Perfect Snowball Maker

Brand: Paricon
Model: 603
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Dimension: 4.02 x 15.25 x 5.12 inches
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Product Description

This Paricon Snowball Maker makes perfect snowballs easily and quickly. This snowball maker is made of a very durable plastic that is built to last.Makes perfect snowballs quickly and easilyMade by PariconMade of plasticDimensions: 15 inches long x 4 inches wideRecommended for ages 4 years and older


  • Snowball Maker — This toy quickly make perfectly round and smooth (baseball size) snowballs
  • Make Snowballs Fast — Makes perfect snowballs in seconds with snowball snow. Smooth hard surface never clogs. Snowballs slide out fast and easy.
  • Fun Snowball Fight Essential — An “essential” snowball toy for snowball fight preparation
  • Durable — Made of tough high impact polystyrene (HIPS) plastic. Measures 15 x 4 x 3 inches. Weighs 0. 6 oz. An outdoor winter toy for kids age 4 years and up
  • For kids age 4 years and up
  • About Paricon — Paricon has been producing winter toys and sleds since 1861. We stand behind our products and are dedicated to providing quality products for you and your family.

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Top Reviews

Become a snowball Ninja! These things make snowballs CRAZY fast. My kids love them.
by D. Chapman (5 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2016

Bought these as stocking stuffers last Christmas. Had no great expectations, but my kids were quite convinced they wanted them. Once we finally got good snowball snow, they came out of storage. WOW, these things are amazing. With good snow, a person could easily make a snowball a second, no exaggeration. As expected, all of the snowballs are essentially identical. The material seems to be somewhat like Teflon and they NEVER get snow packed up on them. They drop the snowballs like they were greased!

My only regret is we live in an area where we don't get quality snow very often. I thought these would be garbagy, but they're actually pretty sturdy and a blast in the right conditions.
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Remember the snowball fight in Central Park in the movie "Elf"?!?!
by V. Garrett-Gabriel (5 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2015

This is a pretty good snowball maker. It's quick and does a great job making perfectly round snowballs and all, but unless you're scooping day old snow (more snow cone ice than shave ice/fresh powder snow), the snowballs fall apart pretty easily. The remedy to that is to keep packing in snow and manually press the cups together (not with the hand clamp) and make a tighter snowball. Then you can throw them without them breaking apart before leaving your hand. After that, the snowball fight is fair! I bought this snowball maker for the kids to even out the battlefield when they decide to have a snowball fight with me or my husband. With this contraption, they've had a few lengthy and successful battles. The neighbor kids have even borrowed to make a snowball wall/supply. It still works despite the beating its taken. I think I'll buy more in the future just so everyone will have one (neighbor kids and parents, visiting relatives, etc.) when we're having a mass snowball war during another snow day.
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You'll wonder why you didn't buy several of these sooner!
by Eric (5 out of 5 stars)
April 11, 2012

Planning a trip to the mountains with the children, I thought this was a genius idea. I'd taken them up north before and they tried some snowballs (children of the desert find this foreign) but hands started freezing, shape was lacking, and overall it was a "done it, now let's go" ordeal.

Cue the snowball maker... This time when we were around a few patches of snow I tossed this to the kids, told them to prep battlestations, and I don't think I've ever seen them have more fun. This snowball maker can create mountains of snowballs in minutes.

It's a sturdy and simple design, the price is perfect for what you get, and it's durable above that. I keep it in the trunk just in case we happen upon snow and the kids have begged me to buy a second so they don't have to waste time swapping it back and forth.

If you have younger kids or do not live in the snow but want to experience the same thrills, buy one or two of these today. You may get picked on for doing it the "wussy" way but it's hard to tease a person with 30 well-packed snowballs sitting in front of them. Unless you absolutely have to do it the way your grandfather did it back in his day (when he had to hike uphill both ways to get to the snow), this should be an item you always have around the car for when a trip opens the opportunity for some snowy fun.

Rated 5/5 for quality, price, and practicality.
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My child easily made 50 snowballs under a minute
by NYCMomOf7 (5 out of 5 stars)
February 10, 2017

Wow Wow Wow. I just had the pleasure of using this snowball maker yesterday, and I'm left feeling more than impressed. The result: Snow ball perfection. It quickly forms, and releases the snowball within 1 second. My child easily made 50 snowballs under a minute. I must add though, the type of snow is usually a big determinate of the quality of a snowball, but if the conditions are right, this snowball maker will turn out to be tons of fun. I would have paid 4 times the price!
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Snowballs Quick and Easy!
by SeriouslyHappy (5 out of 5 stars)
September 26, 2017

These are so cool! My husband and kids had a blast making piles of snowballs and launching them at each other. They are tricky to get out for younger kids. And sometimes the snow sticks to the inside. That could be because of the snow texture and not the product. We bought these years ago and haven't had a "good" snow fall since. Figures! LoL. The kids play with these indoors too. Using them as travel orbs for their little action figures. All in all I'm happy with this purchase.
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perfect snowballs!
by C Honas (5 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2015

Perfect snowballs every time! Not compacted like when you make with hands so it doesn't hurt as much. The claw itself is pretty big but not a big deal unless you are packing in a suitcase. But managed to pack in our suitcase fine. Just did a bit of rearranging. They are about a foot long.
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Loved them so much ordered more!
by Kristi (5 out of 5 stars)
January 7, 2018

Great way to level the playing field in snowball matches of different ages! With a family of 4-45 yr olds these were a godsend. The younger ones were able to make snowballs just as well as the teens and everyone had a blast using them. Was a bit sceptical about the quality so ordered two. They held up so well and were such a hit I ordered five more. Now my sisters want some of their own for the nieces and nephews! Held up to some rough customers with teens and young adults showing little mercy to each other in battle. Highly recommended.
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These things make awersome snowballs!
by mrsbrewguymike (5 out of 5 stars)
April 12, 2017

I didn't have high expectations for these snowball makers but I was pleasantly surprised. The thick, durable plastic made it all winter without breaking and they really do make excellent snowballs - medium/large size and not too hard. They're inexpensive and super fun... Just make sure you get one for each kid so there is nothing to fight over! :)
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... family laughed when I bought this because it's "so easy to just make a snowball with your hands"
by J. Stewart (5 out of 5 stars)
April 11, 2017

My family laughed when I bought this because it's "so easy to just make a snowball with your hands". Then I was laughing as they were fighting over who got to use this next. It quickly makes perfectly round, packed snowballs. A very fun (although unnecessary, of course) snow toy.
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by S.L. (5 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2012

This is fabulous and even my just turned 3-year-old had no problem using it to make perfect snowballs! Worth every penny!

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