Waterfall Soap Saver

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Manufacturer: Trademark Global
Model: 82-4114
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Product Description

I like this Waterfall Soap Saver's simple idea for making my Zest last longer, and also for preventing it from getting that slimy Gulf of Mexico catfish skin it always acquires when left to sit in its own wet glycerin-ness.... [Read more]


  • SOAP LONGEVITY: No more soggy or mushy soap! The soap saver allows you to drain excess water to help preserve your dish soap
  • EASY USE: Simply tilt the tray forward, and the waterfall design will drain excess water into the sink as the plastic prongs hold the soap in place
  • STURDY HOLD: Designed to go on your sink, the suction cup base will securely hold in place

Top Reviews

NOT as pictured
by S. Jackson (1 out of 5 stars)
March 7, 2013

I purchased this same item a few months ago to keep in my shower, and loved it so much, I decided to purchase a second one for my sink.

The second soap dish just arrived and it is nothing at all like the one I received the first time, not is like the photos. First of all, it is PINK. And it looks horribly cheap. And it's flimsy. And it barely has any tilt to it, which defeats the purpose of a waterfall soap dish.

I've posted photos where you can see the difference between the two items. Definitely not the same product. I am very disappointed and am sending this version back.

Amazon, please get your act together and do some quality checking on the items you are sending out. I'd like to be able to trust that I get what I order when the orders are fulfilled directly by Amazon. Clearly that is not the case here and I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere to find another soap dish like the first one I received, because I don't trust Amazon to do it now.
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by Carol (1 out of 5 stars)
October 3, 2018

I purchased this soap holder some time ago and was very anxious to receive it. When I did receive it, I could not get it to stay together in the shower. I tried gluing the two pieces together to see if that would help. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Ultimately I stopped using it.
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Plastic piece of junk..
by Justine S. (1 out of 5 stars)
November 8, 2018

I was excited to purchase this soap dish because I liked the idea of it draining right out into the sink. Unfortunately, when it came and I tried it out it was like a dinky piece of plastic that didn't do anything. It was not only so light and moved around everywhere but the drain part didn't fit anywhere I put it on my sink. On top of all that I can't return it for some reason. What a waste of money.
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Functional but was missing something...
by Xoana (4 out of 5 stars)
January 28, 2019

I love the design of this soap dish, but it was missing a suction cup; so I purchased 1 1/8" suction cups and glued it to the bottom of the dish. It wobbles a bit, but I can live with that... since I know it won't fall off the shelf. :-)
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I use body wash but my hubby likes the bar soap but I hated that it would drip down the side of the
by Jessica L. Sodeke (5 out of 5 stars)
March 26, 2017

I needed a solution for our shower, which has a built in shelf for a bar of soap. I use body wash but my hubby likes the bar soap but I hated that it would drip down the side of the shower wall and leave a thick white soapy residue. Very hard to keep clean. I purchased this, installed a three shelf wire corner shelf into our small shower for our shampoos and such and placed this on it. The soap drips right into the floor to the drain, keeps the soap dry and even helps is last longer. I love it! Very happy. I bought a second one and also use it to hold our dish scrubber wand. It's the kind that is designed to add soap into the handle. It works wonderfully (if I can get my hubby to put it in there after each use). Very happy with the product.
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Simple but revolutionary device; should offer different sizes
by Cyberlaw Prof (4 out of 5 stars)
July 3, 2016

The idea behind this "high-tech" soap dish is brilliant: put the dish at an angle so excess water and soap slime drip off into the sink, leaving the soap itself dry and clean.

Since I didn't see any other dish quite like this one, I assume the design is patented. If so, the makers missed a chance to corner the market better, by making several models of different sizes.

This dish didn't have enough horizontal clearance between support and downspout to accommodate our big sink lips, or enough vertical clearance for the lips' height. Also, the makers apparently tried to save plastic and money by making the bottom rimmed, with no flat surface, except behind an outside lip. So there way no easy way to attach "height extenders."

I thought of sending the two dishes back, but I liked their general design so much that I went to work. I sawed two little wooden supports for each dish, urethaned them (two coats) to avoid mold build-up, epoxied them into the recess on the bottom, and used ordinary stick-on velcro strips to attach the supports to our sinks' lips and and the device's rear wall to the rear wall behind our sinks. With this arrangement, you can still wiggle the dishes a little bit if you try, but they don't go anywhere in normal use.

