Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool

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Dimension: 58.00 x 15.00 x 6.00 inches
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Product Description

The Rake Assassin's has a unique design for effective gardening. This Unique Rake/Shovel Combo Tool is popular in Europe. The Rake Assassin lets you rake, collect, skim, sift, dump and haul almost anything in the landscape that requires a sturdy yet delicate touch. With the Rake Assassin you can clear up almost every imaginable type of garden waste such as mowed grass, leaves, tree waste, pruning clippings, weeds and moss. In the blink of an eye, the Rake Assassin removes waste from the lawn, from flower beds, from paths, from gravel and even from garden ponds with limited bending and a unique durable design for sifting debris for the clean landscape. Use it to skim the pond. The Rake Assassin is 58” long, weighs just 1. 75 lbs made from durable polypropylene teeth as well as a lightweight yet sturdy powder coated aluminum shaft. The comfort D-handle is made from durable plastic. No need to keep switching between a rake and a shovel. Just roll the Rake Assassin in your hand to the position as needed. The ergonomic shaft design limits your bending. With the Rake Assassin you can dig up vegetables, bulbs and tubers from the garden with the greatest of ease, shake off the soil and recover without damage to the fruit. The Rake Assassin is the ultimate solution for gathering fallen fruit or nuts, clearing up pine cones, chestnuts and rocks and spreading mulch or compost over the lawn and in between plants. For animal lovers, the Rake Assassin is the ideal tool for cleaning out the stable and for keeping the pasture clean, or just cleaning up after your pet without backbreaking bending. The Rake Assassin is also ideally suited for clearing out waste left in playgrounds, camping sites, recreational areas and the beach. Some simple assembly required- Buyer needs to connect the 2 poles by clicking and easily inserting. Buyer also needs to screw-in 4 screws with a Phillips Screw driver.


  • NOT AN ORDINARY GARDEN TOOL - Most rakes on the market scoop small amounts of leaves, but often bend and break under pressure. This causes back problems and wastes your precious time on projects that should be quick and easy. Switch to our Rake Assassin, and you’ll see an astounding difference during your outdoor projects. It’s perfect for men and women.
  • STURDY HANDLE - Most rake handles dig into your hands, whether they are plastic or wood. Our expertly-designed rake handle is durable and made of heavy-duty, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum with a plastic D-handle. It isn’t prone to chipping and rusting like your average metal rake handle. It’s 58” long and weighs just 1.75 lbs. And the 2-piece aluminum pole makes transport and storage easy.
  • WORK WITH EASE - No matter what outdoor task you have to accomplish with your Rake Assassin, it will do the job in half the time it would take with an ordinary rake. Whether you are removing grass, leaves, tree waste, pruning clippings, fallen fruit, or moss, your Rake Assassin will be your yard’s new best friend. It can skim your swimming pool better than most nets and has shoveling capabilities.
  • MORE THAN A RAKE - Our Rake Assassin has a unique design that uses innovative technology to make raking and cleaning up a breeze. The bend in the bottom half of the pole allows you to roll the handle to convert the rake into a shovel. With the Rake Assassin, you can draw the pile of leaves or waste to you and then scoop it up with a simple hand motion. No need for plastic “hands” or another rake!
  • ROOT ASSASSIN QUALITY PROMISE - At Root Assassin, we believe in quality without compromise. You should be able to trust your tools completely, especially when using them for important projects. We make products that meet our highest level of excellence to keep our customers happy and safe. Need a storage solution? The Rake Assassin fits well in our garden tool holder (also on Amazon)!

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Top Reviews

by MangoMan (5 out of 5 stars)
October 3, 2016


This thing is everything a person with a bamboo thicket could want and probably more. After spending 16 hours cutting through substantial bamboo roots located 4" - 6" below the surface and then prying out clumps for transplanting, I can attest that this is one tough mother of a shovel. The instructions with the shovel say not to use as a pry bar, but in the process of serious digging in tough clay soil, there definitely is some prying.. And this shovel excelled at both side cutting, piercing through roots and yes, prying out the root balls that often weighed 20 - 50 pounds.Well done! Heavy duty construction, quality welds and a nice strong, long handle and comfortable hand grip. Did I say, reasonably light weight. Highly recommended.
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Best transplant tool ever!
by Paul (5 out of 5 stars)
March 14, 2017

