Royal Rapunzel Large

Brand: Little Adventures
Model: Little Adventures11213
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Dimension: 11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches
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Product Description

This classic princess dress includes a glittered purple and white velvet bodice with beautiful silver sequin lace and purple criss cross trim, along with fancy mid-length sleeves. The hip draping accentuates the fullness of the skirt. Features: Clothing quality fabrics; machine washable. Stretchy, soft and very comfortable. Size Large. Please view our sizing chart for help in choosing the right size.


  • This classic princess dress includes a glittered purple and white velvet bodice with beautiful silver sequin lace and purple criss cross trim, along with fancy mid-length sleeves.
  • The hip draping accentuates the fullness of the skirt.
  • Features: Clothing quality fabrics; machine washable. Stretchy, soft and very comfortable.
  • Size Large. Please view our sizing chart for help in choosing the right size.
  • Accessories sold separately.

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Top Reviews

A Hit With Both of My Girls!
by Nanny Mum (5 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2011

We have bought lots and lots of dress up costumes, and NONE of them have held up as well as Little Adventures! My three year old daughter received this gift on her birthday and LOVES this beautiful gown! She wears it all day long everyday and it has not frayed yet. The decorations on the dress are made for toddler wear too. It looks exactly like the picture above and shipped within days of our order! Plus, they are machine washable. These brand of dresses do run true to size, so her 4-6 is a little big on her (most dress-up clothes tend to run small FYI). We plan on purchasing more of these dresses for our older daughter (5 year) since the girls (and ALL of their friends) are really into these adorable gowns. Highly recommended!!!
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even though the Rapunzel dress was tripped on more than once (it's pretty long). Even though the bul
by Roo 2010 (5 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2015

I bought both this dress and the Belle dress from the same company for a trip to Disney. Both held up well to getting into and out of strollers, riding on rides, etc, even though the Rapunzel dress was tripped on more than once (it's pretty long). Even though the bulk of the dress is the same thin satiny material you find on most costume dresses, it's sewn together better than most. What sets this company apart in my opinion is the detailing on the dresses. The silver edging is of good quality and makes the whole dress look higher quality than it is. The skirt itself is pretty plain, but overall, it's still nice. It's the dress my daughter wanted. It seemed soft and my daughter didn't complain (her sister who is picker had no complaints about the Belle dress). It appears to be true to size. It did come pretty wrinkled. I assumed since the material was thin, I could steam it. No such luck. I did have to iron the old fashion way to make it look nice and it was a pain because of the gathers in the bustle, but rolling it up in my suitcase for a few hours did not make it overly wrinkled so I didn't have to iron again. I have machine washed it on delicate and it came out just fine. Overall, I'm very pleased. It's a nice dress that held up well and was comfortable for my daughter to wear. It was much less expensive than the Disney dresses and my daughter was very happy to wear it. I would definitely buy from this company again.
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The smile is worth the $$$
by T. Edmonson (4 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2013

We are going to Disney in February and my husband purchased the "Lunch with the Princesses" package for our seven year old daughter. She HAD to have a Rapunzel dress, or she just wouldn't have been able to show her face (according to her).

After being warned by others that the cost of princess wear at the park is outrageous (could have guessed that), I hopped over to Amazon to look for dresses.

My dd (darling daughter) is 7-1/2, and is wearing about a 7-1/2 clothing size, (sevens getting tight, eights WAY too big), I ordered this dress in the XL (7/8) sizing.

Sizing is exactly what I was hoping for - but be warned if your little princess has "meaty" arms, the arms would be tight. Plenty of room, NO fasteners (pull on & stretchy bodice material), a little long (perfect with the 1" heels she will be wearing) and WASHABLE!!!!

The dress arrived Saturday (took less than a week to arrive, great shipping, and free!) and I had to fight to get it off her at bedtime because she swore up and down it was comfortable enough to sleep in. (I won, of course, Mama always wins - I fight

The color is a light purple/lavender, plenty of sequins for sparkle and the only thing I want to add is a petticoat (or two) to give her that princess look.

My recommendation, especially for the older-than-toddler princesses, is to go ahead and get this dress. According to the dd, the dress makes her look "just like" a princess. Her smile said it all.

As for the Hair Bow and Wondercharms, the quality is exactly what you would expect for dollar-store accessories - which is exactly what I figured they would be. DD loves them anyway.

I'll let you know if it holds up to washing, assume if I don't edit this, it washed up fine!
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What a fantastic brand! Glad to have discovered Little Adventures
by H. Erickson (5 out of 5 stars)
November 5, 2013

We were REALLY pleased with this costume! We purchased this for my 2.5 year old daughter, who wanted to be a princess for Halloween. Not only is the price great, the product is so soft and washes up so nicely. I thought I was just ordering your average dress up costume, but when the package arrived and I unwrapped it, I saw the tags explaining the story behind this brand. Apparently two moms decided to create dress up clothes that were comfortable and washed up easily.

