Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Brand: Genuine Fred
Manufacturer: Fred
Model: DOOM
EAN: 0709127383392
Category: Food & Drinks
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Dimension: 3.00 x 4.00 x 3.00 inches
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Product Description

This formidable shot glass is Fred's tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims has the power of life and death, the power to heal or to smite, the power to create miracles. We make no claims beyond these: this glass will hold 2 ounces of your favorite beverage and will stare right in your eye as you down your shot. Don't blink! Hand-blown crystal-clear borosilicate glass, individually packaged in a colorful yet mysterious giftbox.


  • Holds 2.5 ounces
  • Hand blown crystal clear borosilicate glass
  • Individually packaged in a colorful giftbox
  • Fun and Easy to use
  • Fun and easy to use

Top Reviews

by JHB (5 out of 5 stars)
September 17, 2013

Very good quality. We got this for a dirty Santa gift and I'm sure it will meet the task very well.

Recently there were customers who were questioning what Fred is made out of and how many glasses in the package.

There is one 2 oz. shot glass and the following describes what it is made out of:

Fred is actually a very specialized glass called borosilicate glass containing specialized components. In it's laboratory usage it contains around 80% silica, 13% boric oxide, 4% sodium oxide and around 3% aluminum oxide. You may possibly recognize one of it's famous brand names, Pyrex. This particular specimen is lighter than Pyrex and obviously has contents varied by its manufacturer. The box says is manufactured in China and their website says it is hand blown.

Borosilicate glass is resistant to shattering and normally breaks in large segments or simply cracks on impact. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures which is why it is used in laboratory work as well as kitchen containers.
The inventor of borosilicate glass was a German glassmaker named Otto Schott. He was prominent in the 19th century and succeeded in refining his invention around 1883 creating the Duran brand. Later around 1915 Corning Glassworks came out with the brand Pyrex for it's famous line of kitchen glassware.

Regardless of all this technical data you will find Fred looking you straight in the eye when you imbibe in your 2 oz. shot. Shortly after you will find all this information totally oblivious to your current circumstances. Here! Here!
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No. No no no. Crappy.
by Luke Shray (1 out of 5 stars)
March 3, 2016

I rarely give one-star reviews, but here is an exception. Great concept, but the glass is as brittle as a layer of ice on a shallow lake thawing in the springtime. Of the two that came with the order, one arrived broken. Yeah, it's just a few dollars, but these are as good as decoration. They probably wouldn't survive a cycle in the ole washer if they can't survive the shipping. I know you see the price and want something that looks this cool, but don't be fooled.
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Great gift
by Katie (5 out of 5 stars)
April 18, 2019

I bought this for my husband at a museum a while ago and then one day I accidentally broke it while washing dishes. I quick scooped this one up, and he's none the wiser. ;)

It's really neat, and he's always loved it. I don't think it's glass, but it feels thicker and nicer than plastic. Only thing to note is that it will break if you drop something heavy on it.
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Great idea; but quality needs improvement.
by Jim H (2 out of 5 stars)
October 6, 2012

These shot glasses are a great idea and I purchased several sets to give as gifts. I opened one set to check out the quality and I was very disappointed. As another reviewer mentioned, there are spots or marks all over the lettering which I cannot clean off. Additionally, the wording appears to just be cheap, thin aluminum foil attached to the glass, which doesn't give me much confidence in the durability of the product.

I cannot speak toward the quality of the glass itself because I haven't felt the need to use these yet (some other reviewers have complained of breakage). I doubt that I'll be giving them out as gifts as I'd originally planned, but maybe just keep them on hand to have if needed.

At $10 I wasn't expecting perfection, but I was expecting something just a little bit nicer. I'd suggest saving one's money and finding another novel gift idea.
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Good SHOTglass
by Chumly (4 out of 5 stars)
October 28, 2013

The picture(s) and description should very well describe this item, so no huge negatives should be written. It physically is the size of a bourbon glass but indeed holds 2.5oz of liquid, making it a bit more than a traditional shot of 1-1/2oz (no such thing as "normal" when it comes to shots). The glass (not plastic by far) is thin just as the picture shows but it is not brittle. Would I slam it on a bar? No, but I would firmly place it down as to say "gimme another" without worry. Over all, I think it looks really good just sitting there or serving up drinks with it. This is only one glass and are individually packaged if you order more (they come in boxes and the glass is wrapped in bubble wrap).

There's copy's of these Fred glasses for much cheaper but they are very low quality. Stick with these and don't waste your money on the others.
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These are soooo Cool
by DJ (5 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2014

I decided to get this one for my son. He's starting a shotglass collection so I thought this one would be perfect. The shotglass "is" glass, not plastic/acrylic. The glass skull sits inside a round glass enclosure, and looks like it's floating. The whole shotglass itself as approx 2 3/4" hi by 8 5/8" round. Sounds huge but it really isn't. The skull itself is quite large and very impressive. The skull design is very well defined and no matter what liquid you put in it, it looks great. My husband already has his collection (over 125 shot glasses) so I got him one too. He's not the skull type of guy but he really beamed when he saw this one. It is so unique. He was extremely pleased and you will be too when you get yours. The skull also holds 2 ozs of whatever. Here's to ya!!!
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by MH23 (1 out of 5 stars)
December 9, 2018

the chin of the skull leaked...because it arrived with a crack......its hollow in the underside.....I feel swindled. I thought that the skull was inside a full glass structure. but to cheapen production costs and profite, they make 12 glasses out of 1 functional one. they thin it as much as possible and hollow bottom. Terrible practice. not even worth 50 cents.
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by tpsfla (3 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2012

I love the look of this glass!

You WILL look so cool driving to work with this in your hand especially when you fill it with JD!

the down side!!!! the glass is extremely thin and will break so easily! You cant use this glass as your regular shot glass... after a couple shots and you get a buzz going you will drop it or fall down drunk and smash it and get cut and maybe even bleed to death or at the very least you would have to go to the hospital for surgery because the glass wont show up on the xray so they will have to probe around in the wound until they find all the little pieces of glass then all the follow up visits to the Dr because they didn't get all the pieces...But that's just me! I'm just sayin'... Drink till you pass out... but not with this glass in your hand!

Try the BIG RED SOLO CUP! its cheaper, holds more JD and it wont hurt you when you fall down on it!
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Great, but....
by Mel (4 out of 5 stars)
June 4, 2013

The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because:
1) The glass is not very sturdy/thick - If you drop it, it's game over. This is actually my second time buying this. The first one I bumped off of a chair.
2) It is kind of difficult to drink out of - The lip of this thing is wider than a normal shot glass. If you don't have a mouth big enough for it, it's kind of awkward to shoot from.

That being said it is aesthetically interesting and unique.

The first one I bought (and broke) had been given to friend #1 for Christmas.

Friend #2 saw it and became very jealous. I bought one for friend #2 as a surprise and he absolutely loves it.
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Cool but flimsy shot glass; poor packaging shattered one!
by HeatherInTx (3 out of 5 stars)
May 15, 2013

These shot glasses really are as neat as they look in the picture but the bottom is open and it leaves the bottom rim to fend for itself. I decided to purchase 2. Unfortunately, the small shot glass box was just throwing into a plain, white shipping bag without any protection what-so-ever....not even a padded envelope. Needless to say, one of them shattered into a million pieces. I have no idea how the other one survived. Honestly, I am scared to even get a replacement. If they are packaged the same way again, the odds of it surviving are not in my favor. I would definitely give the product itself a 3. If I had to rate the shipping of the 3rd party seller, 0.

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