LED-Lit Ant Farm Revolution

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Product Description

Add LED lighting, and it seems possible to bring the sexy back to just about anything. Cheap retro watches. House slippers. Even ant farms. In fact, crazy old Uncle Milton purports to start a full-on ant farming revolution... [Read more]


  • Not your average Ant Farm!
  • Watch ants create 3-D tunnels in nutrient rich, translucent gel
  • Projects giant ant shadows onto walls and ceiling
  • Features LED's and projecting lens
  • Order your ants online at unclemilton

Top Reviews

The Loneliest Ant
by Jeffrey S. (5 out of 5 stars)
December 18, 2012

This ant farm works exceptionally well. The actual burrowing area for the ants is sufficiently deep, yet narrow, so the ants are always readily visible. My daughter was mesmerized by her new pets for a day or two. Since then, I have been the primary beneficiary of this purchase.

Upon receiving the ant farm in mid-June, my daughter and I gathered exactly 40 western harvester ants. For the first few days, they huddled together on the top, covering the lens in the middle. Then, they began tunneling--a lot. The gel held up well, for the most part. The only problem was that the tunnels at the very bottom of the ant farm tended to flood with moisture from the gel, causing the first few fatalities. I drained it a couple times by first evacuating the ants into a temporary container, then simply upending the ant farm. This didn't seem to help all that much, however, so I don't suggest it. Ants are necessarily subject to certain occupational hazards, it seems.

The ants lived and worked happily for two months before beginning to die off precipitously. In short order, only two ants remained. These kept each other company for perhaps two weeks, after which the penultimate ant died. The last survivor moved all the dead ants into the lowest chamber of the ant farm, flush against the floor. Astonishingly, she wanders among the dead in her makeshift tomb to this day, having now outlived her comrades by approximately four months.
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We feel bad for these ants
by Amazon Customer (2 out of 5 stars)
May 8, 2016

The projection on the ceiling only works the first ~12 hours or so till the ants fill the top with gel. The gel on the bottom is liquid whether the light is on or not and it drowns the ants, we have a line of ants on the bottom that are dead some and 100% in gel where it filled back in. The ventilation is inadequate we take the top off 2x a day to give them air and they go crazy trying to get out. We feel bad for these ants. The size is good and with better gel it might not kill them but not a great ant farm
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Gel eroded and also too thin
by Austin (2 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2018

Not terrible, but not good. The green stuff wore away very quickly from the outside wall leaving a gap between the gel and the wall. It was already a very thin amount of gel so with half of it worn away the ants were unable to make tunnels. Very disappointing. The light was largely ineffective. The "Tank", for want of a better word, had a good seal, no ants able to escape, helped also by the high walls they were unable to climb. Might have been a good one if the gel hadn't eroded. It never spent time in the sun or heat so it was not from negligence. The gel needs to be wider. If you buy this one, just be aware that it might erode and it's not thick enough to begin with.
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by R. McKinney (2 out of 5 stars)
December 18, 2012

My son received this as a gift at Christmas in 2011. I did not get around to ordering the ants until May. With the weather heating up, they did not ship them until September. My son and I went through the instructions to poke holes, etc. He liked watching the ants in the tunnels they made, but it creeped him out (6 years old) to see them on the ceiling with the light on. Overall it was a neat toy. However, I gave this product a low rating because I really don't think the ants even lived a month. I don't know what the lifespan of an ant is supposed to be, but it felt a little morbid to lock the ants in this container for them to die pretty soon.
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Gel is shrunk badly and doesn't allow any tunneling at all
by Chris Monroe (1 out of 5 stars)
June 8, 2018

My 3 year old son was super excited about getting his first ant farm but upon arrival, the gel was shrunken ALOT. The gel doesn't even reach the outer cylinder wall. There's not even enough gel for us to use the included tool to make tunnels for the ants. It's a shame because the ants we ordered won't even be able to tunnel at all. My son's ants come on Monday so it makes no sense to send this ant farm back because the ants coming Monday won't have a place to live.
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This was a cool purchase. The ants weren't mailed for a month ...
by Julia (3 out of 5 stars)
January 7, 2015

This was a cool purchase. The ants weren't mailed for a month or so after I purchased the farm since I live in Florida and the weather is always hot. I think it could have been made better, the magnifying glass isn't really magnifying and you can see the ants better through the side. The lifespan of the ants is only about 60 days which takes the fun away from it all. But overall it was an interesting purchase.
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Niece loves them.
by Johan (4 out of 5 stars)
November 20, 2012

I'm giving it four stars because the ants took forever to get here. There's a voucher in the package that you have to redeem for free ants. The ants come in the mail in a vial. The weather plays a big part in when you get the ants. Summer months are your best bet. Looks really cool in the dark and is an alternative to a small fish tank. All the ants eventually die after about two months.
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This arrived with the gel half missing (it had shrunk ...
by J. Hickey (2 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2017

This arrived with the gel half missing (it had shrunk and pulled away from the sides. The ant arrived and all but 3 were dead :( they lived about 2 weeks in here then died too. I guess ants dont belong in green gel habitats
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We loved the ant farm
by Amy Sableski (5 out of 5 stars)
March 18, 2016

We loved the ant farm. It was cool to see the ants walking on the ceiling, being projected with the light underneath. I didn't get much work around the house, I would find myself along with the kids being mesmerized by the ants working so hard to build tunnels. Great products. Easy set up. Very fun to watch.
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I didn't realize they came with a voucher for free ...
by christopher basilone (4 out of 5 stars)
March 6, 2018

I didn't realize they came with a voucher for free ants. Waiting for the warm weather and they will be mailed. So if spring ever gets here, we can have our farm. :-)

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