Mission accomplished and well done to these moms who started this brand! This costume was noticeably soft! I'm used to those itchy, scratchy, cheap dress up clothes--so when I first unwrapped this dress I definitely noticed the soft feel immediately. It's also a cute dress and style! Just a step up from the trashy, cheap, thin costumes we see every where we look. It's not TOO fancy and the quality isn't hugely better than the cheap gross ones, but for this price point, I think it's perfect. How could you not?

I'd definitely recommend this brand, and I will definitely consider it again in the future.

Oh, and the "medium" for 3T-4T fit my 2.5 year old perfectly with maybe a tad of growing room. It wasn't too long or too short. My 2.5 year old measures in about the 75th percentile in height, so I'd say the sizing is just right in our experience.
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nice for the money
by Kindle Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 26, 2013

I purchased this Little Adventures Rapunzel dress in Large for my 5 year old. I found the item to be nicely constructed, especially considering the price, and it is comfortable on my picky girl. The length was very long, I had to hem it at least an inch to keep her from tripping. The hem upon arrival had already come unstitched to a significant degree. I sew as a hobby so it's easy for me to fix, BUT for a brand-new, unworn item, a bit disappointing. The skirt material is very thin. The bodice is very nice though, a nice soft stretchy velour with encased seam where it meets the skirt. I have only noticed one other seam coming out near the armhole, will be an easy fix. Just keep an eye on the seams and have your needle and thread handy...I have washed and dried once and it came through fine, not too wrinkled up either.

My daughter absolutely loves this gown and wears it daily, both with and without the fullness slip - the fullness slip really is a nice addition and gives the dress a very impressive fancy look. Looks exactly as pictured. I am very pleased with this purchase.
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Pretty and Sturdy Princess Dress
by Catherine (5 out of 5 stars)
September 2, 2012

My 2.5 year old daughter wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween but she also loves dressing up at other times, so I wanted a dress that would survive more than one night. I also was looking for something without tulle and other itchy products that are on many of the princess dresses you can get. While those dresses are often beautiful, they can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Ordered this dress in the size 1 - 3 based on reviews for other sizes that said the dresses are intentionally long. My daughter is on the tall side of average for her age and I'm glad I got the size I did for her. The dress almost touches the floor so it looks official without being a huge tripping hazard. Living in MN I appreciate that there is give in the bodice and the fullness of the skirt as it will allow for layers under her costume for trick or treating. She should be able to wear this for at least a year.

I have not washed this yet but the construction seems sturdy. Yes, it does need to be ironed when you first get it but that is easy to do and should be expected. The only small change I would make is to make the head hole slightly bigger as that takes a little force to get on. All in all, this was a great purchase.
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Birthday dress best!
by Kayla (5 out of 5 stars)
March 3, 2016

I bought the size small for my little girls 2 yr birthday and it fit perfectly! We both love it! It is very well made with soft and comfortable material. The color is right on and looks just like the photo. I did have to iron it on a low setting to get it to look just as nice. This dress is by far my favorite dress-up dress I have bought for her yet! I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a dress that everyone will adore! :) Thank you for your great product!
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so darling & well made
by M Elder (5 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2014

I bought the medium for a size 6 and a size 7 granddaughters. Fit them both. The size 7 granddaughter, it fit perfectly,, and will probably fit anlother year because it is abit stretchy in the bodice. The size 6 granddaughter had a loose fit at the neckline. I just took two safety pins and pinned them on the inside where they wouldn't show. Looked and fit fine. Hers touched the floor just a half inch or so. The next size down would have been too small. The size 7 girl's length did not touch, but was nice and long. The $10-12 puffy slip really made a difference in it's beauty...worth the extra money, otherwise it goes straight down. My granddaughter didn't seem to mind abit though. I got her a slip after I saw it. They BOTH squelled with delight (and the older girl never gets excited like that). The third grand daughter did too. A winner!
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by Idle Wild (5 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2014

this dress is gorgeous. definitey a step up from wal-mart costumes, and affordable considering it seems durable too. comfortable, not itchy, and while not extremely thick it is at least not flimsy like cheap costumes. the size 5-7 seems true to size, and fits my 47"/46 lb daughter just fine. it helps that the sleeves are not full length, and it does not drag on the floor- which i think is a good thing. it will probably fi her well into 7 or 8 years old as it is not skimpily cut. other friends, one taller and one heavier set have tried it on and it fit them too.

i would definitely recommend this brand and will consider buying more from them in the future.
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Great dress for little girls!
by MNee (5 out of 5 stars)
November 27, 2013

Very cute dress! My daughter wanted to be a princess for Halloween this year, and I didn't want to spend a fortune for one night of wear and just dress up after that... this was a GREAT buy. The dress is well made, looks just like the picture, and it has just the right amount of sparkle. It is very wrinkled upon receipt, so I had to spend some time ironing it out, but that was really a non-issue. The sizing seemed very accurate. My daughter is 7 1/2, and she weighs about 48lbs and is petite. The Large size fit her beautifully. For the price, I found this to be a better quality than many other princess style dresses I found in stores and costume shops.

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