Star Power Men Wizard Quality Round Frame Glasses, Black, One Size (2in Lenses)

Brand: Loftus
Model: GP-0196
EAN: 0099996036537
Category: Toy (Eyewear)
List Price: $9.99
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Dimension: 0.50 x 7.80 x 3.80 inches
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Product Description

Loftus novelty was founded in 1939. The first shop was a tiny hole in the wall located in down town salt Lake city. Loftus novelty was the first business in salt Lake city to offer novelty and magic to the public. [Read more]


  • Loftus novelty was founded in 1939. The first shop was a tiny hole in the wall located in down town salt Lake City. Loftus novelty was the first business in salt Lake City to offer novelty and magic to the public.

Top Reviews

Nice Addition.....
by Miss-BookWorm (4 out of 5 stars)
March 4, 2017

As previous reviewers have stated, it really matters which seller you choose to purchase these glasses from. I needed Harry Potter themed glasses for my school's dress as your favorite book character day. After reading some reviews, I was worried about purchasing the glasses because I thought they might arrive different from what is advertised. I purchased my glasses from seller Rock Ridge Sales, Inc. The glasses arrived exactly as the picture Black, One Size (2in Lenses) and they did not hurt my eyes after wearing them all day. The only small con about the glasses were the fit. They did not reach all the way over my ears however, due to the fact I was wearing a wig I was able to keep them on comfortably. At the time of my order, the glasses were under $5.00. I uploaded a picture for your reference... I'm not a model therefore, please do not judge me too harshly (my Preschool class drew on my scar and I did not have the heart to tell them the scar was the wrong color, size, and location). Thank you for taking time out to read my review. I hope you found it informative.
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Great for Kids!
by Cassandra Mercedes Hanes (5 out of 5 stars)
May 9, 2019

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These are great! I bought two pairs for each of my nephews to use as they've really been liking to dress up in costumes lately. They'll be perfect and so funny! They both love Harry Potter
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Serviceable glasses for me, but a few catches
by Double Rainbow (4 out of 5 stars)
September 17, 2012

I got these to replace the glasses for my Where's Waldo costume, because the ones that came with the set broke quickly with just normal handling. So far, these seem to be holding up OK.

Note that these glasses are small, even child-sized. I am an adult male, 5'10" tall, with what I'd consider a normal-sized head, and these don't really reach all the way around my head comfortably. Horizontally, they are OK, but they don't reach back far enough - they can barely hook around my ears. But it's just enough to stay put on my head, and in my case, the hat covers my ears anyway, so it isn't noticeable. If you had a large wig or something, that might work for covering it too. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but not something that's a dealbreaker for me considering I'd only wear them for a couple hours at a time.

The product description is a little off - note that these glasses DO have lenses. They are decent and OK for looking through, not all warped like you'd worry about on other inexpensive prop glasses.

They're shaped just like what you'd expect from the picture.
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Fine product, will not ship in time for Halloween
by JR (3 out of 5 stars)
October 15, 2013

This product is what I expected: Essentially non-refractive lenses in round, black frames that do not slip and are fairly comfortable.

However, this is a costume piece. I placed this order September 30, and did not receive it until today, October 15. This was partially due to the fact that the shipping was not paid in full by the sender. As such, it took me three extra days to get this package from its date of attempted delivery. The post office is not open on Sundays, and I then had to find a time to get to the post office during business hours in order to pay the rest of the shipping and receive the glasses.

Overall, this was the product I was looking for, but I would purchase from a different vendor if I could do this over again. Importantly, I would not purchase from this vendor if I were buying this as part of a Halloween costume as I am not sure it would arrive in time.
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No vienen 2, solo uno!
by Margie R (2 out of 5 stars)
February 14, 2019

Compre este articulo para una actividad de la escuela de mis hijos, Se vestirían de abuelitos. A descripcion dice ( DOS LENTES) y llego solo uno. Luego que hable con costumer service me explicaron que se referian a los cristales. Lo cual es LÓGICO que debe traer 2 cristales a menos que sea un CLICLOPLE. 🤦🏻"♀️ Al final mis hijos se quedaron peliando por quien se los iba a poner. 🤷🏻"♀️
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Great for 10-year old boys or 70 y.o. Edna Fan
by NormSF (5 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2018

Having named our youngest cat Jack-Jack after Incredibles1, this senior citizen had to wait 14 years for Incredibles2.

I immediately scoured the Amazon Edna Mode collection for the best accessory for my wife. At 5'0", pageboy hair, small cute nose, she has easily assumed the Edna role. I'm still IDing with Jack-Jack.

She wears the glasses over her own granny-type glasses which coexist without problem. She should enjoy them continuously until Halloween! The Diana Vreeland accent, however, we are still wawking onnn, Dawwling! Nowww, where's dat camewaaa?
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Great for costumes
by Cassidy Jennings (4 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2019

Got these for a Professor Trelawney costume. They have clear lenses that actually do have a slight eye magnification quality which is perfect for the costume. They are a little on the small side but big enough for me, an adult. They would be uncomfortable wearing for a long time but are ok for short periods of time. Good value for the money. I bought them from the seller and they arrived exactly as pictured.
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These glasses were perfect!
by DEVA (5 out of 5 stars)
December 14, 2018

These glasses we're advertised as men's glasses. But they look like such great Waldo glasses we decided to order them for a daughter anyway. They ended up fitting great and the tag on them said one-size-fits-most. She has a small head and they didn't fall off at all. We were really happy with our purchase and $5 was great.
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Lots of uses, but a bit tight
by Lauren Wade (4 out of 5 stars)
November 20, 2018

These glasses were great for my where's Waldo costume and I can see them being used for other costumes as well (Harry Potter or Professor Trelawney... or any nerd costume). So these are pretty flexible in their applications. My only drawback is how tight they fit! As a teacher, I was only able to wear them for the first few minutes of each period for kids to enjoy my costume but then I had to take them off because they were squeezing a bit too much.
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Cute glasses, perfect for Waldo costume.
by Maria K. (5 out of 5 stars)
October 5, 2019

Bought this for a Waldo costume. For the price ($3.50 when I bought it), this is great! Beats the alternatives which would have delivered similar quality for a higher price. Fits kids and adults equally well as well, which is a plus. The plastic glasses made me bit dizzy at the start but I got adjusted to it.

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