fit in my spiral notebook and one of those accordion looking folder keeper, the kind you slide papers in. I believe that I'd be able to have it for school use, the notebook and a few durable folders, and a few misc things such a calculator, planner and glasses. I don't plan to use it any time soon, so I'm waiting to see if I see anyone worthy of the bag as a favorable gift, perhaps I'll settle whether or not I'll have it by then.

I really feel like I'm gonna be a minimalist by taking this to school though. I did want a change from the standard book-bag after all :/

I wouldn't recommend it for a friend, unless they plan to dress up as a battlefield medic, or just love looking like a medic. Yet, the design I think was worth it. IF ONLY IT WAS BIGGER! I WOULD TOTALLY BUY ONE with this DESIGN, BUT BIGGER! ;_;

UPDATE: It's been my first week using it to carry my stuff for school. The things I have is a 2 inch binder, a small planner, a book, my glasses case, a folder and little misc. items. I've magically been able to get around. It does bring the minimalist in you, only carrying what is truly needed. I just carry the single textbook i may be carrying in my hands. One problem I do see is how the strap, when adjusted, just falls back, so most times, it dangles down at full length, which is about 2 feet on both sides (so about 4 feet in total.) Once you start wearing it, YOU HAVE TO BE CAUTIOUS WITH IT! The material seems stable, but just enough to hold itself together, which is why i don't cram it any heavy books, afraid that it may wear out the bottom of the bag. I'm glad to have bought it, seems like a good change from the average joe's bookbag, only if you carry minimum things that is, like a a few notebooks and folders. Also, I do leave the little leather (which feels and looks fine) straps alone sometimes, since it takes about 8-10 full seconds to strap in and go to the next undo and repeat the process again. The leather straps are sturdy and the bag itself seems fine in its stitches and how its been made. I've grown to like it, so I raised it to a 4 star, since its one of those things that take time to fully appreciate it.

PS. It can reach about more than the 11' a 13' width, which looks kinda weird at first, but looks fine.
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Well made and smart
by The Proton (4 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2012

At less than $20, this canvas bag is awesome!

I wanted a bag that did not have too many "pouches-pockets-straps", had clean lines and was also something small so it would remind me to reduce what I carry. Large bags (to me) = large amount of things invariably get carried, which over the years has become a bit of a shoulder pain. This bag offers the added carrot of looking smart.

It now holds a 1" file folder horizontally, a water bottle, a thermos, calculator, and a large pouch for my little doo-dads including a kindle and camera. Alternatively, it holds the file folder, the laptop+ wire, large pouch, calculator.

I hold my purse and phone in my jacket for easy reach when taking a bus.

Some other reviewer said the straps were poor in quality. While it is true that you wouldn't want to carelessly yank the strap open and close several times a day, the straps seem sturdy for the cause. They are leather-like and a very complimentary color for the lovely beige of the bag.

The medic screen print is a wonderful, matte, rust with good workmanship.

Three weeks down, it holds up well + several compliments to boot!
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Bought this as a gift
by A. M. Waite (4 out of 5 stars)
April 27, 2017

Finally bought this for my brother seeing as it was on his wishlist for close to 2 years. The design is very nice but it's a lot smaller than I expected. I have no doubt that I just didn't pay attention to the product details so that's no fault of the seller. The bag itself seems to be a fine quality but there were some loose threads and one of the straps was sewn on a bit crooked but all in all it seems like a great little buy.
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For my uses, its great
by A. J. Safian (3 out of 5 stars)
May 6, 2012

I initially wanted a quality canvas messenger bag to lug with me on my various errands on my bicycle. I have purchased from Rothco before and felt pretty confident with their quality and products and figured why not. The messenger bag I received is as pictured and accurate. But the problem is that the bag is actually smaller than you would expect. It is made in Pakistan and the material is actually pretty thin. These things do not bother me at all becuase I can still carry my 13" macbook and 1 other textbook around no problem while riding my bike. But the leather straps are awful quality!!!

If more money could have been spent making nicer or at least better catching buckles for this messenger bag, I would give it a 4 star rating. This seems like a more "showy" messenger bag than a practical one, but then again, its lightness helps and I have been able to make the most use out of it and all my tasks that I do. So a pretty good product for the price is all I can come up with at the moment. If you want something more secure and protective for your laptop, I'd recommend something else.

