Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

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Product Description

Discover a new kind of clean

Upgrade your toilet with a more hygienic way to flush. This easy-to-install retrofit kit brings a KOHLER touchless flush to almost any toilet. Once it’s installed, just hold your hand over the sensor to activate the flush. No handle to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind.

Installation takes 10-20 minutes for the average person – giving you a touchless flush in no time.
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Fill the trip lever hole with a plug to create a seamless, streamlined aesthetic.
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Smart design, fewer germs

We’ve integrated state-of-the-art technology into an affordable, easy-to-install module to give you a technologically advanced, hygienic home.

Our touchless technology fits inside a small black module that’s mounted in the tank, high above the waterline. A simple chain connects a flush actuating wheel to the flush valve. A sensor projects an electromagnetic field through the lid of the toilet and extends another 2-3” above that. This field is intentionally tight to reduce the potential for incidental flushes. When your hand disrupts the field, the toilet will flush without your hands ever touching the toilet.

What you get

Your Touchless flush kit comes complete with a module, mounting hardware, battery pack, four AA batteries, trip lever hole cover, optional flush emblem, and an installation and care guide.

This little black module is filled with patented cutting-edge technology: a sensor, a circuit board, a flush actuating wheel and the four AA batteries it takes to power your flush.

Touchless toilets run on four AA batteries that should last about 6-12 months depending on usage. A low battery indicator will beep five times before each low-battery flush when the batteries have approximately four weeks of power left, so you have ample warning when they need to be replaced.

Easy installation

Installation is simple and typically takes 10-20 minutes for the average person.

First, remove the trip lever, if you prefer a streamlined look. Many installations can work with both the Touchless flush kit and a trip lever in place. Determine the bracket location and attach it to the tank. Next, hang the module inside the tank with the flush wheel directly above the center of the flapper or one inch to the side of the canister. Connect the flush valve or flapper to the touchless module with the chain. Lastly, install the battery pack and ensure proper operation. Once you’ve installed the module, replace the lid and place the flush emblem directly above the sensor. The Touchless flush kit is not compatible with dual-flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist or ballcock valve toilets.


Gracious living is marked by qualities of charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit. It is further characterized by self-fulfillment and the enhancement of nature. The Kohler mission is to improve your sense of gracious living in every experience you have with a Kohler product or service. To make this happen, Kohler tries to operate on the leading edge in the design and technology of product and process, maintaining a single level of quality regardless of price point across many product and service categories.

Bring a no-touch flush and easy-to-clean exterior to your bathroom for a more hygienic experience.
Streamlined design

Touchless flushing lets you remove one of the dirtiest things in your bathroom—your toilet’s trip lever. If you choose to remove the trip lever from your toilet, the Touchless flush kit includes a hole cover. Filling this hole gives your toilet a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe clean.

  • Converts a standard toilet to touchless flush
  • Flush is activated by a no-touch sensor mounted inside the tank
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Not compatible with dual-flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist or ballcock valve toilets
  • Simple installation takes most people 10-20 minutes
  • Trip lever hole cover included
  • Optional emblem included


  • Flush is activated by a no touch sensor mounted inside the tank
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Works with most canister and flapper toilets
  • Not compatible with dual flush, top mount flush, pressure assist, or ballcock valve toilets
  • Simple installation taking most people less than 20 minutes

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Top Reviews

Awesome! Phantom Flushes... don't give up!
by Wilhelmi22 (5 out of 5 stars)
August 10, 2015

I wanted to love this product out of the box. Installation is very easy, and it's a convenient solution. For the first week, it worked great. Then like other reviews, more and more Phantom Flushes. I could not figure it out. I wanted to rip it out and throw it away.

Then, I went back and read other reviews. Many people called Kohler to receive a new sensor, but one reviewer wrote about using saran wrap on the top of the tank. Thanks buddy! So I went back, took off the top cover, flushed, and watched. Sure enough, the new piston style Kohler toilet I have SPLASHES water up in the air when you flush. Maybe not when the lever was installed because of the way the chain lifted, but it sure does when the sensor arm rotates. Well, that splash gets water all up on the underside of the tank lid. Then guess what? It drips down over the sensor causing a flush. That is why the problem was so weird and random. No two splashes are the same!

