Syma S107 R/C Helicopter - Yellow (with Built-in Gyroscope Remote)

Brand: SYMA
Model: S107
EAN: 0608866019251
Category: Toy (Helicopters)
Price: $29.80  (74 customer reviews)
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Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Miniature size & light weight. Super wide infrared control miniature design for indoor flying 19cm long and weighing an incredible 34 grams Controlled by 32-level high precision speed. Auto stable, rotor blade system for steady lifting-up 3-Channel Helicopter movement forward / backward / up / down / left / right High tenacity propeller POWERED BY 2 SOLID MOTORS WITH A 3RD MOTOR IN THE TAIL ROTOR High capability, dynamical Li-Poly battery. Can be recharged through the transmitter provided Charging and power indicator Controlled by digital technology. Infra red control system Tri-band Technology. Nonintervention used 3 bands High efficiency, driving motor and surge power. Comes with Mini Tool Box Great for storing any miscellaneous items or your spare change. Overall dimensions: 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 3/4". Mini Tool Box is shipped from a separate warehouse and will arrive within a few days of your order.


  • Frequencies may vary, it is yellow
  • The transmitter has an alignment trim, a charging and power indicator, a left/right lever and trimmer
  • Full 3 channels: up, down, left, right, forward, and backward
  • Suitable for indoor flying only
  • Flight range is approximately 30'

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Top Reviews

Best Gift EVER!
by Elle W. (5 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2012

My husband bought me this for my Christmas present. I've always dreamed of being a helicopter pilot if I weren't doing what I do, so he thought it would be fun for me and he was right! All of our friends and family members who flew mine went to Amazon and bought one. Or two. Now at parties we usually have two in the air at all times.

The kids who fly this model range in age from 5-60. After all of the beginners' crashes, there are still no scratches on it at all. If you drop it out of the air from 30 feet it might damage it, but this is an indoor heli, so most of the time it won't be more than 12 feet in the air if you have vaulted ceilings. After flying it a couple of times, it's rare that you will crash at all because it has so much stability.

It's also worth noting that I had doubts that my living room was big enough for a heli. This thing is so stable we can land it on the ceiling fan blades, so even a small room is big enough. You can practically thread a needle with this thing.

I wish we could fly 3 at a time, but that's my only complaint.

As it is, for a RC heli, the battery time is fine. We get 8 minutes or so from it. Sure, I wish it could fly for hours at a time, but that's not the current technology, so I can't down-rate it for that. The optional wall charger makes recharging faster. We still haven't changed the batteries in the remote but that may be because we use a wall charger.

The flashing lights are very bright and add a lot of personality to it. There's also a green internal light deep inside the body that adds even more character.

I rated that it's fairly educational, because kids can learn how flight works. If the heli starts rocking back and forth during hovering, kids can learn that one of the dogbones on the stability bar may be loose or missing (note: this has only happened once on one of our 10 helis and it was loose, not missing). The heli comes with spare dogbones, but the spare parts kit is very inexpensive and will last forever since this heli is hard to damage. My brother crashed his into a larger outdoor heli and scratched one of the blades but it still flies true. There are also website forums dedicated to DIY modifications for this model if you want to get into that, so I count that towards educational as well.

I would recommend this as a gift for just about anyone. Buy more than one so you don't have to wait for shipping when you decide to buy one for yourself.
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Best Helicopter Ever
by imallett (5 out of 5 stars)
June 22, 2011

Overall, very, very excellent product. Unequivocally stable (we can hover it very close to things comfortably).

Turning is just stunning. The crafts turns smoothly and precisely. When released, the craft stops turning instantly. We attribute this to the gyroscope. It's amazing, really.

Throttle control is touchy, and staying a precise altitude is difficult. The craft can ascend like crazy--churning its way vertically with great speed. If you're not prepared, you can smash it into the ceiling, or get into a cycle where you're cutting power and gunning the engine alternately, trying to get the thing stable again.

The tail rotor is underpowered, so you'll get a somewhat slow speed (well-suited to indoors, but hardly very speedy). Bending the tail rotor blades more sharply doesn't help--the motor just spins slower. On a similar note, the rear rotor has a pretty large dead zone--so you can't inch up to things very very slowly.

