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Lay face down comfortably and read with the Ergo Lounger, the face-down sun lounger that folds up and is ready to go anywhere. Perfect for pools and ... [Read more]

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Wonderful product!
by brie golden (5 out of 5 stars)
June 25, 2018

Please note many of the negative reviews that the legs will not open all the way into feet portion will not lay flat are strictly because you did not read the instructions on how to put together the chair ! You must open the legs first before folding out the upper portion of the chair and it will lay flat . This is a great product, I have always hated trying to get sun on my back because it's so boring to lay facedown and I hurt my neck was straining it to one side or the other or I hurt my back sitting up to read or something so this is wonderful and I have been so glad to get some sun on my back using this chair . I would recommend it it so far has not faded although I have only had it about a month I keep it on my back deck in direct sunlight most of the day and the material and fabric has held up
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Simply put, this should be RECALLED!!!!!
by sarahannecloud9 (1 out of 5 stars)
August 4, 2018

Ok, so the honest review of this item. The clip will not last it's first use. The padding around the face is useless and falls through. The material is already starting to pull apart. Ok, so if you want to use this lounger, you will need something to pad the face area, the arm holes, and to cover the chairs hardware where is will make your hips get cut. Even with the padding, I can not use it for belly time. The arm holes are not large enough, even padded they cut into the arms and cut ALL circulation OFF. While this is happening, your face hole doesn't line up with the arms and it cuts deeply into the neck. Even with all my padding it cuts ALL circulation OFF to the head. The sun makes it worse. Even laying out 20 mins the first time, I LITERALLY BLACKED OUT!!!! when I went to lay on my back, simply rolling over. The second time I used it was prob around 15 mins. My husband asked me something and when I sat up to talk to him I fell and cracked my head blacking out again!!!!!!! These pics were taken the second time. PLEASE RECALL THIS ITEM?????!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LADIES?????!!!!! Someone is really gonna get hurt. I only hope Amazon approves this review. They tend to block negitive reviews I try to post every now and them. But I believe in full honesty about every product.
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Waste of Money . . . DO NOT BUY!!!!!
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
May 15, 2017

Do not buy this chair! I purchased two and sent them back today. They arrived on Mother's Day about 10 minutes before we were going to head down to the beach. So I opened one and tossed it in the back of the truck. Shame on me for not testing it out first. Once we got set up on the sand, I quickly discovered that the chair will only work in the flat position or at 90 degrees. The ratchets will not hold it in any sort of a reclining position. I would get it set and then the second I shifted to grab a drink, book, etc. it would pop right back up to 90 degrees. Very frustrating. I finally gave up and used my daughter's low boy for the rest of the day. When I got home, I tested the second one in the garage. It did the same thing. Complete waste of money.
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Great buy
by BandC (5 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2018

These are awesome chairs. Use ours all the time. Reviews stating the legs didn't unfold properly are obviously from those who are not smarter than the chair. Would definately recommend!
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Great Chair. No Problems. Highly Recommend.
by Online Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2019

Used this chair about 10 times now to lay outside and have had zero problems. I was a little nervous to buy it since the negative reviews complained of parts not opening completely or the fabric tearing, but the price was awesome so I decided to risk it and am very glad I did! I've had no problems whatsoever with this chair. When I take it outside, I first open the chair legs completely, then open the foot section followed by the head section. When closing, I go in the opposite order, being careful not to pinch the metal rings that hold the strap as I close the legs. The fabric is double-stitched and strong. I bring it back inside after using it so that the harsh sun doesn't damage the fabric by making it brittle. The height when facing down is high enough to read a book comfortably, but I've only used it on a hard surface and can't comment on how much it might sink in beach sand. I really can't find anything negative about this chair. Works great, it's sturdy, comfortable, and great price. Highly recommend. Would buy again.
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Great idea, comfortable, but has frame weakness and poor manufacturer warranty support.
by Robert McRae (2 out of 5 stars)
July 15, 2015

