Diamond Glass Tower Speakers

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Price: $38,642.48
Total Reviews: 58 customer reviews
Average Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Upgrade your auditory experience by playing your music & movies from these diamond glass tower speakers. They feature an elegant and understated design made from high density diamond glass which helps eliminate unwanted vibrations for better sound qu

Top Reviews

Use your gift card, save!
by Ercole (5 out of 5 stars)
March 26, 2018

I think I'm going to use my $25 Amazon gift card on these!
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The speakers are great! They go well in my bedroom
by online4ever (4 out of 5 stars)
July 3, 2018

The speakers are great! They go well in my bedroom. The only issue I have is that they take a lot of windex to keep clean. Also the base shattered my bed frame.
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Slightly disappointed but hey it's only $39
by James H. (3 out of 5 stars)
July 23, 2018

Turns out the Diamond glass is actually Diamond colored glass not actual diamond. Slightly disappointed but hey it's only $39,000. What do you expect?
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Free shipping, 5 stars!
by Wes (1 out of 5 stars)
July 23, 2018

With that free shipping they almost had my $40,000!... until I realized that diamonds are crystalline carbon based, and glass is amorphous, Si based. Looks like that $40,000 materials engineering degree paid off after all!
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What happened?
by J. Wild (5 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2018

I accidentally put these out with the recycling. The boxes looked empty.
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The Best Decision I Ever Made!
by Perry Cardia (5 out of 5 stars)
March 9, 2014

I debated for weeks between buying these bad boys, or getting my wife of 17 years her much needed heart transplant.

Although I miss her very much, me and my ears have never regretted my decision.
...and on these diamond glass, "paragon of clarity" speakers, my wife's old record collection I inherited sounds...well...TO DIE FOR!

Awww sweetie....

If only you and Jesus could hear this home theater setup now...
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nice party favour
by motlalekhotso (5 out of 5 stars)
October 21, 2016

What fabulous items. My pre-teen, Alyssa Magdalena, ordered a pair on her credit card, so I first heard them out on the backyard polo grounds, and they sounded good out there. The problem was that one of the ponies was a bit rambunctious, so they were both covered in mud and manure by the end of the day. So I told Jeeves to go ahead and order three new sets--one as replacement, one for Alyssa's little sister, and one for me.

Well what do you know? We liked them so much that when she had her 13th birthday party this is what we landed on for party favours. Jeeves kept pressing "buy now" so that everyone from Alyssa's epicurean club and her boarding school each had one. Now half of Atherton has them!
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Worth every penny, all 2,800,000 of them!!
by Kelly (5 out of 5 stars)
December 12, 2018

Don't let the bad reviews fool you!! These are the best darn speakers ever made!! Finally, Taylor Swift sounds as good as she does live! I gave Taylor the key to her ankle chains and told her she can stop performing live for me and can go home.

I use these in my disco room on my 600 foot yacht made of solid gold. Disco has never sounded so good!!!
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Not the bargin one would think.
by barre (3 out of 5 stars)
May 1, 2015

I was generous with my 3 stars. It turns out Taylor Swift doesn't sound any better with this pair of speakers than my old $120 Walmart specials. I'd have to add that I wasn't at all surprised.
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Their is no such thing as "diamond" glass
by Jessica Acosta (1 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2018

That is actually low iron glass, or starphire glass. When you take iron out of glass it doesn't look green any more, but blue/silver. It costs a little bit more than regular tempered glass, but not THAT much.

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