Rib-O-Lator Barbecue Rotisserie

Brand: BBQ Innovations LLC
Model: U301
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Dimension: 10.00 x 20.00 x 12.00 inches
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Product Description

IMPORTANT: Spit rod and motor are NOT included
EACH TRAY IS 17" long x 5" wide
Installed length including brackets is 20"

Rotisserie ANY kind of food: steaks, ribs, chicken pieces, fish fillets, burgers, veggies & more. So don't be limited to rotissering just whole chickens or roasts any more. Get rotisserie results with virtually any food you want using The Rib-O-Lator... just load up the trays!

Installs in minutes on YOUR existing spit rod. Then turn on your motor and the trays will rotate like a Ferris Wheel, evenly cooking your food through the indirect heat of your barbecue so it turns out tender, moist and succulent every time -- even delicate fish turns out perfect. Ribs are never dried out even after hours of cooking, and food cooks on both sides at the same time so you never have to flip.

So just how good is The Rib-O-Lator? In competition, we took 1st Place in Ribs, Chicken and Salmon. We've also won two Grand Championships. You'll have the same great results! Fits 99% of all medium-to-large-gas grills (3 to 5 burners).

-- Fits 5/16" square rods, 1/2" round rod, and 5/8" hex rod -- Stainless steel construction means it will last for many years

-- Trays quickly detach for easy dishwasher cleaning.

P.S. With a battery operated rotisserie motor you can use The Rib-O-Lator for camping and tailgating.


1. From your spit rod down you need 6"clearance (remove cooking grates if needed)

2. From the spit rod to the back you need 6 1/2"

3. Length (end to end) you need 21"

If you need help, call me!


  • RIB-O-LATOR FITS: Medium and Large Gas Grills, 22 inch Weber-style Kettles, WSM, and 55 gal Drum Smokers. Now you can rotisserie all your food using the indirect heat of your barbecue for the juiciest, most succulent and flavorful bbq you'll ever have. Your food will never burn or dry out.
  • You can rotisserie ribs, fish, steaks, burgers, pork loins, pork butts, nachos, desserts, appetizers, veggies and anything else you can imagine.
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction; each tray measures 17" long X 5" wide; overall installed length including brackets is 21”
  • NOTE: SPIT ROD AND MOTOR NOT INCLUDED. Slips onto your existing rod and motor. See more details below.
  • Fits 99% of all medium-to-large-gas grills (3 to 5 burners).

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Top Reviews

We want to love it; we just CAN'T!!!!!!
by Crysta Poulsen (2 out of 5 stars)
July 23, 2016

I watched all the you tube reviews on this product and I read all the reviews here so I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new rib o lator.

When I received the package I opened it with great enthusiasm. Upon examining the racks they appeared to be coated rather than stainless which threw me off a bit but never the less on to cooking.

I washed the racks before using them as detailed in the vague instructions. Doing so I cut the s... Out of my finger on one of the vertical sides of the tray.

The trays appear to be stamped metal, so while the top is smooth the bottom is a cheese grater. They do clean well as advertised. That said, be careful when handling.

I bought this product specifically for my Weber 22.5" kettle with 6" extension ring.

Upon setting this baby up and remembering one review where a guy said it was ready in 5 minutes I was frustrated to find that after 45 minutes in the AZ sun at 112 degrees it still would not clear the sides of the kettle. It scrapes the corners just enough to roll the racks unless you have enough weight on them to damper that added drag.

I'm a reasonably educated individual, I like to think I'm pretty mechanically inclined, so I can tell you after every adjustment I could think of I could not get rid of the drag on the sides.

That said I lost meat do to the racks turning over at least 4 times on that first go around.... frustrating.

After that I figured I better put this contraption on my Jenn Aire propane BBQ. Fail #2. Plenty of clearance however due to the inability to have the exact same weight on every single tray I still had food falling all over. I have asked my butcher to be sure each piece of meat weights exactly the same but he cannot oblige, that's a joke obviously....

