Philips Hue Lightbar

Brand: Philips Hue
Manufacturer: Philips
Model: 7820230U7
EAN: 0046677802516
Category: Gadgets & Tools
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Dimension: 1.41 x 9.97 x 1.74 inches
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Product Description

Connect it to Hue Hub (sold seperately) in order to control lights with your Hue App, Voice or Smart Home device. Compact design, full light experience. Create a vibrant ambiance with the Hue Play light bars. Choose from 16 million colors to experience different light effects. Lay it on the floor, let it stand on the cabinet, or mount it on the back of the TV and paint your wall with light. Sync your lights to music or movies using the Hue Sync app. This base kit provides 2 light points, 1 power supply unit, 2 table stands and 2 TV-mounting supports. Requires the Hue Hub (sold Separately) for the full Hue experience and to take advantage of voice activation. Purchase the Philips Hue Hub (Model: 458471). Search "Philips Hue Hub" or "B016H0QZ7I" to find this product on Amazon.


  • INCLUDES POWER SUPPLY. Connect up to 3 Hue Play’s on 1 power supply unit. Requires the Hue Hub (sold separately, Model 458471). Search "Philips Hue Hub" or "B016H0QZ7I" to find this product on Amazon.
  • VOICE ACTIVATED: The Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Bar Light can be controlled using your voice when you have Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant enabled (Philips Hue Hub and Smart Home Device required and sold separately). Philips Hue smart lights can also be paired for home automation with your existing Nest products or Samsung SmartThings system.
  • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: Enhance your smart home with the Philips Hue Play. The design is aesthetically pleasing and will adapt well with any living room setup. Let you smart light stand on your cabinet to create a pleasant ambiance, mount it on the back of your TV or even lay it flat on the floor to brighten your walls from floor to ceiling.
  • ULTIMATE TV LIGHTING EXPERIENCE: Create the most beautiful backlight for your television. Just mount Philips Hue Play behind your screen using the clips and double-sided tape included in the pack, and enhance your viewing experience with splashes of light surrounding your television.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Connect not only 1, but up to 3 Hue Plays to the same power supply unit, leaving enough room for other devices. With each additional Hue Play, your smart lighting experience becomes even more immersive. This base kit includes 1 power supply.
  • EXPAND YOUR SMART HOME EXPERIENCE: The Philips Hue Play requires the Hue Hub (sold separately) for the full smart lighting experience.

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Top Reviews

Fun more effective light system.
by AM1979 (4 out of 5 stars)
March 19, 2019

I ordered these for the back of my new TV for the lighting. It's much stronger and more versatile than the light strip I had previously. Set up was very easy and the 3m two sided attachment stick on like glue (make sure you mount it right the first time). Looks great and doesn't heat up the way a lightbulb or strip would. I have 19 hue lights in my house and it's just fun controlling with voice commands. Only critism is that there is limitation to how you angle these.
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Just get hue strip with extension so much better
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
March 18, 2019

Waist of money
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Got the HUE SYNC to sync with everything! (ROKU, PS4pro, AVR...etc)
by GS (5 out of 5 stars)
April 14, 2019

I have 2 sets of HUE play, it's great.

For many of you wondering how to get the HUE SYNC (pc and mac) to work with things like ROKU (Netflix), gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch)...etc etc, let me walk you through this extensive process of making it happen along with the devices you'll need:
******5/2/2019 UPDATE******
(If you get confused, grab a piece of paper and draw it out lol)
1) HDCP2.2 HDMI Splitter with at least 2 Outputs
(Look for splitter that has auto step down to 1080 from 4K for second output)

If your TV is 4k, then make sure the Splitter you get is 4k and HDCP2.2 ready. It must say HDCP 2.2 and not just 4K or HDCP1.4 in the description of the splitter! As For input side, you only need the amount of devices that you have (no you shouldn't run multiple splitters into one splitter). For me, I have all of my devices going into my AVR, so I just need 1 input with 2 outputs HDMI Splitter (1x2). If you have just a ROKU, then that's what you need. If you have ROKU and a XBOX/PS4, then you'll need a HDMI switch that has 2 inputs and 2 outputs (2x2). No matter how many input you need, you must have 2 outputs and the second output has the feature to convert 4K to 1080. This is not a feature you need if your TV is 1080p, but very important for the 4K people because it'll save you a lot of headache in adjustments.
2) HDMI to USB Video Capture Device

Most HDMI video capture only captures 1080p, there's absolutely no reason for 4K just for HUE Sync if you are simply trying to pick up the color from the video capture. Connect the video capture device to the Output 2 of the HDMI splitter on one side via HDMI cable, and the USB side connect it to your PC/Mac.
3b) STOP!

