AQUA iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for Model A1181 original 13-inch MacBook released befor

Brand: mCover
Manufacturer: iPearl Inc
Model: MB13-HD-AQUA
EAN: 0649241988229
Category: Personal Computers (Bags, Cases & Sleeves)
Price: n/a  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 2.00 x 12.00 x 13.20 inches
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Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

iPearl mCover® Collection for  MacBooks

Product Highlights:
+ Designed to fit perfectly with the 13.3" white original MacBook, A1181 model(released before Oct. 20, 2009, with removable battery)
+ Made of High-Quality High-Strength DOW polycarbonate plastic
+ Built-in ergonomically designed foldable feet to let you type more comfortably. It also helps your MacBook to stay cool
+ Rubber feet on the front side to prevent from slipping on smooth surface
+ No interference with Open/Close of MacBook and access to all ports(USB, Ethernet, DVD, Power, Audio,etc)
+ The MacBook's original heat ventilation grill is NOT blocked. Extra slots on the bottom cover were built in for better heat dissipation all the time
+ 9 vibrant colors(Aqua/Blue/Black/Clear/Green/Orange/Pink/Purple/Red) available!
+ Made under license of US Patent 7,643,274

This case is NOT compatible with:
— 2nd Generation white Unibody MacBook(A1342 model, with non-removable battery)
— All 11.6"/13.3" MacBook Air
— All 13.3"/15.4" MacBook Pro with Regular or Retina Display.

iPearl Inc is proud of being an "A"-Rating BBB Accredited Business with 17,600+ reviews and 98%+ positive feedbacks at Amazon.
iPearl offers protective cases for ALL current MacBook & Chromebook models and selected popular PC laptops, protecting 850,000+ Mac | PC | Chromebook laptops and 150,000+ iPad | Kindle | Nook readers around the world so far!

(Updated on 1/20/2014)


  • Made of USA-made high-quality translucent DOW polycarbonate material, which is shatter-proof and will protect your model A1181 older original 13-inch black/white MacBook (Core Duo or Core 2 Duo model, released before Oct. 20, 2009) all around.
  • NOT compatible with 13-inch model A1342 (part number MC207LL/A MC516LL/A) white plastic MacBook released after Oct. 20th, 2009. NOT compatible with the model A1425 ALUMINUM unibody 13-inch Macbook Pro with 13.3" Retina Display released in October 2012. NOT compatible with the model A1278 ALUMINUM unibody 13-inch MacBook Pro with 13.3" regular Display.
  • The ONLY original black/white MacBook hard case with retractable feet at the rear bottom to let you type more comfortably. Rubber feet at the bottom to prevent from slipping on smooth surface. All ports are fully accessible.
  • 2-piece light-weighted shell easily snaps on and off. 9 colors (Aqua/Blue/Black/Clear/Green/Orange/Pink/Purple/Red) available.
  • NOTE: Before placing order, please make sure to verify your laptop model number as this case is MODEL specific and not interchangeable.

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Top Reviews

Best cover option for older MacBooks
by Catherine (5 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2018

There aren't too many cover options for older MacBooks. I did a lot of searching and this proved to be the best quality and most economical option. It holds up well and doesn't easily crack if you treat your MacBook with care. I love the included keyboard cover. It lasts and lasts and is easy to type through. I never use the folding feet underneath to change the angle, so that wasn't selling point for me.

I bought this in clear and and black. The reason I got the black cover was to mask a weird cosmetic flaw (manufacturing defect, probably) on the cover of my 2008 white Macbook. The light showing through sections of the cover, not just through the Apple logo (you can see shadows of the interior structure). Anyway, the black case pretty much masks that problem.
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A Great Fitting Cover For This Older Macbook
by LLG Enterprises (4 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2017

The cover snaps on very nicely and stays put. It's a well made design. The little legs for tilting the computer make for a nice typing angle. I am only giving it 4 stars because of the color. I understand that it's hard to totally depict a true color on a printed box or computer screen vs. seeing it in person. I think I would have picked a more subtle color had I known the pink was so bright. It's a great color for a princess pink...but as a grown woman, well...lets just say that it screams "girly-girl" at you! Ha! I can learn to live with it though as it's not worth returning for another color. The keyboard cover was a very nice plus as it's not advertised on the product page. It fits the keys beautifully and is easy to get used to when typing with it.
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Glad I purchased this!
by D.D.,Top Contributor: Nail Art (5 out of 5 stars)
July 15, 2017

Seems to be almost "little to none" when it comes to that many options of covers out there that can be purchased for this specific laptop model. So glad I came across this one. Fits just perfectly. Ventilated where appropriately needed. Adjustable clips underneath to allow a preferred angle for comfort, as well as air to the bottom preventing any overheating. And I absolutely love the light blue color. Will add a photo of it when I get home. Also, I even got an extra surprise when it came with a free matching keyboard cover! I am definitely interested in how the other colors look as well. Would recommend this brand to others for sure!
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A nice deep blue, and protects my MacBook
by Bob 2012 (4 out of 5 stars)
March 5, 2014

I bought 3 of these covers (blue, orange, and red) to protect 3 of my older MacBooks. iPearl thought of everything when they built these units right down to an opening on the back cover to let you check the battery status. The covers snap onto your Mac with very small tabs including 2 longer tabs located at the back of the lower cover near the hinge. If you make sure all the tabs are engaged, then the unit fits nice and snug. Case design is simple, covers most of the laptop, and protects the edges. There are 2 small rubber feet at the front, and there are 2 small snap out feet at the rear in case you like to work with a tilted keyboard (as I'm doing now) to make it more ergometric for your hands. The back of the case has grooves in it so you can disperse heat better. There's also a small hole by the battery to test battery status. Clearance for the DVD, and plugs on the side is good. You can even use the lock hole.