So I adjusted the water level down a half inch in the tank. This way it didn't go right to the lip on the over flow. Then, after several flushes, it looks like that solves the problem. It might splash a little, but no where like before. And the splashing seems to be concentrated in the center of the tank vs. the side where the sensor is.

I haven't had any Phantom Flushes since. So don't give up. It's a great product, but might take a little adjusting during installation. Good luck and watch out for those splashes.
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I also installed one at a second house and it works fine when i'm there but when i return a week ...
by ken (1 out of 5 stars)
October 16, 2016

Installed one on Oct. of 2014 and on Oct. of 2016 it starts freaking out with the flushing every 5 min. cant figure it out. I also installed one at a second house and it works fine when i'm there but when i return a week later the batteries are dead replace the batteries it works fine until a week later and batteries are dead again.Bottom line i'm done i took both of them out and threw them away Kohler you have not done your home work on this product you are using us as Ginney pigs when they work they're great key word when. I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT ITS A PIECE OF CRAP. NO STARS ZERO
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Extremely Satisfied After 3 Years
by Noele (5 out of 5 stars)
June 11, 2017

Extremely satisfied for the past year. This solved the problem with our master bath toilet having a side flip handle that would wind up the chain and constantly run. Before the Touchless Flush Kit, we ALWAYS had to wait and listen to make sure that the thing was finished running.

July 2017: After having this work flawlessly for a year, and still with the original batteries, I have a couple of suspicions why some of the other folks have had issues. If they didn't follow the instruction in print and on the Youtube, they probably ignored the small pads that provide a small vent between the tank and the lid. Without that vent, the excess humidity probably caused problems with the mechanism or the batteries. To be clear, we have no kids or visitors playing with the controller. It's important to make sure you're installing correctly.

Aug 2018: After a second year of use, we're replacing the batteries for only the second time. The original small pads, that allow venting of the tank, were getting a bit squished. We added some clear ones from 3M that will help hold the weight of the tank lid and keep the humidity from harming the mechanism or batteries. This was a VERY good choice and the Kohler brand passed the test of time.

June 2019: After three years, this is little wonder is still working exactly as described. We anticipate the need to change batteries in the next eight weeks. Signs will be when it begins to work sporadically and then it will great again after new batteries.
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Looks like this new model may actually work!
by rgd18 (4 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2018

I bought this to replace the unit that came with my Kohler Touchless toilet. Kohler has admittedly had problems with the original version of the Flush unit. Like may other reviewers, I had problems with "phantom" flushing and the old unit absolutely chewed up batteries (sometimes in little more than a week - although not sure how much battery power was eaten up by phantom flushes since my Touchless toilet is in my basement)

The first thing I noticed with this newer version was the inclusion of an absorbent "pad" that sticks to the underside of the lid below the flushless sensor. Otherwise, this unit was pretty much the same in appearance to the old one, other than that the "flap" of the cover of the flushing mechanism unit was a bit bigger than the one on the old unit, extending further down the front side on the unit. It was very easy to install, took less than 5 minutes (mainly because it was replacing an existing unit - if you are converting a regular toilet to Touchless, I am sure it will take longer as it is a more involved process).

So far (10 days in), it is working flawlessly. No detected phantom flushes (I put a square of toilet paper in the bowl to monitor it so it would be gone if there was a phantom flush) and works on the first pass of my hand over the sensor every time. So far, batteries seem to be holding up. But the jury is still out on whether the battery life will be significantly extended vs. that experienced in the old unit.

So I could revise downward (or upward) once I get a good handle on the battery life.

But it looks like Kohler may have solved the problems with the Touchless mechanisms! I hope so.
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avoid this one
by Abi (1 out of 5 stars)
July 23, 2016

This is just plain unreliable. Weal ready had a Kohler toilet with this 'technology' built in, so decide to convert another toilet. Sadly after 12 or so months the original toilet failed (it starts to phantom flush, sometimes 5 or 6 times in a row), then this unit started doing the exact same thing. A replacement kit lasted a few months before doing the same thing.

We gave up and went back to the traditional handle on the 2nd toilet. Sadly the original toilet has no hole for a handle and we are stuck with it randomly flushing.
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Easy to Install and Works Great
by Honest John (5 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2016

OK, let's get real: Does anyone NEED an automatic flusher in their home. It's not as if we have a public restroom where clods "forget" to flush after use. In truth, I wanted this because (a) it was an inexpensive gadget and (b) I have a chronic form of leukemia that has reduced my ability to fight disease. Not that our bathroom is awash in germs, but one less place to touch is one less chance for me to get exposed to anything unpleasant.

