Electronic Doggy Door

Brand: High Tech Pet
Manufacturer: High Tech Pet Products, Inc
Model: PX-2
EAN: 0781163896555
Category: Home & Office
Price: $449.99  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 47.00 x 18.00 x 6.00 inches
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Average Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Engineered for performance, design, value and extreme reliability, Power Pet doors are motor driven and activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar. Other electronic pet doors merely unlock a hinged panel, requiring your pet to push it open. That's something that a lot of pets don't like to do. Patented Power Pet doors open completely under their own power. They feature a translucent door panel made of a new super-strength, bulletproof resin. When your pet approaches, the air-tight panel quickly and quietly powers upward, disappearing into the stylish housing. Because the panel moves up and down and does not swing out, it can be mounted in hermetically sealed grooves for air-tight closure. This mounting arrangement makes it impossible for an intruder to kick it out. An automatic dead-bolt locking feature adds a higher level of security to your home. The result is the most secure pet door against intruders and stray animals. Your pets are empowered to come and go as they please. Their animal friends are politely asked to stay out. Power Pet doors are completely wind and weather-proof with an air-tight sealing system. Power Pet's directional sensing system is pretty amazing as well. The digitally coded signal emitted from your pet's ultrasonic transmitter collar allows the Power Pet to work almost like magic, opening only when your pet is on a direct approach. 4-way access control lets you select from In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed and Locked. Dual range controls let you set independent inside and outside activation distances. Panel size: 12-1/4 by 16-inch for pets up to 100-pound. Operates on AC adapter (included). Optional backup battery (model B12V-1.3) snaps into the battery compartment to keep your Power Pet door functioning in the case of a power outage, or if you prefer to operate solely on battery power. Door is also operated by Humane Contain RX-10 multi-function collar for X-10 dog fence system.


  • Motor driven vertically-sliding door is activated by MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system opens the door only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when he is just wandering by or sleeping next to the door
  • 4-way access control lets you select from In Only, Out Only, Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Wind and weatherproof with airtight seal; automatic deadbolt locking adds a level of security higher than any other pet door
  • Panel size: 12-1/4 by 16-inch for pets up to 100-pound, Kindly refer user manual and instruction video for reference.

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Top Reviews

Great concept for a dog door and the only one of it's kind. But suffers from flimsy manufacturing.
by A L (3 out of 5 stars)
June 24, 2016

This product is a great idea that suffers from low quality manufacturing.

I live in an area with lots of raccoons, possums, coyotes, etc. In addition I am always concerns that a large dog door will be too inviting to burglars and other bad folks. My dog is long and lanky, so there is no other option other than installing a large dog door. I searched and searched and searched for a dog door that offers something other than your standard flap. This was the only product that came close. I like the idea that a specific collar is needed and that it isn't simply motion controlled. I also like that the sensitivity can be adjusted. So I can have the door open as my dog is a few feet away or very close. The dog tends to walk by or lay by the door when out in the yard. So I can reduce the outdoor sensor to it isn't constantly opening. The unit itself is pretty long, but not too deep. It was no more difficult to install than any other dog door. I just used a jigsaw to open the hole a bit more for the needed size. I have both the battery and electrical cord option. I currently use the battery since I don't like how the cord would hang in the space I have. I have to charge the battery about once a week or more and it takes an hour+ to fully charge on average. I do like the door and hope it lasts. There are no competitors out there that have anything similar to this.

Now for the bad. Despite the great design of the door, the quality of the product is severely lacking. My first order arrived with one of the senior knobs already snapped off. I looked it over careful hoping that it had just come loose, or maybe I could even superglue it back on. But the neck (?) where the knob connects to the inner workings was toothpick thin, possibly thinner. I am still concerned that such a thin flimsy piece of plastic is all that I have to control the sensor. It should at the very least be metal. I dread the day that I bump the door with my hips as I bring groceries in and snap it off. Or a kid or clumsy person doesn't take care. I contacted the company (The pain of dealing with 3rd parties and not Amazon) and they agreed to send another one out ASAP. The next day another employee called and left a message saying they would not send the replacement if I did not call them immediately to give them a credit card in case I did not send the defective product back. The woman was strangely aggressive and terse, the opposite of the nice woman who took my original complaint.