As a bonus, I found a silicone keyboard cover included in each case that I ordered. The covers are soft silicone, and the printing actually matches the key layout as well.

Here are my details:

1. Quick Shipping. I got these in less than a week with standard shipping.
2. Matte finish, less likely to show fingerprints
3. Snug fit. Make sure you get all the tabs to snap in, especially the 2 longer tabs on the back of the lower cover.
4. heat dissipation - great. The slots on the bottom give you extra dissipation, and if you use the tabs on the back to angle the keyboard, you get even more.
5. good access to connections.
6. access to battery test button on back cover.
7. translucent design, you can see all the lights through the cover.
8. there are 4 small bumps on the top cover. If set your laptop down upside down, or stack a book on top of it, theres a small amount of protection to prevent the case from getting scratches.
9. rubber feet on front pads.
10. hinged rear liftable feet on back for airflow, or to better angle your keyboard.
9. bonus - silicone keyboard cover, and it even maps the function keys correctly for my MacBook

1. Hard plastic cover does not give any protection from slipping out of your hands as you carry it. As a note - it's just as slippery as the Macbook case without a cover!
2. hinged rear liftable feet might break at some point. While the case is great, and the feet work really well, you should use care when carrying the unit and retract them before hand.
3. Front infrared port is covered by case. This means limited range, so if you use it, don't expect lots of range with this cover installed.

↭ 🍁 ↭

by Kylie Paris,Top Contributor: Makeup (2 out of 5 stars)
September 5, 2015

Could have been a great product, instead it is less than mediocre because of flaws in the design. The bottom piece seems warped and doesn't fit snuggly around the last corner. Top is good, if the bottom was the same it could have been perfect. Now I put the legs up and when the computer warms up with use it fits a little better because of the heat and the pressure of the laptop resting on it, but it is warped and will never be a snug fit. I'd like to take it off and put it infant of a heat vent with a dictionary on top of it for a while to see if that might help some, but I'm afraid to try to take it off because it is not coming off very easily and I don't want to crack it. Surprisingly no instructions came with it to give any tips for removing the bottom piece.

I gave it a second star because the little legs are absolutely great, giving a much improved typing position. And because I ordered the clear which you can't even tell I have on my laptop it came with a very thin unnoticeable clear keypad cover as well and that is wonderful. The color of my laptop is white. It doesn't affect my typing at all and I can type 85 words per minute. There is less clacking sound and I think it gives a much quieter nicer sound. One nice thing about the clear case is that I put a very pretty and large decal on the front of the laptop and you can still see it beautifully. You could place pictures as well that will always stay nice. You really can't tell that I have the case on. Too bad the bottom of the case is warped and therefore inadequate.
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2 weeks in. Happy purchaser. Solid product. Little feet!
by Devon (5 out of 5 stars)
October 8, 2015

Great case for my ten year-old (yikes!) daily user, white Macbook. It fits like a glove, the plastic is solid and protective, and best of all, the little pop-up feet on the back are a major aide to ventilation and prop up the computer to a very comfortable slight incline, which is great when you are sitting in front of the computer with it on a surface. The rubber pads on the bottom front are good quality and effective as well. They really grip well and prevent sliding. And I also like the way the Apple logo shines through the back-- the square "cut-out" as it appears in the picture, is just a hardly noticeable indented square area on the inside of the top part of the case (it has 2 parts..), not a window as it appears in the image. The square is really almost invisible in a brightly lit area and completely invisible in dim lighting. It looks nice, not Cheap-O. The logo appears dimmer, but in a dark, subtle, frosted way, which suits my taste just fine.

The ONLY issues, and they are really quite minor in my consumer opinion: The very very slight added bulk that the case adds prevents the laptop screen from opening as far back as it used to, preventing it from tilting all of the way. Gosh, it must be less than or just about a 5-8 degree difference. And there's really no easy way to grip the little feet on the bottom as you pop them into action. You have to awkwardly claw at them a little but it just takes a second. They feel solid as well, so I'm not worried about breaking the plastic tabs that hold them in, as I'd imagine would be an issue with cheap construction. Really quite impressed.

BOOM, 5 stars.
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Better than a scratched up MacBook
by Nicholas A. (5 out of 5 stars)
February 15, 2017

Very nice cover. I found it was close to impossible to find a MacBook that wasn't covered with marks and scratches. This cover took care of that problem and my MacBook looks really sharp. I have no complaints about this cover. The cover I received came with a silicone keyboard cover, and if I would have known it would have saved me $6 because I bought one at the same time I purchased the cover. Read through the ad a couple time and never saw anything about the cover. It's a plus not a con, just would have liked to have known. Awesome cover that brings new life into that old MacBook.
↭ 🍁 ↭

My laptop looks BRAND NEW! Way better than the picture!
by Teachalot (5 out of 5 stars)
March 19, 2012

This laptop cover is amazing. I have a very old macbook that has been through a LOT over the years. It works fine, but I really haven't taken good care of it cosmetically. This laptop cover came to my rescue. The picture really doesn't do it justice. This cover is sleek, professional looking, and worth the money. It pops right on very easily. I really couldn't ask for more. I initially had some reservation about the square shaped Apple window, but when the white apple shines through, it looks darn good! I also wasn't really sure if I wanted to pay this price, but I am SO glad I did. Be careful to keep your covered laptop in a good sleeve when not in use, and only clean this cover with a recommended cloth. I can already see very fine scratches where I casually dusted it off right after installing it. I also ordered a "TopCase SOLID BLACK Keyboard Silicone Skin Cover with palm rest area for Macbook 13" to go with this case. These two pieces have combined to give my laptop a much needed makeover.

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