Tesla Coil Lighter

Brand: Tesla Coil Lighters
Model: B016P8A1K4RCM
EAN: 0849344046936
Category: Gadgets & Tools
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Dimension: 3.00 x 1.75 x 0.50 inches
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Product Description

Take charge with the Tesla Coil Lighters, a rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, no hassle!
This innovative lighter works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button. Simply charge up via USB and you're ready to go -- Anytime, anywhere.
Since the lighter uses no flame, it is not only windproof, but also economical and environmentally friendly. No more lighter fluid refills or throwing out those cheap plastic lighters!
The lighter also has a safety feature, so it will not light up when the lid is closed.
Here at Tesla Coil Lighters, we believe in forging the way with inventive new products designed for the modern world. The Tesla Coil Lighter is simple, safe, reliable, and with its sleek and elegant design, it makes a great gift for yourself or your friends.

  • Use away from face, body, clothing, metallic and flammable clothing.
  • DO NOT puncture or use near open electric arc flame.
  • DO NOT expose to temperatures above 50° C (122° F)
  • DO NOT please in sunlight for long periods of time.
  • DO NOT keep flame lit for more then 5 seconds at a time.
  • Lighter are NOT toys- keep away from children.
  • Use only in well ventilated area.
  • Ensure the electric arc flame is extinguished after use.

    ***DO NOT touch the arc, as it will result in burn or possible small shock.***


    • 1 – Tesla Coil Lighters Arc Lighter
    • Size: 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” / Weight 3 oz (Arc length: 5mm)
    • USB Rechargeable
    • Safe and easy to use, lights at the click of a button
    • A full charge can last up to a week or 100-300 uses

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    Top Reviews

    build quality is surprisingly good
    by T. Malatesta (4 out of 5 stars)
    November 10, 2017

    Okay. I'm a sucker for gadgets, and I'm a smoker, so lighters always catch my attention. I hate fighting even the slightest wind with any of the many standard Bic Lighters I keep around. I do have a very nice Calibri torch lighter (have had a number of them) which I really like, except for the upkeep of filling with butane and having to fine tune the valve adjustment until the flame is just the right size every time. I was actually looking to buy more of the triple filtered butane necessary to not gum up the lighter's works, when I stumbled across these new arc lighters. The gap between the conductors are slightly smaller than a standard cigarette width and you have the place the tip of the cigarette very precisely, which, when driving, might take a bit more attention then I prefer. That may just be a learning curve though. I love the fact that these have no fuel, just a USB charge. I love the fact that they are wind proof. The build quality is surprisingly good. Better than I was expecting. Worked perfectly out of the box. We'll have to see whether it holds up over time, and, if not, I'll adjust my rating later. Wasn't expecting anything "great" when I purchased this (expecting some cheap throw-away actually), but so far I'm actually pretty happy with my purchase.
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    Pretty good, but with some drawbacks
    by Supified (3 out of 5 stars)
    September 13, 2017

    Coil lighters seem to be a new thing that is all over facebook for some reason. I'm not sure why facebook gets all the ads for these things, but it does. The ones on facebook have a cross current, where as this one has a single current and is also way cheaper. Why should you buy one over the other and should you buy one at all? This review hopes to answer that question.

    First does this thing actually work as a lighter. Yes it does. Sort of. That sort of is kind of a big sticking point as being a lighter is why you might want to own such a thing. There are some very real bonuses to these lighters, but they come with some very real draw backs. As an electric powered lighter you are getting something that doesn't need fuel, just to recharge and from my experience the battery lasts a long long time. That's cool, if you have use you can recharge this and with solar chargers you could take this camping and not really have to worry about not having a lighter. This is the plus, though I can't say how well it functions if it gets wet, I'd probably avoid submerging it just to be safe.

    I should note it does totally light things and does an okay job of it. However in order for this thing to light anything the object in question must actually be set in the current which is between the little metal u. This is the sticking point. It's a lot easier to light stuff with a traditional lighter than one of these things. It's hard to explain, but try to imagine lighting a candle where the wick is melted into the wax and you can't get it out. Or imagine lighting a bigger stick than the small twig that could fit in that lighter. You'll end up relying on second hand items that can fit between the lighter's leads. Trust me, it's a little annoying.

    Ultimately this thing is nice, reusable, rechargeable and frankly cool looking. The x current doesn't seem to add much to it (which this one doesn't have) so if you want an electric lighter this one will probably be a great cheaper alternative to the ones being advertised all over. There are very real bonuses that this lighter doesn't rely on fuel, but some downsides that it is a little harder to use. I personally think it makes sense to have something like this around as a backup, but you might want to keep a traditional lighter around too.
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    Do not recommend
    by Hribal (1 out of 5 stars)
    February 23, 2018

    I bought this for my husband on January 26th but didn't give it to him until Valentines Day. It already does not work. It will not charge. It has not been abused and is used for only lighting cigarettes. I do not recommend this. I spent a lot of time researching these types of lighters and this was the highest, best rated. Do not waste your money.
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    by mr mull (1 out of 5 stars)
    January 31, 2018

