AirRam - High-Power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Gtech USA
Manufacturer: Gtech
Model: 855983004008
Category: Home & Office
Price: $349.95  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 3.0 x 44.5 x 11.5 inches
Shipping Wt: 7.70 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
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Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

High performance, cordless convenience. AirRam's revolutionary design ensures high performance on carpet, hardwood and tiled floors while giving you all the convenience of being cordless. The AirRAM's energy efficient design employs a combination of the brush bar, suction power and airflow to lift the dirt from the floor, tile or carpet. The AirRam's Edge cleaning technology has a central drive allowing for bristles on both sides of the brush bar, to help you get into those awkward corners. AirRam's powerful rotating brush bars make it ideal for pet hair. AirRam's revolutionary, lightweight design glides around your home, steering easily from left to right. Weighs just 7.7lbs. That's more than 50% lighter than most leading upright vacuums. The AirRam's power comes from a professional-grade Lithium-ion battery and it's covered by a two year warranty. An easy to read, 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery so you won't be left wondering if you're going to run out of power. AirRam collects the dirt in the head of the vacuum and compresses it, so it's straightforward to empty: a removable tray lifts out and you just tip the dirt into the trash. AirRam is bagless and it's fitted with lifetime washable filters that are easy to remove and clean.


  • Clean the average home on one 4 hour charge with up to 40 minutes of run time with 22V Lithium-ion technology.
  • High performance and versatile cleaning on carpet, hard floors and tiled floors and it weighs only 7.7 pounds.
  • Powerful rotating brush bars make it ideal for pet hair.
  • The AirRam is bag-less with lifetime washable filters. No expensive replacements required.
  • The innovative Gtech AirRam will change the way you vacuum your home forever, making cleaning faster, easier and more convenient.

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Top Reviews

Makes vacuuming light and easy
by inside the granfalloon (4 out of 5 stars)
January 23, 2014

This is a very efficient cordless vacuum cleaner. We have about 1500 square feet of hardwood floor downstairs and got tired of hauling the Dyson downstairs as it seemed like overkill for hardwood. So took a chance on this thing. It's everything we hoped it would be - good battery life (~40-50 minutes of vacuuming per charge), lightweight, highly maneuverable, powerful enough suction for the application, easy to empty. But... very expensive and I must admit the reports here of poor customer service make me nervous. If it craps out after a few months I'll update and knock off a few stars, but for the first two months it's working out well.
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Can't get replacement battery
by DS (1 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2017

I'm giving the vacuum 1 star because you can't get a replacement battery. I've called the company several times. Each time was told a battery wasn't available. Shame because its a good strong vacuum.
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Powerful and Lightweight
by Pabs408 (5 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2015

Having gone through a Miele and a Dyson over the last decade or so, I decided to go in a completely different direction and give this Gtech a shot. Online reviews highlighted it's power, light weight and portability, and with an advertised 40 minutes of power per full charge, this seemed more than enough for our house. I couldn't be happier. With no scientific proof, my impression is that this vacuum seems to have at least the same suction as our Dyson Animal did in the first year (it gradually lost steam and went back to the factory after only 3 years). It handles our hardwood, vinyl, rug and carpet with very few hassles, maybe the only caution is that sometimes the transition to the rug is a little choppy. Our rug has fibers that are ~1-1.25" long and if you transition too slowly, the strong suction makes it difficult to push the vacuum once it gets hold of those fibers. As long as you keep the vacuum rolling smoothly it should be no problem. Suction as advertised, length of charge as advertised, lightweight and easy to maneuver as advertised.
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First I HATE to vacuum
by J2 (5 out of 5 stars)
November 13, 2015

I don't generally write reviews, I'll check some stars here and there but taking the time to write something, not so often. But this is an exception, First I HATE to vacuum, we have three dogs and a large family with 4 women with LONG hair and we can kill off a vacuum in less then a year. We've had every brand under the sun up to an $800 Dyson. I hate dragging the thing up the stair and the cord wrapping around me or tripping the dogs, a huge pain.

Got this machine about 3 years ago. LOVE IT .. suctions as well or better then the Dyson. It is so small it just sits in a corner of the room and since it is light and east to use we actually vacuum all the time now.