Before doing anything else, download the Philips Hue smartphone app, and connect the lights you want to sync with your TV to the Hue Bridge first. Update everything and make sure it's ready BEFORE you setup with the HUE Sync software on the PC/MAC.
3c) On your PC/MAC, download "OBS Studio", install the driver/software. I'm running Windows 10 here, so I don't know if it will work with Chromebook or any other OS. With the OBS Studio software, what I did in the setting is to make sure the canvas screen is set to 1080 so the screen ratio of the video capture is correct. You don't need high frame rates and you don't need high resolution here! Lower left side of the OBS Software you'll see the sources box, select + and select OEM Video capture. Set the PREVIEW screen to full screen, and make sure there's no black cutoff portions.

Install HUE Sync, there's plenty of YouTube video telling you how to setup the HUE Sync on your computer, so just go ahead and do that and you're good to go. What I did do is turn off music sync, intensity to subtle. NOTE: Under Settings/General-Preference/Background-lightning: Turn off background lighting. It messes with the HUE Sync with this low white light when the same section of the display is showing black.

Optional: I bought a mini windows PC to run as a dedicated TV PC. Please install a CCleaner and run it automatically at start up so you won't ever see the infamous Windows "slowing down" issues. In the HUE SYNC PC software, you can set specific buttons on the keyboard to start Syncing. I have to say, that I did end up buying 3 different mini PC and returned two of them because they simply can't power 4K without freezing. I ended up getting a MSI cube n with a 5000N processor with 8GB ddr4 ram. I changed resolution down from 4K to 2048x1152, and refresh rate to 60Hz. It runs very smoothly all day without issue.

If you do all of this correctly, you now can watch or play everything on your TV and enjoy HUE Play, regardless of the source.

Remember to check your 4k setting in your Xbox/PS4 pro/ROKU to make sure it's able to output 4K on your 4K tv. If the splitter you use or any parts you use besides the video capture is NOT HDCP2.2, you will not be able to watch 4K. If you force 4K output on your ROKU, it may work but the video capture will show a black screen. Make sure your HDMI are at least 2.0, amazon's cable works fine, there's no benefit with more expensive HDMI cables.

I'll take my 2 cents, thanks.
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NIce color, bright but the Hue Sync app has to be manually started/started
by J Pace (4 out of 5 stars)
September 4, 2019

I LOVE these.. they are WAY to expensive for their function.. but the color is vibrant, moves well, and they work very well with the Hue Sync app. Several things are an issue.. first THERE IS NO TOP/BOTTOM light differential, just "middle".. (there is a right and left that accurately does the colors).. so mounting 4 on the back of my TV wasnt necessary since moving a red ball around the screen would only show red on top or bottom when you put it in the middle of the screen (and would show the same color top and bottom). Also you have to manually with your mouse or keyboard START and STOP the Hue Sync app that makes teh colors match your pc.. you cant tell alexa/google to turn them off, or use the Hue app on your phone.. it just wont do anything. That was a pain in the ass. Lastly, they are super expensive for the "neat"ness (to me). I found them to be WOW the first day but then by the next few days esp with no voice commands, the neatness wore off for the price.. sent them back.
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Worth the wait
by Jae (5 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2019

So I bought 2 of these sets on ore-sale. They were to arrive 2/5 but a week prior I got an email letting me know I'd have them 2/4. 2/20 they finally arrived and I have never been happier! The vibrant colors make any movie or tv show more amazing plus the brightness control allows for subtle hints of color without blasting the room. We even find ourselves using them for their bright white setting to really liven up a room.
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by Matthew K. Tucker (2 out of 5 stars)
April 17, 2019

I had high hopes as the design is very promising. I love the Hue line of products overall, but the best way I can describe this product is simply underwhelming. While it looks nice and is decently well built the overall light output is significantly below that of a light strip. The Play feature more of a diffuse lighting which is both nice and serves to minimize hot-spots like you get with the light strips. Still, the light strips cost less than half as much and put out better light.