One I got the replacement door I installed it right away. Within about a week the tab that holds the battery cover in place snapped off. It is also a pretty thin flimsy piece of plastic. About a week after that I started noticing the door would open when the dog was exciting, but would only open sometimes when the dog tried to come back inside. After a few days the outside sensor stopped working completely. Which really sucked since temperatures were getting into the 80s and I needed to make sure the dog could get inside. I called the company again and they sent me instruction on how to reset the door. That did not work. So they sent me a package that had a new sensor in it. It was not really complicated to replace, but it was a nuisance for sure. The door was only about 2 months old. Once the sensor was replaced and the door remounted, it worked great. It still works great in fact. The door is kinda loud, so you won't want to install it anywhere that will annoy you.

Overall it is a great concept, and the only automatic dog door like it out there. But they manufacturing is sooooooo bad that I've had multiple parts break and/or need replacing within the first few months.
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Well-made, reliable pet door!
by Regina B. (5 out of 5 stars)
December 23, 2017

Door works great! I purchased this door in December 2016, so it has been in use for almost a year. I have 2 medium-size (40 lb) Golden Doodles who use this pet door like a revolving door.....the dogs go in and out constantly. One dog often lays in front of the door and uses it as his private window. So the door opens and closes at a minimum of 20 times in a 24-hour period. The door is well-built, substantial, and attractive. I have experienced NO problems with the operation of the door.....NONE AT ALL. I have had no issues with the collar since I started using the MS-5 collar. My dogs love water.....rain, snow, puddles, lake, etc. They also like to run through wooded areas. I found the MS-5 collar to be sturdier and handles the rough environment that my dogs play in. As for the complaints on short-life on batteries, I have not experienced that. My dogs are very heavy users of the door and I change the batteries about every 3 months. I think that is a small price to pay for the convenience that this door provides. My dogs love using this door!!! They were trained to use the door in one day and have never stopped. Even my timid dog was easily trained. I have the large door and my son's 90 lb Golden Retriever can use it. I love the convenience and reliability of this door. I highly recommend this door for any size dog.
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Easy install, works great, highly recommended
by christy smart (5 out of 5 stars)
July 18, 2016

We purchased this for our two cocker spaniels and it works great. It has been installed for a few weeks now and they use it regularly. We installed it in a metal exterior door that has a window. We had to get the large size so the top covers part of the window, but we don't normally open the window in this door anyways. The installation instructions are not great, but we are handy folks and did not have any problems with the install. Took the door off, marked the measurements, drilled holes in the four corners and used a jigzaw with a good metal blade to cut through the door. Had to cut both sides. One the hole was in place, the unit installed very quickly and easily. We had a power outlet right by the door, so we went with the AC plug that comes with the unit. I really like that the door allows for the plug to be connected on either side.

The dog collars are small and don't seem to bother our dogs at all. The unit comes with one collar and we purchased a 2nd on Amazon also. One minor challenge we have is that if the collar spins at all, the sensor won't line up and the door may not open when the dog walks up to it. We are playing with the sensor adjustments now to see if there is an impact. It confuses the dog when the door won't open, but fortunately, since we have two and they are usually together. The other one will walk up or come back in from outside and open the door.

The unit does not have an adjustment to specify how long the door should stay open once they walk through it. Since we have two dogs, this would be great. I didn't take any stars off for this though because we still really like how it works as-is.

We haven't recognized how long the collar batteries last yet. They are specialty batteries and are not cheap, but we understand why... to keep the sensor small.

We definitely recommend this unit. We had a hard time determining what size to purchase. Our dogs are fairly small. One weights just over 30 pounds, which was the max for the smaller unit. We did some testing with cardboard and determined that the larger unit would be best for our dogs, even though they are small. The size is great. They have plenty of room to run through the door and it is not too large. Sometimes they try to go through it together :-) .

We did a lot of research on all the options available and from what we've reviewed and now what we've experiences... we are very confident that we made the right decision.
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Buyer beware, doesn't like cold weather, like Pure Michigan 30 below 0, requires safety feature disa
by Tyr2009 (2 out of 5 stars)
January 2, 2018

Buyer beware, doesn't like cold weather, like Pure Michigan 30 below 0, which requires disabling the safety feature.

