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Product Description

NOTE: Due to an Android bug affecting all Wi-Fi dash cams, the phone cannot access mobile data while on VAVA WIFI. ➤1080p HD Wide-Angle Videos: Car DVRs can make the difference in case of accident but only if the video capture is clear enough to represent tangible proof for the insurance company. The VAVA Dash Cam sports an advanced SONY STARVIS Series IMX291 CMOS sensor that pairs with 6 glass lenses and an infrared lens for sharper images, both night and day. In addition to a wide-angle lens that covers up to 5 car lanes, the car camera features a built-in mic to record audio even inside the vehicle.   ➤ G-sensor for Emergency Video Recording: Looking for extensive protection, one that has you covered even when you leave your car unattended? Not only does the VAVA Dash Cam’s 3-axis G-sensor capture and auto lock footage for up to 20 seconds, but the 320mAh built-in battery allows for G-senor activated recordings even in parking mode. ➤Included Snapshot Remote Button: Made to turn road trips into reviewable memories and to capture the unexpected as it literally crosses your vehicle’s path, the VAVA Car Camera comes with a remote button that sits discretely onto the steering wheel. Press it once to take a snapshot, or long press it for a 20-second video. The dash cam supports class 10 or above Micro SD cards up to 128GB so you’ll have plenty of storage for your captures.   ➤Full-Featured VAVA Dash Cam Mobile App: Gone are the days when you were required to take out the Micro SD card to access your dash camera’s media! The VAVA Car DVR comes with a full-featured app for iOS and Android that lets you share photos, videos, and your travel journey over social media or with an insurance company. Amongst the multiple functions are live video feed and GPS tracking, and even photo filtering.   ➤First Class Customer Service: Our customer service will promptly reply within 24 hours on working days. ➤Package Contents: 1 x VAVA Dash Cam (Model: VA-CD001) 1 x Car Mount1 x Snapshot Button1 x VAVA Car Charger1 x Micro USB Cable with GPS Module1 x Crowbar5 x Cable Clips1 x Button Cell1 x User Guide1 x Quick Installation Guide1 x Thank You Card


  • [POWERFUL VAVA DASH CAM APP] Full-featured VAVA dash cam mobile app enables live viewing, real-time photo & video sharing on social media, or direct media transfer of evidence to police & insurance companies right from your phone.
  • Snapshot photos & videos, GPS tracking data, & travel journals can be accessible in real-time via this powerful app.
  • [SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION & IN CLASS 1080P FULL HD @60FPS] Premium Sony IMX291 Starves sensor and Night Vision technology deliver superior recording performance, i. e. capturing clear license plate details — day or night.
  • 1980 x 1080P HD resolution, at industry-leading 60fps rate, makes it easy to obtain sharp, color-accurate images, even in low-light environment, eliminating the need for an auxiliary light source. F2. 2 large aperture lens can capture 4 lanes of traffic.
  • [HANDS-FREE SNAPSHOT BUTTON & 360 SWIVEL VIEW]: Snapshot button enables you to capture the beautiful scenery or the expected moments on the road. It can capture a snapshot photo or record a 20 second video, at the convenience of pressing the button.
  • The 360 swivel design of the dash cam allows you to record what's inside the car too! GPS tracker captures the path traveled either as a data log or as part of a beautiful travel journal.
  • [ADVANCED G-SENSOR FOR DRIVING & PARKING] Built-in G-sensor automatically & instantly captures the unexpected collisions & incidents when there is sudden impact to the car.
  • Recordings of any emergency situation, while driving or parked, are permanently saved and can be accessed in real-time via the app. Long-lasting 320mAh battery enables VAVA Dash Cam to be in standby parking mode for long time.
  • [Complete Modern Dash Cam] VAVA Dash cam, Car Mount, Snapshot Button, VAVA Car Charger, Micro USB Cable with GPS Module, worry-free 18-month , and friendly customer service.

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Top Reviews

Records video well but isn't perfect
by Latrice Innes (3 out of 5 stars)
December 15, 2017

Installation wasn't too difficult. There is a little plastic pry bar included in the box to help get the wire in the cracks and seams of the car, which is a heck of a lot easier than just using my thumb. I was a little worried about the suction cup staying in place because I know from experience that they always eventually fall off, but this one had some kind of adhesive on it in addition to a little lever that suctions it to the glass better than just pressing.