Only thing that breaks is the lower blades. The little bar on the top actually passes *through* the arc of the bottom blades if the craft gets too unstable. This only happens in extreme conditions (like you just hit something, or you threw it)--not in normal flight. However, when this happens, the swinging metal stability weights slam into the lower rotor, fracturing them. If you can find the pieces, it still readily flies with some tape--though it's not as nice. The blades are too thin to try to glue. My advice: get spares.

The controller does not work outdoors in daytime, because it is IR-based. The controller feels flimsy and cheap. The top paddles on the controller weren't designed to do anything. The joysticks are of decent quality though. Altogether, it seems the engineers put nearly all the quality into the helicopter--where I think it's most useful.

Battery doesn't last terribly long, but recharge times can be. The USB charging cable is wonderful, because it does not drain the controller's batteries.

All-in-all however, it's incredibly stable, and incredibly fun. Despite the blade problem, it's a very durable, high quality product. *This is the best RC helicopter I have ever flown*--perhaps it's not the priciest, the most capable, or the largest, but it's the easiest and most rewarding. At ~$30, it is an absolute steal. I completely recommend it. Absolutely worth it. Syma, make the bar at the top not cross the lower blades' path, and you'll have product perfection.

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Best little helicopter ever
by Exzacklee (5 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2013

It is easy to fly. Bought it for my nephew 10 years old and it didn't take him long to master flying the helicopter. Works great flying inside. Never tried flying it outside yet. It has amazing power for how small it is. It is also amazingly tough. It looks fragile but amazing how it handles crashes. Think I crashed it 20 times badly trying to do tricks never damaged it. For the price its great deal. If you want a cheap little helicopter look no further.
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Great indoor helicopter! Easy to use!
by sirmat (5 out of 5 stars)
January 9, 2012

This thing is a blast! It's so easy to use, after just a couple of minutes you'll have it flying all over the house. It's VERY durable also. The aluminum craftsmanship of this copter is just amazing. I've crashed it a few times, but it's tough, no damage or scratches at all. Only drawback is that it takes 30-60 minutes to get a full charge and the charge only lasts about 5-8 minutes. This is my first copter and I highly recommend it for ease of use, durability, and for chasing the kids around the house!
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Finally, a functional chopper
by Malcolm Brubaker (4 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2013

After several disappointing purchases of units that turned out to be "clones", I purchased this Syma. It flew great right out of the box, hasn't failed yet after 1 month of use. Flies better than the other brands I have, more responsive, faster. Charges quickly, get about 10-13 minutes of fly time. Looks great. Everyone who gets to try it wants one.

I will buy again.
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Better than expected
by SonYAH (5 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2014

I was skeptical because of the low price. I purchased one in the mall for 69.00$ the only difference is the remote control, this one has less features on the remote but this helicopter flys so much smoother, it has more control to wear the other one tends to be all over the place. I can't believe it, but it's better than the 69$ one
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Too bad too because it was fun while it lasted
by Mom and More (2 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2014

These things just don't last very long in our house. My son could fly it fairly well but it would come down and if it gets the slightest bit of dog hair in the rotary blade it was almost impossible to get out if we didn't see it before flying it. Too bad too because it was fun while it lasted.
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Do your homework
by Douglas (5 out of 5 stars)
February 16, 2012

There are clones being sold as Symas. These are the ones getting the bad reviews. I got a true Syma through Amazon from xheli. As long as you get the real Syma , you won't be dissatisfied . Great heli to learn with . Start slow , practice hovering , turning left , right , short movements til you get used to the controls. They are fairly durable, but they are not indestructible . If you bounce your cell phone off the wall and it hits the floor from 8' in the air it will probably break too !
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Sturdy little helicopter
by J. Ewing (5 out of 5 stars)
December 31, 2015

Great little helicopter for the price. My 10 year old grandson learned quickly but even after crashing the helicopter serval times it remained intact. You really cannot go wrong at this price.

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