I have gotten compliments on the bag due to its design. I only wish It could be of better quality and thickness.
*It picks up moisture pretty easily and it takes seconds before the water seeps through the thin material and ruins its contents. So do not think its ruggid appearance means its suitable for ruggid conditions.
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Durable Bag
by Jackson Mower (4 out of 5 stars)
June 30, 2014

I've had the back that I bought for over a year now, and though I don't use it heavily, its held up pretty well. I use it to carry around a bunch of my RPG stuff and other odd bits and ends, and its held up fairly well under the book weight. It also went through the stress of being puked on and having to be washed, and the leather on the latches held up well and softened up after a little working with them, and the red didn't fade at all. My only complaints are that the little tag that it came with on the strap frayed pretty badly, and so I had to trash it, and that the bag was not quite as large as what I was expecting when I ordered it. It won't fit my 18 inch laptop inside without the sides distending. However, it will fit four large RPG books inside and still latch. It'll get fatter, just not longer. Overall a good durable bag, just a bit small in width.
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by Kiwi (5 out of 5 stars)
February 20, 2011

I waited a few weeks before writing my review. I was a little skeptical about its durability and size due to other reviews. I took the risk and bought it, though, because I just LOVED how it looked. It seems to be HIGHLY durable to me. I stuff this bag with my textbooks, notebooks, and folders everyday. I can usually fit one large textbook, a bunch of folders, a pencil case, a makeup case, 2 notebooks, a water bottle, a couple bags of candy, and 3 small reading books (Like MacBeth, for example). The strap has never even loosened itself, there are no loose stitches - let alone any rips.

It is a little smaller than some bags are. I've stuck my 13" laptop in it, and it won't quite close all the way. I don't mind though (nothing falls out or anything, and it looks fine unclasped). I still carry my laptop around in there often.

I love it! It's a very cute bag!
(Also, I don't mind the brown leather straps on the front, as someone else commented on. And after a week or so, they don't look weird at all.)
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Great for a purse!
by Lindsay Broady (5 out of 5 stars)
January 7, 2013

I bought this intending to use it for a purse, normal purses are usually too small for everything I carry and a full sized messenger bag is too big. This is a really good compromise, it is much smaller than a normal messenger bag but definitely the size I was hoping for.

It doesn't have pockets inside but with a bag organizer I think it will be perfect for what I need. I don't believe anything smaller than a netbook or a tablet could fit in it hardware-wise, but that's not what I bought it for so it doesn't matter to me anyway.

The canvas seems very sturdy though I think it might not withstand enormous weight. The paint used for the cross is very nice, it has a really good distressed look to it. The leather straps are soft and a bit darker in color than they appear in the picture on Amazon. Overall I am very happy, I think I will really enjoy using this bag.
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A fun accesory
by Mr. Jang (4 out of 5 stars)
February 21, 2013

I was worried about how well this bag was going to be made and I can happily say that it is indeed well made.

As reviewers have said it's not very big at all. The picture shows the straps being used but mine, even having several things inside, has the straps hanging well below the buckles rendering them useless. Thankfully the material is heavy-weight so the flap stays secure to the bag without the buckles.

Some images show the cross stamp looking shiny. On the khaki one I orded, the stamp is matte and looks legit.

Even though it is small, I am able to fit 2 small sketch books, a relatively small drawing PC tables, glasses case and a stylus holder (I simply used a bracelet case) and still have a fair bit of room and as I said the flap covers the entire side of the bag.

The pouch DOES NOT have any inside sections to place pens and other small items. So that's something you will have to deal with.

I really really like this bag. I'm happy with it. I can only hope for you consumers that the other colors are made as well as the khaki.
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Pretty solid
by ThatGuy (4 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2013

I've purchased 2 near identical bags from the company. Neither have had the small medical symbol tag you see in the logo, but that's hardly worth mentioning. Of the two, the first I bought last year, and gave as a present. 6 months later they said that they had a broken strap along the seam, but were able to stitch it back up.

Not to be deterred, I bought one as a laptop/school bag for myself. Unfortunately the bag is fairly small, but it makes for a moderately ok bag if you're only carrying 2 or so textbooks and some spirals.

This one seems to be just fine and I haven't seen any sign of it tearing. As far as the style goes, I've been in CPR/First Aid Classes, and will be moving onto EMT training next year, so it's pretty neat and have had some nice compliments on it.

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