But the thing I wanted to point out was the time I actually had a problem. We all HATE calling customer service, Expected to be on hold forever, getting someone grumpy, and was ready to be told that "You broke it, your problem". Nothing of the kind. The wonderful woman online went way out of her way to help me, I was going to just buy the extra parts and try to fix it myself but she said that since multiple things were wrong and I was close to the warranty that they would take care of it for me. Astounding ... I cannot recommend the product and the company enough ... Now if they would only start selling the AirRam K9 super-tough version here in the states ..... maybe someday!
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by GenuineImitation (5 out of 5 stars)
May 20, 2014

This machine is awesome. I keep telling myself it's just a fancy carpet sweeper, but it's so wonderful I'm not listening to myself!! You still need attachments, because this won't do anything but floors, so that should be a negative. However, I just love the convenience of the whole thing: lightweight, no cord, super easy maneuverable head - what's not to love?? I also like the fact that it "seems" easier to deal with than my big vacuum, so my kids are more willing to grab it and clean their own rugs. We have 2 dogs and 2 kids so we have pretty messy floors (plus, there's the running shoes that track trail dirt everywhere...) so this little machine is getting plenty of opportunity to show off in our house. We've only had it a short time, but already rely on it. LOVE IT!
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My Dyson D12 has always done a 'visibly' great job of cleaning up the floors
by Austin (5 out of 5 stars)
October 16, 2014

I don't often have the pleasure of purchasing a product that so significantly exceeds my expectations, but the GTECH AirRam cordless vacuum has delivered that and more. This vacuum is not only made well, it is 'smart' in its design and functionality. The quality of the construction is apparent immediately, but the real magic is unveiled when you power this baby up for the first time. I have two (short-haired) terriers who tend to leave invisible hairs all over the house. My Dyson D12 has always done a 'visibly' great job of cleaning up the floors. However, the Gtech AirRam clearly outperformed the Dyson in terms of cleaning beyond the 'visible'. I am so impressed with this vacuum that I have purchased a second for the upper level of my home. I think it will more than pay for itself in time savings as opposed to having to pull out my Dyson and deal with the a power cord. I have been reluctant to use the later as it simply took so much time. Now, the Gtech is handy and ready with the push of a button for quick spot cleaning or the whole house. I easily vacuumed my entire house with my first Gtech with battery power in reserve. I am confident that you will love this little gem.
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As for cleaning it does a very good job, at least as good as a highly ...
by antman (4 out of 5 stars)
October 3, 2014

I would have given it 5 stars but nothing is perfect--the lid that covers the dust bin is not secured nearly tightly (it should lock in) enough and it tends to pop off --not often and no big deal. As for cleaning it does a very good job, at least as good as a highly rated vacuum I replaced. And it is so much more convenient--no cords and relatively light weight. And it holds a charge better than expected. I have used it 6 times and not had to recharge it. Overall it is very good.
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... my Gtech AirRam for Christmas and have used it happily for the last six months
by D. L. Shults (5 out of 5 stars)
June 7, 2015

I received my Gtech AirRam for Christmas and have used it happily for the last six months. I have a collie and a cat, both are huge hair producers, especially the collie. My Gtech easily picks up the pet hair. It is light and really wants to move on its own. It works great on my tile and wood floors and does a very good job on my area rugs. I even use it on the heavier carpet on my stairs. I love not having to drag a heavy machine around and keep pulling on a cord that keeps getting stuck on furniture. I have a large house and one battery charge works on the entire downstairs with power to spare. It is easy to clean and easy to store. I have read some revues that complain the Gtech is too loud. To me, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I highly recommend this product.
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... this vacuum about a month ago and I absolutely love it! I have had 4 or 5 cordless ...
by elizabeth kuchta (5 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2014

I bought this vacuum about a month ago and I absolutely love it! I have had 4 or 5 cordless vacuum in the past and they are nothing compared to this one. In the past I have used my cordless only for spot cleaning in between my weekly cleaning, but I rarely have to use my big vacuum now. This little thing is so powerful I only use my big vacuum when I need to use the attachments. Keep in mind I have two little boys and 2 big dogs so I have a ton of dirt and dog hair in my house, but this vacuum handles it all. It is light, maneuverable and the battery life is great. I honestly cant think of a complaint. My husband balked a bit at the price, but even he has admitted that this is worth it.
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by Mimi USA (5 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2016

With back issues, my surgeon hubby, purchased this for me two years ago. Best vacuum ever. Have a Oreck which does not pick up like the Gtech AirRam. The charge lasts longer than the 40 minutes stated. With the Gtech glide, this makes my vacuuming easy without the back pain.

Purchased another for my son in Zurich, Switzerland. Package was delivered to my California address, I then remailed to Zurich. My sons wife is also in love with the Gtech AirRam. After one vacuum with the Gtech, you will see what was hiding deep in your carpets, great on my hardwood and tile. Also, ordered the handheld last year, better than our ORECK get into every nook and cranny.

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