One very annoying thing was the colors were constantly out of sync with one another when syncing with games. When I say out of sync I don't mean in terms of a delay, but rather the difference between the two lights. While this is likely the way the Hue Sync functions with multiple bulbs it's just flat out annoying. I don't want one to give off a cool white light while the other is blue, or one red and the other green. At least give an option to have them match. This isn't paint. One yellow and one blue light does NOT equate to green!

I knew going in that it only works with a computer using the Hue Sync app which is fine as that was what I wanted it for back-lighting. Unfortunately, these are just so forgettable. I really wanted to like these, and maybe I will if they rework them. They got sent back almost immediately ultimately.
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Bugs out when screensaver kicks in, warranty covers short time span and usage.
by N. (2 out of 5 stars)
March 19, 2019

So I decided to buy the Hue Play to jazz up my gaming rig. As an added bonus, back-lighting my monitors like that also serves to reduce eye strain and improve image clarity. I found Hue Sync ok to set up despite the process taking place across multiple platforms. If you're like most people and just skim the Quick Install Guide (which isn't labeled as such - or as anything, for that matter), ***be sure to set up an "entertainment area" after setting up the Play lights in the regular Hue App/connecting them to the Hue bridge, and BEFORE installing the Hue Sync app on your PC!***

So far, it works reasonably well while playing games or watching (non-protected) video content. Unfortunately, every time the screensaver kicks in, my Windows 10 computer makes an annoying alert sound, and I get the error: Access denied, please try to run the app with elevated privilege." This repeats itself until the screensaver is disabled. While this is happening, the lights also turn white and change in brightness each time the error begins. Unfortunately, everything IS running with elevated privileges. This, according to Hue Support is working as intended, which is not acceptable. If it won't work with a screensaver, surely there was a way to have Hue Sync pause its screen capturing once the screensaver kicks in? Having to actively remember to disable Hue Sync every time I walk away from my computer is just ridiculous.

So, what would have gotten 4 stars gets two for being freaking annoying. The documentation is godawful. There's four different sets of documentation (A, B, C and the unlabeled quick setup guide), much of it is in impossibly tiny print, and some of the diagrams are so poorly designed as to be indecipherable. In reviewing the documentation to confirm it's as awful as I recall, I discovered they warranty the lights for 2 years based on their being used ***no more than 3 hours a day, 7 days a week***. Given they don't sleep with your PC or when the screensaver kicks in, if you use your PC a lot, that's a pretty lousy lifespan for something that costs this much.

I would not buy again, and with the short anticipated lifespan (based on Hue's warranty) and the fact that it requires a PC for Hue Sync, yet isn't compatible with a screensaver, means I cannot recommend at this time unless you have a lot of disposable income. If money is on the tighter side, this is not the item to splurge on.
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Rushed to Market
by R (2 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2019

So... I pre-ordered these and on the day they were released I got a notice they had shipped. The following day I got a notice they would arrive a day early. GREAT. They day they were scheduled to arrive I got a notice that they were back ordered and asking me to approve the full month delay. Seriously???? They arrived a month later but missing the hardware to mount them. I contacted Philips directly and they not so kindly informed me they do NOT supply parts.

I guess I just need to return them.

They seem to function OK but I couldn't attach them to the back of the TV to check that. Since lighting is VERY dependent on location and aiming it's really hard to tell much about them. They do light up. As others have noted they both plug into a single power source which wasn't obvious when I completed the pre-order. It is clear int he pictures on the current listing.

Maybe an update after I receive the replacements and can mount them.
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Not made for real world solutions
by Rich (1 out of 5 stars)
March 18, 2019

Does not work with any Televisions. Only works through a computer... period! Wait until a few more iterations before investing or just by a single hue lamp and put behind your tv and bam you have the same results.
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no power plug in the box, so mad....
by Ling (1 out of 5 stars)
April 4, 2019

No power supply plug in the box!!!!!! How can use it???

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