Once it was installed I had some trouble connecting to it with the app, and that was because I had put a 4GB micro SDHC card in which was too small. It requires either an 8GB or 16 GB card minimum (sorry, I don't remember which) so I had to order an SD card. It would have been nice of them to specify this in the listing, but instead they just tell it supports up to 128GB. They never specify any minimum size! I can understand why it may need a larger card to record videos but I don't understand why it wouldn't just let me connect with the app anyway just to browse through the settings.

Once I got my 32GB class 10 micro SD card I put it in and was able to connect via the dash cam's built-in wi-fi network and see the video feed on my phone, but in order to have internet access I had to disconnect from it so I can't be connected to the dash cam and have internet access at the same time. That seems like a design flaw. Maybe they should have made it bluetooth instead of its own wi-fi network.

The videos it records are in 1920x1080 resolution, though this can be changed in the options if so desired. They are clear, if not fish-eyed, but that's to be expected when getting such a wide angle from such a small lens. Even the night vision is pretty good. The date, time, and speed are overlaid on the video, and it's hard-coded so there's no removing it. There is a wireless snapshot button which will take a photo when clicked, and that initially can be a bit addictive as it makes a satisfying camera shutter sound.

I took the memory card out after a couple days to look at the videos, and while I had it out we had to drive somewhere and the dash cam wouldn't stop playing it's chime sound effect. Over and over every few seconds, even after unplugging it as it has a built-in battery! It was driving us crazy so we threw the cam in the glove box and tried to cover it with whatever we could find. This leads me to say they seriously need an OFF button on this thing! I know it's supposed to be controlled via phone but what if you don't have your phone or can't connect? Then there's no way to shut the thing up!

One thing I really didn't like is the misleading video they have on this Amazon listing which shows various ways the cam can help prove something when it would otherwise be your word against the offender, such as somebody backing into you, a cop thinking that you were on a cellphone, and someone keying your car. But this is misleading because the camera only points in one direction at a time so if it was pointing forward then it wouldn't catch someone keying your car or prove to a cop that you weren't on your cellphone. That video makes it seem like it's recording all directions at once.

In summary, this dash cam records videos well but has flaws preventing it from being something great.
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First impressions...very nice!
by TJ (5 out of 5 stars)
April 15, 2018

[See edits below]


The box itself wasn't very protected inside the shipping box as there was no packing in it. But that's nit picking.

My first impression was very surprising at how well everything was packaged and displayed. As you can see, there are three boxes containing the items. Very neatly packaged in order of removal.

After taking out the VAVA Dash Camera itself I can tell it's very well made and hefty feeling. Not something super cheap and plasticy feeling. This definitely has some weight to it and feels very nice in the hand. It comes with a film to prevent scratches before removal.

The base that the camera attaches to is just as nice of a quality and the magnet is pretty strong. You have to really put effort into it to detach it from the base, so this is just not going to fall off with hard bumps or probably mild accidents.

It does include a orange plastic trim removal tool to help with tucking and hiding the USB cable.

I'm in the process of installing it intoo the car, and will come back for an update on capture and playback quality, along with app and snapshot functionality.

Edit (45 minutes later):

Install was very basic and straight forward. Protip: connect and power the camera first to see the ideal mounting spot. I have it so I can turn it any direction and see out the car.

Quality of video and capture seems really good. Will post again when I have footage.

Edit 4/18/18:

Video Quality is definitely pretty good for a Dash Cam, especially one for $100 <-- at the time

The emergency G sensor is finicky, and I've attached a video for day usage.. Day time quality is really good.

Take a few days worth of footage, pull the card out and review. Mine had tons of video for emergency and 10 seconds worth in the regular video capture with a few 3 minute clips scattered.

I will need to adjust these settings to make it record how I like.

I would buy this again!
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This is the must have dash cam for the price!
by aaron (5 out of 5 stars)
October 19, 2018

This camera is the go to for the price! If you want a great pic for the price here it is, there's great night quality too! I'm very happy with my purchase!
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Best Dash Cam Warranty I found
by mary cook (5 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2018

I've had several dash cams and I really love this one. Service and support from VAVA is the best, as is their warranty, 18 months when you register it. The only thing I wish it had was GPS coordinates on the screen, but there is a track view available. The parking mode is VERY sensitive and I found the included battery lasts forever in park mode. However, I highly recommend NOT leaving the VAVA dash cam in the car if it will get really hot inside because of this battery. Since the dash cam detaches very easy (magnetic, another neat feature), this is not a big deal. I purchased this because I have been giving other VAVA products as gifts and really appreciate their quality. They just pushed out an update for their iOS app and they have had several updates for the dash cam software. I also REALLY like the included button that I can place anywhere near me and just push it to take a picture. A great and easy way to capture something for later, or to use for a travel journal. Overall, a very fine and fun product backed by a great company. Also, note the recorded resolution is adjustable, another neat feature.
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updated review: Easy to set up and use!!
by Fields (5 out of 5 stars)
February 10, 2018