Installation was a snap. I broke my normal habit of ignoring instructions (I did not want to face my wife after disabling our shared toilet!). I also viewed the very helpful videos on Kohler's website. There is an addendum to the introductions (not shown on the video) and they have added two self-sticking foam "pads" that are self-glued to the top of the toilet tank. It took about 20 minutes to remove the old flush rod and install the self-flusher. It's been in about 2 weeks and has worked perfectly every time. If I were to pick nits, I'd suggest that it come with lithium batteries as the motor seems to be a fairly high draw one and I suspect the alkaline batteries will not last long. (There is supposed to be an audible warning when they are getting low.) The other suggestion would be to make the audible "confirmation beep" ("yep, sensed your hand and am about to flush") a tad louder. As I said, these are nits.

I'll monitor durability and provide an update in a few weeks or months.
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Not recommended!
by Fast Eddy (1 out of 5 stars)
December 8, 2016

Quit working after 2 yrs. Phantom flushes before that. Sent to Kohler for replacement sensor after started phantom flushes, which worked for a while. I have to say that Kohler's customer service was very helpful, but it recently quit flushing completely. Battery replacement didn't help. I'm not going to use it anymore and I can't recommend it.
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Sad to have to give this a 1 star
by zac (1 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2017

Sad to have to give this a 1 star. Tried 3 of them all develop the same issue. The eat batteries. Top of the line Duracell's early last a week. Rechargeables last 2-3 days. When the batteries start to die it we I'll randomly open the flapper and leave it open, resulting in returning home to a running toilet. I have even had to almost totally shut my fill shut off so water trickles in to fill the tank so I don't waste water when this hapoens
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Terrible battery life
by Sacigar (1 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2018

Manually flush this down the drain!!! I purchased a Kohler touchless toilet and started burning thru batteries every 2 weeks... so, I thought the touchless components were defective and ordered this kit. To my disappointment, it was not defective since this kit burns thru 4 AA batteries at the same rate. Here is the very strange part - this toilet is in a guest bathroom that is rarely used (I would say it gets flushed 2 to 3 times a week)

Do yourself a favor - stay away from any Kohler touchless toilets or retrofit kits (unless you have a lifetime supply of free AA batteries)
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can't believe how good this works and how easy it was to install
by Buckaroobanzai55 (5 out of 5 stars)
September 24, 2014

can't believe how good this works and how easy it was to install. wish I could give it 10 stars. Installed on a kohler toilet so the install was perfect.


Just bought another one and installed on an american standard toilet. Was a little trickier to install on this toilet but seems to work ok. Had 2 issues... 1 the toilet flushed when lifting the lid so as per the directions i put the pads on the lid and problem solved. Problem 2 is that the lid on this toilet is so thick (and i mean THICK) that you have to hover within an inch of the lid. it is what it is but I'm still happy with it. Obviously this device is always gonna work better on a Kohler toilet. I'm convinced there must be a way to solve this... even if i have to simply grind down the inside of the lid a little.


It's november now... both units still working perfectly. not one phantom flush yet. My guess is that it will have problems eventually. As an engineer, my educated guess is that the inside circuits of this unit have no choice but to eventually corrode under the moist, harsh conditions it is forced to survive in. If it does malfunction, I plan to by another one and attempt to "properly" water proof it with silicone. I have no doubt that what everyone is experiencing is simple water corrosion on the circuits.


Phantom flush has started and got a little out of control. As many have suggested, it is simply a condensate issue. Water beads up at the top of the lid and drips and the phantom flushing ensues. I have solved the problem buy using epoxy to glue a very thin scrubbing sponge under the top of the lid directly over the flushing unit and it keeps condensate from building up over the unit. problem solved.

Update 1/7/15

Got back from vacation and it was dead. Reversed the polarity to test the motor and motor was fine so I left it open on my desk overnight to dry out and worked like new in the morning. I put one of those dehydration gel packs in the unit to help. Obviously with the office closed for 2 weeks and no one flushing, air did not get forced through to keep humidity maintained and it overcame the seals.

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