Bought the door in an attempt to prevent the cats from going outside and killing everything and bringing their trophies back in the house (which only stopped two of them, the other figured out how to herd the lab into opening the door for her, but it did stop dead animal surprises). Works fine normally, however, windy conditions and cold weather cause the auto open sensor to reopen the door repeatedly. "It's a known issue" and the only fix is to disable the safety retract until warmer weather (it is on page 8 of the manual for disabling the automatic safety retract). In addition, the collars were made such that they reversed the polls on the battery with a little insert. This means they get to charge you $10 for two batteries. The fix for this issue is to buy a bunch of CR2430 (can get a pack of ten for $4), break the two solder points and remove the poll reverse tab and put them on the new CR2430 battery. Eventually bending the tabs back and forth will break them so you will need a spare or two. A small issue is the collar sensor needs to be slightly angled or the door won't open. I fixed this by putting a hairband at the very bottom of the collar box, and then ziptieing the collar box to the dog collar, which gives it the proper angle. The other problem is my dogs would spin the collar box around. An alternate fix to this is use a ziptie and let the collar box hang... which makes another problem. The hanging collar box could be snapped off outside.

Other than those issues, the door works as advertised.
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Amazing Dog Door, Needs some 2019 Enhancements
by Bridget N. (4 out of 5 stars)
April 11, 2019

I want to start off by saying that of this is the best dog door available, electronic or not.

That said, there are some drawbacks to this product, and I hope there is a refresh to re-earn the moniker "High Tech".

Prior to buying this dog door, I purchased the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel for ~$350.

I knew the moment I opened the package had just bought a total piece of garbage.

Inspecting the door further only made me more ashamed of myself for buying it and that the company has been able to pass it off as a quality product.

I had been considering the High Tech Pet Door but was worried it would be too large for me to not get pissed off at looking at it. However, since I had already bought the PetSafe POS I ordered it compare.

I got the door and tested it out along with how it could be automated with my dog, a 66 pound black lab. I really liked it and was surprised by the durability of the product as well as the insulation the door provided.

I decided to keep the high Tech door and return the PetSafe door.

However, the HT door is rather large. I mocked up the cut out on the drywall and it would essentially be overlaid by 4.5 feet. And it is very noticeable, as I had feared it would look like an eyesore in my dining room leading to the backyard.

However, after talking with friends and handyman, we decided we could recess the dog door into the drywall and almost flush mount the device. Then we could paint it over to match the wall masking its noticeable color difference.

I am happy to say that this worked very well, and I highly recommend you do this. It looks/works awesome!

I do have some cons on this product...
#1. The device needs to be connected via the house Wi-Fi. Then accessible via mobile app for functions: Lock/Unlock of Interior and Exterior; Open/Close
#2: Re-design the housing so that the device can be fully recessed/flush mounted into drywall. The housing needs to be able to fit all the way inside the supporting wall studs.
#3. Continuous power supply run through the wall into the back of an outlet so that the door does not need the optional battery backup.
#4. A quieter opening/close motor; nothing like hearing your dog go out at 2am from a floor away.
#5. The durability of the collar is total crap. More than 2 times has the battery/front housing popped off from my dog scratching at it. It needs to be WAAAAY more durable.
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So happy we went for it.
by Noelle Cagle (5 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2016

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our door so far. It helped us potty train our 7 week old puppies in just 3 days! It was very difficult to install because we had to cut through the stucco of our house, and we hard wired it in ourselves, but I am sure it would have been a snap if it was going into a door like most people do. The installation instructions are poor at best. Also, I used silicone around the edges of the outside frame and where the wall tunnel connects, because it had a lot of gaps that bugs and water would get in through. We hope this lasts forever, because it is so wonderful. It is ugly though, so we put a table over the opening and leaned a painting against the wall so you can hardly see the door, but the dogs have full access.
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so having the convenience of our dogs and cats being able to go in and out as the please was amazing
by Leo lover (1 out of 5 stars)
June 3, 2017

In the beginning this door saved our lives. As a large family we are always running around, so having the convenience of our dogs and cats being able to go in and out as the please was amazing. The major problem with this door is that you can never stop spending money on it. We have had a multitude of collars that activate the door just stop working or break. If your dog is one that likes to swim or get wet they offer a "water-proof" collar, that only cost around $50 that isn't even water-proof! I have probably spent around at least $300 on these stupid collars. Now that I've thrown so much money away, it has gotten to the point where I am looking at new dog doors.

So if you decide not to read any of the words above,

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If you have dogs and you have to attend their every biological need, YOU NEED this door.
by aka Lainey (5 out of 5 stars)
April 6, 2017

This dog door is perfect. Love/love/love it. yes, it has a couple of minor flaws, but did I mention, I love it! We have had it installed for 9 months now and it is the best thing I've ever done for our dogs, our family and most of all, my sanity- seriously!. I can now leave the house for more than 4 hours without worrying about one of the dogs having an "accident" inside the house. I used to walk in the door and if I wasn't greeted by 2 dogs, then I knew the missing one had "an accident", which I would then have to clean up and then deal with the dogs emotional well-being because he felt my stress and frustration which led to more guilty feelings (for both of us).... ugh, not fun.