(UPDATED 3/1/18) - Seller contacted me shortly after my review and was able to send another mount within a few days. Installation was surprisingly easy (10-15 minutes max - 2016 Toyota Sienna) and the cable is nicely hidden in the window seals so it is not noticeable at all. Connected to my phone (android) without problem, and connects automatically when car is started. The only downside is I can't bluetooth my music while phone app is connected to camera wifi, but that is an android issue, not the camera. I may switch to an iphone on my next upgrade.

This is my first dashcam and I bought the VAVA because of the ease of downloading pics/vids directly to the phone for sharing. So far it seems easy to use,picture quality is nice, and display shows speed (mph/km), time/date.
(Original review) I was really hoping to leave a 5 star review, unfortunately the manufacturer missed a detail that renders the product unusable until corrected. (I will update review if/when corrected)

The magnet in the window mount (which holds the camera) is not secured properly and simply falls out or gets pulled off the mount by the camera's magnet. It appears that the magnet is supposed to have 2 small screws holding it to the mount. Mine came without the screws, so the magnet fails to stay with the mount. (See pictures)

-arrived in a timely manner
-environmetally conscience packaging: looks quality, but has minimal waste (pics provided)
-compact size
-comes with all cords, clips, etc.
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by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2018

I have had nothing but issues with this dash cam. Constantly does not sync to my phone. Can not view the videos 98% of the time. Constantly have to factory reset. Never should have waisted my money on this.
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Good night vision and well made
by atmoschem (5 out of 5 stars)
February 7, 2018

I have used about 10 dash cams. that is right. 10+ dash cams.

Two for each car of totally three cars, and four either bad or used as spare.

This cam so far has the best night vision among all the dash cams I have. Probably due to the combination of Sony sensor and the manufacture firmware. Good job!

The cup is strong, it hasn't fall even once yet. The cam is small so I hide it behide the rear view mirror. From outside, it is not intrusive so it could be safer to park the car on the street. :)
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WIFI, Great Video
by Dan (3 out of 5 stars)
February 13, 2018

This could be an awesome camera! Love the design, build, look. Suction mount is super adhesive even in my mounting location on the semi blackened out area around the rear view mirror.

I was hesitant to mount it on this dimply sun shade area but it's completely hidden from the inside behind the mirror this way and I'm only using it facing forward.

It WOULD be an awesome product if one could access it with their smart phone somewhat easily! But no the WIFI connection SUCKS! One must first delete their connection to log on in, this needs to be done every time you want to look at, or do anything with the camera or it's settings.

For now it's a silent companion on my windshield and it has been working flawlessly otherwise to my knowledge? I'd like to verify this once in a while but it is to time consuming and for something that shouldn't be!

Fix the freaking WIFI connection to make this a truly AWESOME product.
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Only works if you are in car and connected to Wi-Fi on camera
by Jennifer Browne (1 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2019

So I think its important to know that you cant view anything on this camera unless you are in your car and connected to the Wi-Fi on the actual camera. And because it is Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth for some ridiculous reason you can't access the internet while in yoir car and connected to the camera. I got this for parking mode thinking I would be alerted in my house on my phone if my car was struck on street parking. Wrong. I have to get in the car and turn it on to connect and access videos. Completely useless for my purposes. I read a lot about these before I purchased but for some reason didnt realize this. Why would it not just be Bluetooth where I can always connect if in range? I even got a power bank so it could record longer when in parking mode. Total waste of money. I dont need to know what happens while im in the car if I'm there... Also the stupid 3M tabs do nothing to secure the wires they come unstuck all the time.

Update: the constant connection to WiFi is infuriating. I have to turn it off to access my music, get any app notifications such as security ones from my house, look up gps directions - I cant tell you how many times I missed a turn because while trying to gps I get the alert that I am offline and I frantically have to turn off Wi-Fi and try again. It was during this last episode when I missed a turn and had 27 miles of highway until the next exit that I ripped the gps off the windshield and threw it out the window (no one was near my vehicle and it cleared the road and into the woods). Good riddance you awful, useless camera. I hope you burn.
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Don't buy I had a bad experience
by Milton (1 out of 5 stars)
August 9, 2018

I can barely see those cars on the road imagine if you need to see their license plate You won't see.

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