This is the best transplant shovel I have ever used, bar none. It makes moving sword-ferns a breeze. I lent it to my four gardeners to help me move a large (7' plus round) rhododendron that was just about to bloom. The lead gardener used it and fell in love as it made a one hour plus struggle (digging out the bush and creating the receiving whole in root infested ground) into a 20 minute job. The sides cut the roots cleanly and on one pass. The shape of the blade creates a perfect transplant ball and recipient whole in the toughest of digging conditions (I'm in the forest of the Puget Sound). I met with the owner of the gardening company that helps with my big projects and she said with annoyance and a smile that she had to buy one too at the insistence of her crew. The proof of the pudding is that the rhody is healthy and blooming beautifully right now. Buy it if you need to move large or small plants on a regular basis as it is extremely well made and tough. I can hardly wait to use it to thin out the perennials bed and create wonderful cuttings for friends.
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cut roots? yes! pry up bushes? no!
by John T. (3 out of 5 stars)
March 26, 2015

I bought the Root Assassin with two purposes in mind; help remove unwanted bushes, and help dig items out of the woods that I found with my metal detector. in the short time that I have had this item, I have only used it to dig a hole in the yard. the assassin sank into the ground easily. it cut through a root as thick as a finger with no problem. I didn't even know the root was there until I removed the dirt from the hole.

I will update this review when I really put it to the test.

UPDATE 5/16/15

I used the root assassin to dig out three medium-sized bushes. every time i hit resistance, i repositioned the assassin and jumped on it. for big roots, i did just like the video and sawed through the roots. i followed up with a regular long-handled shovel to get the bushes out of the ground. the first two bushes came up fine, but the third was being tough. i had to wiggle the root assassin back and forth and forward and back to free it several times. the forward/back motion bent the blade, and now it is cracked. the description says to not use it as a lever, and they mean it. i don't think i exceeded the recommended force of 250 lbs though. bumped it down from 4 stars to three.
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I love this shovel
by Jana (5 out of 5 stars)
October 6, 2016

I love this shovel. I had a hip replacement in my "digging" leg so I was looking for anything to make work easier. I use it for planting and plant division. The narrow tip just cuts through all kinds of soil and roots. Why didn't someone think of this years ago.
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I have never had a shovel tear through dirt like this shovel the only thing I would like some ...
by mrmmike (5 out of 5 stars)
November 14, 2016

I have never had a shovel tear through dirt like this shovel the only thing I would like some kind of foot pedals it's kind of hard on the bottom of the feet other than that it's a great shovel and I would recognize it to my friends thank you
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It is the best tool we have ever bought
by richard mckinney (5 out of 5 stars)
October 18, 2016

Searched for years for a tool such as this. It never dawned on me to look on Amazon until we had some heavy duty yard work to do and couldn't find a tool that would do the job. This is my wife's tool. She is a small woman in her mid 70's. She has been dividing sedge grasses and hostas. This thing saved our loves! It is the best tool we have ever bought! Could not ever live without it!!
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Don't buy this for metal detecting...buy it for gardening
by S. K. Hatfield (4 out of 5 stars)
December 18, 2018

This was the first shovel that I purchased when I got into the hobby of metal detecting. Didn't take me long to discover a few things that you need in a shovel for that activity. You need a compact, strong tool. This shovel is fairly large. Large and long enough that you will not want to tote around in public often. Folks will think that you are out to cause grievous damage to the landscape...which you could, if you were so inclined.

Also, this is not a particularly sturdy shovel, for virgin, undisturbed ground. You can't be prying up rocks and such with it, or it will bend and flex on you. It would be fine for a residential yard, but not for digging around in parks and compacted earth. I bent the blade out shape in the dry summer soil and decided that I needed to spend >$100 on a tool designed for my specific task. Which I also bent, trying to pry up an immovable object. Pick your battles and be strategic.

A perfectly fine shovel, for garden use. You'll tire of carrying it around for my purpose, because I have a purple thumb and can't grow anything, besides weeds. I've kept it for my novice friends who sometimes want to try out metal detecting, just in case they want a real-world lesson in how much crap is in the dirt. Believe me, there is more than you can imagine.
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What a great concept, a combination leaf rake and scoop shovel
by Nathan Karlen (4 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2017

What a great concept, a combination leaf rake and scoop shovel. I have two black walnut trees in my back yard with a bumper crop this year. With the rake assassin I can fill a wheelbarrow with walnuts sticks stems and leaves in about 10 minutes without bending over once. This tool is very lightweight so I would not recommend for anything heavier like dirt or mulch.
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The shaft is great, but the head broke
by Jennifer Ann Filipiak (1 out of 5 stars)
July 28, 2015

Broke in less than 2 hours work.

It saws ok and goes deep with ease. Just don't put any pressure on the head. The shaft is great, but the head broke. Hoping to get a free replacement and change this review, seeing as how I've used it twice since it's purchase this month. See how it goes, arrive the company solicited feedback. Wish I had better things to say.
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One Star
by Crissie (1 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2017

The shovel is welded to the handle and easily bends, would break off very easily. Very disappointing!

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