All said I want to love this product but it's cut me, ruined meat and is difficult to use in the sence that it must be perfectly balanced to work correctly, which I don't mind, but as meat cooks it looses weight and that causes the trays to become unbalanced again. Perhaps a heavier tray would do away with that but we have to understand that little motor can only take so much weight so I get it....

That said I went to the website, called Bob four days ago and still no response.

Really, I want to love it and was so excited to get it and maybe that's why I am so terribly disappointed.

Review written by husband
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Great attachment for rotisserie !
by M.D**** (5 out of 5 stars)
October 12, 2018

I love this Ferris wheel of meat! Was sceptical about buying this for quite some time after reading some bad reviews and figured that I'll take a chance and Macgyver it if I have too. I've been roti-grilling with my Weber Genesis and 22" Performer for 15 yrs now and nothing like meat spinning on a spit over fire. So I took a chance on the ribolater and here's what I got: after 3 weeks or so I've done 6 cooks. Ribs 3x , chick breast, thighs, legs , whole wings. All without any failure. As others have said, make sure the meat is IN the tray. Had to trim the bb ribs slightly . Adjusting the riblolater in the roti -ring takes only a minute. Just tighten the screws square on the spit.In all my cooks so far, no trays have made any contact with the ring. Wish I had gotten this sooner but I'm glad I have it now! Last, if your using a 22" Weber, you can use your grate so that if your food should happen to fall out, it will land on the grate, not the fire source as some have said.
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10/22/16 update - best weber accessory I've ever used
by D. Tharpe (5 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2015

I use this on a Weber kettle with the Weber rotisserie ring.

I think I'm good on the grill with usual rave reviews on just about everything I cook. I'd actually like to start competing on a amateur level. I got the chicken down to an art, my ribs are fantastic and pork butt, is an every other weekend staple. My briskets are delicious but just not up to par for professional competition.

There's pro's and cons to the rib-o-lator so lets start with the cons.

you need to use a minimum of two baskets 180 degrees out for best results, it keeps the balance correct. What ever your cooking needs to be contained with in the basket. It takes 20-30 minutes for initial set up, don't think your going to throw this together and get perfect results. Take the 30 minutes and set it up for proper clearances and operation on first use and you'll be much more happy. The food that you do put in the bucket has to be placed correctly so its well balanced and the trays rotate evenly. As food cooks it gives up moisture and the balance can shift, pay attention to this when you add coals or check how things are going.

PRO's - I usually cook chicken quarters and its some of the best chicken consistently weekend to weekend. I'm getting ready to cook two trays of chicken and two trays of St. Louis ribs today. There's only been one weekend since Christmas '14 I haven't barbecued and used this thing. I definitely think this has improved my chicken which was already pretty good. Not sure if its done as much for my ribs though. They were already really good, and with the rib-o-lator they still are. The real pro here is that the ribs actually cook faster. I can cook two trays of ribs in about 1.5-2 hours and they are just stupid delicious. I say stupid delicious because I am stupid and over eat every time I cook with this. I highly recommend anyone using a weber kettle to get the rotisserie ring and then the ribolator. seriously, I wish I would have discovered this thing 20 years ago. Greatest accessory I've ever found for my Weber and I've been a faithful Weber fan for life.
10/22/16- I LOVE THIS THING! I use it all the time and like anything else the more you use it the more you learn and the better you get. I don't have any problems other talk about. think about what you're doing, this isn't an IQ test. keep your trays balanced, be careful when cleaning. the stainless steel cleans up easily. throw them in the dishwasher and you rarely have to scrub anything off. I have the smokenator 1000, slow and sear, charcoal baskets, obviously the rotisserie and if I could only have one accessory it would be the ribolator (though you need the weber rotisserie ring, spit and motor to make it work). this is the single biggest game changer I've ever used on the weber, it should be standard equipment.
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Great For Baby Back Ribs and Veggies
by julesr (4 out of 5 stars)
September 25, 2015

This is great for ribs and about anything you can put on a BBQ. The whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning and goes back together just as easy.