    Was really happy with this lighter for the first 2 hrs , after un boxing , lit a cigarette or two , did not over use it or hold the button for longer than needed because I know a friend that has one and warned me about it , went to bring my dog for a walk brought the lighter with me for a cigarette thinking this is gonna be so good for the wind , went to light and nothing , thought damn must just need a charge , left it on charge over night , checked it next morning and there was an arc for 2 seconds , then nothing and has not worked since and I literally just received it last night and it's not working , thought might be the safety in the lid not dissengaging , fiddled with it but nothing , cleaned the electrical points but nothing , maybe a dodgy button or battery , too bad because I really liked it while it worked
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    It is a nice gadget, but unfortunately it has some drawbacks inherent ...
    by Tom (3 out of 5 stars)
    March 30, 2017

    It is a nice gadget, but unfortunately it has some drawbacks inherent in its design that I assume are present in any lighter like this.
    1. You can't light a cigarette easily with it. The opening of the electrodes are not big enough. Again this is probably because a larger gap would require a much more powerful (large + combersom) battery and may also be dangerous. You CAN light a cigarette with it but it's haphazard and results in ash/tobacco on the lighter.
    2. Ok so if it doesn't light cigs easily then it should light candles well right? Unfortunately no. The flip style cap that it has doesn't fold back completely (like a zippo) so you end up burying the cap into wax in order to light a candle in glass like a "Yankee candle".
    3 stars because of the design flaws - not less because it's still cool!
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    Edit:. Best lighter I've ever bought after figuring out how it works!
    by Allen the Geek (5 out of 5 stars)
    June 4, 2018

    It's a major pain to light a cigarette because the arc size is just small! I have to squeeze my cigarette into the arc to light it and then turn it around and light it and turn it around and light it... It's probably good if you can't get your normal one to work. More like a novelty item that anything else.

    People seem to have trouble charging or keeping a charge. I've read somewhere that if you charge this using a adapter that outputs higher than .5 amps it will damage the unit. Most USB adapters output 1a and newer ones output 2a. So, it'll be really hard to find an adapter for this unit and not to damage it from charging.


    Five stars. Sorry, didn't understand how this product worked! Now I get it!

    You put your cigarette in front of the arc and with a up and down motion you light your cigarette! It's fast and under the five second rule they have for damaging the lighter! Very fast and nice!
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    ... a deployed location with a lot of wind worked fine for a few days now it won't charge and ...
    by Miranda (1 out of 5 stars)
    January 6, 2018

    Ordered it from a deployed location with a lot of wind worked fine for a few days now it won't charge and lights up green when I try and charge it... has anyone had this problem and got a replacement? How do I go about doing so?
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    Stopped functioning after two days
    by Bob (1 out of 5 stars)
    February 14, 2017

    The product was great for a couple days until it completely stopped functioning. Now when I press the button, I may hear a slight buzz like it is trying to light then the red light blinks on the bottom. When plugged in to charge the light is already green. I've tried charging it for a while as per instructions and have seen no improvement. It's been about a week now since it stopped working. Not pleased.
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    It's beautiful, productive but broken
    by Adrianne (1 out of 5 stars)
    December 14, 2017

    Will change to 5 stars definitely if I get a proper response.

    It's beautiful, productive; saves money from not buying lighters. Personal so if you let someone borrow it everyone knows it's obviously yours. Sadly the charger does not work. When plugged, it doesn't read or pick it up. It began to dim and eventually gave out. Very sad I really wanted this as a stocking gift to my husband..
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    Get this lighter
    by Paul (3 out of 5 stars)
    January 5, 2018

    Update: cool factor is still 5 stars but it isnt the best at a nice even light for a cigar which is what I use it for a lot. Lights uneven and have to puff it to an even burn afterwards. Probably better on a cigarette or a joint or a cigar with a smaller diameter.

    This is some next level coolness for all of $20. I used to own various lighters and Zippo. Usually lose it or throw it away when it ran out of fluid instead of refilling like I should. It was just a hassle to me so i rarely did the refill. I did buy a few various lighters for looks with Zippos but never fell in love like others have. But this.... this is a lighter. USB rechargeable so i dont even think about refilling. Just plug n charge. Bam! Nice weight and style to the lighter. You won't mind taking this out to use anywhere. Complete conversation starter as the click of a button and the purple glow has people asking what kind of lighter is it. Works great and this is my go to lighter for everything.
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    Form and Function
    by T. Poirot (5 out of 5 stars)
    June 27, 2017

    This is a very beautiful lighter! Mine is black/gold (I don't remember if there were other choices) and it feels substantial in your hand. All the surfaces are highly polished. The cover clicks open/closed easily with one hand and has a mechanical "assist" of some kind which suggests it is very well made. There is not the slightest play or wobble in the cover and it does not use a hinge as does famous fueled "Z" lighter. Many other products of this kind claim they are "wind resistant" , avoiding the words "wind proof" but this one does use those words and I cannot blow it out. I have only had mine for a week but I cannot imagine what may go wrong. This lighter far, far exceeds my expectations.

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