The chair is billed as one able to support more weight than the typical cheaper chairs at Walmart, for example, but the thin steel tubing frame failed on my first use -- it split along the seam at it's end near the hinge section. I am a New Yorker with a second home in SC, and I bought these chairs in March and had them shipped to SC, where a neighbor scooped them up and held them for me until I came down at the end of June. I tell you this because the manufacturer's warranty turns out to be only 90 days, and that time had elapsed before the chair's first use. I contacted the manufacturer, Deltess Corporation, and their offer was to sell me another chair at 30 percent discount. That is not a warranty, and I am not about to order another chair that fails on first use at any price. It's a shame that the company does not stand by the supposedly better quality they are marketing -- otherwise, it's a very nice looking chair, comfortable, and light weight. Luckily, I charged this purchase on a credit card that doubles the manufacturers' warranties, so the card will refund my money. If you still decide to purchase one of these chairs, use a CC that will do the same so at least you'll have a 6-month warranty, because I think you're going to need it. The light gauge frame tubing should be reinforced with steel crimp bands at its ends to eliminate this weak spot of design/construction. I am going to try using an automotive screw-style hose clamp to repair my chair.... (a hint for you if you experience this failure).
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Rips easily - would like a replacement sent
by Chapman (1 out of 5 stars)
May 14, 2017

The chair ripped less than two months after I purchased it. I would like to contact the seller to see if I could get a free replacement shipped because there is no reason a $40 chair should simply rip after only a few uses by a normal sized adult.
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So disappointed. I just got this today and as soon ...
by Tammy (1 out of 5 stars)
June 28, 2017

Wish there was a zero star rating. So disappointed. I just got this today and as soon as I pulled it out of the box, I had to fight to get the legs to even open all of the way. I set the chair to a reclining position, and as soon as I sat down, it popped up into a 90 degree position. I got up, readjusted it back to a reclining position (it won't let you readjust unless you get completely off of it) and it did the same thing as soon as I sat back down again... over and over, the same thing. If you lay it flat and try to lay on your stomach, it is very uncomfortable. It is also too low to the ground for you to actually be able to read, unless you are actually able to read with a book inches from your face. I am very worried about its durability given the issues already experienced. I will be calling to send back. :(
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A True Piece of Garbage
by J. rosan (1 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2019

If you like garbage...you will love this chair. It is put together very poorly and designed to readily fall apart. Since I live in So Cal have been able to use "moderately" after using approximately 2 dozen times here is what I have found.....if you leave it outside it collects water in the tubes which turn into rust immediately. Took steps to protect it from elements only to find now that the cranks which should hold the head rest in place are apparently "stripped" already. Thus as I was lounging in the sun today in between storms....the front of this thing holding up my head collapsed and I tumbled to the ground. This of course was almost as fun as when the rear bracing leg collapsed and my rear end slid into the ground. Buyer beware...and Amazon...you should not allow these guys to sell this any more until they get a product worth buying. Expected it to last at least a year...about three months of light use is all it could take. I feel like an ostrich with my head buried in a hole and a lion took a piece out of my you know what...small piece but never the less...who needs to feel robbed, right?
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It's easy to carry and not too heavy (even when you're ...
by SCSMR (4 out of 5 stars)
June 23, 2017

The color, quality and ease of packing this up and hauling it to the beach are all major benefits. It's easy to carry and not too heavy (even when you're bogged down with multiple bags in your arms) thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. The only frustration comes when trying to actually sit in the thing. It's highly sensitive (especially at first) in collapsing on you if you lean forward while lounging. Then, you have to get up, push the back part all the way down, and then pull it up again to "reset" the back hinge. It seems to be getting less sensitive over time, but be prepared for lots of up and down your first few uses. The 'face hole' is also fairly comfy and an additional perk. Multiple beach-goers have asked where I got it. Amazon, of course.

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