I would have given it 5 stars, but it has one drawback. If you are using it for ribs, they need to be small like Baby Back or they won't fit in the trays, unless you cut the ribs apart. Also if you don't evenly space out the food, the tray will become heavy on one end and the food will flip out. We've had that happen a couple of times, but once we figured it out, we haven't had any more problems.

We've had this product for a couple of years now and it gets a lot of use because we BBQ all year round. We would highly recommend this product.
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Best Asparagus Ever
by Capt. Crusoe (4 out of 5 stars)
April 26, 2018

Last Night we used the "Rib-O-Lator® Barbecue Rotisserie" for the first time and it worked great. We did not do ribs but loaded all four trays with one pound each of asparagus and then grilled the asparagus at 400⁰ Fahrenheit, it came out great - took about 20 minutes but well worth the time spent. I left off one star as I am not sure how well it will clean up after use. I did spray the "Rib-O-Lator® Barbecue Rotisserie" first with "Pam® for the Grill" before use and after use I allowed it to soak in the utility tub overnight in water and dish soap so we will see how well it will clean-up - it did blacken during the grilling process but that was expected. I do the same process with all our rotisserie accessories and so far they have all cleaned up very well.
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You can make Competition style ribs with style.
by Stephen V. Le (4 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2018

Great rotisserie for your grill. The trays were a lot heavier duty then I was expecting, and the size was great. Installation was easy enough, and it works. Only issue is, you have to have your trays pretty well balanced, I had a rib fall off while smoking. I also wish there was about another 1/2 inch to the depth of the tray so it can fit a rack of St Louis ribs. The larger end of it is too wide that it'll hang off. If you trimmed it to be "competition style" then it should fit perfectly.
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Great Idea.
by Ken Hill (5 out of 5 stars)
September 25, 2019

Ok this is a great idea. I have seen these on a larger scale. Now what did not go well..... Contents must remain balanced in the trays! Due to trying to make the rotation smaller to fit smaller BBQ's causes the trays are bit sensitive and tip. The chicken thighs I was cooking fell out. Looking to modify a few things to solve this issue. supplied Bushings did not fit the spit rod I have 12mm hex. Made a set of new ones, perfect now. Should of used stainless thumb/wing screws instead of carbon steal hex bolds.
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by Brian (2 out of 5 stars)
September 10, 2017

I have only tried it once with some large pork loins (5lbs each), I did two of them. I think they were too large for this product. It dumped the roasts out twice on to the BBQ, luckily I had a drip tray under it. I will try some other things on it, I like the idea of it. It is a little expensive for what you are getting. For the moment, I would not recommend this product but I will give it another chance with smaller items.
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The Rib-O-Lator Barbecue Rotisserie
by Mortimer snerd (5 out of 5 stars)
September 23, 2013

I chose the 5 star rating because there is no sixth star! I like everything about it. Quality materials, easy assembly, and it works as advertised. We used to cook pork tenderloin with a skewer on the rotisserie by poking the rod completely through the meat. The effect was that the rod would absorb heat and transfer it to the interior of the roast. That caused a bit of unwanted overcooking. That problem was solved by using The Rib-O-Lator. Cooks evenly and does not get scorched. The result for us was a perfectly cooked pork roast. Haven't used it on anything else yet but we will. We only used two pieces of pork so we only installed two of the cooking trays. Be sure to balance the load to avoid stressing out the motor. Assembly and disassembly is easy. Be sure to prep the tray surface with Pam for easy cleaning. When we were done we just let it cool, disassemble, scrape off any meat and put it in the dishwasher. You're done! Enjoy! We did! glowingreports.com
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Great BBQ Ribs
by Seabreazer (5 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2018

I've used a "Ribolator" for several years on both Weber Genesis & Spirit model grills. When balanced properly and checked on regularly this excellent grilling tool delivers well cooked, delicious ribs. I find it is best to load the Ribolator and then put it on the grill. This helps in getting the trays well balanced. Also, I cut the slabs to fit properly into the trays without much overlap. This is a well made, long lasting tool that delivers excellent tasting ribs everytime.

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