The velcro lets you remove the dishes to clean them and under them, but the dish keeps the soap bars out of the way, clean of slime, and dry. It's a simple but revolutionary way to organize a sink. (see photo attached) The maker should offer several different sizes to expand its market.
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Nice Idea, poor execution
by Skeeter (1 out of 5 stars)
August 31, 2013

The idea of this dish was great but the execution is terrible. The base of the dish is adjustable but is fixed to the top by a tiny screw that did not work. The base itself is about 1/3rd how big it should be to have the dish be stable. To get mine to work I had to use my old soap dish to hold this new one in place - so it does not look good. The suction cup on the base was worthless so I removed it in order to fit into my old soap dish. If the base were fixed to the top more securely and was larger then I would love this product. It is really nice to have your soap not get mushy by constantly being wet. As it is I recommend looking at the other similar product that has a larger base.
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A Few Flaws but It's Ok
by Katherine B. (3 out of 5 stars)
November 2, 2015

I have this amazing lilac soap that I adore, but try to use infrequently - the cost is as lavish as the scent. So I can enjoy it longer, I keep the soap (dry) in my shower, savoring the aroma released by the steam. That way, I can use the soap occasionally, but I get to enjoy it everyday. (And the little flowers on top stay pretty, longer.) Right before I get out of the shower, I try to remember to pour off any water that has accumulated in the dish, around the soap. It doesn't matter how nice or expensive your soap is - once it's been sitting in a wet dish it gets gooey, gross, and gloppy.

After seeing the great reviews on this - and really liking the design in the photos - I was stoked to receive my new soap dish. I'm just not that stoked now that it's in my possession. It's ok, nothing special. The photo shows a plastic that almost looks like porcelain, and people described it as appearing to be porcelain from a distance. Not the one I received - mine was dull white plastic, with scratches. Lots of scratches. I took one star for that - it almost looks used. It arrived in a plastic bag - no tags or retail packaging. I was kind of surprised at the pitch when I placed it on the shelf seat in my shower - the lilac soap is round and probably around 2" thick - but I had difficulty getting the soap to rest on the prongs. This is definitely made for rectangular soap. That may seem obvious, but most soap dishes/holders are rectangular, so I didn't think it wouldn't fit. (The dish I've had it in is rectangular.) There is no way to adjust the dish. I took half a star for that - the dish has to sit really close to the edge due to the distance between the spout and the foot. If your soap spot is closer to - or further away from - the edge of your sink, you're out of luck.

I took another half of a star because there is no weight to the bottom. I don't think it will tip over - especially with soap in it - but it would be much sturdier if there was some sort of rubber disk on the bottom of the foot, weight added to the foot itself, or a suction cup on the bottom of the foot stand. It isn't a big deal, but when things get wet they tend to slide around. If a small foam/rubber disk or little feet on the bottom it would increase the usability of this soap dish.

I like the dish...I'm just not crazy about it for the reasons I've mentioned. It isn't "bad" by any means - there are a couple of factors I feel could be improved. I am going to keep this and use it for regular bar soap. I also love the idea Grumpasaurus (another reviewer) came up with. Wait - I love his entire review about this soap dish, including the comments. It was a fantastic thought to use this as a holder for the "sponge wand thingy". If I ever use a "sponge wand thingy" I will have to purchase one first...and I guarantee I will not put one in my cart without adding this soap dish to go with it.

There are a few design flaws that keep this from standing out like it could. There are many other "soap saver" type soap dishes that perform just as well (or better) than this one. It's a cool design that will make your soap last longer...and keep you from having to scoop the gross half-liquid/half-solid yuck off the bar the next time you use it. I'm glad it has worked so well for others and I wish it met my needs better.
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I'm really happy w/ the purchase
by Patric H. (4 out of 5 stars)
February 21, 2018

It works exactly as intended. I'm really happy w/ the purchase. I wanted to use a bar of soap (that was given to me as a gift) but didn't want all the mess that comes w/ the normal holder. 9/10 would recommend.

The only drawback that bothers me a bit is that it slides back and forth very easily. I would've like something at the bottom where it prevents the holder to move. Also, it is plastic and not mean to use on the side of the tub. Another review complained it was too big on the side of their tub but this one is for the sink. Aesthetically, if your bathroom has marble everywhere, maybe this product isn't for you. LOL.
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One of the best purchases I've made in a while...
by Hormiga Jones (5 out of 5 stars)
March 10, 2019

My only question is, why didn't someone invent this super helpful thing earlier? Over the years I've used various soap dishes made of different materials - Plastic, bamboo, even tempered glass. In every instance, the design flaw is always that the bar of soap eventually winds up sitting in a pool of water becoming a gloppy mess.

This waterfall design is awesome! I've only had this thing for a few months and my usual bar of soap that used to only last 3-4 weeks, now is into week 8 and should last almost 3 months! The slanted design allows the bar of soap to dry properly.

Definitely one of the best purchases I've made in a while.

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