But now, our 2 wonderful and responsible large dogs (106 lb Golden Lab and 45 lb pointer mix) no longer have to ask permission to go outside or wait until someone comes home... I enjoy having dogs again, and they enjoy the independence to going outside when the "urge to go" hits them... We have a fully fenced backyard, but could not install a traditional flap or magnetic closure door due to the fact that we live in a rural area and would have to worry about mice, chipmunks, possums, squirrels or skunks looking for a way in...and we also wanted to keep our cat inside & alive (we have coyotes and fox too), so it was important was that the door be securely shut, each time, after it was opened. This door is operated by a radio control signal on the dogs collar so the door only opens when your dog walks up to it to go outside and back inside. The door is responsive & quiet and there is no detectable draft when it is closed. We are in CT, so cold coming inside was a big consideration, but after just going through our first winter the door performed operated flawlessly in below freezing temps and during snow storms.

a couple of negatives...
-- the little plastic turn-dial on the front of the unit broke off during installation (it adjusts range of frequency) but it still works fine.
-- the collars can't go swimming. Take them off if you take your dog someplace where they will go swimming. Saltwater has killed a few of these for me. I've quickly removed the collar and dried it out successfully after dogs went swimming in fresh water, but its a pain...I keep extra batteries and 1 collar on hand in case of emergency.
-- I would have saved $1000's in floor repairs and carpet cleaning bills if I'd had this for the past few years. (fyi, dog urine will cause persian rug colors to bleed through and severely stain/burn the wood floor beneath- ).

IMHO, it's close to perfect.
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It works!!
by Kelly mom (1 out of 5 stars)
January 25, 2019

Works really well. We have two beagles, one who has never been fully potty trained. He's been having more and more accidents. We've never gotten a dog door because we have cats and didn't want them to get out or wild animals to get in. This solves those problems.

Pluses: the door is semi clear, so the dogs can see outside which helps them understand to use it. The door does not close on them. It does not open just when they're near it, but when they are turned to it and head is at the height to go out.

Our nervous dog is still scared of it, but our dumber dog is all about it and we've had far fewer accidents inside.

Took my husband an hour to put in. He did have an electric saw tool. We also had to order an extra collar and batteries online for the second dog, which is NBD. Overall this does exactly what we hoped. Our dog sitter, who works at PetSmart, was super impressed by it. I do think my smarter cat is going to figure out how to get out with the dogs, but he hasn't yet.

UPDATED 6/25/19

The door worked for about 3-4 months before it failed. When my dog would approach it would open, but then try to close multiple times and get stuck. Customer service was excellent and responsive, out of California, in helping us get a replacement door. So we get the replacement door in and now it won't communicate with one of the collars. It will sometimes open, sometimes not, and there's no fix in the user manual. I'm kind of over all the mechanical issues.

UPDATED 7/18/19 The replacement door now suffers from the same problem: it opens, then only closes part way and stays stuck like that. This product is not worth the money at all. The manufacturer won't take it back and told us to return to Amazon, who will only issue a partial refund because the return window is closed. Can't recommend.
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Worked great for 6 months, till it didn't want to open unless on max sensitivity some of the time
by Jacob (2 out of 5 stars)
November 7, 2018

Did all the research, wanted to make sure we got a quality door. It seemed to be that way. Didn't take long for the dogs to take to it and was large enough for our 75 pound lab. But after 6 months the door doesn't want to open up all the time and you can see the dogs standing there waiting for it to open to go in or out. They look at me as I come over to see what is up with a look of confusion. Don't know what is going on but at 350 bucks I was not expecting it start failing like that. Tried everything to fix it, turned it on and off, cleaned the sensors to make sure there was no debris, checked each of the collars for dead batteries, only thing that works is cranking the sensitivity up to max now and even then it is hit or miss if it opens for them. Had no problems when it was set at a 2 or 3 level on the sensitivity for 6 months. But like I said at max I still get mixed results at best, and know it isn't working when the dog barks cause they can't get in or out and makes a mess cause they forgot how to let us know they want out. Very disappointed in this product line. From an engineering stand point it is a good idea, but seems that manufacturing quality is lacking to fail so quickly.

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